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Fanfiction ► Lost Hearts

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May 3, 2006
This fan fiction is pretty good. Not the best I've seen, but not the worst. I like where you're goin with it, keep it up!


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May 8, 2006
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Ugh.....I feel horrible. Well....heres the next chapter.

Chapter 24:


“Odd.” Shixin started. “There should’ve been two creatures…a heartless and a nobody…” He walked over and lightly kicked what appeared to be still Johnny.

The thing let out a metallic roar as it started to stand; it glared over at Shixin. “I’m this because I held on to what was left.” It answered.

“Who are you?” Shixin asked, barely startled.

“Me? I never really thought about that…call me….Retribution.” It answered.

“Kind of getting ahead of yourself aren’t you?” Shixin asked, not knowing how strong it or he could be.

“I highly doubt that.” Retribution ended.

Rian; at his home, wondered where Johnny had went. “It doesn’t take that long to get there and back…where are they?” Rian sat thinking for a second. “Ahh. Better go see what happened…” Rian ended as he got up and left out of his home.

Rian made his way up to the old tree where he always had used to stay. He as approached he saw someone on the ground sobbing. She looked like Lia but something wasn’t right. “Um, Hello?” Rian cautiously asked the girl. The girl, Xaia, looked up, she recognized the voice.

“R-Rian?” Xaia softly asked.

“Yes…Iai?” Rian replied, slowly.

Xaia quickly jumped up, and grabbed Rian. A big smile formed on her face. “I finally found you after all this time!” Xaia happily yelled.

Surprised, Rian stumbled to the ground; Xaia began to hold him even tighter. “Nice to see you too.” Rian squeezed. “But what happened to you?”

“…Well…I was kinda looking for you, you’ve been gone for so long. I ended up with this organization; but after I found out that they had framed you for their misdeeds I tried to leave, but that didn’t work out; they said I was too valuable.” Xaia sighed.

“You lost your heart?” Rian asked looking at her with a strange look on his face, which was still hidden behind his hood.

“I’m not too sure….why is your face hidden?” Xaia noisy asked, even though she really didn’t care.

“No real reason…but, I don’t think I should ever show my face again, not after what happened.” Rian led off.

“Its okay…you’ve got to move on.” Xaia said, feeling for the zipper on his hood.

Rian grabbed her wrist. “No…just leave it alone.”

“Oh…okay.” Xaia said a bit disappointed. “But, someday….you’ll have to.” Xaia continued. “You can’t keep living the darkness….but oh well…if you’re looking for Johnny; he went to that old mansion.”

“Why there?” Rian asked, knowing about what happened in that horrid place.

“He was looking for Lia….we should go, if you haven’t seen ‘em then something may of happened.” Xaia said more seriously, getting off of Rian and helping him up. “C’mon.”

They ran back though town and through the forest and into the mansion where Johnny...or Retribution was. On the upstairs…

“So exactly what are you?” Shixin asked, keeping with small talk.

“They say I shouldn’t exist…I have a heart, but I’m still heartless. Fact is, my soul is separated from my heart. I can’t be considered a heartless because I still have a soul…I’m not a nobody because I still have a heart. I’m nothing.” Retribution replied.

“Hm…..You can’t be nothing, you’re obviously here.” Shixin thought; his thought was broken as he heard someone barge in from downstairs. “Ya hear that? Let’s go see who’s visiting….at such late hours.” Shixin mocked as his though train was broken.

Shixin slowly stepped down the stairs; he assumed that Retribution would stay upstairs, seeing as how he made no move; Shixin went alone, he didn’t mind though.

Rian busted through the large entrance doors like they were paper. They loudly creaked as they came to a stop. “Who are you!?” Rian almost yelled.

It seemed like a fissure erupted from the ceiling, and Retribution seemed to slide out from the darkness of the ceiling. All stayed silent, as if nothing happened. The ceiling seemed normal. Until Retribution howled “It’s too quiet!!!!” His voice seemed to echo through to room, nearly pushing Rian out; but he bumped into someone. It was Xaia.

“Ahh…number three….how nice of you to join us.” Shixin started, pointing directly at Xaia. “It’s so easy to manipulate people….although your usefulness has came to an end.” Shixin ended as he started forward, but Retribution stopped him.
“Rushing into things aren’t we? Besides…I want to test my power.” Retribution stated, an evil smirk entering him slightly torn face.

“Eh? Rushing? Her sole purpose was to get rid of you.” Shixin started, baffled at how he was just interrupted. “Yet you’re still standing here.”

Retribution growled a bit.

“What, Johnny? What happened?” Rain finally asked.

“Nothin’!” Retribution yelled as he lunged at Rian from where he was standing. Rian leaped back out of the manor, shoving Xaia away from him. Rian landed among the trees.

He whipped his arms back as two swords made of light formed in front of them. Rian lunged forward at the still airborne Retribution; he lashed out his right arm in front of him the sword following him. It cut across directly on Retribution’s face, but, something was wrong. Retribution had no cut on his face, nor did he show any sign of pain. Retribution turned back to Rian, a loud snicker came from him.

“You can’t even cut through the darkness.” Retribution mocked as he leaped at the stunned Rian. He smashed his right fist into Rian’s jaw, sending him back into the manor. Rian smash onto the carpeted ground, he made no movements. Xaia rushed at Retribution in a fury, she drew out her small knife; it extended to an extremely long length. Regardless of all this, Retribution simply stood in place. Xaia knife seemed as if it would stab right through him; but instead, it stopped dead right in front of him. Xaia smashed into the handle of her own knife. Out of breath and in serious pain, she fell to the ground.

“Impressive.” Shixin stated. “I didn’t think she’d go down so easily.”

“What? I thought you said she was useless.” Retribution almost exclaimed he walked up to the still amazed Shixin.

“I only said that because, due to certain events, she would’ve left.” Shixin said as he glared as Rian’s motionless body.

“Tch…I told you.” Retribution mockingly ended.


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May 13, 2007
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yo great chapter man
for KHIII i had a feeling that they mite use a 3rd enemy and i also thot it wuld be called a nothing cuz it truly wuz nothing and wen Retirbution turned out to be a Nothing i was like o Shit!
but idk if they'd do smthin like that for KHIII
anywhoo.. i found it odd that Retribution just suddenly sided w/ Shixin i thot he'd be on his own - unless.... it culd be a cover-up for some greater plans to unfold but idk wut goes on in ur awesome mind - we'll just hav to find out then lol
(oooo yeaaa - wut happened to lia again? i forgot wut happened to her in the last chapter and im too lazy to look bak lol)
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