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Looking for a cutscene



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Aug 1, 2017
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Hey guys,
I'm looking for the cutscene where Xemnas talks to Roxas in front of the old mansion and gives him his name. I know it's in the Days Opening, but you can't hear Xemnas talking due to the opening music playing. I'm looking for the same cutscene, but the version where you can hear Xemnas talking. I thought it was in KH2, but I reviewed all the Roxas tutorial scenes and just couldn't find it or only in japanese. I need this video footage for an university project and I don't even know where the scene is to be found (KH2? Days? Vanilla or Remix?) and I'm getting kinda desperate. I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me where it is to be found (English version) and even better if someone had a Youtube link of that scene with a decent quality.