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Fanfiction ► Losing the Light

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Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
Yeah, I'm starting another fanfic!
My other one has priority, but I think I can manage two!
This is the prologue...
Enjoy and comment!


‘Come on, tell me!’

A boy shouted over the beach. He had light brown hair and matching eyes. His T-shirt was a dark shade of blue once, but due to much washing and swimming in sea, the colour had faded to a much lighter shade. It must be said that the lighter colour fitted him much better. His pants were some sort of greyish dark blue. He was about eight years old. And he was running after a girl.

‘It’s my secret!’

The girl ran away. She was a year younger than him. She had crystal blue eyes that sometimes looked dreamy and sometimes far to wise for her age. In the sun her long hair looked like gold. Her shirt was white with a yellow flower motif. Her little skirt was the same colour yellow. Just like the boy, she wasn’t wearing shoes.

‘You know I’ll get to know it anyway!’ the boy shouted with a big smile.

‘Sure, but this way is more fun.’ the girl laughed.

Now the boy laughed too. He made one big jump and landed almost on the girl. Instead he grabbed her arm and pulled her down. They rolled over the beach, giggling and laughing all the time. Finally the boy had the girl in a tight grip.

‘Now tell me!’ He commanded.

‘You caught me!’ the girl said, still giggling. ‘Okay, here’s my secret. I’ll be eating pancakes tonight…’

‘That’s mean, you know I love pancakes!’ the boy said very disappointed.

The girl quickly freed herself from his hold and ran away a few metres.

‘But I have another secret!’ the girl said, laughing.

‘Heey, no fair,’ the boy shouted.

‘You know, when you have to put effort in something, you’ll appreciate the results more!’ the girl said.

‘What?!?’ the boy said with a confused expression on his young face.

‘Tricked ya!’ the girl said as she ran away very hard.

‘What the…wait!’ the boy said. He quickly got up and ran after her.

‘It worked again!’ the girl shouted.

‘That was really mean!’ the boy said.

‘You’ll get over it!’ the girl said to tease him, but smiling all the time.

‘Now I’m really gonna catch you!’ the boy said smiling again when he saw the girls smile. Someway, whenever she smiled, everybody else did so too. And the girl smiled a lot.

The girl ran in the sea. The boy still stood on the beach. He hesitated, whether or not he should let himself get wet.

‘What is it Pete, afraid to get wet?’ the girl teased.

The boy, who was named Pete, ran in the water.

‘No way!’

They ran trough the sea, splashing water at each other. After a while they were both very wet. His T-shirt became darker because of all the water and her skirt was sticking to her legs. They didn’t look at their surroundings; their only goal was to get the other wet. Then there was this one big splash and the girl jumped backwards to avoid it. But suddenly there was a deeper part and her feet didn’t touch the ground. She fell and didn’t come up.

‘Sofia!’ Pete shouted.

He went to were she stood before she fell. He put his head under water and watched. He saw and tried to reach out to her. Just a little further. He managed to grab her hand and pull her above. He carried her as she coughed up all the water she had swallowed. He put her down at the beach and sat next to her.

‘Thanks for catching me,’ Sofia said, smiling again.

‘Always,’ Pete said a bit shy.

‘I owe you a secret, don’t I?’ Sofia said.


‘You’re coming to eat pancakes at my place tonight!’


Mar 27, 2007
Awesome start so far very organized, I look forward into reading more soon.

Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
Chapter one is coming!
Hope you'll enjoy it!

Chapter 1

‘Sofia is in her room. Go ahead, you know where it is.’

‘Thanks madam,’ Pete said. He walked upstairs and opened the door to Sofia’s room. He entered the room he knew very well, for he played there almost everyday with Sofia. The room was sky blue and one wall was completely painted into a beach. With palm trees, a yellow beach, a crystal clear sea and a beautiful sky with lovely clouds. Every time Pete came in there, he was surprised by how much Sofia’s eyes looked like the ocean in her room.

‘Hi, I began to wonder where you were,’ Sofia greeted him.

‘What were you doing?’ Pete asked.

‘Just looking through some photos,’ Sofia said. ‘Do you remember this one?’

She held up a photo from two little children eating pancakes. They had obviously been swimming, because their clothes were partly wet. The photo was about four years old.

‘Course I remember!’ Pete said. ‘We were so little back then!’

‘I still have the clothes I wore that day,’ Sofia said. ‘They’re somewhere in the closet.’

Pete looked down on the clothes he wore now. The colours mainly stayed the same. His T-shirt was the same colour as the one on the picture, but the new one had some kind of half faded wave pattern. His pants were exactly the same, just a few sizes bigger.

Sofia’s clothing, on the other hand, had changed a lot more. She wore a short blue skirt with the same wave pattern as Pete’s shirt. Her top was white and with blue letters cheeky was written on it. She did look cheeky if you compared it to the picture still in Sofia’s hands. But no matter how her appearance changed, she still had that innocence. And she still made everybody smile with one smile of her.

‘What are you thinking of,’ Sofia asked.

‘I was looking at how much your clothing has changed,’ Pete answered shy.

‘Well, if you’re done, we gotta go,’ Sofia said smiling. ‘I hope you didn’t forget what we were planning today?’

‘Course not,’ the boy said. ‘We’re going to the city today.’

‘Not so loud!’ Sofia said. ‘My mom would never let us go if she knew what we were planning!’


‘Got your stuff?’ Sofia asked.

‘I got some candy and two bottles of water,’ Pete said. ‘And I took my munny with me.’

‘Good, I have some cookies and my munny,’ Sofia said. ‘We’re ready then!’

‘Yeah, let’s go,’ Pete said.

They left Sofia’s room and walked downstairs, into the kitchen. There was Jana Ilan, Sofia’s mother.

‘Mom, we’re going to the beach,’ Sofia lied. ‘Is that okay?’

‘Sure sweetie, but make sure to be back before dinner.’

‘Thanks mom, see ya!’ the girl said as they walked through the front door.

‘That was easy!’ Pete said when they had left the house.

‘For some reason the thought that I can be lying never crosses their minds!’ Sofia said with one of her smiles.

Pete looked around, at the small village they lived in. There were only three streets and twenty houses. It was as if everybody knew everybody. All the houses were made of wood, most had two floors. Though they were designed simply, they looked like a lot of happiness happened inside them. It least that was what they always had looked like. In some strange way, it seemed to Pete and Sofia the happiness seeped away. They had talked about it one time, but they both were a bit uncomfortable about it.

‘Are we taking the bus?’ Sofia asked.

‘There’s no other way we can get in the city fast enough,’ Pete said.

‘Then we have a problem!’ Sofia said.


‘Jamu is driving today!’ Sofia said.

Jamu was someone they knew from school. He was five years older then Pete. He was the leader of his own little gang, but acted nice to Sofia. And because Pete was Sofia’s best friend, they acted nice to Pete. This was probably the holiday job he wanted so badly.

‘Maybe he’ll let us go…’ Pete said. ‘He went a lot to the city. And when you asked him he’ll let us for sure!’

‘We’ll try to sneak in first, we can always ask later,’ Sofia decided. ‘Come on!’

They went in the bus and held quiet. When the bus started to ride, they started to breathe again. He couldn’t turn back now, could he? They stayed in quiet anyway.

‘Ever been to the city?’ Pete dared to ask.

‘Once, I think,’ Sofia whispered back. ‘But I was very little. And you?


They looked outside, at the changing landscape. In their little village, there was only the sea at one side and the forest at the other. Here they drove through fields with vegetables; some of them would probably be on their plates someday. It was a new sight for them. Suddenly they saw houses. The hid themselves deeper and didn’t look outside. The bus stopped.

‘Passengers for the city, please leave the bus now.’


Mar 27, 2007
Another awesome chapter, I really like this one the best so far keep up the good work.

Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...

Chapter 2

Sofia and Pete left the bus. Sofia looked around, but Pete pulled her to a place where they were out of sight. After that he took the time to look around too.

The city was big in compare to the little village they came from. This even had a name, unlike their home, no one used it though, everybody who came from here just said the city. There were houses, a lot of them, much were made of stone. There were large houses and small ones. Some were made of grey stones, some red stone and even some yellow stones. Other houses were painted in all colours of the rainbow. There was a maze of streets lying in front of them; all led somewhere if you knew the way. But one who didn’t know where to go, would quickly get lost. High above the rest of the city was some sort of tower, with a giant clock on it.

But that wasn’t what stood out most. That was the light. Not candles or something, but giant beams of light, radiating from the ground. When they were very high, the beams split in multiple beams. Those smaller ones splintered and small pieces of light rained down on the entire city. It was beautiful. One piece landed on Sofia’s hair. Pete wanted to get it out there, but she stopped him. While she smiled at him, she put the light back. It looked beautiful in her golden hair.

‘Were shall we go?’ Sofia asked, still smiling

‘Well, uhm, shall we go to the market?’ Pete suggested, he couldn’t help but to smile back at her. ‘There are all different kinds of people there and a lot of stuff we can buy or just look at!’

‘Sounds fun!’ Sofia said. She walked in one of the streets, seeming to know where she was heading.

‘You know where we have to go?’ Pete asked.

‘Well, let’s start with following those signs that says market!’ Sofia said. ‘Seems like a good start to me.´

‘Well, yeah,’ Pete said and he ran ahead. ‘Come on!’

‘I found where we should go!’ Sofia said. ‘I should lead!’

‘But I’m older!’ Pete said and he ran, following the signs. Sofia ran after him. She wasn’t as fast as him, so Pete slowed down a bit. Suddenly Pete stopped running. Sofia almost ran in to him.

‘What is it?’ she asked.


In front of them was a place where one of the beams came from the ground. It was a circle with a diameter of about one metre. The outline constantly changed; sometimes it was bigger, sometimes smaller. From this close it looked even brighter than before. It didn’t hurt to look in the light, but for Pete it was hard not to blink. Sofia seemed to keep her eyes opened effortless. Sofia got down on the ground; she lay on the ground looking at the sky.

‘What are you doing?’ Pete asked, looking a bit concerned.

‘Looking at the sky,’ Sofia stated the obvious. ‘Come on, you too?’

Pete did the same. Now they were looking at the sky together. The light rained down it was beautiful to see it coming at you. We must be all covered with light Pete thought.

‘Look,’ Sofia said. She sat up and held something in her hand. ‘It’s a bit of light.’


‘Look closely! It looks like the light vanishes after a while. But when you look really good, you can see it breaks in even smaller pieces. That pieces sort of drift to the beams to be shot up again. It’s a never ending circle!’

‘There will be light forever,’ Pete said. When he looked at Sofia’s happy face, he smiled too. ‘That’s great!’

They watched at the sky again. All sense of time was lost, nothing really mattered anymore. All of a sudden, they were interrupted by a voice.

‘What are you little pests doing here?’

‘What are you doing here sir?’ Sofia asked. Her voice was polite, but her eyes showed what she really thought: who did that man think he was!

‘I’m here for important scientific research!’ the man said. He had caught their interest. Finally Sofia and Pete got up to see the man that had spoke to them. It was a rather short man. He was wearing a white laboratory coat. His hair was dark brown and cut very short. He couldn’t be very old, a year of twenty-two, but he had some sort of arrogance that made him look older. He didn’t look like a real nice person to Sofia and Pete.

‘What kind of research?’ Pete asked. He was interested, but felt he’d better be careful.

‘I’m investigating the light,’ he said. ‘I want to know what it’s made of, how it got here and how it circulates trough the air.’

‘How do you expect to do that?’ Sofia asked sceptical.

‘I’m taking a bit of light from here, from the source, to investigate it.’

‘Do you really think this is the source of the light?’ Sofia said.

‘What else?’ the researcher said, while he took a bit of light and put into a box.

‘You wouldn’t understand!’ the little girl said.

‘You think so, don’t you? Well come to my presentation next weekend! I’ll show you I understand!’

‘We’ll be there!’

The man walked away without a word. Sofia and Pete watched him leave.

‘So, what is the source of the light?’ Pete asked Sofia.

‘You’ll find out for yourself, some day,’ the girl answered. ‘Now, what’s the time?’

‘It’s now,’ Pete said as he looked at the giant clock on the tower. ‘Five o clock. We gotta go! If I’m not back before six I’ll be grounded for a week!’

‘Same here!’ Sofia said.

Without more words they ran back to the bus stop.

Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
Here's the next Chapter.
It's not that good, the next will be better, I hope.

Chapter 3

‘Pete, can we stop running for a while?’ an exhausted Sofia asked. ‘I’m tired.’

‘But,’ Pete started. Sofia looked at him with her blue eyes wide open; she knew he couldn’t resist that. ‘Okay, but only one minute. We gotta get home before six!’

‘I know, but I can’t run anymore,’ Sofia said. ‘Let’s just walk, okay?’

‘Fine,’ Pete said and began to walk at high speed.

‘Not that fast!’ Sofia complained. ‘Please? We’re almost there; I can see the bus stop.’

‘And our bus!’ Pete shouted. ‘We’re too late!’ Pete grabbed Sofia’s hand and ran to the bus stop, pulling her behind him. Sofia almost tripped twice, but Pete held her hand in a tight grip.

‘STOP!’ he shouted at the top of his lungs. Jamu, who was apparently still working looked around. When he saw Sofia he first couldn’t believe what his grey eyes told him. After blinking a few times to make sure, he stopped the bus, it was empty anyway, and walked to Sofia and Pete.

‘What are you kiddos doing here?’ he asked as he nonchalantly put his white blond hair behind his ear. His hair was not the blond Sofia’s hair was. Her hair was like gold. Jamu’s hair was almost white and hung very flat. ‘Sofia, did he drag you in this?’

‘It’s never her fault, always mine…’ Pete muttered.

‘What did you say?’ Jamu asked with a smile on his face that didn’t meant anything good. Pete got that smile a lot, Sofia never had it. Sofia quickly jumped in the conversation, before Pete made things even worse.

‘It was my idea,’ she said. ‘I wanted to see the city you told all those great stories about. We just did it how you told it.’

‘Now you make it look like it is my fault!’ Jamu said. ‘I have to tell this to your parents, Sofia.’

‘But,’ Pete started, but was interrupted by Jammu.

‘Not a word!’

‘But Jammu,’ Sofia said. ‘If you tell we’ll be grounded for two weeks!’

‘That’s right, she can talk and I can’t,’ Pete muttered again. Jamu gave him a very creepy look. Sofia gave Pete a warning look and continued what she was saying.

‘We’re invited by some wacko scientist to come to his presentation!’ Sofia begged. ‘We can’t be grounded now!’

‘Wait, you talking about next Saturday’s presentation from doctor Aroga?’

‘Guess so,’ Sofia said. ‘You know that guy?’

‘Everyone does,’ Jamu said.

‘We didn’t,’ Sofia and Pete said together.

‘Shut up,’ the older boy said to Pete. Pete made a very stupid face while Jamu continued. ‘That doctor says he’s going to present an important discovery next week. The whole town talks about it. You can’t get in unless you’re invited! And you say you’re invited?!?’

‘Well, he told us to come,’ Sofia said, unsure of herself.

‘You met him?!?’

‘Yeah, if you don’t tell our parents you can come with us,’ Pete decided to say something one more time.

‘Shut up dwarf!’

‘Yeah, if you don’t tell our parents you can come with us,’ Sofia repeated what Pete said.


‘Sure,’ Sofia assured him.

‘Idiot,’ Pete said under his breath. But Jamu was too excited to respond.

‘We gotta get back home, or we’ll be grounded anyway,’ Sofia said. She entered the bus, pulling Pete behind her. Jammu put himself up the drivers’ seat again and started the bus. Sofia and Pete took a seat in the middle of the bus. When they were riding five minutes, Sofia walked to the drivers’ seat and pulled Pete with her.

‘Jamu, when were back you have to come to my house,’ she started to explain her plan. ‘You say you have a day off next Saturday and want to show us the city. Think of something to convince them, like: ‘They must see the city because they need it at school.’ That way we don’t have to hurry next time. Okay?’

‘Sounds good to me!’

‘Course it sounds good to you, Sofia said it!’ Pete muttered, causing Sofia to giggle.

‘Everything okay?’ Jamu asked Sofia concerned. This caused more giggling and Pete grinned a bit too.

‘No, we’re fine,’ Sofia managed to say between the laughs. ‘Let’s go home fast!’

Pete looked outside and saw a lot of trees. They were in the forest near their village. It could only take as long as ten minutes now and the clock in the bus said they had another fifteen minutes. They were gonna make it, Pete thought relieved.

‘I spy with my little eye,’ Pete started the game they played when they were bored and had nothing else to do. ‘Something beginning with S!’

‘Seat? Salamander? Six leaves?’ they laughed at the last answer.

‘Nope!’ Pete said.

‘A safe? No there is no safe here. The sea?’

‘Finally!’ Pete nodded while saying this.

‘Where is it?’ Sofia said. Pete pointed at on window. Sofia looked trough it and clearly saw the water. That means…’

‘We’re back,’ Jamu said. ‘I’m parking the bus now.’

When the bus stood still, Sofia and Pete jumped out. They ran to Sofia’s house.

‘Mom! Mom!’ Sofia’s mother came outside.

‘What is it sweetie?’

‘We gotta ask you something!’

And they went inside.


Mar 27, 2007
Great chapter this one was a little different from the past ones but I still thought it was great.
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