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Krous:A Tale of Anti

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May 29, 2006
In a nameless city deluged by continuous rain...wh
Around the year 2035, after America had had their war which divided the country into two, a new nation was established called Neoameri. Neoameri had broken off from America after they won the war, therefore making the original America Ameriafter. These two nations hated each other, each one ready to wage war on the other. Soon after the other countries saw this and made it as an example of how all great things never lasted.

Soon both Neoameri and Ameriafter governments fell apart and became dictatorships, ruled blindly by ruthless leaders. Both went to war against each other, both lead by a person who should not lead them. The war lasted for sixty years, always at a draw. But then Neoameri's leader died very unexpectedly. In shock Neoameri's people chose a new leader just a week later, it seemed that this would be the very thing that turned the war.

Ameriafter was confident that they would win, confident that they would be the victors. Apparently they were wrong. For Neoameri's new leader, Laguse McSenrio was a great leader. He pushed Neoameri's army into war and destroyed the Ameriafters. Neoameri won and took over Ameriafter. But Laguse McSenrio did not want to stop there, oh no, he wanted to dictate much more then just what he had.

Neoameri waged a war against England, then France. Soon enough he had waged war against all of Europe. And to make the rest of the world on his side, McSenrio said that Europe had given them several shipments of explosives that blew up when they reached the port, a complete lie.

Neoameri was feared and praised. The war against Europe seemed to last for ages though, every year McSenrio promising that they would finish soon enough. But, just as things looked up, McSenrio died, giving Europe the upperhand suddenly. Neoameri got a new leader, McSenrio's son, but with the mess on his hands and being mentally insane in the head, people didn't like him saying that the first McSenrio was better while others said that it was the first McSenrio's fault for leaving such a mess. Revoltions began and now Neoameri has their own civil war along with the war in Europe and the small groups that formed form the beginning called Anti that went against the dictatorship. But, somewhere in Europe a small amount of people escaped and fled to a small island, this group of people called themselves Krous.

No powerplaying or you are out.
No Godmoding or you are out.
I also have the right to kick you out if you break any rules
You will have to choose between being part of side one in the civai war, side two in the civil war, a member of Anti, a soldier of Neoameri fighting in Europe or a European army sodier.
Swearing and Romance is to be kept PG-13
Put "No More" at the top of your templete
No spam or you will be kicked out as well
This is a little futuristic, but the technology is the same as it is today. Also the year would be 2109


Weapon:(unless you are part of Anti, you would be using nothing but guns)
Rank:(Only if you are part of the major war, not civil war or Anti)
Expertise:(What your person is best at)
Date of Birth:(It will become important later on)

I will post my templete after a few people join.
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