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Fanfiction ► Like Son, Like Father.

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Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
(You dont have to read this part.) So, I just wanna say first of all that this is a story I've been planning on writing for a few months now and finally decided to go ahead with it. Just so you people who are obsessing over Roxas and all the other main characters of the game, I made my main character of the story Tidus. xD He needs some love too. And to all who may find this offensive, my story does have rape content in it, but I made sure I made it as clean as possible, but still obvious enough so you would know what was going on.

Also my latest story was written in script form and I'm not a rookie with real book form, I only really have problems with the commas. I tend to not use them or use them where they're not needed and I would appreciate it if you all would point that out for me because my program doesn't tell me. Just don't be too harsh on me. Also, my chapters aren't so long, but I try my best. If you got any tips, lay it on me. And as far as hurtful critisism, I know its for my own good but I have a short limit on that and I get all the critisism I need from my sister, so keep it at a minimum.


Twilight Town is like any other town you’ve probably heard or read about. Also, you’re not reading this because of some huge miracle or catastrophe that occurred. But then again, miracles can be small, and so can catastrophes. I’ll just let you decide the size of the matter.
Like I first stated, Twilight Town has some of the same components that make up your town; Twilight Town has peaceful surroundings, but at the same time, there is of course, the group of rebellious teenagers who live to disturb the decency. Twilight Towns has friendly people, mysterious people, scarey people, and even a group of snobby citizens. It’s not too bad, though. As long as you find your clique, you’re guaranteed to be just fine.
While there are many important events happening even while most of the town has gone to bed; in my opinion, none could be more important than this small, but fast change that one young boy must endure.

Chapter 1
Over the grassy hills and rocky roads, followed by train tracks leading to stations, and the aged cracked sidewalk there is a busy part of a town called "Sunset". Down the street, across Old Man Seller’s fence, through his yard- if you can escape from his vicious dog, that is- there’s another isle of homes. The fourth house up from the left is the residency of Olette, Pence, and young Tidus Muze, where love is just a slamming of a bedroom door away.
"Mom! I’m old enough to protect myself from a squirrel!"
"Tidus, that’s not the point!" Olette Muze shouted back at her son, throwing her right arm straight up to furthermore express her anger. Tidus didn’t need any body language. He understood how upset she was by the look on her face along with the vein swelling in her forehead. They’d already had this conversation before, but when you answer "whatever" to every statement your mother makes, you can’t expect the topic not to come back up when you’re definitely not in the mood for it.
"There are more dangerous things in the woods besides squirrels, Tidus." Olette tried to lower her tone.
"Oh yeah, like leaves, and grass, and dirt!" Tidus remarked.
"Pence, can you help me?!" Tidus’s mother asked, turning away for a moment to stir the lima beans on the stove.
"What your mother is saying, Tidus-" Trying to add some humor into the situation, Pence grabbed Tidus by the waist and held him uncomfortably tight to his chest, "things can jump out of nowhere and grab you like this and-" Tidus immediately squirmed and recoiled.
"Dad! Stop it, your fat is crushing my bones!"
"Tidus!", Olette yelled, "I’m not telling you again! I don’t want them questioning me about tutoring and private teaching again this year! Sure, the trees may be so fascinating to you, but now your focus needs to be school!" And with that, she stormed off to the master bedroom, with no intentions of hearing Tidus’s voice for at least five minutes. Pence followed quickly behind her, up the stairs directly above the kitchen.
With his mouth wide open in disbelief, Tidus scoffed, throwing down his skateboard. He let himself fall backwards against the refrigerator and stared towards the ceiling, shaking his head. "Tidus, stir the beans!" he heard his mother’s voice say from a distance. Tidus walked towards the simmering pot on the stove. "I hate beans!" he said as if someone were in the room. He grabbed the handle of the pot, and then jerked it back, waving it in the air and whimpering. Without hesitation, he ran his palm under cold tap water. Even more disgusted, he snatched up the wooden spoon from the counter and let it sink into the beans. He glared into the pot, stirring it so fast and carelessly that some beans spilled over the rim and onto the stove. "Beans are gross." Tidus said to himself, changing the pot’s temperature from medium to high. He picked up his skateboard and started towards the front door. "I’m going to skate!", he announced. A deep masculine voice replied "Wear your knee pads and elbow pads, son." Tidus was out the door and down the street in no time.


I'll post more after a review. Thanks for readin'.


Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Nice to see someone I know, Kingdom. xD My stomache's actually twisted right now because of how strict this forum is now.

Chapter 2

“Clank!” ,went the sound of an empty Michelob beer bottle hitting a tin can. The can rocked back and forth before settling back down on the floor as the bottle hit the bottom.
“Three points! And the crowd goes wild...” said a toned, but rough voice from the other side of the dark room. The husky voice belonged to Luxord Ezaiyah. For a man who had lived alone ever since he was twenty-five, Luxord was really a happy man. By himself, he lived in a small, tidy apartment. The lights were always off, and the only light in the room came from the windows that were never closed while the sun was up. Luxord was a gambling man, and actually that’s all he really knew. Over the years, he’d become skilled and sharp with cards, dice, and any kind of chip you could play with. Gambling was how he made his living, period. As far as extra money went, he enhanced his living by pawning off expensive jewelry he’d won by betting the clothes off of desperate players’ backs. Luxord really enjoyed winning any game and would challenge anyone. Not only did gambling pay his monthly bill of seven hundred dollars in rent, he also felt it made him who he was. He also liked to watch sports such as football, basketball, and golf. But of course, there had to be betting involved. A game with Luxord was deadly; he had a way of making losing addictive. Because of that, none of his opponents would give up until they’d spent even their children’s college fund savings. Luxord was talented and gambling was his life.

Static crackled from the television before Luxord would change it to his favorite channel. Every week day afternoon, Luxord would watch “Poker; Everything On The Table”. At first it was how he learned to fool his rivals at the game, but now it almost sickened him to see such “amateur” moves of grown men and women. “You fool.” he said to himself after nearly every player’s turn. When it came to the game, Luxord was very arrogant and only a terrible loss would change that. He glued his eyes to the television, shaking his head in disappointment until commercials were played. “There’s just no competition left.” he said to himself, combing through his thick blonde beard with his hand. “That’s why we need teachers.”

Chapters 3

“Tidus,” called Wakka, Tidus’s best friend. “I bet you ain’t seen anything like this!” Wakka kicked fast and hard off the concrete road, pushing his board faster. Tidus watched as Wakka kicked the back of his board, spinning it around twice. Wakka picked up more speed and then gradually turned, going back towards Tidus, kicking the back of his board one more time, and hopping off quickly after. He hoped to land back on his board after rotating it, but instead he fell. Luckily, Tidus caught his arms enabling him to crouch down instead of busting his buttocks on the hard ground.

Wakka had been Tidus’s first friend since he had moved to Sunset only a few months before. Even though Wakka was a year older than Tidus, he almost looked up to Tidus and at the same time he was trying to impress him.

As soon as Wakka was calm again, he pulled out of Tidus’s grip and sat down on the pavement, sighing. “Good try, man.” Tidus said. The two grabbed their boards and sat down on the sidewalk, looking at the surrounding environment. There was definitely a lot of trees. All the neighbors kept their houses clean and attractive. Everyone was pretty much friendly in Sunset.

“Hey, Wakka,” Tidus said, taking out a small green blob of Silly Putty “Stretch and Bounce” from his pocket and raising it to his face, “Achoo!’ Tidus slowly parted his hands. “Ewwwww, look at it, Wakka,” he tossed it at Wakka’s face, “snot!” “GROSS!”, Wakka shouted, slapping the blob away in midair. Tidus chuckled, watching the silly putty bounce and roll into the middle of the street.

Tidus hopped up to retrieve his sticky toy. “Hey, watch out!” Wakka shouted, pulling Tidus back down by his hand. A fire truck came speeding towards them and then past them, flattening the blob. Wakka looked into the sky and could see black smoke rising from far north on the other side of the neighborhood. “Dude, that’s by your house! Let’s go!” Wakka kicked his board up and caught it. Tidus followed Wakka down the street, looking back to see if he could find his blob of silly putty.

The closer the boys got to Tidus’s neighborhood, the faster Tidus’s heart pounded in his chest. With every kick, a sharp pain shot through Tidus’s head, he and Wakka got closer.
“Come on.” Wakka said, tossing his board over a fence and then climbing it. Still, Tidus followed despite his terrible headache. Old Man Seller’s dog was too interested in the rising black cloud in the sky to bother chasing Tidus and Wakka out of the yard. He stood at the gate, alert and staring into the sky. Tidus and Wakka ran right past him and hopped the gate. They skated a few more feet until Tidus could clearly see his house being hosed down. “NOOOO!!”, he shouted, throwing down his board and sprinting the rest of the way to his house.
“Dude, your mom sucks at cooking beans!” Wakka remarked, trying to keep up with Tidus, carrying both of their boards.

Tidus approached his house quickly but was pulled back by a fire chief. “Who’s lives in this house, son?” he inquired.

“I DO!” Tidus shouted with his young voice cracking. “Okay, son, what’s your name?” “My parents, you have to-“ Tidus started, but stopped, turning his attention to four other fire men stampeding out of the house. “Save my parents!” Before Tidus’s drenched eyes, the top story of the house suddenly collapsed all together. The roof followed, adding onto the burning pile like a stack of waffles. “MOMMA!!”, Tidus shrieked.

“Whoa.” Wakka said, standing in the distance, watching.

“I’M SORRY!” Tidus screamed over and over as the ambulance was arriving. Tears were steadily pouring from his red eyes and quickly down his pale cheeks. Police offers backed all pedestrians away from the home, including Wakka.

“Oh, my God!”, exclaimed Wakka as he rode home on his board to tell his parents. One of the police officers scooped Tidus up and carried him into the ambulance truck. “Son, can you tell me-“ Tidus’s wails interrupted the officer. For a while, the police officer stood, just looking at Tidus and then decided to leave him alone. He closed the doors of the van and walked over to another officer. Tidus was doubled over in the corner, pushing his head against the van repeatedly. “I’m so sorry.” he whispered one last time.

About twenty minutes later, Tidus was still silently crying. The house was now drenched and all the fire had been extinguished. The doors of the van opened and the same officer sat down on the edge of the vehicle and looked Tidus in the eye. “Ready to talk, kid?” he tried to smile at Tidus. Tidus sniffled and wiped at his tears. “What do you want to know?” His eyes felt sore and it stung to even blink. “I’m Officer Lexaeus. What’s your name?” “I’m Tidus Muze.” Tidus said. The officer held out his hand to shake Tidus’s, but Tidus only laid his head down on his knees and cried some more.

Officer Lexaeus looked out the window and saw a group firemen were lifting Pence and Olette onto wheeled beds to roll them into the van.

“How about I take you to the station?” Lexaeus said. “I don’t care.” Tidus replied. The officer took Tidus’s hand and then carried him into his patrol car, making sure Tidus didn’t see his dead parent’s. He set him in the backseat and laid his head down on the seat. Tidus sat, shivering and crying. Lexaeus had a quick word with one of the other policemen and then climbed into the front seat of his vehicle and started it.

“You know . . . Patrol cars are a lot better than any other car. It’s got an HD radio so I can get pretty much any station. It’s got a lot of compartments for me to put all my junk in, and it even has this cool carrier for my Walkie Talkie. Policemen communicate with the Walkie Talkie. That’s how I knew that your house was . . . ” he stopped, glancing at Tidus in the mirror. He laid motionless, and definitely not listening. Lexaeus smirked. The rest of the ride was silent.
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