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True Serenity

your forgotten memory
May 9, 2004
anywhere but here.
So here it is. The chapter I've worked too hard on. Actually...its only part of it. Believe it or not, there is more to this chapter, even though it is A LOT longer than my others.

Anyway, I hope you like it. Cause I'm not too crazy bout it. And I hope it doesn't confuse you. If you have any questions, just ask away, as long as they aren't about the next part or anything lol.

Oh, and there might be slight spoilers in here if anyone hasn't played KH2 yet...
Chapter 24 – Past, Present, Future: Part 1

As I walked cautiously through the murky brown hallways of an old abandoned building, I kept close behind the mysterious boy, wondering just what was in store for me next. My heart was thumping with each step I took. I couldn’t believe that I’d actually agreed to come with him. Although it felt wrong to leave Disney Castle, it was what I had to do in order to insure the safety of my child, even if it meant leaving my life behind as well.

I wasn’t exactly sure of where we were, but I was too frightened to ask any questions. All I knew was that after I agreed to go, he created a dark portal right in front of me and led me through. I was a little nervous, considering I still wasn’t absolutely positive of what was going on. But I went with my gut and knew it was the right thing to do for my child. I just wish this place didn’t look so…scary.

After walking through countless hallways, we finally approached a steel door at the end of a long corridor. ‘A’ stopped just in front of the door and turned around towards me, a smile spread across his dark face. He roughly jolted the handle on the door and, with a strong thrust, swung open the door to reveal the room inside.

I was literally stunned by what I saw. Compared to the run-down, decaying building that was outside, the inside of this particular room was far more advanced. The whole room glowed of technology and science. Silver tables lined up against the wall with tubes containing chemicals and experiments. There were metallic machines busily working on whatever contraptions needed to be finished.

My jaw hung low as I stared into the room. I couldn’t move. I felt as though I’d been zapped into some alternate universe. “Where…” I stuttered. “What is this?”

‘A’ merely laughed at me and gently grasped my arm to lead me further into the room. “This is my laboratory. I know it sounds weird, but I’m a scientist,” he explained, running his fingers lovingly over various machines.

I softly pulled my arm away from him and stopped walking. “Wait. What’s your name? And how do you know me?”

The mysterious boy smiled at me once again, but remained silent. I squinted my eyes at him, suddenly feeling a strange sensation come over me. His jet black hair, sky blue eyes, and pale complexion – it all looked so…familiar.

But his soft smile soon faded as his face grew serious. “Follow me, Kairi. We have a lot to talk about.”

He swiftly took off before me and went through an open door in the corner of the room. I began to follow him, but abruptly stopped. In the corner of my eye, I saw a dark figure moving quickly across the room. I shot around to face it, but only jumped back once I realized what it was.

It was a heartless.

Backing away slowly, I accidentally bumped into a steel table, catching the heartless’ attention. I immediately felt my whole body numb up once it jerked its’ head in my direction. I half expected the dark creature to chase after me and steal my heart once again. But it didn’t. Instead it just stared at me for the longest two seconds of my life and went back to work.

“Kairi, are you coming?” a voice called out from behind. I jumped around to face ‘A’, who quirked his eyes in confusion. “What are you still doing…” he began to speak, but abruptly stopped. He quickly realized what was wrong and laughed again at my fear. “It’s just a heartless. Don’t worry. I have complete control over it.”

My eyebrows crinkled at this statement. “What do you mean?” I asked curiously.

But ‘A’ just sighed and gently grasped my arm once again. “Just follow me. We have much to talk about and no time to do it.”

I hesitantly followed after him into the next room, the anticipation rapidly building up inside. This room looked much different from the last. It seemed like a very small operating room, except there wasn’t much equipment, only a small bed and another steel table with two chairs across from each other.

‘A’ sat me down in one of the chairs and slapped something onto the table in front of me. “Look at this picture, Kairi. Does it look at all familiar to you?”

I leaned forward to examine the photo, wondering what this had to do with anything. But the moment I laid eyes on it, something quickly flashed before my eyes – a memory. It quickly vanished though and I shook my head to clear my mind. In the picture were two small children. One was a girl, the other a boy. The girl had short red hair and had a bright smile on her fragile face. The boy was a little shorter than her and had jet black hair, his smile a little more serious. They were hugging each other.

I immediately knew the girl was me, but who was the boy? Was that ‘A’?

I leaned back slowly, trying to put this all together. “Is that…you?” I asked softly, my voice breaking from nerves.

“Yes,” he simply replied. “That picture was taken when we were both seven years old in Hollow Bastion.” I quizzically glared at him, unsure of what this meant. “Do you even remember anything about your past, Kairi?”

I slowly shifted my eyes back towards the photo and tried to concentrate on it. It was true that I knew nothing of my past, only what others told me. And apparently, ‘A’ knew more than I did. Maybe he could help me recover my memories and tell me the truth for once.

Closing my eyes tightly, I began to think back through all the memories I had. And I tried to remember anything before Destiny Islands. But nothing came.

My eyes quickly shot open and I shook my head vigorously. “No. I don’t remember anything. I’m sorry…” I whispered, my head tilted towards my chest. “But what does that have to do with anything. I thought you were going to help my baby.”

“Oh, but I am,” he joyfully responded, taking the seat in front of me. “But I need your trust before I can actually help you. And to do that, you must understand who I am and everything about your past.”

“Fine,” I quickly replied. “Tell me who you are and how we know each other.”

‘A’ stared at me for a good long minute before standing up again. “Very well. My name is Akira, Aki for short. We’ve known each other since we were both three years old, even if you don’t remember it. We both lived in Hollow Bastion, formally known as Radiant Garden, and became very good friends. As long as I could remember, we spent every waking day together, getting into trouble and exploring the beautiful world on which we resided,” Akira explained. He paused for a few short minutes, as if a painful memory began to fill his head. “But over time, everything seemed to change.”

I remained quiet as I listened to Akira, millions of questions gradually forming in the back of my head. If he was telling the truth, how could I not remember any of this? What happened back then that changed my life forever?

“When I was ten, I decided that I wanted to become one of Ansem’s apprentices, but I was immediately turned away at the door. Even though I was very young, everyone practically considered me a genius, even you,” he continued. “But apparently, I wasn’t good enough to become a student of ‘Ansem the Wise’. I begged and begged to be accepted and was finally given an opportunity – the opportunity to clean up the workshop at the end of the day.”

Akira let out a snorted laugh and shook his head displeasingly. “At first, I was furious that I couldn’t be apart of their team, but over the next few years, I came to realize that it was for the best. Ansem’s apprentices all became consumed by the darkness that they toyed with. And I saw it coming too. They were all too foolish to truly understand what was going on. Luckily, I was brilliant enough to devise my own plan to control the darkness without it controlling me. You see, I can create, control, and manipulate darkness in any way I please, yet it has no power over me. That is what separates me from Ansem and his senseless apprentices.”

I sat silent, doing my best to make sense of all this. Although Akira appeared harmless, he seemed to possess a power greater than what I imagined. And I have to admit. It scared me a little.

“Shortly after that,” Akira continued, letting out a long sigh. “Ansem went missing and you were kidnapped. Because I had access to Ansem’s workshop, I tried my best to figure out what happened. But all I could find was that Xehanort, Ansem’s most beloved apprentice, went crazy and decided to take over Radiant Garden while sending you away for his own devious plans. You were, after all, a Princess of Heart.”

Akira stopped talking for a couple minutes as if he was gathering his thoughts. “I couldn’t figure out where he sent you or for what exact reason. All I knew was that I needed to help you, no matter what that meant. Ever since that unfaithful day, I did whatever I could to get you back.

“You see, Kairi, when we were younger, we made a promise to each other,” he began, a slight smile curving at his lips. “I remember it perfectly. You grabbed me from behind and got me into a headlock, making me promise that no matter what happened I’d always be there for you – you were always the outgoing and courageous one. At first, I agreed so that you wouldn’t beat me up, but as time went on, I realized that I agreed because I cared about you. More than anything.”

As Akira told me this, another memory flashed before my eyes. I saw a young girl running in sparkling streets next to a boy. It was Aki and I, and we were no older than five. “Oh my…” I gently whispered.

The moment I remembered this, more and more memories began to fill my head – catching fireflies at night, racing down busy sidewalks, crying in each others arms. I began to breathe heavily as every memory painfully came back to me, causing Akira to run towards me. “Are you alright?” he asked, putting a hand on my shoulder.

I slowly looked up at him with watery eyes and smiled. His concerned face brought back even more memories and I realized just how much I missed him. I felt so bad for forgetting him and how much we cared about each other. So without a word, I leaned in to give him a long awaited hug. “I’m so sorry, Aki. I can’t believe I ever forgot you.”

He hugged me back and laughed again. "It's alright. I'm just glad you're okay."

For a long while, the two of us began to catch up on old times and a new memory would fill my head every second of it. He was able to answer every burning question I’ve had since forever. I even asked about my parents, which I desperately wondered about for years. Unfortunately, he told me that they both died in some freak accident, which he didn’t know of.

We finally decided it was time for bed and Akira helped me stand up. As I did, I began to wonder about Sora, Riku, and the Queen. I hoped that they weren’t worried because they didn’t need to be anymore. I completely trusted Akira now and I knew that all he wanted was to help me and my child.

But as we began to walk towards the bed, the door burst open and two frantic heartless came rushing into the room. They both began to jump up and down before Akira as if they were trying to tell him something important.

“What?!” he quickly shouted. “Alright, alright. Calm down and keep guard. I’ll be right there,” he commanded. The heartless ran out of the room in an instant as Akira turned back towards me. “It seems we have company. Just stay here.”

I nodded quickly as Akira left the room, shutting the door behind him. As I sat on the bed, I wondered who was really here and kept quiet so I could hear what was going on. But all I heard was silence.

After a while of absolutely nothing, I began to hear loud voices, almost screaming. Then, suddenly, the ground began to rumble and a deafening hum came from outside the room. I held tightly onto the bed railing and prayed that everything was going to be alright. But before I could truly gather my thoughts, the door burst open again, and two figures entered the room.

I squinted my eyes at first, not really sure who they were. But as the two came into focus, my eyes immediately perked open and I jumped off the bed. As I ran towards them, tears began to brim my eyes and a glowing smile spread across my face.

It was Sora and Riku. And they were alive. Oh, Thank God they were alive!

I ran right into their arms and hugged them both as tight as I could. I felt so incredibly surprised that I couldn’t help but bawl like a baby. I was just so worried about them for the longest time, so scared that they were dead. But here they were, alive and well. It just made me feel overwhelmed with happiness.

“How?!…What?…” I began to stutter. But Sora quickly cut me off.

“Don’t say anything, Kairi,” he informed me, cupping my cheek with his hand. There was an odd look in his eye, almost as if he was scared. But he also held a smile that glowed with an intense joy. “There’s no time right now. That guy out there is dangerous and we have to get you out of here.”

“What?!” I questioned with a laugh. “You mean, Akira? No, he’s not dangerous. He’s my friend and…”

“And he’s killed thousands of innocent people,” Riku interrupted. When I faced him, he too had a frightened expression on his face. “Now c’mon, we have to leave now, before he becomes conscious again.”

“Wait!” I shouted angrily, pulling away from them. “You have to be joking. He would never do that. Plus, he’s going to help me with my baby. He’s going to make sure I survive.”

Both Sora and Riku silently glared at me for a few minutes, there eyes glazed with confusion. Sora was about to open his mouth to speak, but another voice quickly interrupted them.

“She’s right, boys. I’m only trying to help her,” Akira announced, limping slowly into the room. Blood was dripping down his face and he held his stomach in pain.

“Oh my God!” I cried out, running in his direction. “Are you okay?”

Akira nodded at me but coughed violently, trickles of blood forming at his mouth. “I’m fine, Kairi. But I do believe these boys have showed up uninvited!”

Suddenly, Akira snapped straight up and threw his hands forward, using his dark powers to send Sora and Riku flying against the wall. The two boys struggled with all their might to break free, but an invisible force bound them down.

At first, I gasped frighteningly and covered my mouth in shock. But, for some reason, I began to grow angry and glared at Akira with rage. Suddenly, I found myself slapping and hitting him with all my strength. “What are you doing?!” I shouted. “They’re my friends! Don’t…”

I abruptly stopped talking, my eyes bulging straight out of my head. My force of anger was all it took to feel the warm liquid ooze down my leg. It was all I needed for my water to break.

“Oh no…” I whispered, my head slowly turning down. I stared at the puddle beneath my feet and felt my heart beat increase by the second.

And then it happened. An unbearably sharp pain in my stomach – a contraction. I hunched over and held both hands on my stomach, letting out a painful yelp of agony. It was finally happening. I was going into labor.

Before anyone asks:

YES, Akira is a guys name. I looked it up on several websites and apparently, its masculine. If you don't believe me, just google it and see for yourself. Thank you. ^_^
Mar 26, 2006
The World That Never Was
WICKED! Should we trust Akira or not? Is he good or bad? And Kairi and her child . . . will she live? Will the child live? Will it be normal or twilight? And . . . is the baby a boy or a girl? Great stuff True!

Riku's Dawn

Judging by control of the heartless, EVIL!Further proof, he sent Sora and Riku tob the wall!Evil!!!


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Apr 10, 2006
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WOW that was awesome. True Serenity PLEASE write more! This is one of the best fanfics I've read!!!:D And I wanna know what happens next!! It took me two days to read this xD
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