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Fanfiction ► Let's go to school! (Sora/Kairi,Namine/Riku,Squall/Yuffie,Cloud/Aerith)

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If u got a B (or at least 50% right) then ur ok u should feel mass relief now that its all over.

EDIT: u need not feel obliged 2 update, its YOUR fan-fiction and since its YOURS, YOU should NOT fel guilt or regret about this story since YOU are the storie's creator YOU CAN SHOOSE WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!
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Nov 17, 2005
Chapter 23

You and I aren’t meant to be.

That was what she wanted to say. Although Leon has forgotten his feelings for Rinoa, he would never think of liking Yuffie. That’s what she thought. That’s what she believed.

So now, she decided to give up. She can’t chase him forever. There would be someone else out there.

Like Vincent Valentine of next door.

Ok, ok. That wasn’t good. Well, someone’s out there.

“Right…now…I need to get a knife…” Yuffie said, looking at a piece of paper she just took out from her pocket.

Meanwhile, Leon was following her quietly behind, and he vaguely heard the word “knife”.

Leon frowned. “She wants a knife?” He asked himself quietly.

If she wants a knife…does that mean she’s going to commit suicide?? No…I can’t jump to conclusions, it’ll lead me to trouble.

He was outside a shop where they sold kitchen wares. He saw Yuffie looking through a lot of knives, when a man came to her, probably the assistant, and told her something. She seemed to be pissed off and stuck her tongue out at him. Leon chuckled.

He walked closer to the shop, and without her to notice, he managed to go inside, and pretend he was looking at some knives somewhere far away.

“Would you like me to help you in some way?” A lady asked him.

Leon shook his head. “I’m okay, thanks.” He said, and she walked off.

He tried to listen to what Yuffie was saying.

“Hm…” She said, and then she chuckled. “This can actually kill me.” She said, laughing.

The man helping her frowned. “You’re going to kill yourself?” He asked.

“Sarcasm, sir. Sarcasm.” She said, shaking her head. “Adults these days…” She muttered.

Leon sweat dropped. What if she wasn’t really sarcastic?

She held a medium sized knife which was really sharp. “I’ll take this one.” She said, handing it to the man, almost like she’s threatening him.

He backed off slightly. “Um…ok…just give me the handle.” He said, trying to walk at her side and take it.

“Oh right.” Yuffie said, laughing. “My bad.” And she gave it to him properly.

She paid for the knife, and then she left. Leon followed. Then he realized he felt a bit pathetic for not buying anything from there. But who cares.

“Next stop…Arts Craft shop.” Yuffie said, walking right.

Leon sneakily followed her behind, but immediately stopped and hid somewhere when she stopped.
Yuffie felt like she was being watched, and being followed. She turned around, and then she gasped.

She saw a huge dragon mascot, and it was waving to her. Yuffie rolled her eyes. She waved back, and she turned and walked towards the Arts Craft shop.

She walked into it, and then she spotted a nice black and white wrapper. “Perfect.” She said, and she took it. She immediately bought the wrapper.

Leon was confused. Why would she want a wrapper? When he hid somewhere she couldn’t see, he watched her walk outside.

Yuffie stood, thinking of what to do next. “Well, I have everything I need.” She said, and then she walked towards where she came from. Leon sneaked out of his hiding place, and then he quickly went to a café near the meeting spot taking a different and faster route.

When Yuffie arrived at the meeting area, she spotted Leon in the café, drinking coffee. Probably his favorite mocha.

Well, she was heck bored, so she decided to join him. “Hey.” She said quietly.

Leon looked up at her. “Hey.”

Yuffie sat down, and placed her purchases on the table. Leon eyed it, then looked at her.

“What’s with those?” He asked.

“Oh nothing, just a little gift.” Yuffie said, smirking slightly.

Leon’s face did not falter, but inside he was slightly panicking.

I know she’s going to commit suicide! I know she is! It’s my entire fault! If only I was more brave enough to confess!! He thought in his head, and shook his head.

“For who?” He asked.

“That’s going to be a surprise. A big surprise.” She said, looking evil.

Leon silently gulped. Before they knew it, time was up. Everyone came back, Namine and Kairi holding a few bags with Riku and Sora insisting to carry it for them, but they declined, because if they asked the guys to carry them, then they would look weak, which is something very, very bad to the female species.

Every woman is strong in their own way.

Aerith and Cloud came back happily, they probably played some games.

When everyone saw Leon and Yuffie together, their eyes narrowed teasingly.

“Oooh…Love love*!!” Kairi said, and high-fived Namine.

Yuffie stood up immediately. “You’ve got the wrong idea!!” She said, emphasizing ‘wrong’.

Leon shook his head. He stood up, and asked, “Had a good time?”

“Yeah! We went shopping!” Namine and Kairi said. Sora and Riku shrugged. “We didn’t do much, not much to do.” Riku said.

Sora nodded. “And because we had nothing to do, we were bored.”

“Obviously. But I had a feeling both of you were having goofy thoughts.” Yuffie said.

“You got that right.” Namine said. “Half the time when we were shopping, they were behind us laughing for no reason.” She said.

Kairi nodded. “So we decided to buy them candy, but…we didn’t.” She said.

“Why?” Yuffie asked, disappointed. “Candy is important!!”

“Chill Yuffie.” Cloud said. He dug in his pockets for a long time.

Everyone watched, unblinking. Yuffie anticipated candy.

“Ah, here you go.” Cloud said, handing her a candy bar.

“Alright! I love you Cloud!” She said, eating it.

Cloud grinned and chuckled. Aerith smiled. “You gave her the sugar free one, didn’t you?” She whispered to Cloud, making sure Yuffie didn’t hear anything.

“I sure did.” Cloud said.

“Cloud!! I know you gave me the sugar-free candy! I know just by the taste of it!!” Yuffie said venomously.

Cloud snickered. “That’s what you get for asking for more candy, loser!” He teased.

Yuffie was enraged. She jumped up to crush him.

Cloud’s mouth opened as he looked up. He could see Yuffie who was about to crush him. He ran immediately behind Aerith.

Riku and Sora were looking at their fingers, and then laughing. Namine and Kairi shrugged.

Leon mentally sighed.

Aerith looked at her watch. “Well, look at the time…maybe we should call it a day?” She suggested.

Kairi shrugged. “I guess, we don’t really have much to do anyway.” She said.

“Wait! Sticker pictures at the end of the day!” Riku shouted out.

“What a GREAT idea!!” Namine said, giving Riku a death hug. “Let’s go!!”

Sora giggled. Kairi looked at him in a peculiar way, and took his hand. “Coming or not? Maybe we should include your hand in the picture, because it’ll last longer.” She said.

Sora thought for a moment. “Ok!” He said enthusiastically.

They walked off, and Cloud and Aerith followed.

“Hey, come on.” Cloud called to Yuffie and Leon.

Yuffie followed the two, but she wasn’t as cheerful as she should be.

Leon walked behind her, and looked at her back. He frowned slightly, not liking the way she is.

He walked closer to her, and then patted her back. “Hurry up, slowpoke.” He said, sarcastically, or maybe not.

Well, he didn’t sound like he was joking.

“Was that supposed to be a joke?” He heard her say from behind, which gave him a small smile.
Soon, everyone managed to find a good machine with enough space for everyone at a good price.

“Ok…everyone, make a happy pose! Er…except for Leon, that’s ok.” Cloud said.

Leon nodded. The last time they tried to make him smile for the camera, the picture was all about Yuffie, Kairi and Namine making goofy faces and in the background, Aerith and Cloud tried to negotiate a peace treaty with a overly angry Leon. But he didn’t look like it.

The screen blinked 3, 2, 1, and…


The preview was shown on the screen. Kairi and Sora were in the front, and Riku and Namine were beside them. Of course, with happy faces. In the middle was Aerith and Cloud, but Yuffie was between them and they were laughing.

Leon was at the side, next to Cloud, looking normal, but the weird thing is, he looked pretty cool.

“Next picture!!” Namine said, and everyone gathered again.

This time, everyone except Leon did a goofy face.

(After the sticker pictures…)

“Ok, I guess that’s the end of the day, we did spend a lot of time fighting over the pictures.” Aerith said.

Cloud chuckled. He wanted the picture where Aerith and him were perfect, but that happened to be the picture which Kairi and Namine wanted. Then he gave her the picture with Riku and her really visible. She wanted it, but that was the picture where Yuffie had the best smile, so Yuffie wanted it.

Did you manage to understand that?

Anyways, everyone headed back home after that.
At the LYAC’s.

Leon watched Yuffie go up to her room, and he quietly followed her afterward.


“Hiya Leon! Whatcha doin?” Said Cloud from behind perkily.

Leon sighed mentally, and turned to see Cloud. “Nothing.”

“Oh…k.” Cloud said in a singing voice.

Then Cloud walked off, wanting to disturb into other people’s businesses.

Leon continued his spy search, and he reached Yuffie’s door.

He was going to knock, but he didn’t want her to know that he’s here yet, so he checked if her door was locked.

It isn’t…well, she always forgot to lock the door anyways.

He slowly went in, and then he bit back a gasp.

Yuffie had the knife she bought just now, held in front of her, and she was smiling.

She turned around, and when she saw Leon, her mouth opened.

“Yuffie, I think you should put that knife down…” Leon muttered, but Yuffie heard it.

Yuffie looked at him puzzled. Then she realized he thought she was going to commit suicide.

“What? You think I’m gonna kill myself? Are you crazy? Am I that crazy?” She asked him. “Just because I love you doesn’t mean…”

“Er…” Yuffie stuttered. Why did I say that? Why?!!!

Leon looked at her confused. “Am I supposed to pretend I didn’t hear that?” He asked.

Yuffie nodded furiously. “Yeah. Please do.”

“Too bad, I can’t.” He said.

Then the two heard someone giggle like a small kid from outside.

“Aerith!! Yuffie just confessed to Leon that she loves him! And she’s gonna kill herself right now!” Cloud said while running to where Aerith is. Most probably the kitchen.

“WHAT?! YOU BETTER BE JOKING CLOUD!!” Aerith yelled as she ran up.

Aerith and Cloud peeked into the room. Aerith gasped, while Cloud was too shocked that he could not put his smile back to normal.

“Oh my god, Yuffie! I suggest you put the knife down. No, YOU MUST put the knife down!!” Aerith yelled.

Cloud stepped closer to Yuffie. “Yuffie, listen. I know…you feel…very sad…but…”

“For god’s sake, I’m not trying to commit suicide ok! Now…Aerith, Cloud…can you two like…um…can you let me talk to Leon…alone?” Yuffie asked meekly.

Aerith and Cloud stopped panicking and smiled. “Suuuure…” Cloud said.

“Shaddup Cloud.” Yuffie said, pushing him out.

Aerith walked out as well, smiling very…smiley.

Cloud was laughing all the way, and after some time, Yuffie came back.

“Right…now that they’re gone, I need to talk to you.” Yuffie said.

Leon sat down on her chair. Yuffie sat on her bed, and then she took a deep breath, and then let it out.

“Ok…so…what I said…was true. Ok, I do love you, but,” She made a dismissive sound, “I know I should give up anyway. I mean, what’s the point right?” She said.

Leon looked at the floor for a moment. “But…won’t that hurt?” He asked in his usual voice.

She looked away. “No, it won’t. I’m not that type of person.”

“I don’t think that matters. I know, it’ll hurt.” Leon said.

“What do you know about my feelings?” Yuffie asked. “You…you find it weird, don’t you?” She asked. She felt a bit hurt and angry.

“No, not at all.” He said. He got up and stood in front of Yuffie. He sat down in front of her, and looked at her.

Yuffie looked at him confused, and she closed her eyes. She turned away. “Well, I know the answer…I’ll forget about my feelings for you, you can rest easy.” She said.

“That’s the problem.” He said.

She looked at him confused. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t…” He summoned up his courage to say this, “I don’t want you to do…that.” He said.

Yuffie stared at him. Did he say what she thought he said?

He looked at her, and then blushed, so he looked away from her. “I…” He started, but he just couldn’t talk anymore. “Agh!” He scolded himself.

Yuffie was amused, and she laughed a bit. “First time I’m seeing Leon fretting over something.” She said.

Leon huffed silently. “I’m having a hard time here.” He said, staring at her.

Yuffie sighed, and then she got off the bed. Leon watched her, and then he realized she was walking towards him. She grinned cheekily, and then hugged him.

He was slightly startled by her act. He looked at her.

“Well, I guess that’s the last of it.” She said as she let go.

He realized she meant that she was going to forget about him. He grabbed her arm and he hugged her this time.

And this time, Yuffie was startled.
Author’s Notes: Heheheh….finished finally, and I know that I didn’t finish in one day, but I finished it, right? Ok, please don’t get mad at me. I just needed a sort of freedom after the exams, they were tough. Or maybe I didn’t do well enough…

So…reviews please?


Feb 23, 2006
Great update! Sorry I didn't review before, I just finished reading from page 1!



iT'S ALIVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

anyway, awsome chapter, I am so happy to see you posting again!!!

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Good, that was an awesome chapter I was a bit surprised of the result though but continue posting chapters like this.


Noooooo! You started posting and stopped again, can you give us an update on when the next chapter will be coming out


Nov 17, 2005
Um...ok, I'll just say that...it's gonna be the last chapter!! Everyone, get ready!
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