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Legion of Bassist and Guitarist (LOBG)


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Feb 12, 2005
This the Legion of bassist and Guitarist also know as the LOBG is the group is to bring bassist ang guitarist together to bring airwaves of doom to conquer the world!! Just playing but, siriously now. Im making this group so we could bring together guitar players and exchange ideas like styles, types of music, etc.. etc. Its to bring to the newbie and the expert together so we can get better musicians and better music and to get more experiance as players. Here we will discuss all matters of music, exchange our own music, get tabs, information, and so on. There will be a ranking system of what level of playing you are on so we could see what stuff you can play and even rate your music on a scale for your level. There will also be jobs here bassed on the levels you are a a player.

These are the levels of the players
The basic among basic of players. These players are the ones who just picked up a bass or guitar and can play absolutly nothing except crap

Better than the begginer in many ways. They could read tabs and play basic songs and are starting to get there technique down

This players technique is good and could player the easier tabs. This person is just getting into the advanced techniques suchs as slap for bass. They are begging to write there own music

This person's technique is very good and they are able to use the advanced technique. Could play almsot every thing they see and the music they write is good. They could also decifier the music from the songs they hear but it may not be perfect.

This person could play anything. Their technique is superb and they could make music right of the back of thier heads. They could decifier music from songs and it would be perfect. The music they write is top notch and some of the best stuff.

That is the ranking system basicly. If your in between dont worry about it just go with the one that best describes you. Here are the jobs for you people

go around the forums recruiting people who would be intrested. This is for all but mainly the newbies and begginers.

These are the people that tab songs for you if you dont wana go search for them. This is for the advanced player and up.

-Equipment inspectors-
These are the people that know whats up with the instruments and if you tell they would know what te problem is. For intermidate player and up.

These are the people that rate your music. Everyone is allowed to rate others music but these people are the ones that know there stuff and if you are sirious about getting your music out there go to these people. Advanced and up.

-Teh Gods-
These people are the ones the say yes or no if you join and say what rank you are after you fill out the form at the end of this post. It is also all of the poitions on the list .This position is elected by the members when we have enough members. The only gods right now are me and itachi793. Right now every body is allowed to join because there are no members yet but still fill out the form so we have a reference.

The form

Name: (Actual name)
Styles of playing:
Music you listen to:
You opinion of level
Riffs or songs: (Number of them if you have any)
Band: (Yes/No. If you are name of band also)

Post all forms and questions on here.

<T/2IGGER}{APPY> - Teh God
itachi793 - Teh God


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Jan 3, 2006
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i am one of teh gods but i was asked to fill this out.

Name: Andrea P.
Styles of playing:fingering
Influences:coheed and cambria,slipknot, and asian kung fu generation,papa roach,gazette,minor threat
Music you listen to:j-rock,indie,hardcore,punk
Gear:fender bass soon to be musicman stingray ernie ball
Riffs or songs: i have seven,more in progress
Band: no,but hoping someday i will
Misc:im headstrong and pissed,i write many lyrics, and im hoping some day ill make it big out there in a band or something.i play bass and i will start electric when im 16 or so,but i will always stick to bass as my main instrument.i jump around alot and i go crazy while playin my bass.i would really love a BC rich beast.i love this bass.tis my life
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Name: Randy S.
Age: 14
Styles of playing: Fingering
Influences: RHCP
Music you listen to: Hip-hop and rock
Gear: Fender
You opinion of level: Newbie
Riffs or songs: 0
Band: No
Misc: nada