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kokubetsu -- Farewell



This time I am leaving.

This is the only role-playing forum I've been too, which was when I realised I can't improve if I'm restricted to this level of role-playing. I need to immerse myself into a world where dedication is at it's highest and role-playing actually get's confused with real life. Grammar and literacy wouldn't be a problem because each and every role-player is capable of ten paragraph posts with minimal surface errors. Only under these conditions can I actually force myself to improve, because that's how I am. I only do my best when I'm trying to be better than everyone else. What better way to do this then introduce myself into an environment where I'm the n00b?

So that's my explanation. KHI has been awesome, and it's not like I'll be gone forever... It's just expected that when I return I be at an unatainable level, and own you all in a role-playing war. :p

Heh, abandoning everyone get's a bit repetitive after awhile...



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May 26, 2006
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Nuuu :(

Bah, lots of people leaving....

You will be missed, and you are an inspiration to m and many others...shame I didnt fight you 1v1.

The Marauder

So much for that fight eh... Unless you're heading where I think you are. If you are going to TAS, we can do that fight you wanted there. Morph will have to wait on his. ;)

Anyway, it's been fun. I think I'll hand around here a little longer... at least until the mods try to tighten the choke chains some more. At that time, I will probably end up getting banned. >.< Well, keep up the pace and lest we forget - the day an RPer stops attempting to learn is the day their skill dies.

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Nov 29, 2004
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Bah, you say you'll be ungodly when you return... but I'll still be here to take you down. Trust me, I've been out there, to better forums, how do you think I got so insanely good? Hell, I don't even put effort into it here...still, that serves a purpose in itself. Mayhaps when you return, you can give me a decent match...someone else for a change....

EDIT: Oh, and I never did say farewell...so... see you later dude. I hope you find a pleasant journey... don't let anyone intimidate you...trust me, you may say that no one will now... but when you actually see some of the scary things those people are capable of, you'll eat your own words.

Later dude, and if you need any help, you'll know where I am.