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Fanfiction ► Love from Heaven

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Mar 29, 2006
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Love from Heaven


Love is the greatest taboo in Heaven, so love is forbidden in Heaven. Adam and Eve already broke God's law, so the Lord decided to create pain and made the law of forbidden love. Angels are not meant to love. Angels are born of human spirits, once a human is born in the material, Messiah, an angel is born in the Heavens. If an angel falls in love or has broken a law of Heaven, angels are sent to the material world to experience an eternity of tragic deaths. Once every millenia, an angel is sent to Messiah to experience those deaths. One angel about 1200 years after the birth of Christ, an angel loved by every angel was sent to the material world. Her name was Elexia, she was loved by God until Elexia discovered “hate.” Every angel didn't want her to leave, but God dropped her from the Heavens and will live her eternal life as humans......

Chapter 1: Memories....
A 10-year old girl wakes up from a black dream of nothingness as she always did. She rubs her eyes and gets out bed to get ready for school. She was a tall girl for her age and had a cute background. She had dark brown hair with bangs and brown eyes. She was a little over-weight, but she was active enough to keep herself healthy in cheerleading. She's a little 5th grader and had few friends because she's a little shy, all of them are girls, since she always thought boys were weird or mean. Her name was Sam and she's the oldest child of 2 daughters.
Sam goes through her closet and chose an outfit to wear for school. She decides to wear jeans, with a white tank top under a pink shirt with white sleeves. She goes downstairs to eat her cereal and then goes to school about 20 minutes later. It was 7:45 am and she was waiting for the bell to ring so she can go to her class to drop off her backpack before school starts. The bell rings a minute later, and Sam runs to the playground with the other kids. When Sam got off the slide, she saw Tyler, Grant, and Chris picking on one boy she's never seen before. Sam goes over to them and asks them in an innocent little voice, sounding so sweet and cute, “What are you guys doing? Stop picking on him!” “Buzz off Sam. Let us do our business.” Tyler snapped at her. Tyler then kicks the beaten up boy after he snapped at Sam.
Sam couldn't stand seeing anyone get hurt, so when Tyler hit the boy again, Sam kicks Tyler on the shine. Tyler goes down to his knees writhing in pain. “Now go away.” Sam said to all of them as she kneels down to the beaten up boy. The boy looks up at Sam looking scared. “G.....go away....” the boy said trembling in fear. “No, it's ok. I'm not gonna hurt you.” Sam said trying to calm him down. “But....I just.....s.....saw you.....kick him...” he replied back to her. “Well, Tyler's a jerk. He deserved that.” Sam said to him. She stands up and lends him a hand. “Take my hand, I'll make you feel a little better.” Sam said with a smile. He just looked at her in amazement and took her hand. “I'm Sam. What's your name?” Sam asked him. “I'm.....Skyler.” He answered. He just looked at her as if he was ready for her to pick on him. “Very nice to meet you Skyler,” Sam smiled at him.
“Why are you being so nice to me?” Skyler asked her. “Why? Has that never happened before?” Sam asked Skyler looking a little confused. “Well......no. I don't have any friends........and because I don't have any friends....people tease me, beats me, and are really mean to me.” He said as he clenched his fist. Sam places her hand on his fist and his fist calmed down. Skyler looked at her in amazement again and Sam asked “I'm here, right? I'm not being mean to you, right?” Sam looked at him with the sweetest look on her face. Skyler turned a little pink and his body began feeling calm and lazy. “If you don't have any friends, then I'll be your friend. Is that alright?” Sam asked Skyler with a smile.
Skyler just looked at her and gave her a slight smile. “Yea....I guess I'll give the whole friend thing a shot.” Skyler said to her. “Who's class are you in?” Skyler asked her. “Oh, I'm in Kellerman's class,” Sam replied. “Me too!! I wonder why I never noticed you.” Skyler said. “We're kids, we notice nothing.” Sam said to him. The bell rings, so the kids begin walking back to their class. Sam and Skyler walk to class together and picked up their bags on their way there. Skyler looks at Sam as they kept walking. “She's.......my friend.....my first friend ever!! I've never felt this before.” Skyler thought to himself as he kept staring at Sam. Sam looks at Skyler and Skyler turned away when they made eye contact. “Are you ok? You got all quiet.” Sam said to him. “It's nothing really.” he replied to her. They walked into class and took their seats. They both found out that they sit across the classroom from each other.
As class began, Skyler didn't pay any attention to the teacher at all. All he did the entire time was stare at Sam from across the class. He couldn't stop staring at her, it's like Sam was the magnet that attracts his eyes. He would snap out of it from time to time, but he would be hypnotized again and stare at Sam again. “What's going on with me? I can't stop staring at her....” he thought. Time fled as he couldn't stop thinking of Sam. When the teacher assigned homework, Skyler would do a bit of it and stare at Sam at the same time. When the bell rang, all the children ran to the door to go home. Sam took her time getting her things together, knowing it takes a long time to get out through the classroom doors. Skyler stayed behind to speak to Sam. Skyler goes over to her after both of them finished packing. “Class was boring today......as usual.” Sam said to him. “Yea it was.” he replied to her. “I gotta go now. I'm gonna be late for practice.” She told Skyler. “Practice? What sport do you play?” Skyler asked her. “I'm a cheerleader. I'll see ya tomorrow Skyler.” she said to him. She waved at him with a smile and left. Skyler blushed when she smiled at him. “Do I like her.....?” Skyler thought to himself as he watched Sam walk out of the room. “Do I......like her as a friend? Or.....could it be love...?” he said under his breath.
The room begins to darken each passing second. Twenty seconds later, the room was pitch black and Skyler was all alone. “What's going on? Where am I?” Skyler asked. “Sam......? Where did you go?” he kept looking around trying to find someone he knows. “Sam where are you?” he asked. A bright light appeared in front of him, shining in his eyes. He walked closer to the light, as the light got bigger, he began seeing something in the light. As the light took every corner of his eyes, the light began to fade, and a new background began to appear.
Skyler wakes up in his room with the light shining in his eyes and his alarm clock beeping in his ear. Skyler rubs his eyes and lifts his head off the pillow “just another dream.....of my past from 4 years ago....” he said sleepily.

Chapter 2: Reunion
Skyler gets out of bed and puts his street clothes on. He grabbed a pop tart and eats it on his way to the car. His mother gets inside the car and turns the engine on without a “good morning.” “Man, I hate going to school, especially if all my friends are going to a different school.” Skyler thought to himself as the car begins to move. The entire 14 minutes of the ride was silent. Once Skyler's mother parks the car next to the band room, Skyler gets out of the car without a word, and slams the door behind him. “It's only the second day of school and I'm not excited about it.” he thought. He looks up at the trees and gazed at it for a while. “It would be nice if I saw a familiar face.” he thought. He heard the bell ring and began walking to his next class. He got to his class in 3 minutes, about 2 minutes before the bell rang. He watches people walk into the class and take their seats with a bored look on his face. The last person to get to class was a familiar face that he thought he was never going to see again. “Sam!?” he thought in his head with a look of surprise on his face.
Sam took her seat about 2 rows away from him. She didn't notice him when she walked into the class nor did she even look around the room like she did in elementary school. The teacher went through the role-call. As each student would reply back that they were here, it was Sam's turn to reply back. Skyler jerked his head to Sam's direction when she replied. “It is you, Sam. You're really here!!” Skyler thought to himself. The teacher goes through the rules like all the other teachers did the day before, but Skyler didn't pay attention like he did before in the 5th grade. He was just staring at Sam like a school boy having a crush on a cute girl. After an hour has passed, Sam still didn't notice him. “does she even remember me? I hope she does....” he thought to himself as he sighed. The bell rang about 20 minutes later after he thought if Sam remembers him or not. He packed up his things and began walking to the door slowly.
Sam chatted with her friend Keighleigh as they walked out of class. When Sam began looking around, she noticed Skyler. “Wait a minute, I know that face.” she thought. “Hey Keighleigh, I'll see ya later.” she said to her as she ran to catch up with Skyler. Sam tried to catch up with him, but people walked in her way, forcing her to walk slower, and farther from Skyler. “Yo Skyler, is that you!?” Sam exclaimed from the top of her lungs. Skyler stopped immediately when he heard Sam's voice. He turns around and took a peek at Sam. Sam ran to him and hugged him, throwing herself in his arms. Skyler's face turned red when she hugged him and hugged her back softly. She lets go and looks up at him with the same smile she gave him when they first met. “You've gotten taller, loser.” Sam joked. Skyler's face begins to cool down to a pink color. “Yea, well....it's all to beat you for being taller than me in the 5th grade,” he said with a smile. Sam giggles and lightly punches him on the arm “shut up,” she giggled. They began walking together to the stage next to the band room.
“So....is anything different? Is there something you want to tell me since we haven't seen each other since graduation?” Sam asked him with curiosity in her voice. “Well, I'm not in baseball anymore, and I have a dog.” Skyler replied shrugging is shoulders. Sam had a confused look on her face “I thought you said you were a dog person. Since when did you get into dogs?” she asked him. Skyler had “I had to,” expression when Sam asked him that question. “My mom wanted a dog since we already have a cat.” he replied to her. “If your dog's cute, then I can come over and steal your dog from you if you want.” Sam kid. When Sam would talk to him, he would listen to her and then doze off to his world thinking of how long it's been since they've seen each other, how pretty he is, or how she hasn't changed in those 2 years of separation. Sam smiled whenever she would talk about funny things that happened and Skyler would laugh with her. “This is just like old times. I was wishing that we'd laugh together like before every night and it came true.” Skyler would think of.
The bell rang a few seconds after Skyler thought of that. “Aww, is it time to go to class already? Time goes by so fast when you meet up with a friend that it's not funny.” Sam complained. “Hey, why don't we meet in front of the outside stage at lunch,” Skyler requested pointing at the outdoor stage. “Sure why not? I'll see you in another 2 hours.” Sam said waving him goodbye with a smile. Skyler waves back to her with a smile on his face as his cheeks turn into a slight pink. “I knew it.....I still love her. Just like that time when she and I became friends. This feeling isn't a lie Sam.....i love you. I have always loved you....” Skyler thought to himself.
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