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True Serenity

your forgotten memory
May 9, 2004
anywhere but here.
Hehe. Here is the next chapter! I think you guys will really like it lol.

Oh. And there will be some mild cussing. But nothing you haven't heard before.


Chapter 12 – Misery Loves Revenge

I went home that day feeling so incredibly miserable. For the remainder of my classes, I was called countless names that I hoped to never hear again. But unfortunately, it was probably going to be this way for awhile – name calling, people hating me, and no friends. And as depressing as this was, I was sure to stay strong. Because sooner or later, I would have someone else in my life. Someone who could finally love me for me. My child.

In just one week, the whole school knew about my pregnancy. And the break up with Sora. And the fact that Riku was the father.

Each day, I would get evil and threatening looks from people I didn’t even know. And I always found myself being alone.

But there were still a couple things that didn’t make any sense to me. Why did Selphie completely ditch me? We had been best friends since as long as I could remember. I honestly thought she would be by my side. I could understand if she was angry with me for cheating on Sora. But did she have to stab me in the back and spread rumors about me?

The other thing I didn’t get was the treatment I was receiving. Everyone made it their job to make my life miserable. But Riku was getting acknowledged. Girls were suddenly flinging to him like there was no tomorrow. Apparently, I was the one to hate while he should be loved.

This made me wonder about what Selphie exactly told everyone. There was no doubt that whatever she did say was overly exaggerated.

Time slowly and painfully past, my life becoming more and more complicated by the minute. Sora and Riku still never talked to me. I had heard somewhere that they were dating other girls, but I didn’t know who. I rarely saw them, but each time I did, I could see something hopeful in their eyes. Did they miss me at all? Or were they still angry with me?

I was now seven weeks pregnant and each day I was beginning to feel it more and more. I just couldn’t seem to control my emotions. So the rude comments I got from people often resulted in me snapping back at them. Or crying my eyes out.

I guess that’s why I ended up starting a fight.

It was my lunch period and I needed to go to the bathroom for the fourth time that day. But the moment I walked into the facility, I saw Selphie and Tori standing in front of the mirrors, along with a few of their ‘friends’ who followed them everywhere.

I stopped abruptly in the doorway, my presence making them all turn to face me. Tori irritably rolled her eyes and turned towards the mirror again, applying too much blush on her pale face.

“Oh, great. Kairi is here,” Tori said sarcastically, flipping back her long blonde hair.

“Eww. What are you doing in here?” Selphie added, making a disgusted face as she eyed me up and down.

“Like you care?” I said, surprising myself with the attitude I gave her.

“You’re right. I don’t care. So why don’t you just leave and go sleep with Riku again? I’m sure Sora won’t mind this time.”

“Yea! And that’s because I’m with him now!” Tori exclaimed, her voice filled with pride and excitement.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head in disbelief. “I can’t believe he’d stoop so low as to go out with you.”

Tori smiled at me and began to pack up her ten pounds of make-up. She then walked right up to me, her face a little too close to mine. “Well, I guess I have you to thank for that. If you weren’t such a slut, then I wouldn’t be with him right now.”

“Bite me, Tori,” I whispered, my eyes narrowing in hatred.

“No thanks. But I’m sure you can get Riku to do that for you instead,” she replied, making all her evil friends break out into laughter. Including Selphie.

At that moment, I felt my body tense up as an unforgiving rage built up inside me. The girls began to exit the bathroom as if they had won and were done tormenting me for the day. But I was so not finished with them.

I’m normally not the one to act on impulse, but I felt so furious that I wasn’t even thinking straight. I suddenly spun on my heels and followed them out into the hallway. Quickening my pace, I caught up with them and stopped right behind Tori. Using both hands, I grabbed her one shoulder and pulled her back to face me. Then, I immediately lifted my whole arm and slapped her right across the face, the splintering noise echoing down the hallway.

The slap caused her to let out a loud screech as all her friends began to form a circle around us. Tori held a hand over her cheek as she slowly faced me again, the anger glowing brightly in her eyes.

“You little bitch!” she shouted, quickly slapping me back. I immediately shook away the stinging pain in my face and lunged at her shoulders, pushing her back onto the ground. I didn’t realize it then, but a huge group of people began to form around us, chanting us on.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

I grabbed a huge chunk of Tori’s hair and yanked it hard as I pulled her back up to her feet. I then threw her into the wall, my rage obviously providing me with strength I never knew I had. She quickly redeemed herself and pounced on me, grabbing my hair this time. I somehow wrapped myself around her and bit her hand, causing her to pull back with another screech. But she unexpectedly kicked me in the stomach, sending me back onto the floor. I felt my head hit the ground hard but also felt an agonizing pain in my lower abdomen. Tori jumped on top of me and began to pull at my hair again. And I would have easily pushed her off, but the pain in my stomach was almost unbearable.

I screamed out for help and soon felt her being lifted off of me as I immediately held my stomach tightly.

“Stop it right now!” a male voice shouted as Tori was being dragged away. I saw a hazy figure kneel down before me, the pain causing my vision to blur. Although I wondered who was helping me, the main thing that ran through my mind was my baby. Did I hurt it? Was it alright?

“Kairi, just breathe. In and out. You’ll be fine,” I heard the soothing voice talk to me. He slipped his hand underneath my body and picked me up off the ground. At this point, I painfully looked up at the person, my eyes beginning to fill with tears. It was Riku. And he was actually helping me. I couldn’t believe it.

“Riku…” I uttered. “Our baby. I think I hurt our baby. I’m so sorry…” I whispered, the tears flowing down my face.

“It’s ok, Kairi. You’ll be fine,” he replied, his voice instantly calming me. He began to walk through the crowds of people around us. I heard some still cheering while others were booing. But I also heard Tori call out to me. Something about me being a wimp.

I remembered thinking how bad I wanted to go back there and kick her ass. But my whole entire body began to feel so incredibly weak. My head started spinning and everything around me went black. And then I suddenly passed out, my unborn child being the last thing on my mind.
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Oct 30, 2004
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dang . .that messed up how everyone in the whole school treated kairi like shit but ooooo i knew a catfight was commin, too bad it kinda ended in a draw and y all of a sudden riku wanted to actually help kairi???

but that chapter was pretty good
can we expect 2 see another one 2morrow?

Riku's Dawn

No,I am disgraced.By da way,put http://www.ffmerchandise.com/KingHeartsPoster.JPG in between

True Serenity

your forgotten memory
May 9, 2004
anywhere but here.
Next chapter! I hope you guys like it better than the last one.

Chapter 13 – Life and Death

My eyes fluttered open, squinting instantly by a blinding bright light. There was a cool breeze that gently brushed my face as I tried to remember where I was. I was lying on a small white bed, surrounded by pink floral wallpaper. I honestly thought that I was dead until I heard a cheery voice speak up out of nowhere.

“Good morning, Kairi. How are we feeling today?”

I turned my head to face the middle aged woman, a fake smile spread across her visibly exhausted face. I noticed that she was holding a clipboard and was wearing a blue outfit, straight from head to toe. That’s when I realized I was in the hospital. And all the events of the fight came flooding back into my head.

But one thought stuck out above all the rest. My baby.

“How is my baby?! Please tell me its okay!” I demanded, pushing myself to sit up straight.

I remembered how Tori kicked me in the stomach and the excruciating pain it caused. And I remembered thinking how if she harmed my child in any way, I would kill her in cold blood.

The nurses’ fake grin slowly transformed into a warm and affable smile. “Your baby is just fine.”

I closed my eyes and let out a sigh of relief as a bright smile came to my face. “Thank you…” I whispered to no on in particular.

It suddenly occurred to me how protective I had grown of my child. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so afraid and ashamed of myself. But now, my view had drastically changed. I can honestly say that I’m proud to be pregnant. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make sure my baby is alright.

“You have a visitor,” the nurse announced, her voice snapping me back into reality. “Are you feeling up to seeing anyone today?”

I nodded a little hesitantly, wondering who it could possibly be. I figured it might be The Mayor, my legal guardian. I bet he freaked out once he heard what’s been going on with me.

“Hi Kairi,” a soft voice spoke. I faced the person and felt myself freeze once I saw who it realy was. It was Selphie. She was standing there with a vase full of flowers and a balloon that read ‘Get Well Soon’.

I didn’t say anything to her because I literally had nothing to say. She slowly entered the room and sat on a wooden chair across from my bed. I stared at her face, the grief and regret noticeable in her eyes. But I still remained silent.

“I came by to see how you were feeling. But you look great. The nurse told me that you can go home today.”

I slouched lower in my bed and averted my eyes from her, deciding to gaze at a pair of birds sitting on the windowsill.

“You know, I feel like I need to explain something to you. If you could just hear me out, then maybe you would understand.”

The birds soon flew away, their wings soaring gracefully in the wind. I suddenly wished I could fly with them.

“I’ve always been jealous of you,” she blurted out, noticing how I wasn’t paying attention to her. I have to admit that this made me eye her curiously, but not for long. “You were everything I always wanted to be – beautiful, caring, sweet.” She paused to see my response, but I had none. “You were best friends with two amazing guys who loved you. Plus, you’re a Princess of Heart. You were just…perfect,” she continued, smiling softly. “But I…I was just there, clinging onto you like some lost puppy.”

I crossed my arms, wondering if she had a point.

“So, when you told me that you cheated on Sora and was pregnant with Riku’s baby, I thought that this was my chance. I could finally step up and be noticed more.” A frown slowly appeared on her face. “But it got out of hand. And when you got into the fight with Tori, I couldn’t take it anymore. Just the thought of her hurting you, especially since you’re pregnant, killed me inside.”

As Selphie spoke, I thought deeply about what she said. It was true that she may not have been as noticed at me, considering I was a Princess and best friends with the Keyblader. But she still had no right to do what she did, no matter how jealous she was.

“I just want to say I’m sorry. You deserve so much better. And that’s definitely not me,” she said, standing up in her chair. “So I completely understand if you don’t want to be friends anymore,” she continued, setting down the vase and tying the balloon around it. “There’s just something else you need to know.”

She paused, leaving me pathetically curious of what else she possibly had to say to me. “I never told anyone you were pregnant. I only told them that you cheated on Sora,” she said, her voice serious. “No one knows Kairi. And as a last favor of our friendship, I promise to keep it a secret.”

I watched as she began to make her way towards the door, but I unexpectedly spoke out for the first time since she arrived.

“Selphie, wait…”

She looked over her shoulder, her eyebrows arched in surprise.

“…I’m sorry that you felt that way,” I said, my voice quiet and sincere. “But it still gave you no right to do what you did. For the past 3 weeks, my life has been a living hell.” I paused, a few tears escaping my eyes. “You have no idea what it’s like to be hated by the people you love, especially for the wrong reasons. Now, I can forgive you. But I won’t ever forget it.”

She kept her eyes locked on me for a few minutes before nodded slowly, a faint smile spread across her face. Then, she turned around and walked out the door, leaving me alone once again.

As I sat there, drowning in my own grief, I pulled the covers over me and held them tightly under my chin. Every word that Selphie said ran continuously through my head. And I just couldn’t figure out how she truly felt. Was she honestly apologizing? Or was it just some scheme to ruin my life even more?

There was no way I could be sure until I saw her in school – which I dreaded more than anything right now.

A few hours past and Mr. Mayor came marching into my room, complaining about how he was skipping some meeting to pick me up. We checked out of the hospital and made our way home as he lectured me to be more careful from now on. Despite how angry he was that I was pregnant – because, apparently, it could ruin his image as mayor - we came to an agreement on how we would handle the situation. As long as I kept up with my grades in school and stayed away from any more fights, he would provide me with all the expenses I needed to raise a child.

As we approached my house, I saw someone sitting on the front steps, their head hung low. At first, I couldn’t make out who it was but as we got closer, I quickly recognized him. His long silvery hair blew softly in the cool breeze as he stood up to meet me, a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Kairi…” he said once we were close enough to speak.

I didn’t say anything to him because I was trying to figure out why he was here. Or why he helped me out at the fight. I thought he was angry with me.

“I came by to see if you were okay. And if our baby…”

“My baby is fine,” I interrupted. “And so am I. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m really tired and want to rest,” I said rudely, walking right past him and towards my front door.

“Kairi, wait!” he shouted, gently grabbing my arm to stop me. “Can you listen to me for just two seconds?”

“Why Riku? So you can tell me to ‘get rid of it’ again? I already told you…”

“This is really important, so please…”

“You know what? Why don’t you start by telling me why you helped me yesterday? Then, we’ll see if I can listen to your crap story.”

“…I helped you because I didn’t want to see you hurt like that. Especially because you’re pregnant. I still care about you, Kairi. No matter how angry you are with me.”

I didn’t say anything for a few minutes because I knew what Riku said was true. I did still care about him, no matter how frustrated he made me.

“Now, can you hear me out?” he asked, his voice calm and gentle.

I nodded, wondering what he wanted to tell me now.

“You really need to consider aborting your baby.”

The moment he said this, I rolled my eyes angrily and shook my head in disbelief. “I can’t believe this!”

“Please, Kairi. If you give birth to this child, you could…”

“Could what, Riku?! What will happen that is so bad?!” I interrupted, completely furious. I should have just walked away from the beginning, but I couldn’t. Because the response he gave me left me completely horrified.

“…You could die.”
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