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Luxord B comes tonight



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Jun 26, 2011
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So... It generally attacks at the x1.50 multiplier (well, whatever it is with max orbs, which would be better than that, but not much). That's... Not good. I've always kind of looked forward to this medal for Proud Mode purposes. But now that we have Pets, I can just stick in Saix B and destroy everything. =P

That 1 cost, though. That's nice.


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Apr 30, 2009
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As unreliable as the damage output is, gotta admit the entire theme of it is incredibly fitting for Luxord, the guy who leaves everything to Lady Luck and just works with what he gets. 1.50 base is kinda low, but being a 1 SP medal it's really the norm. The fact that it can shoot up to 3.75 at base is actually really surprising. Depending on how the increments go, it has the potential to do some absurd damage fully guilted. Not Saix B levels of absurd, but for a naturally 1SP medal that's pretty good. Just need to get a -60 trait on him and he's golden. And the best part is that he'll be absurdly easy to get. Like Demyx B his missions are timed, and if the missions were scaled to now they might get infuriating. But they didn't scale Demyx B up, so I assume Luxord will get the same Copypasta treatment and we can just blitz through them. Easy to get, nice and appropriate effect, potentially powerful and useful in Proud Mode...hard not to like.

I do still wish we learned a bit more about Luxord in general though. Even with the added Final Mix scenes and Mission dialog in Days, he still seems really underused compared to most of the members. Hell, his Time powers are never really explained, which is really odd given that he doesn't seem to be the time manipulation type. One who manipulates time can exert control and chart their own destiny, and is able to leave nothing to chance. But from what we know of him, Luxord's all about chance. Hell, he might be in the Organization on a whim, who knows? He's one of two members who don't have a backstory of some kind (the other being Larxene) and the second most underused character IMO (the most being Lexaeus, who does get a backstory). Luxord's unique subversion of the Time controller trope is fascinating, I just wish we saw more of him. If I'm lucky, maybe we will in KHIII. He did survive to TWTNW in KHII...he might be a Nort now or something.


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Jun 18, 2005
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Well Xemnas thats how it was in Kingdom Hearts we never got backstory on members 9 though 12 hell it took them 12 years just to tell us Marluxia was at the keyblade graveyard Luxord though is a cool medal in terms of what it does being the only luck based one in the whole game

EDIT I LOVE THESE Quests, they are so random and luck stuff lol
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