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The Khan

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May 7, 2014
I'm returned from a long hiatus to this forum and I've some projects to present for people interested in committing to a cool RP experience. Even if you aren't interested in joining your hand with me, I'd still enjoy some idea sharing and criticism of what's presented.

My first project is a semi-canon RP, inspired by Wolf's Rain although introducing new concepts and entirely new characters.

The setting would share the original post-apocalyptic setting with a conflict between its sovereign entities. However, my main point is to broaden the impact of what would be non-wolf characters and create a world where improvements in power and expansion of character knowledge co-inside in a moldable world where collective character decision advances the main story's plot and impending future actions of NPCs and their influences/fates. The various roles characters could play here range from nomad, merchant, noble ect with each defined occupation allowing for exclusive character behavior within the rp world. I tried to incorporate this in another role-playing community, though I may've been short-sighted in understanding the preference for simplistic design and less-elaborate laws of the universe. I think it'd find success here with some reinnovation of my original design and support from the people engaged in the roleplay.

The second is an original role-play, more given to a unpublished universe of my design with a modern/fantasy base. It borrows similar ideas from Kingdom Hearts in reference to their definitions of alignment / supernatural sources of strength (Dark, Light) but introduces a broadened idea of alignment and how that impacts user-characters and their growth. The setting would be in the urban but small city of Heartstone, with a unique political system installed and a diverse community. Unbeknownst to the majority, however, are the political and corporate hands at play in the background who've long maintained a watch over Heartstone with hopes of discovering something, or someone. This would be less linear than the Wolf's Rain RP, and would carry a contrasting system of character growth that would make character choices a thing to be more heavily thought upon as in relation to my plans to enforce a heavy-duty character death system. Dependent on starting character affiliation(s) and selected characteristics, character growth varies uniquely.

These are my two ideas at the moment, and I aim to add a third that centers more in a Roman-time era with mythological figures and knowledge incorporated. Beyond that, I can only ask that if you paid my thread a read that I appreciate any sort of feedback. I'm also interested in hearing any project ideas you yourself might have, as my point is to provide the communtiy a cool and refreshing RP experience.

Have at it then.
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