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Feb 26, 2006
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Chapter 3

We r on da ship and checkin out all da luxurious things..........while Troy and Alexia ask to be excused............."where r yall finna go, we r still checkin out da stuff" said Takari."lets just say we need to have some alone time Takari" said Troy....erebody starts to smile and then starts to laugh............"Takari looks like u r gonna be a auntie real soon" said Brian."i dont think so Brian atleast i hope not"."maybe ya brotha would like to be a uncle" said Anthony."i dont think so atleast not yet of course" said Takari."would u stop flirtin wit my gurl" yelled T."would yall plz stop arguing just for 7 hours" yelled Takari!"when r we gonna eat?" asked Denique."wheneva u want" said Takari."when can i meet u in da bed?" said T.erebody giggles."ummm" says Takari."when can i meet u in da bath?" asked Anthony. erebody gigles once again. "could yall stop?" asked Takari trying not to let tears drop from down her face from laughing."yall r crazy" said Brian."fo sho" said Takari."ok well im about to go get me something to eat" said Denique."i will go wit her"said Angelica."yea i will go wit them to" said Nate." i will follow" said Shana. Denique and Angelica heard Shana "they both said run at da same time" they took off running."well im going to go ahead to my room" said Brian, holla at me if u need something Takari."aight" said Takari."oh my gosh they left me here wit yall" said Takari:eek:hmy:."is it ok if isharea room wit u Takari" said Anthony."sure i guess" said Takari."u betta not ouch my gurl"yelled T"."its aight man i aint gone hurt her" said Anthony."ok wateva lest just go to our room" said Takari."Takari can u come to my room wheneva u get a chance cuz i wanna talk to u about something" said T."ok sure after i put my


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Jan 3, 2006
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Chapter 3...continued.( i am not continuing on on the takari and T, i really dont feel like writing soem love discussion between you 2. It's up to you, ATL. to cntinue with your discussion with T. )

After eating, Denique went to her room and brought out a hardshell acoustic guitar case. Takari had requested that Denique would bring it just for soem fun at night. Denique walked out of her room and locked her door. Standing outside of her door was Nate. Denique asked Nate if he could carry soem of the guitar acessories. Nate replied "it would be my pleasure". Nate and Denique walked down the hall. Denique asked Nate about his break-up. Nate told Denique that is was just getting too rough. Denique replied " ahh I understand, but holy sh*t your single" in a mocking way. Denique nugded Nate in teh shoulder and said " you knwo im just kidding. About 5 yards in fornt of them, Shana was standing against the wall.

Nate and Denique decided to just walk past her and ignore her, but Shana yelled at Denique " are you seriously trying to impress us with your musical skills? You have no skill whatsoever" Denique turned around and dropped her guitar on teh floor and walked up to Shana. Shana smirked and stared face to face with Denique. After a while Denique truned around and attempted to walk. Right before Denique could move Shana walked up to Nate, grabbed the guitar accessories and threw them across the hall. Denique shoved Shana agaisnt teh raling of teh ship and side-kicked Shana in the face. Shana leaned back and fell back into teh ocean. DEnique leaned opver teh railing and yelled at Shana " you are talking so much sh*t, somoen shouild tape a diaper to your mouth" Denique walked up to Nate and said " you better help her up because i have every intention to just let her drown." Denique walked back to pick up teh accessories and her acoustic guitar and walked to the front of the ship to set all her stuuf up.

In teh fornt of teh ship everybody was standing up and talking. denique walked up to Takari and T. Denique politely said to T " may i please talk to Takari for one moment?". T replied " yes, but dont take too long".

Takari and Denique walked not too far away from T. Denique hugged Takari and said " thanks for all of this, it has all been so great.and im sorry if i caused any trouble, but for the rest of the trip I will try and keep everything under control, you just relax and have fun." Denique walked away and let Takari and T continue their discussion.
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