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Fanfiction ► Lost Hearts

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May 8, 2006
In a movie theater no where near you
Three days late......just read it.

Chapter 15:


“Lxasa…..That’s your name right?” A sly voice called out.

“It’s really Salas…..Lxasa is what I use to trick those fools of the organization.” Lxasa said looking back in to the shadowy figure.

“Do you mind explaining why you’re even wasting your time there?” The person asked, while he walked to a more lighted part of the hall.

“I do it so I can keep track of those idiots; they can be very troublesome.” She responded. “But why would you even bother asking that question, the answer is so obvious. It’s like asking: why are we in a coliseum in the middle of a desert? It’s just so no one would be able to bother us.” She ended while striding down the hall towards the person.

“I think you’re wasting your time….you really think they can recreate Kingdom Hearts?” The person asked unmoving as Lxasa moved up in front of them.

“Of course; they did it once, and they could do it again.” Lxasa replied “We can’t afford for that to happen; they’ll destroy every thing. They can’t control it.”

The person had short, somewhat spiny emerald colored hair that when down same length around his whole hair; around the middle of his ear. This makes it impossible to see the top half of his face. He whore a bright violet shirt and jade colored pants. He turned his back to her starting down the dim hall. “Don’t go to far…there going to find out sooner or later.” He stated slowly starting away.

“Tch, I knew that much…It’s not like I would betray my…family.” Lxasa said as she started the other way.

“But if you do…I’ll kill you my self.” He mumbled as he walked off.

Chapter 16:

The start of much more

“Okay...uhh…we better get ready; it says here this planet is mostly unknown territory.” Roas said while he fumbled with the map.

“But I thought every thing in this cluster of planets was known about completely.” Lilla said in response as she started up and over to Roas to see the map.

“Eh, it looks awful like a big thing of water…but its all fog.”

“That’s probably why they barely could map it out.” Range added keeping his head forward at the road…or space.
“But most of the land is covered by water. So much it streams off.” Lilla added

“I guess we should land there…If there is heartless we’ll get rid of em’.” Roas suggested

“Let’s go then.” Range added, preparing the ship to land.

They landed smoothly at the unknown planet; they almost couldn’t believe it. It was so foggy….things could only be seen within a few feet of them. “Why is this place so foggy?” Roas whined

“Tch…..Because it can be.” A female voice commented, seemingly from nowhere; but soon, a figure started to appear through the fog. Suddenly a lot of the fog cleared. “Its natural and you can’t change nature.” The person said….she wears a simple black short sleeve shirt that looks a size too big for her; also wearing tight blue jean shorts that cut off just below her knees. “But, you can predict it….like why you’re here now.”

“What?” Roas exclaimed in response.

“It’s obvious you’re here; you want to make sure there are no heartless; right?” She asked, acting as if she all ready knew there answer; she did.

“What made you think that?” Lilla burst in, while Range remained quite, he seemed deep in thought.

“Eh….because you are….isn’t that right Range?” She asked deviously.

“How do you know my name?” Range yelled looking up, like she was a familiar face.

“Hmph….Do you know what this is?” She asked, fog over her; she shrouded away into the fog, her figure disappearing. Everything seemed to freeze; and then it all grew dark, and then Range lost sight of his friends.

Do you know what this is?

“Hey! Where are you!?” Range yelled alone in the darkness.

This is your destiny.

“This ain’t funny!”

The key bearer holds the stability of hearts….but in need, who holds the needs of the lost soul?

“What…is…this?” Range faintly asked; feeling as if he was fading into the dark.

….When I look out at night, I’m always looking for you...searching for your lost heart.

When it all came back he stood in the middle of a foggy field, he looked around and didn’t really see anything, no matter how hard he tried. Someone tugged at his pants leg. “Hey…down here.”

“Huh?” Range mumbled looking down to see a little girl who looked almost exactly like the girl he saw earlier. “What is this place?”

“Oh this is the Wetlends….coldest planet of them all.” She ended
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