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Life Of A Soldier

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Oct 20, 2007
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Life of a Soldier

1939...this year has been marked in infamy, as the year to which one of the greatest wars in history began, World War II. So soon after it began, Germany quickly started to expand and conquer with its tyrannical ruler at its helm, and its seemingly never ending resources of metal tanks and troops. Victory in the early days of this horrendous war, seemed like a fairy tale. How could anything stand up against this army and nation, as country after country fell to it like a charging Behemoth.

Two such countries however, wished to, and stepped infront of this nation that threatened the very world itself. With careful and precise planning, (well though tout from the early stages of the war beginning) a combined effort of both England and America, created what would be one of the greatest military strikes in all warfare. Troops, deployed over a course of four weeks, were stationed in secret during precise moments without the Germans finding out. While this operation wasn't the quickest to begin, it was a massive undertaken that was the most well thought out.

On September 13th, Operation Storm commenced and all twenty squads of troops deployed over the four weeks moved out onto their designated targets. Out of all twenty battalions, five were caught and terminated on sight before they could reach their targets, seven were able to complete their mission and destroy their designated targets however they were either killed during said missions or shortly afterwords, and finally the remaining eight squad of troops were systematically captured and held for interrogation.

To better accommodate them, the Germans formed a new camp, one they called Luft Stalag 12. Though it was classified as a POW camp, certain actions, were conducted that set it across from other POw's. Talk of experiments and mass beatings have squirmed out through the fences of the facility as rumors, though nothing truly official could ever be said with fact, except by those that are interned there, though that will never happen. On December 17th, word of a German Battleship off the coast of Uruguay, was attacked and scuttled by the Allies.

During this sad day for Germany, the prisoners of Luft Stalag were able to piece together the beginnings of a plan. Once ready, they would stage a breakout from the hell this camp had brought onto them all.

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