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True Serenity

your forgotten memory
May 9, 2004
anywhere but here.
Again, sorry about the long wait. But here is the chapter. Hope you all like it!

Chapter 16 – Time To Face Reality

Although weeks were beginning to pass by quickly, the days just seemed to get longer and longer. I was starting to feel as if my life wasn’t dedicated to me anymore, but that of my baby. Every decision I made from this point on would affect my child in one way or another. So I found myself being extra picky and a little too nervous.

But without Sora, everything would have been a hundred times worse. He was able to help me in so many ways that I just couldn’t imagine doing this alone. We did everything together and I slowly felt our connection return. Although there were times that I still felt awkward with him, I have to say that he just made everything…perfect.

We researched everything about pregnancy and child birth together. We shopped for baby clothes, toys, and other necessities together. We even started a baby book together. If he wasn’t there to help me, I honestly would have been lost.

But as nice as it was to have his company, I only felt more deceitful each and every day.

I knew I needed to tell Sora about what can happen to me, but I had a strange feeling that told me I didn’t need to. I guess it was my ‘motherly instinct’ telling me that everything would work out find. And that nothing was going to go wrong.

For the next few weeks, things were really starting to piece themselves back together. People at school were starting to treat me better. Instead of calling me names and giving me the death glare, they would just ignore me. And if I was lucky, someone might even say ‘excuse me’ if I was in their way.

Selphie and I were even beginning to talk again. Of course, it was nothing serious, just friendly conversation. Although I could tell we were repairing our relationship, I still didn’t think it could ever be the same between us.

But Riku just seemed to disappear. Ever since he explained my supposed fate to me, I never saw him. It was like he vanished into thin air, never to be seen again. I figured he was either avoiding me too well or was doing something…mischievous. But whatever the reason, his absence helped me cope with everything better. I just hoped he was alright.

Another month passed and I was now 15 weeks pregnant…and I was starting to show. My stomach had grown quite a bit and I constantly found myself searching for bigger clothes. Although it was a nice to know that my baby was growing, it was also frightening. For the past 15 weeks, I knew I was pregnant. But the fact that my stomach was now actually bigger, just made it more…real.

I think people are school were starting to notice though. Rumors were spreading fast again and I heard so many versions of one simple story. Some people said that I was pregnant with Sora’s child. Others gossiped it was Riku’s and that’s why he went MIA. But most people just thought I was gaining weight. The rumors never got too serious though. People just believed what they wanted to. And no one wanted to believe I was actually pregnant.

Boy, were they in for a nice surprise.

On my 16th week, Sora and I were walking home from school and talking about child birth along with other related stuff. Although I was laughing and having a good time with him, a nagging voice in the back of my head kept screaming at me to tell him the truth.

“And did you know that your baby is connected to you by this thing called an umbilical cord?!” Sora stated, enthusiastic yet disgusted.

“Yea, I know,” I replied with a laugh. “You wanna know something even more disgusting? There’s this sac called…” I started, teasing him a little.

“No! No more gross baby stuff,” he shouted, cringing in repulsion. “Let’s talk about something else.”

I giggled at him while lacing one hand into his, the other hand placed gently on my stomach. We were quiet for a few minutes, making me instantly realize what we needed to talk about. I decided that this would be a good time to tell him. I was already in my second trimester, which meant that I couldn’t abort my baby. It was too late for that. So I figured that whatever Sora’s reaction was, wouldn’t matter. There was nothing he could do to stop it from happening.

“Sora…” I said softly, my voice filled with distress.

He immediately knew something was wrong and stopped abruptly, turning to face me with apprehensive eyes. “What?! What’s wrong? Are you feeling faint again?!”

“No,” I replied harshly. “I…I have to tell you something…”

“Oh,” he said calmly. “Okay. What is it?”

“Well, a few weeks ago, I…” I began to speak but my words were suddenly cut off. With a sharp intake of air, I quickly placed both hands over my stomach, my jaw dropping low.

“Kairi?! What’s wrong?!” Sora shouted, completely hysterical.

“My baby….It…it kicked…”

At that moment, I could feel my child constantly moving inside me. I was in such awe that there was literally no way to describe the feeling, the joy, the wonder of it all. Every emotion – fear, love, hate – came rushing all at once and resulted in streams of tears.

My baby’s kick was soft yet strong against my belly. I gently grabbed Sora’s hand and set it on my stomach, hoping he could feel the same wonder, the same amazement, that I was feeling. We both smiled at the same time, our faces completely stunned.

“Wow…” Sora whispered, looking up at my soaked face. He raised a hand and wiped my cheeks dry, his smile so astonishing that it only made me cry more. “This is amazing, Kairi! We have got to write it down in the book!”

I nodded perkily since I couldn’t exactly find the right words to say. And as I linked an arm in his, his lead my inattentive self back towards home, my baby kicking the whole entire time.

When we finally reached my house, Sora set me down on the couch and ran upstairs to grab the baby book. But by that point, the kicking had slowed down. Sora rushed down the stairs and threw himself onto the couch next to me. “Okay. What’s today’s date? And what was the time?”

“I…I don’t know…” I whispered, still a little dumbfounded by everything.

“Oh, never mind. I know it!” he shouted enthusiastically before quickly writing it down. Then, he put the book on the table and stared anxiously at me, a grin still spread across his face. “So, is it still moving around in there?”

I waited a few seconds to check, but nothing happened. “No. It stopped.”

“Oh okay,” he said, sitting back in the couch to relax. We sat quietly for a few minutes before Sora spoke up again. “Oh yea. What were you gonna tell me before?” he unexpectedly asked.

The moment he said this, I felt my whole life crumble to pieces. I was so happy that my baby was kicking that I had forgotten the reality of things. No matter how happy I am going to feel these next few months, it will ultimately…be for nothing. “Oh. Never mind that…”

“Are you sure? You looked a little upset…”

“Yea. Yea, I’m sure,” I said with an encouraging smile.

He smiled back and nodded understandingly.

“Just…what would you do if I…died? Say, the night I gave birth?”

Sora’s ecstatic expression immediately dropped. “What?!” he whispered loudly, appalled by my question.

“What would you do?” I asked again.

“Kairi, don’t think like that. You’re strong. And you’re gonna be just fine,” he replied, his voice quiet and shaky.

“I know. But we have to weigh all our options here. What would you do, Sora?”

“I don’t understand…why you would even think about this?” he said, obviously trying to avoid the question.

“Well, a few weeks ago, I was talking to Riku,” I started, noticing how Sora’s face dropped when I said ‘Riku’. “And he told me something. Something…bad.”

“Bad?! He’s not going to hurt you, is he?!” Sora replied, anger suddenly raging inside him.

“No. It’s not that,” I said calmly, hoping to settle him down. “He told me that…” I paused, suddenly feeling my voice break. I couldn’t say it.

“What? Told you what?”

“He told me that…” I paused again, feeling all my emotions race around inside me. So, I took a deep breath to ready myself and closed my eyes. “I might die.”


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True Serenity

your forgotten memory
May 9, 2004
anywhere but here.
Haha! Thanks golden! ^_^

Here is the next chapter. Hope you all like it!

And welcome to the new fans! I'm glad you like my fic so far! :D

Chapter 17 – Don’t Hold Back

“Sora! Wait!” I shouted after him. But it was too late. He was already rushing out the front door and down the steps, rage steaming from him. “Please stop! Let’s talk about this!”

“No, Kairi! It’s too late for talking!” he shouted over his shoulder, already half way down the block.

I tried my hardest to keep up with him, but the extra weight made it difficult. “Then what are you doing? Where are you going?!”

“To find Riku!” he screamed, his voice filled with madness.

“And what are you going to do?!” I yelled back.

He then stopped abruptly and turned around to face me, a fiery glow shimmering deep within his eyes. “What should have been done a long time ago.”

I felt my pulse race when he said this, leaving me in complete shock. I knew that Sora and Riku had their problems. And I knew that they were able to maintain their hatred for one another pretty well. But I guess once I explained everything to Sora, a little switch in his brain labeled ‘Kill Riku’ turned on.

After I had asked Sora what he would do if I died, I told him everything. I explained to him how Riku said the baby would be twilight. How it would be more powerful than me. And how it would drain every ounce of light I had left. I suppose Sora understood it all better than I did, because he didn’t ask any questions. Instead, he flipped out and stormed out of my house. Now, I’m trying to catch up to him so he doesn’t end up tearing Riku limb from limb.

“Please don’t do anything you’ll regret, Sora…” I said, fear quickly rising inside me.

“Trust me. Whatever I do won’t be regrettable...”

He then turned back around and began to race towards Riku’s house. I followed him as fast as I could, but he got a good distance ahead of me. As I turned the corner to Riku’s street, I saw the silver haired boy standing outside his own house, as if he was waiting for our arrival. Sora saw him too and was now sprinting in his direction.

As I began to run after them slowly, I made it just in time for Sora to walk straight up to Riku and punch him right in the face. Riku’s upper body flew to the side, a small trickle of blood forming at the corner of his mouth. With a smirk, he wiped it away and faced Sora again. “Well, it’s nice to see you too Sora.”

Sora yanked back his other arm this time and striked Riku on the other side of his head. Riku’s body then jerked in the opposite direction and he began to laugh. “So, what did I do this time to offend you?”

Sora was about to go in for a third punch, but Riku quickly grabbed his fist as it approached him. “I wouldn’t do that again if I were you,” he said, his eyes narrowing in anger.

“You bastard! What in the hell did you do to Kairi?!” Sora shouted, pulling back his arm forcefully.

Riku decided to take this statement in the worst possible way and smirked wickedly. “Oh, just something you’ve always wanted but never had the balls to actually do.”

This caused Sora to fly with fury as he tackled Riku to the ground and began to bash him continuously. As angry as this statement made me, I found myself screaming at Sora to get off Riku. But of course, he didn’t listen.

As I stood there, I continued to scream at my two best friends, fighting over the most stupid thing in the world. Me. I didn’t want to believe this was happening. So I closed my eyes and began to think back to all the good times we had together – running on the beach, talking about our futures while staring at the sunset, pretending we were on other worlds and actually being happy. But the sound of the two punching at each other made me realize that the happiness we once had, was all over. And it was all my fault.

Tears were streaming down my face as I watched them fight, blood beginning to stain the street. But, to my amazement, Sora was suddenly thrown high into the air as a dark aura began to form around Riku’s body. I stared at him in awe, not even realizing that Sora fell hard onto the ground just a few feet next to me. Riku’s clothes began to transform into a black suit with an oddly shaped heart in the middle of his chest. As the dark aura began to grow around him, his body was being lifted up into the air. And then, surprisingly, a dark keyblade appeared in his hand.

“Kairi…” Sora said quietly. “Run. Get out of here. You shouldn’t see this…”

But I didn’t do anything. I felt as is my body was rooted to the ground. My brain wasn’t functioning right. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think.

The sky began to darken, gray clouds filling up the atmosphere as rain began to pour down upon on us. A maniacal smirk came to Riku’s face as he stared down on Sora and I. And then he spoke, his voice distorted and tainted, almost as if two different people were speaking through him. “Fool. I knew you couldn’t be trusted. I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

Sora quickly reached into his pocket and pulled something out, keeping the item hidden within his tightly closed fist. I didn’t notice what it was at first, but a familiar keyblade materialized in his hand, my lucky charm dangling freely on the end of it. I had completely forgotten that he still had it, but I didn't seem to care.

Now gripping the key with two hands, Sora got into a fighting stance and shouted at Riku, his voice completely infuriated. “And I should have never saved you from the darkness!”

Riku seemed to be amused by this because he began to laugh insanely loud, his corrupt voice echoing throughout the area. “Well, I suppose I should thank you for that,” he said, raising the keyblade back over his shoulder. “Now, Kairi,” he suddenly announced, staring straight at me. “I suggest you run before you end up dieing along with this fool.”

“Kairi, please,” Sora said, his self suddenly standing in front of me. I was so overwhelmed with everything that I didn’t even know he was there. “Get out of here. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

I felt my feet start to move backwards in tiny steps, not sure if I should really go or not. I couldn’t just leave them alone because they would probably end up killing each other. And that was the last thing I needed at this point.

I continued to back away until I bumped into an old tree, the rain pouring right through its leaves and soaking me from head to toe. I slid down onto the muddy ground and held my stomach as I closed my eyes, hoping that if anything bad were to happen, it wouldn’t affect my baby.

I suddenly heard the cringing sound of metal on metal, Sora and Riku’s blades clashing wildly. I opened my eyes to see the two swinging their weapons at each other, dodging whenever they had the chance. They began to perform powerful talents on each other – magic, evasive skills, and offensive abilities. The fight just seemed to continue forever, both boys showing no mercy whatsoever. And I just couldn’t handle it once blood began to soak them instead of the rain.

I felt fear and anger jumble up inside me, creating a courage that I thought I never had. I unexpectedly felt myself jump to my feet and storm in their direction. “Stop it please!” I shouted, my voice muffled by the rain. “Stop it NOW!”

Suddenly, Sora was thrust back by Riku and landed a few yards down the road. His keyblade instantly flew out of his hand and coincidentally dropped right in front of me. I bent down to pick it up, feeling a little hesitant, and stared at the beautifully made weapon.

I suppose I was in such a daze that I didn’t hear their screams until it was too late.

“Kairi!” I heard Sora and Riku shout at the same time. But as I looked up, I saw something dark flying towards me. And before I could even scream, I felt a sharp sting in my shoulder as everything around me turned white.


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O S**T!!!! nice kairi job kairi gettin cought in the middle of the fight . . .dumbass but woo hoo finally a kick-ass fight between sora & riku. what more could ya ask for. so does this mean that ansem is back?
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