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Fanfiction ► Let's go to school! (Sora/Kairi,Namine/Riku,Squall/Yuffie,Cloud/Aerith)

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Nov 17, 2005
Chapter 3

Kairi’s Day

She sighed. After she spoke to Namine about their ‘boy-problems’ she felt so depressed. What if Sora didn’t actually like her more than her friend? They knew each other since they were young, right? Maybe it was nothing more than a stupid crush. Maybe it’ll pass.

Kairi laughed silently. “Yeah, maybe it will pass.” She whispered.

She turned on her radio. She always tuned to her favorite station, Simple.fm.

Why? Because they always had her favorite songs and they also tuned in Jpop songs too. And she knew Japanese, who doesn’t here in this island?

“Next up: Hikari by Utada Hikaru!”

Oh great, just what I need. Kairi thought.

Donna toki datte

Tada hitori de

Unmei wasurete

Ikite kita no ni

Totsuzen no hikari no naka me ga sameru

Mayonaka ni

Shizuka ni deguchi ni tatte

Kurayami ni hikari o ute

Imadoki yakusoku nante fuan ni saseru dake kana

Negai o kuchi ni shitai dake sa

Kazoku ni mo shoukai suru yo

Kitto umaku iku yo

Donna toki datte

Zutto futari de

Donna toki datte

Sobani iru kara

Kimi to iu hikari ga watashi mitsukeru

Mayonaka ni

Urusai when you turn my way toori ni haitte

Unmei take it all the way no kamen o tore

Sakiyomino shisugi nante

Iminonai koto wa yamete

Kyou wa oishii mono wo tabeyou yo

Mirai wa zutto saki dayo

Boku ni mo wakaranai

Kansei sasenaide

Motto yokushite

WAN SHIIN (One Scene) zutsu totte

Ikeba ii kara

Kimi to iu hikari wa watashi no SHINARIO (Scenario)


Motto hansou yo

Mokuzen no ashita no koto mo

TELEBI (Televi-Televison) kashite

Watashi no koto dake o miteite yo

Donna ni yokutatte

Shinji kirenai de

Sonna toki datte

Sobani iru kara

Kimi to iu hikari ga watashi mitsukeru

Mayonaka ni

Motto hanasou you

Mokuzen ashita no koto yo

TEREBI kashite

Watashi nokoto dake mo

Miteite yo


“My light…” She whispered. Sora…

She remembered the day he asked her to listen to this song…a few weeks after he moved out, he came online and asked her to listen to it. She never forgot that day.


KeYmAsTeR13: Hey Kairi

HeartfulGlory: Hey Sora! How’s your new house?

KeYmAsTeR13: Yeah…it’s fine. But I miss the island. I miss everyone there. I miss you.

(Kairi blushed. He misses me!)

HeartfulGlory: I miss you too. Everyone misses you here too. Will you ever come back?

KeYmAsTeR13: I dunno. It depends on my mom and dad. I hope we do.

HeartfulGlory: I hope so too.

KeYmAsTeR13: Yea…hey you heard of that new song, “Hikari”? You should listen to it. It’s good.

HeartfulGlory: Really? Well...you have the file?

KeYmAsTeR13: Oh yea sure. Here ya go.

KeYmAsTeR13 is sending file Hikari.mp3 to HeartfulGlory. Do you accept or decline?

HearftfulGlory has accepted file Hikari.mp3 from KeYmAsTeR13. (Downloading)

KeYmAsTeR13: Hey I heard Riku’s moving out too. Where do u think he’s going?

HeartfulGlory: I dunno. He was in a bad mood since he found out he’s going too.

KeYmAsTeR13: Oh…wanna play a game?

HeartfulGlory: lol…sure.

End Flashback

“How can my life get any worse? Sora surely doesn’t like me. He just looks at me as a friend!” Kairi said, sad.

She buried herself in her bed, as if hoping that everything would go away. But nothing would go away. I wonder what Namine is doing right now…She thought.

“Oh what’s the point? Here I am, liking a guy who is supposed to be one of my best friends, and everything’s going bad because I don’t like him, I love him!” She shouted, burying herself deeper and deeper into her bed.

I sooo wish Sora could see this!


Namine’s Day

She looked at her drawing of Riku. She was an excellent drawer; she was born to be an artist.

She sighed. He was just too good for her. He wouldn’t even think of her as anymore than a friend. Why did her crush have to be him? Why did she ever have crushes, anyway?

Or was it even a crush…

No. She didn’t want to think about that. It has to be just a crush. It has to.

She started drawing another picture of Riku.

Art is my life, well kinda, but it is. I love art. I love art…I love Ri...ku…WHAT?

I can’t believe I just thought that! No! I don’t love him! He’s just a crush! It’ll pass! I know it will!


What is the point here? Right now, I’m just drawing him. Maybe I don’t like him at all. Maybe I’m obsessed with him. I have to get rid of this feeling…I must get rid of this feeling.

Draw. Erase. Draw. Look. Draw. Erase. Blow. Draw.

“Draw, draw, draw! That’s all I’m good at. I know, tomorrow, I’ll tell him. Maybe that way I’ll somehow feel better. And I won’t tell anyone about this plan. I know what happened last time.” She said.


Namine walked over to her locker to put her books. There, she saw her crush…Jake…

She’s been crushing on him for long. She never got the guts to tell him that. But today, today she will tell him.

Kairi walked over. “Hey Namine.” She said.

“Hi…Kairi…” Namine said, distracted.

“Earth to Namine! He’s not really there anymore.” Said Kairi, laughing.

Namine blushed. She always seemed to do that nowadays. Oh yeah, the plan.

“Hey Kairi. I’ve decided to tell Jake that I like him.” She said.

But Kairi was still laughing. “S-Sorry. What?”

“I’ve decided to tell Jake that I like him.” Said Namine, softly.

“What? I can’t hear you.” Said Kairi.

Namine was irritated now. “I SAID I’VE DECIDED TO TELL JAKE I LIKE HIM!” She shouted.

Everyone looked at her. Including Jake. Namine blushed a deep red and walked away, Kairi trailing behind.

End Flashback

“That was the worse thing that has ever happened to me! I’m never telling Kairi again. She changes her ears to deafness when I want to tell her.” Said Namine.

This time, I will make it - Namine -/


Aerith’s Day

“Sir gave us a lot of homework today, huh Cloud?” Aerith said cheerfully.

“Yeah…” Cloud said, sitting on his chair, sniffing.

“Aw don’t cry, Cloud. I’m here to help everyday, right?” She said, smiling.

“But you’re always helping me. When will I ever learn myself? I’m a dumb person…” He said, depressed.

“Don’t say that, Cloud! Remember, we’re always together. We’ll always help each other! Remember the deal?” Aerith said, smiling.

“Yeah.” Cloud said.


Ansem walked towards Aerith’s locker while she was arranging her books in her locker. (Note: That time, Aerith and Cloud just started dating.)

Ansem leaned on the locker. “Hey, Aerith. What do you want to do today?” He asked, grinning.

Aerith hated this man. But she smiled and said, “Nothing. I just want to learn, since that is why I come to school for.”

“Take a break for once. You’ll have wrinkles by the time you turn 18 with all that studying.” He said.

“Then that shall be it.” She said, and walked away from him.

But he wouldn’t let her go that easily. He grabbed her arm, and pulled her back to him. She dropped her books in surprise.

“Take a break.” He said.

Aerith struggled. Now she’s beginning to get scared. “NO!” She shouted.

“Now, now. Don’t be stubborn.” He said.

But a searing pain in his back made him let Aerith go.

“Watch who you’re picking on.” Said a person behind him.

Aerith recognized that voice anywhere. “Cloud!” She ran to him.

Cloud hugged her and asked, “Are you okay?”

Aerith smiled and nodded her head.

“What the hell? Cloud! Stay away from what I do!” Ansem shouted.

“I would never if it included my girlfriend!” He shouted.

“Your girlfriend! Hah! That will never happen!” He shouted.

Yuffie and Squall saw what happened, and rushed in to help.

“Stay away from Aerith, Ansem.” Yuffie said, mad.

“Ah. Another beauty. You want to play with me too?” He asked.

“Never.” She said, growling.

“Cute. But no time to play now. Cloud, I’ll be waiting after school.” He said, and walked off.

“Aerith, are you okay?” Yuffie asked.

“I’m fine.” She said, smiling. “Sorry for worrying you guys.” She said.

“No problemo! I would be glad to beat up that huge ass!” Yuffie shouted, pumping up her arms in the air.

“I won’t let him go near you ever again.” Cloud whispered to her.

“All right, then lets make a deal. You keep me away from him, and I’ll help you with your maths.” She said, giggling. “That way we can always help each other!” She said smiling.

“I would always help you. But that’s a deal anyway.” He said, smiling.

The bell rang. Cloud and Aerith hugged again and headed to their classes.

End Flashback

“I was scared that time. Ansem scared me.” She said.

Cloud hugged her close and said, “I’ll be there. Just call me if anyone bothers you.”

“I know, I know. I’ll call you, anytime.” She said, hugging him back.

“Oh yeah. Homework.” Cloud said.

“Glad you remember.” She said, giggling.


Yuffie’s Day

She just finished her homework. Now she wants to eat…CANDY…

“Now’s my chance. Everyone’s in their room, studying!” She whispered triumphantly.

She opened her door very slowly and quietly she sneaked to the jar of candy they had in case they felt like eating it. But Yuffie, well she’s hyper enough and when she takes a bite, she goes even more hyper!

Must have candy…must eat candy…must breathe candy…and I can’t let Squall see!

Almost there…

Squall just came out of the bathroom near Yuffie’s room and found the door unlocked. Yuffie…

He walked quietly to the kitchen to see Yuffie trying to reach the jar of candy.

“Yuffie…” He said.

“Huh?” Yuffie turned. She saw Squall. Uh-Oh…

But she lost her balance. “AHH!” She shouted.

Squall ran to catch her. He caught her and looked at her. She was holding her arms to her chest, and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Phew…thanks Squall.” She said, nervously laughing.

“Don’t do that again.” He said as he put her down.

“Uh…hehe…” She laughed nervously.

“And what did I tell you about taking our candy?” Squall said.

“Uh…um…bye!” She ran. Well, tried to.

Squall caught hold of her arm and asked her with his eyes closed, “What did I tell you?”

“I shall not eat candy in the house or else I might destroy everything here.” She said, grumpily.

“Right.” Squall said.

“Sorry.” She said as he let her go.

“It’s ok.” He said.

Yuffie couldn’t stop thinking about Squall. He’s so hot. She’s in love with him. But…he’ll never love her. He’ll only love her as a sister…nothing else.

She sighed audibly. Squall sensed something wrong.

“What’s wrong, Yuffie?” He asked, monotonously.

“Oh nothing. I’ll be going to my room now.” She said.

“…” He didn’t say anything and just watched her leave.


Yuffie went to her room and switched on the radio.

“Next up: Addicted to you UP-IN-HEAVEN-MIX by Utada Hikaru!”

“I like this song…” Yuffie said.

She turned up the volume.

Betsu ni au hitsuyou nante nai

Shinakya ikenai koto takusan arushi

Mainichi hanasu hitsuyou nante nai

Denwa daikasan de meiwaku shiterun da

Kawaranai aijou nante nai

Fuan ga aru kara tsuyoku narushi

Futari no koto dare ni mo iwanai

Kodomo janain dakara

Dokomademo tsuzuku michi janai

Dattara hoka wo erabeba ii noni

Waraeru hanashi

Kizutsukurarete mo I’m back for more

Kimi ni addicted ka mo

Aenai karate

Shinu wake janaishi

Otagai no jijou wakatteru

Dakedo sore ja kurushikute

Mainichi aitakute

Kono kimochi dou sureba ii no

Ima otona ni naritakute

Ikinari naritakute

Oh baby (Oh baby)

Kimi ni addicted ka mo

Moto meau riyuu nante nai

KIREI koto mo hitsuyou sa

Rusuten ni natteru yonaka

MESSEEJI kiki ni ichido katetai

I'm in love with you

I know you want me too

Ienai kara iwanain janai


Utagawareru tabi ni I love you more

Kimi ni addicted ka mo

Mawari no minna mo

Iiwake wa niteru

Riyuu wa hitsuyou datte omotteru


“Well…that was nice…” Yuffie said, feeling sleepy.

She fell asleep, and forgot to shut her door again.

Squall looked inside and saw her sleeping peacefully. He smiled and walked back to his room.

OOC: So, there it is! Thanks for all the support!! It was long coz of the song, wasn't it? Yeah...
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I taste delicious
Mar 8, 2005
these are good. i enjoyed it. Leon and yuffie.....ARHG THATS MESSED UP!!


Nov 17, 2005
So Squall/Yuffie pairing is weird....


Nov 17, 2005
Yeah me too...i also didnt play ff8...but i saw the dancing part in the game and i loved the dance!!


Nov 17, 2005
Eheheheh...I didn't know this story is that good....Thanks anyways!


Nov 17, 2005
ooc: Dunno if this is as good as before, but here it goes! Enjoy! Thank you everyone!

Chapter 4

Another morning, another sad day.

Kairi walked to her locker, to put her books away and look at her schedule. What classes does she have today?

“Hey Kairi.” Sora greeted from behind her.

This startled Kairi and she dropped her books. She turned around and saw Sora, grinning.

“Oh, Sora. Don’t do that again!” She said, as she bent down to pick up her books.

“I’m sorry, Kairi. Didn’t know you would be surprised.” Said Sora, bending down to help her.

They soon finished picking up the books. (Hah, you guys thought that I would do the hand touch coincidence, did ya?)

“Hey Sora, hey Kairi.” Said Namine.

“Hi Namine.” Said Kairi, smiling at her.

“Hey Namine,” Sora said, grinning at her.

As Namine turned to look at Sora, she saw Riku, who was limping. God knows why, but we’re gonna find that out.

“Riku! What happened?” Namine rushed over.

“Woah, Namine likes Riku?” Whispered Sora to Kairi.

“She sure does.” Kairi whispered back.

“Riku! Do you need any help? Sora! Help Riku!” She shouted.

“It’s ok, Namine, I think your help would be fine enough.” Riku said, laughing.

Namine blushed. “Oh, alright then.” She said, helping him walk.

“So...um...what exactly happened, Riku?” Sora asked, trying not to laugh.

But the moment Namine glared at him, he kept a straight face, making Kairi laugh.

“I was being chased by a dog. And my leg hurts now.” He said, rubbing it.

“Oh, poor Riku!” Namine said.

This made Kairi burst out laughing more.

And seeing Kairi laugh made Sora laugh, and seeing Kairi and Sora laugh made Riku laugh, and seeing Riku laugh made Namine laugh.

And when Leon, Yuffie, Cloud and Aerith came over to say hi, instead of seeing their normal happy friends, they saw crazy people laughing like mad cows!

“What happened to my friends!” Shouted Yuffie.

“These are your friends, Yuffie.” Said Squall. “They just changed into a bunch of crazy mad laughing cows.”

When Yuffie heard ‘crazy mad laughing cows’, she too, burst out laughing.

“Why did I ever say that…” Squall groaned.

Soon, everyone that passed by looked at the group strangely. (This happened to my friends and I. And it made us laugh even more.)

“Ok, uh…guys, I think you should stop.” Said Aerith.

“I think we should go, I don’t want to be known as Cloud, the guy in the crazy group.” Whispered Cloud.

Aerith giggled. “Don’t you make me start laughing now!” She said.

Cloud gasped and quickly took her away, yelling, “We’re going to class first!”

Aerith giggled the whole way.

“Oh great. I should go too.” Squall muttered and he crept away sneakily. But sometimes things don’t go as planned.

“Squallie! Why are you going away?” Cried Yuffie.

Oh no! Run! Run! He thought. He was about to run when Yuffie jumped on top of him.

“AH!” He yelled before he fell face down.

“Squallie?” Yuffie asked on top of him.

“Get off of me, Yuffie.” Squall grunted.

“Oopsie! Sorry Squallie!” She said as she got of him.

Squall got up and dusted himself. “It’s Leon.”

“Leon!” The once again Crazed-girl came running to him. (Remember chapter 2? Ok, let’s just call her…uh…Samantha…I guess.)

“Oh no.” Said Squall.

“Not her again.” Said Yuffie, groaning.

“Leon!” She shouted.

He just groaned. Yuffie jumped in front of Squall and shouted, “Stay away from Squall!”

“Like I’ll listen to you!” Said Samantha.

Before Yuffie could stop Samantha from tackling Squall, an arm grabbed hers and she felt pain.

She was dragged to another person, but she shut her eyes because of the pain. “Ow! What the hell you do that for?” She said angrily.

“Forgive me, Yuffie.” Said the voice. Oh no…

“Ansem!” Yuffie said with venom in her voice.

Kairi, Sora, Namine and Riku stopped laughing by then, and they were trying to get Yuffie away from Ansem.

“Yuffie!” Said Kairi.

“Let go off her!” Said Sora.

Namine just looked shocked at Yuffie.

Riku was just growling.

Squall was trying to get Samantha off of him while shouting, “Ansem! Let her go!”

“Don’t want to.” He said, and dragged Yuffie with him.

She tried to stop him, by pulling back. She could always fight him, but everyone knew fighting in school isn’t the place to do so.

She held her arm and tried to stop him from dragging her away.

Then finally, Squall broke free from Samantha and ran to help Yuffie. The moment Squall came running, Ansem let go off Yuffie. He knew that Squall would punch him. Coward, that Ansem.

Squall just glared at Ansem and told him to back off, in the background, Samantha was mad and Yuffie had heart eyes.

The bell rang. Ansem smirked and walked off. Samantha stomped away angrily.

Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Namine were asking Yuffie if she was ok.

“I’m fine, guys. I just feel a bit numb in my arm.” She said, rubbing it.

“Yuffie.” Said Squall.

She laughed nervously. “Did I make a mistake just now?” She asked.

“No. What I mean to say was…thanks.” He said.

“Huh? For what?” She asked, confused. (Hehe…confuzzled.)

“For…I guess for protecting me from Samantha.” He said.

“Wow! Squall thanked me!” Yuffie said.

“Yeah, and if we don’t hurry, we’ll be late for class.” Said Riku.

“Oh shit!” They all said simultaneously, except Riku.

They all ran to their respective classes.


“Cloud, we should go get our food first, it seems as if these guys are still pondering on what to get.” Said Aerith, giggling.

“Um, but Aerith, I don’t really feel like eating…” Said Cloud.

“You must eat! You’ll starve later on!” Aerith shouted in his face.

“Ok…” Cloud said, scared.

Kairi laughed. “Sora, wanna go too? I’m sure we’ll find something there to eat.” Kairi said.

“Sure.” He grinned and got up.

“How long do you keep that grin?” Asked Kairi giggling.

“Uh…I dunno.” Sora said. GRINNING.

Kairi laughed as they walked off.

“Well, I’m not hungry.” Said Riku.

“Really? Aren’t you thirsty at least? You did get chased by a dog this morning.” Said Namine, worried.

“Ok, maybe a drink will be fine.” Said Riku.

“I’ll get it!” Namine jumped up and ran before Riku could stop.

“Um…ok!” He shouted back.

“Well, I’m not eating or drinking.” Said Yuffie.

“Why?” Asked Squall.

“No appetite.” She said.

“OK…” Squall said. Yuffie always has an appetite.

“What about Aerith?” He asked.

Riku just watched the two. But soon after, Namine came with her food and his drink.

“Riku, I think you should eat a bit. Here, eat some of mine!” She said.

“That’s ok, Namine, I---“Riku couldn’t finish his sentence because Namine stuffed a piece of chicken in his mouth.

“Chew…swallow...yes!” Said Namine giggling.

“But Namine,” Riku swallowed and continued, when he was about to say something, Namine stared at him creepily and he said, “Ok, Ok, I’ll share your food.” He said, smiling.

“Goodie!” Namine said giddily.

“Aw…how cute!” Yuffie squealed.

Squall just had a sweat drop. Namine and Riku just blushed.

Sora and Kairi came back, and they were arguing.

“No, Kairi, I’ll help you carry the food.” Said Sora.

“No Sora! Your hands are full!” She said.

“Aww….a lover’s quarrel!” Yuffie squealed.

Squall sweat dropped. Namine and Riku grinned. Kairi and Sora blushed.

Soon after, Aerith and Cloud came and sat.

“Aw…Aerith and Cloud, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S--“

“Shut it, Yuffie.” Said Cloud.

“Yuffie, Leon…I don’t see your food. Where is it?” Asked Aerith, suspicious.

“Uh…um…we finished eating fast.” Said Yuffie.

Squall just sweat dropped like crazy.

“Oh, really? Ok!” Said Aerith. Cloud glared at Yuffie and Leon.

Yuffie grinned. Squall sighed.

A few times when Kairi turned to talk with Sora, she saw Ansem walking around, smirking. What is he up to, now?

“Hey Sora, what do you have next?” She asked him.

“I have...nothing, I guess.” He said.

“Cool! Then we can hang out during free time!” She said.

“Yeah, sure!” He said.

“Aw…Kairi and Sora, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S--“Yuffie started.

Kairi glared at Yuffie and she said, “Uh…kidding, kidding, kidding!” She finished the song like that.

Namine giggled as she fed Riku from time to time. Yuffie was about to tease them, but Namine caught her and glared at her.

“No fun now!” Said Yuffie, pouting.

Squall just rested his chin on his hand and smirked at Yuffie.

The bell rang. “Well, I’m off.” Said Yuffie, skipping.

“I’ll go too.” Leon said.

“Cloud, we have math, right?” Aerith asked sweetly.

“Of course.” He grinned and got up.

And they went too after saying bye.

“I have…I forgot.” Riku said. “Oh yeah, I have P.E.”

“Really? I have that too!” Namine said excitedly.

“Cool. Let’s go together.” Riku said.

“Ok!” Namine said blushing.

After they left, Sora and Kairi burst out laughing.

“So Sora, do you want to do something or you wanna walk around?” Kairi asked.

“A walk sounds good.” Sora said getting up. He held out his hand for her to take.

“Thank you, prince.” Kairi said, giggling.

“Anything for you, princess.” He said, bowing.

Kairi laughed.

They walked around, some students saying hi to them.

As they were walking, they saw Ansem…

“Uh…Kairi, what’s Ansem doing here?” Asked Sora.

“He’s free at this time, like us. Before you were here, I always went somewhere he would never look for.” She said.

“Oh. So if he found you, he’d flirt with you, right?” Asked Sora.

“Yeah, but it’s ok. I can take care of myself.” Said Kairi, doing a peace sign.

“Cute, Kairi. Very cute.” Ansem said in front of them.

“Ansem.” Kairi said.

Sora stood in front of Kairi. “What do you want?” Said Sora.

“Why do you care, weakling?” Said Ansem looking down on him.

“I will protect Kairi from a bada** like you.” Sora said, warningly.

“Foolish attempt. You’re no match for me.” Ansem said.

“How would you know? I may not look strong, but what matters is what is in me. Not out.” Sora said.

“Foolish words yet again. Don’t get on my nerves.” Ansem said.

“Then why don’t you go away from Kairi, then?” Sora said, fighting back with his words.

“You have made me mad. Now you asked for it. After school. We duel.” Said Ansem.

“You’re on.” Sora said, grinning, looking forward to the duel. (Like the very first Kingdom Hearts 2 wallpaper, when we didn’t know who Diz was…yeah.)

Ansem left looking a bit mad.

Kairi snapped out of shock because of Sora’s bravery. “Sora! Why did you do that?”

“What? I wanna protect you. And I always wanted to have a challenge with this guy.” He said, placing his hands behind his head and grinned.

“But Sora, he might be really strong!” Kairi said. “You shouldn’t have done that!” She scolded him.

“But Kairi…” Sora said, giving the (dun dun dun!) Puppy eyes look!

“Oh no…” Kairi said, putting a hand over her face. “Don’t do that…”

He simply gave the eyes and smiled cutely like a small boy with his new toy car.

“Aww…how cute!” Kairi started pinching his cheeks.

“Ow ok Kairi I get it, I’m sorry!” Moaned Sora.

“Good. Next time don’t go making some challenge to some jackass.” Said Kairi as she walked ahead of him.

“Yes, Kairi.” But she didn’t know that he was crossing his fingers.


At the same time…

Yuffie walked to her class. She hummed a merry tune and skipped to class. But she didn’t see Squall walking in front, so she ended up bumping into him and dropped all her books.

“Ow…so sorry. Didn’t see ya.” She said.

“Yeah, you should be.” Said Squall.

She looked up and said, “Squall? Well, if it’s Squall, then I don’t need to apologize. It’s an everyday kinda thing.” She said.

“That’s rude, Yuffie.” Said Squall.

“Hmph. You’re mean too, Squall.” She replied.

She bent down and picked up her books, and was about to march off when…

“How am I mean? I’ve helped you a lot.” He said.

“You’re mean because you never look happy!” She shouted at him and stomped off.

“Happy…?” He whispered and went to his class, thinking.


P.E. with Namine and Riku.

“Ok, we’re gonna play basketball. Yeah, basketball. Girls ain’t supposed to be good in this, but they’re not supposed to be scared of the ball. Got me?” Said Cid, their PE teach.

“Yes, Sir.” Said the class.

Namine tensed. No, she wasn’t scared of the ball, she just couldn’t play. She didn’t know how to play. She always didn’t do well in basketball. Oh no…I’ll make a total fool of myself in front of Riku!

“S-Sir…may I excuse myself?” She asked Cid hesitantly.

“Now why is that?” Cid asked.

“Because…I have a headache.” She said.

“Uh…o…k…fine then, you’re excused.” He said, not really happy. But he stayed in his normal mood.

Namine sat down on a bench, watching Cid making teams.

“Now, since not everyone is in the team, they will be substitutes. That means you guys will have the enough amount of time to play like the people before you.” Said Cid.

So Riku was a substitute. He went over to Namine and asked, “I know that you don’t have a headache. You just fed cute ol’ me at lunch!” He said to her, grinning.

This made her laugh. “Yeah, I was feeding cute ol’ you at lunch. It’s just that…I just can’t play basketball well. I totally suck at it.” She said, looking at the ground.

“Well, why don’t you try? It doesn’t hurt to try.” He said.

“Well…if I had enough courage as to do that, I would.” She said.

Riku smiled. “That’s ok…hey, why don’t I teach you how to play basketball after school or something? You can come to my house, or I could come to your house.” He said, grinning.

Namine looked up brightly at his suggestion. She nodded happily.

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