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Looking for fun..



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Nov 13, 2010
My secret lair, the COMMON SENSE base of justice,
Just as the tittle says I'm looking for a great keyblade battle and it must be from these three that you can chose

Anerith's Crown: a keyblade with a strapped handle with a regular outside to it on the outside are 2 wings and some spikes with crossed line leading up to a metal part of the blade. Yuffie's ninja star is placed in between crossed lines and the star has little wings flowing out to the side. Above the crossed lines is her bow with a crown on top crossed lines leading towards the blade which ninja stars are placed on both ends and her possible sword comes out from the back which is where the handle is. The keychain is crossed lines with a bow&crown on the bottom

Dark bow:the handle is black and on the outside mysterious flames on painted on it with crossed lines on both sides and thorns on the inside and on the right side of the crossed lines is a ninja star. The blade begins with crossed lines and wings leading up to a lost memory type blade with a wing on top a bow on the side of it with a strap coming down, on each side is a crown one ruined (top) and one complete (bottom). The blade is crossed lines with a little ball coming down on each side and a ninja star coming out. The keychain is a little black bell thing leading towards a strap covered with thorns and bow also covered in thorns.

Lost memory

Keyblade( I can chose any and this is only for me roaring flames):
Magic/ skills: