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Nov 9, 2005
The Sunshine State
Summary: Boy meets Girl,Girl meets Boy,they fall in love & become a couple, TYPICAL. But what happens when a long time friend of your lover comes back from years & years to destroy your life,friends..............AND RELATIONSHIP? Sometimes we need to know who our REAL friends ARE,& who's not. Not everyone you think...is your friend..........

-Yes,I have came back from the dead from writing my last sucky fanfic about nothing!!! Don't ask why I returned,I was just bored & wanted 2 type something up so this is my 2nd attempt 2 write 1 again. w00t! Um, all the characters are made up by me so no STEALING! The only anime I used 2 help my fic is BoogiePopPhantom(the manga) so I pretty much used their beginning to help me start it out so sorry about that!!!-

Beginnings are hard for me so HERE WE GO!!! I hope u like it THIS time!!!
*note*-there's 2 POV's in this story,the first part is started by the boy,second part ,girl-



Chapter 1~

Damn,where is she? Shouldn't she be here by now? My watch had read 5:13 pm. Me & Sandra were suppose to meet 15 minutes ago but I had guessed all that stereotype crap wasn't all that true. Mostly it was the boyfriend who came in late,panting lika a dog who just gotten chased after some crazy maniac because he had ran outta time to get that last mission done in Halo. Plus after that,the girl would dump the guy saying he didn't care about her at all,when all the guy wanted was to finish that one damned part in Halo but realizing,he had a date to attend do.

Gosh,that must suck.Between Halo & my date........got me there My watch now had read 5:17pm. Daylight doesn't last forever you know. I looked around trying to see any sign of my girlfriend but all I could see was a couple bratty kids riding bicylces almost riding over my black converses'. Yes,I was dressing casual on my date. Always had....Everything had seem usual,people chatting with fellow elders,teens cracking up laughing on the street,doing something stupid(I wasn't like that).

But I had looked around,observing my surroundings for my ever late girlfriend, a crowd of people,near an Italian restaurant,had caught my eye,but thinking it was some chubby sweaty dude,choking on a meatball,something I heard pulled all of my attention back into the crowd.

" I saw him!!!! I saw him with my own eyes!!!! That stupid kid!!!!"
Talk about exploding,the guy of course was chubby & sweaty......& had a really reddish pinkish face too,showing that he was mad as hell.....except for he wasn't choking on a meatball of course.

"That kid, brat,where is he?!!!!!" I can see a police officer walking towards the man,wearing those really really big dark sunglasses where you can't even see through to match their eyes.

"Sir,what's the problem here. Do I need to step you aside causing all this commotion? Or can you calm yourself down sir.."

"OFFICER! Arrest that kid!!!! Wherever he is!!!! He has dark black hair,covers some of his face,wearing a black hooded sweater,really pale skin &"

Hmm,that reminds me of someone

"Sir...please,calm down. Now who is this......kid you are talking about. What did he do....?"

Man,that chubby guy looked like he was gonna give in a heart-attack,clasping his hand on his chest like that & panting angry mad.

Already,I gave in from the situation that was occuring & focused on where the hell Sandra was doing making her arrive so late when-another voiced tuned in,making the crowd silent as if we were pledging to the flag.

"He needs to get to a hospital,he's not going to make it"
Right when all hell was suppose to break loose......it didn't?


Speak of the devil. I nearly fell over to see who this kid was(couldn't the guy referr him as a teenager,he's even not close to a kid!) That exact description that was just mentioned really DID take my breath away. Black hoodie,black baggy pants,black hair as straight as paper.....& skin so white, it was whiter than....WHITE?!!

That guy right there, who stood among the crowd of paranoid citizens.....was Jake Summons.......the boy who nearly bombed our Middle school 6 years ago.


Dun Dun Duunnnnnnnnn(the supsense)
So....did it suck....was it awesome?!!! Was it as least....alrite lookin???
Please...ANYONE.........SOMEONE...comment & post your opnion about it.

I wanna hear it all from u fans!(if I have any ^^; )
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Mar 17, 2006
Somewhere nobody has ever heard of
I Like it^^,why are you so worried people will hate it?you never know,yea it does have a lotta supsense,Keep writting^^and i have teh thank ya^^if you can do it,I can^^no really thanks,im gonna try writing one now^^


Nov 9, 2005
The Sunshine State
Chapter 2~

When I first met Jake,I thought me & him would never become friends. I mean,we were the exact perfect definition of opposite. I was the quiet good kid who talked politely to teachers & helped a fellow classmate out when in need,while he was,well,was the loud,obnoxious kid,who only complained on how the world was coming to be & how bad his life sucked. He wasn't stuck-up or anything.....he was just, different. Different that no one,other than me,actually understood what he was saying.

It was lunch time after 2nd block,so nearly every 7th grader got into their own little clique group & I was the only one left alone,always the kid who pondered outside into the little courtyard & sat under the big ol' oak tree. Man,was I a nerd & a loner back then. Impossible thinking that I have a girlfriend now in Highschool. I really didn't have no problem worrying that someone would take my spot because the whole school population had always ate inside the cafeteria when it came to lunch. But lucky on how I not been,it was the boy,who cried out to the world,who was sitting in my spot & my spot only.

The boy had not spotted me so I had lingered around a bit,waited to see if he had planned on getting up & move because of boredom. Sitting under a big rotten ugly tree wasn't the best place to eat lunch,with every crippley piece of shriveled up leaves falling on your food of gruesome. But the boy had not moved. Instead,he had lifted his starting to-grow-out hair & looked me in the eye.

"Lose something...."He said it in such a low whipser that I almost didn't catch what he was saying. I fumbled my lunch along my fingers nervously.

"N-n-no." I said flat out quickly.


"Want a girlfriend?"

What the-?!!! I had nearly tripped on my own two feet,even with my shoelaces tied correctly,even if I wasn't moving at all. Those words themselves could've had knock me out from my own two feet as well. I stared at him slightly,giving him a i dunno shrug.

"This girl keeps stalking me. It's making me sick. I want her out. You wanna take her? I can hook you two up?"

"Are,are you for real?" My eyes stood bewildered. He gave me a smirk & looked away.

"Nah" he laughed quietly to himslef. "Just messing with ya" Then his expression turned serious"...except for the girl stalking me part. She really is stalking me"

We both laughed and the next thing you knew it,we were already friends. And that very same girl that once stalked him,was my girfriend today.


Yay! Chappie 2 done!!!! Wasn't that much suspense as the last one. I just wanted 2 explain about Jake & who he is alittle, before continueing on. More will be known about him later. Weird way for two boys to become friends like that isn't it. I think oddly.....my mind's like that ^^;

Comment & post ur opinions pleez!
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Nov 9, 2005
The Sunshine State
Bump (-_-);

Chapter 3~

"He's gonna die"

I was suddenly swepted back to reality,realizing the kid had spoken again. I just stood there in ah,wondering if anybody beside tha police,would had tackled that boy down for talking such nonsense out there. The kid,no, Jake,had always just spoken of drepressing stuff back in middle school,& he still does. That's if, this boy standing right across from me,was that Jake I knew 6 years back. The darkly dressed boy glanced my way,& grinned sheepishly.

Yes,that was the Jake I knew alright. Everything had held silent,until more officers came by the scene.

"What's going on here,you need some help?"

"Nope. Got this one down myself. This kid here caused some harm to this fellow man right here." He takes out the hand cuffs. Uh-oh,this is gonna lead into trouble.

I have thought of calling Sandra on her phone & calling the date a quits & head back home but realizing,at this very moment,my bestest friend in the whole wide world was stuck in a situation here!! But a crime was a crime,so I had decided to stay alittle more longer. Suddenly,the tables had turned & right when the police officer with the big shiny dark sunglasses was going to cuff the boy,Jake swayed his arm away,just like a hissing snake on alarm.

"Whoa whoa whoa boy,now let's do this properly & right. No need to bash away. Were just gonna take you to the police station and settle this down with this fellow man right here to explain the story that's going on here between you & him...ok..." Jake had kept on backing away from the officer. His facial expression was emotionless.

Again,the officer had tried getting the hand cuffs near Jake's wrist but Jake still hesitated & bashed away slowly. " Your not listening to me. This man,right here is going to die......" He looks at the man with a glare.

"Crazy boy! He wants me dead!!!! You hear me officers!!!!!!!!! He wants me dead and killed,that's what he wants!!!!!!!!!!" The man had ruined Jake's exit out,alarming the crowd making the police headed to tackle him down but the policemen ceased to win. Their moves were nothing against Jake. He just dogded their grasping hands & before he made his gateway out, he had ran right past me. At that very instant, I heard words go into my ear in one gasping breath...

"......it's not her......."

I don't know either if this was a dream,a nightmare....or real itself. Time to me had suddenly went slowly, making me deaf towards all the people & screaming & yelling. It was like he muted them......or did I on my own free will? But that was how I felt,during that one grasping moment.


Yeah,that day,I actually had the wits to call Sandra up & tell her about the date. To tell you the truth, she had forgotten all about it actually, too busy doing her nails. Typical girl excuses I guess.

I had tried to go on as it was a typical week but Jake's words had gave me a chill down my spine every time I thought about it. Was it about a girl he knew....I knew? Sandra...? those words echoed my head,decaying all of my thoughts. Maybe me & Sandra were to break-up soon-No,don't think about that man. You'll jinx yourself.....you'll know it'll never happen,at least not in the current present. My thoughts had me clinging to every clue & word I ever heard from Sandra & Jake.

I decided to call Sandra the night before....I had wanted to stay close to her & have some time to talk....

"Hi Sandra"
"oh! hi!!! I'm so glad u called,I was getting so lonely......" She laughs to herself lightly.
"But you always got me, babe. I'm always here for you. You know that"
".......heh,yes I do."
" You kow I love you....and always will too"
"Yes,I love you too........alot"
"..........................." Gosh,our conversation dragged. Never has before.
"Crap,my mom's here.........I gotta go..."
"Oh! Okay. Bye Sandy(weird nickname)...I love u"
" I lov-"

After the call,I had turned on the television & checked what was on the news.....

What I heard & saw,shocked my mind.

The guy who accused Jake,had died.
Wasn't killed or raped or murder...but by a natural cause.

A Heart-Attack.

To me.......that meant something......


*whew* Glad that's done. Yeah,I've decided to continue even if I don't get much fans......oh well. At least it gives me something to do. The Boy's POV's is gonna be kinda short cause mostly its suppose to be about the girl......so bare with me pleez.

Comment & opinion.........T_T
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Nov 9, 2005
The Sunshine State
w00t! Now,let's start the show
-There mite be a scene & part that sounds gay but this story is STRAIGHT! Don't think that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< Goodness!

Chapter 4~

The following day was a mess,mostly at school. Half the time,I couldn't stay awake because what Jake said the day before,shook my whole body to make it tremble. How could've he have known? Is he pshycic or something.....no. People can't read other people's mind. That's nearly impossible. Maybe it was just a coincidence. I was tapping my pencil in class,on my desk,trying to do an algebraic equation. Sandra just stared at me with worry.

"I'm ok,alright. Don't worry so much. I just didn't get enough sleep." She went back to doing her work,with a sudden bashful look,that she was sorry to bother with me. Was I really that paranoid.

Later on during the day,it got worse. It was lunch time & I was waiting for Sandra as always,until her friend Amy came by & said she was helping the Art teacher with a couple of things in the room so I was left to wander. Kevin & his friends were up & out cracking jokes about the big chubby lunch ladies & how they could be mistaken as cavemen at their time.

I wasn't in for jokes so I had left them be. I walked out & decided to walk around the school,hopefully meeting someone I knew along the way,but there was no luck. Turning around the corner in one of the school hallways besides the gym, I spotted someone & stopped right in my tracks.

Jake was there.

Man,those few seconds took away part of my life,realizing me & him actually conversated. We talked & talked & talked about how school's doing,family,friends ect. But ironicaly,not once did he ever mentioned about Sandra & how she was doing & about the incident that happened on the news about the man. Weird.

He wanted to meet with me again next time because he was actually tresspassing school property & had to leave before he had gotten caught. I can see why because the cops were roaming around supsiciously like me & Jake were dealing with some illegal drugs. Heh.

I actually had the guts & told Sandra about Jake after school & with my suprise,she didn't seem interested at all. Just a "oh" & she turned the subject away like it was a piece of rotten left over cheesecake & threw it away right into the dumps.


Before u knew it,me & Jake were best buds again & all we did was hang out here & there,at the pizzeria place,park,street....even my house. Yes,you can say that we were pretty close right now,but not all was good. I really don't know what I was really doing because I actually enjoyed hanging out with Jake more than my girlfriend,Sandra. I mean,I loved her & so,but our routine was always the same,hug & kiss,hug & kiss....it really did get kind of old.

We hardly didn't talk much except for how much we loved eachother & all with "I can say I love u More then you" contest. It was bland.

Then one stormy night,I think I had screwed up my life..........forever. Me & Jake had ran all the way home from the mini store shop to buy some snacks after school & when we came right in, my mom had gone ballisticed about how we just ran carrying mud all over her $2,000 rug carpet. Typical mom.

So me & Jake had went upstairs into my room & shut the door. We took off our jackets(because the rain was ice-cold for some odd reason,& I didn't want to get sick) & we both sat down on the floor. I was searching in my bookbag for something while Jake turned on the T.V & was watching COPS. Heh,is he having a future vision on how the cops will chase after him in the future some day..............wait. I wonder,if that man died, could Jake be taken to court or something or be a witness into why the man died? He caused a scene,right?.....but no1's after him?

I had thought of asking Jake about what was going on here but right when I was about to open my mouth to say something,he just grinned at me with a look in his eyes. He had read my mind....

"Your wondering about how I didn't get arrested or questioned by the cops since I was involve in that incident....right? Wondering why there's no cops chasin after my @$$....."

"How,how did u know? What's going on?" Water dripping from my hair were falling into my eyes. I was still soaked & wet.

"It's a secret,a secret no one will ever know Tyler,not even the cops,teachers,parents,friends.........Sandra......" I was waiting for him to finish off his sentence,but he didn't. Or I guess he didn't want to.

What happened next,I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember anything,what we talked about,said to eachother,how I felt at that time.......but wondering. Wondering how the hell,came to be,came into me. All I remember was getting 2 drinks,one for me & one for Jake,& I had left him alone in my room,while I went to the bathroom to dry-off.

When I had came back,Jake was quiet,& stared endlessly at the TV,like it was his life,like if it meant something to him, a dream, a nigthmare that swallowed him up & he was his emotionless self again,talking about depressing things.

What I was describing wasn't him............it was me.

I turned into the emotionless jerk I am right now. Myself....
me,faded away slowly.....bit by bit...by bit.

And that was all.

But right when I was losing myself to him & my mind,he finally finished the sentence I was most waiting for"...........and not even you Tyler........"


w00t! Well,that's finally the end of the boy's POV. I told u it was short. The girl's POV is WAY longer & leads to the rest of the story with the continuation of what happened last time in this chappie. If it sounded Tyler was turning gay or having feelings for Jake & made u creep out,sry about that. I was too much into the moment ^^;

Crap,I'm not sure if I already named the main character corrently or his name is already Tyler. Notice me with anything ppl,ok? I forget names easily lol

Comment pleez
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