Lucky Star/Durarara crossoever two shots!


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Jun 14, 2009
Lucky Star/Durarara Crossover Two-Shot!

For KK, Gram and cause I saw Durarara and Lucky Star in the same day.

Warning: The following fanfic may contain flying vending machines. Otaku, A Headless Horse Woman on a motorbike, oddly hair colored young girls, trolling, gangs, hetro pairings (I know God forbid right?) and slight yuri with dash of naughty.

You have been warned.

I don't know Durarara or Lucky Star, kinda like how I don't own any other work that I've used for my fanfics. I make no money off this so yeah….on with the show!

In Japan there is a part of Tokyo called Ikebukuro. It is known as the entertainment district, but that's on the surface. To the people that live there, it's a hot spot for crime, teen gang wars, and oddly the supernatural. However the story doesn't start here, well it does but not in a way you would think.

In one building was the office of this city's most odd, and infamous info broker. A man to who could be an alley, an annoyance or your worst nightmare all at once. The tall, eskimo coat wearing short dark haired man with the twisted smile on his face was known to many as Izaya Orihara, and he was currently laughing his head off looking at his computer screen.

His betty black eyes were starring at a computer screen. An online game that was poplar Online Role Playing Game. Actually he was looking at another player. A high school girl who played as a grand warrior. She had asked him to join a party with her to take down a boss a few hours ago. He had accepted, they fought the boss, and he had asked for a trade. She gave him a powerful rare sword. He gave her a bugged item full viruses that would destroy her whole computer.

The young girl had typed and yelled and screamed, but the man simply laughed at this. Now why would he do this? Simple, he's a jerk, and a massive troll. He grinned, turning the game off, turned his chair around and stared at the window.

"Human beings are far too trusting. Now, what to do with the rest of my night?" He asked himself with his Johnny Young Bosh like voice.

The next day in another town of Kasukabe.

One short blue haired manga crazy girl wearing the light moron sailor suit school uniform would normally be in a good mood. However from last night she wanted blood, even her cute little mold had become sharp like a small dagger! The girl's name is Konata Izumi. She had looked around to find her friends. Two purple haired twins and one pink haired glasses wearing big busted book worm.

"Konata-chan good morning!" On of her friend said.

She looked at the smaller, younger twin. She was a bit ditzy but was rather nice. Also her cooking was great. This little cutie didn't have her school bag like the others, sadly Her name was Tsukasa Hiiragi.

"Do you have my Sgt. Frog novel?" Konata asked, her eyes twitting.

Tsukasa looked rather scared, seeing her friend looking ready to maul someone. She had borrowed a novel of her favorite manga Sgt.Frog the other day, but forgot to return it. She looked to the ground poking her fingers together.

"Um, sorry Konata-chan. I forgot to bring it….as well as my school bag." She muttered.

"You should have woken up when I told you." Her older sister said.

Her older sister had smiler purple hair however it had two pigtails. She was taller, and her face was much more serious. Her voice was a bit harsh but still cute. She was Kagami Hiiragi.

"I'm sorry sis I tried I really did." She whined.

Konata just stood there

The pink glasses wearing girl noticed their friend wasn't herself. She was the one with the most book smarts out of all of them. Granted she was one most shy, and would barely say anything. Her name is Miyuki Takara.

"Um, Izumi-chan…are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah you don't look so good. " Kagami said.

The blue haired girl looked at all the of them. She jumped into the arms of the Kagami sobbing.

She had told them about what happened.

"So some sicko destroyed your computer on your game?" Kagami asked.

Konata nodded her head.

"You lost everything…I'm so sorry Maybe you could get a new computer if you save your paycheck.." Tsukasa suggested.

"…I don't want that…I WANT REVENGE!" Konata roared with fire in her eyes.

"Okay, your scaring me." Kagami muttered.

"Um…do you know anything but this person?" Miyuki asked.

"Only his user name was Ikebukuro-lover." Konata muttered.

"Well that's a clue." The girl said

"Not much of one. That could be anyone." Kagami said.

However the blue haired girl's cell phone rang.

She picked it up and muttered.

"Hello?" Konata asked.

"Hello, there little oatku girl! Did you like the item I gave you?" Said a familiar voice!

"YOU!" Konata yelled imitating a deadly and angry Wendie Lee.

"Yes, little old me, Now I bet your wondering why I called you right? Well 1. I feel bad, actually no, no not really. I've got all your info form your computer, and you are very naughty. Should a girl your age be playing games like that? 2. I'm bored and want a good challenge. I think the American's have a say like. "You mad, come at me bro! Come find me, and beat me in a game of wits in Ikebukuro and I just might give back all your data. 3. Lose and not only will I own your life, but your little friends too. They all seem so sweet and innocent, it would be a shame I were to have something terrible happen to them.." Izaya said with smirk.

Kagami grabbed the phone out of Konata's hands.

"Listen you little creep! I'm going to make you pay for doing this to her and then for threatening my friend and sister!" She yelled.

Izaya was smirking.

"Oh I'm so sacred of one little girl! No really, I'm shaking in my boots. Tell your friend, she meets me on Saturday, and to wear something sexy, I'm sure you've told her that many times." He trolled.

Kagami was blushing like crazy.

"F%$# YOU!" She yelled.

Konata took the phone and grinned.

"I accept your challenge and trust me when I say this….I will break you! By the way what's your name? She asked he phone.

"Izaya Orihara." He said.

"I'll see you then hot stuff." Konata said turning off her phone.

Izaya was laughing his head off.

He noticed his security/booty call Namie Yagiri, who was once head of a big time but shady company, now she does the dirty work of her sick boss. She gave him an even more annoyed scowl.

"You are a twisted bastard, you know that?" She said in a flat tone while pouring him coffee.

"Don't you forgot it." Oh and by the way, tomorrow, wear something sexy for me would ya? He said winking.

"Need I remind you, that's sexual harassment?" She asked.

"Need I remind you, that I have so much black mail on you, that I can bury you in it?" He asked.

She shut her mouth.

"That's what I thought." He said.

Back with the Lucky Star gang. School was now over, the girls waited for the bus when the pink haired cute nerd said.

"I think I have a friend who can help us." Miyuki stated.

Lucky Star/Durarara

The night was young inIkebukuro. The people were out and about, and it, it was oddly calm. Granted as stated before, it was indeed young. On the streets beside the cars and police cars was a motorbike as fast as lightning but with no head light, and oddly instead of making the normal noise you'd expect it would sound like a horse. The Bike's rider was as unique as the bike itself. She wore an all black biker jumpsuit, and on the top of her shoulders was a yellow helmet with cat ears. Now this biker is unique because she lacked a vital organ and still managed to live, her head.

Yes this is the urban legend of Ikebukuro,The Headless Rider, The Dullahan known as Celty Sturluson. She was enjoying her ride. The wind rushing from her body. She always felt that way when she had finished a transporting job,now heading for home to her apartment.

Knocking on her apartment door, it opened and she had two young kids hug her waist. The woman pulled out her PDA , her only real way of speaking to people and typed.

"Masaru, Hana, didn't I say to let your dad get the door?" She typed.

"Sorry Mom, Dad's in your bedroom he said he wanted you to see something." Hana said.

"IThe fairy typed back.

"Okay, wash up and I'll get dinner ready okay?"

The two nodded their heads and went into the bathroom.

Celty took off her helmet and placed it on her desk. She made way to her bedroom. She opened it to see the room was full of lit candles and to find her roommate/boyfriend/soon to be husband on the bed in lustful manner wearing nothing but his boxers, his glasses, and a rose in his mouth.

"Like what you see Celty?" He asked.

She quickly slammed the door, typed.

"Again Shinra? Really?! We have children in the house!" She typed.

"Oh come on Celty, I spent all afternoon on that!" He protested.

"Mom, is something going on between you and Doctor Shinra Kishitani?" Masaru asked.

"Young man, how many times have I told you to call me Dad?!" Shinra asked.

"It's taken me three weeks to call Celty Mom, don't rush me!" Masaru grumbled.

"Just go in the living room!" Celty typed.

The boy went down to the living room.

She then opened the door, and typed so Shinra could read.

"Get dressed, I'm trying something new." She said.

"What are you making?" He asked getting on his pants and a shirt.

"Well I'm trying to cook up and Irish dish." She admitted.

"Oh, so are we drinking? Are you trying to get me drunk for naughty things late at night?" He asked.

The doctor was quickly punched in the face.

As Celty was starting to cook, granted the last time she tired to cook it didn't turn out so well, so she had Hana as a taste tester. Her brother was setting up the table, while The good underground doctor, was taking care a some paper work. Suddenly he heard the door bell ring.

Shinra knowing everyone was busy he quickly opened and went out in the hallway. to find for him and Celty a familiar face.

It was a young boy who wore the same light blue high school uniform that Shinra, and two of his friends wore when they were teenagers. He had a dyed blue hair, and very tan skin. His eyes were covered with a a pair of dark sunglasses. The boy had large some of money in one hand and a long, skinny, black, red and white cane in the other. His legs or rather his knees had large bandages on them. He had a large smile.

"Oh….John wasn't it? It's not very often one of my patients come to see me, or are you here for Celty?" He asked.

"Sorry Doctor…I'm here for Cel-lty. I…have a transporting job for her. Is Is she home?" He asked in broken japanese with an American accent.

Shinra blinked.

"I see your japanese is getting better. Celty is home, but we are in the middle of having dinner. " He explained.

"Thank, you my online Miyuki, also Anri Sondohara, and Mikado Ryugamine have been helping me. She's smart, and cute, and her hair….Hehehe." He said blushing.

Shinra knew that look. It was the look he had for Celty, granted it wasn't as strong but it was a spark of love.

"You said you had a job for Celty?" He said cutting in on his rant.

"Oh right. Miyuki-chan's friend got her computer messed up by Mr.Izaya,and her friend is gonna beat him in a …troll off? I'm not sure what that means, but she wants a safe way to get here, so they don't get hurt or mugged in case Izaya sends goons. So can Celty get them here? It's on Saturday, and these are the names and addresses. " He said showing him the

Shinra sweat dropped thinking of his insane friend.

"…I see, well that does sound like something Izaya would do I'll be sure to give her the job, and I take it that's her pay?" He asked.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He said.
The boy handed the older man his pay her pay which was large sum of yen bills.

"By the way, how do you know about Izaya? You haven't met him or talked to him have you?" The doctor asked.

"No Anri-chan, Mikado-chan, and Celty warned me about him, also he was the one that nearly got my legs broken!" John yelled.

"Ok, good, now go home, and be sure to come by if your medication gets low." He said.

Thank you Doctor!" John said as he left.

"Wait? How could he get here, he's blind?" Shinra thought to himself.

"Dad, Mom says dinner's ready." Hana yelled.

"Thank you Hana." Shinra said as he walked in, knowing that explaining this would make this a long night.

Durarara/Lucky Star.

Kagami was pacing back and forth, it was now Saturday, her sister and Miyuki were waiting for Konata and Miyuki's friend's transporter. Tsukasa was eating out of the box lunches that she made for the girls for their trip. Kagami pounded on the door getting annoyed.

"Konata get out here now or, let us in!" She yelled.

"What's the password?" Konata asked behind the door.

"Password? I don't know any password. It's us, you blue haired moron!" The girl yelled.

"No way, you could be a spy. What color is your panties?" Konata asked.

"WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!" She roared ready to break the door down.

They didn't know that Celty had been there looking at them all. She looked at the picture of them.

"These are who I'm transporting? They look like anime characters. That hair can't be real! Yet, they look….they look so…adorable." Celty thought to herself.

She start to walk near them.

"As long as they ask me to take off my helmet, I'm good. My god are they high school girls or grade school? Izaya wouldn't do anything to them, er well more then he's already done right?" The fairy said to herself.

"…..I'll just drop them off with Mikado, Anri, and John. I'll just stick around if they need help." She thought to herself deep in thought when one the big eyed girls poked her.

"Excuse me miss, but are you our transporter Celty?" The pink haired one asked while bowing.

Celty looked up. She then quickly typed on her PDA.

"Yes that's me." was what the screen said.

"We truly are grateful for this. I assume John told you of our problem?" Miyuki asked.

Celty typed again.

"I'm aware of what that jerk Izaya has done, and I will make sure no harm comes to any of you." She typed.

The two purple haired girls were next to look at her. The older one read what she said and grinned.

"Glad to hear it. I'm Kagami, and…you wouldn't mind me bash that jerk's brain's in?" She asked holding a metal baseball bat.

"I like this girl, and her voice is kinda familiar." Celty thought.

The younger sister just smiling and bowed.

"Must not hug! Must not hug!" Celty thought to herself.

The blue haired girl in a monument of mischief grabbed Celty's helmet and showed off her lack of head.

"Oh dear God!" Celty thought to herself looking at the three of the four girl's looks of pure terror, while Konata just grinned.

"Please don't scream!" She typed begging.

They all just stood there mouths open..

End of 1 out of two chapters.


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I loved every part of this chapter! You did Izaya spot on. (of course, the whole wearing a sexy outfit was a bit out of character but, I absoulelty loved it!) oh my gosh, Konata getting so upset and Kagami just defending her was so awesome. Pfft ha ha ha what's the password was hysterical. Celty's reaction at the end was hilarious. C'mon Celty, hug them! They're too cute to resist.

I can't wait to see the next chapter!