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Fanfiction ► Knight's journey: Likke of Twilight

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Feb 3, 2007
Where angels lose their way
Here's the next chappie... i'll try my best to speed things up... well, comments please =3 X<

Chapter Thirteen: Roxas

Minutes passed and they were getting close to their destination, Twilight Town. Sora reminded them to get ready for the impact when they were about to land, except Likke couldn’t hear him. As they landed she lost her footing and fell flat on the floor. Rue started to laugh as Donald and Goofy, who were the closest to Likke, helped her out.

“Hey, that wasn’t funny at all, you!” scolded Donald, glaring at Rue, who kept laughing.

“Gawrsh, are you ok there?” asked Goofy. “That was quite a fall that you took.”

“I’m fine… no thanks to you.” said Likke, pointing at Rue. “Oh, and thank you, Goofy. You too, thanks Donald.”

They then get out of the gummi ship; the first to get out was Sora, followed by Riku, Kairi and the rest. Likke kept slapping Rue and beating him on the back, though he didn’t seem even slightly hurt. She stopped beating him when Sora and Riku suddenly spoke.

“Ok, guys. The heartless, as well as the nobodies, are most likely to be here too. Don’t let your guard down. We want to be on the safe side, so Riku and I will talk to someone who may have answers. Rue, it would be a great help if you could come with us as well.”

“Eh, no problem. But what about ‘ms. runaway’ here?” said Rue, looking at Likke.

“Likke, don’t take this the wrong way but you’ll stay behind with Donald and Goofy.” said Riku “You’re pretty much involved here as well as everyone although I feel it would be better if you stayed behind. At least, this once.”

Likke felt slightly reluctant but agreed. “Oh, ok. If you think its best.”

After Sora and the others left, Likke went back on the gummi ship. Donald and Goofy followed her afterwards. They were surprised to see Likke lying on the ground.

“Waak! Likke?! What happened to you?!” asked Donald, shocked.

“Isn’t there anything to do? I’m bored. And can’t I get changed? My clothes are torn and covered in blood.”

“You sure gave Donald a shock.” said Goofy “Hey, maybe he can teach you magic or something.”

“Yeah! Can you please?” she asked, hugging him. “I want to learn since I’m a keyblade master too!”

“Okay, okay!”

Donald then demonstrated some basic magic to her. He started with teaching her a fire and cure spell. Likke got the hang of conjuring a cure spell, although had difficulty on casting the fire spell, causing Donald to catch fire on his tail. Donald instantly cast a blizzard spell on himself, which the fire disappeared the same moment.

“Ack! I’m sorry!” apologized Likke “I didn’t mean to set you on fire!”

“Well, good thing my tail was the only thing you managed to burn.” he said sarcastically, “Eh, well I’ll just teach you a reflect spell. Hopefully, nothing’s going to be damaged.”


“Namine? Are you here?”

The four of them enter Namine’s room. The room was full of drawings, and her sketchpad was opened, lying on a table. Nothing unusual.

“She’s not here. What now?” asked Kairi.

“That’s great. Who’s this Namine person anyway?” asked Rue.

“She’s Kairi’s nobody.” answered Sora “And the only person who we can ask at this place.”

“Seriously, things are getting out of hand.” interrupted Riku, clenching his fist, ”The heartless, these new enemies, and what’s going to happen now?”

“Easy, Riku. We’ll know, so take it easy.”

Suddenly, they heard shouting right outside. The heartless were attacking again, and the people started fleeing to safety.

“Not again. Well, you guys know the drill.”

“Obviously.” said Rue, summoning his keyblade,”Attack!”


“Hey, I heard shouting just now. Should we check it out?”

Donald panted in an exhausted manner. It’s been pretty hard teaching Likke some spells, but it was worth it since she mastered cure, reflect, and recently the thunder spell. As for fire, Donald delayed it, fearing Likke might set him on fire again.

“Riku said to stay here.” He said, catching a glimpse of air. “Besides, who knows what’s going on?”

“Donald, the heartless may be causing this. And Riku said ‘stay behind’ not to stay here.” pointed Likke “But I don’t think we have any choice. Look!”

A white creature came out from a portal. The heartless, which were about a dozen, also appeared but they were different from the previous ones they’ve encountered. Likke summoned her Glory of Life keyblade and dashed towards a heartless to the left. Likke slashed it on the torso and it dissolved into darkness and disappeared. The white creature made its way to attack, but Goofy used his shield, blocking it from attacking Donald.

Likke continued to attack the heartless, casting a few spells along the way. They continued attacking in a repetitive cycle until there wasn’t a single heartless left. Only the white creature remained untouched. Likke tried to jump and attack in mid air but it moved too fast and slashed her. Hitting the ground, Likke cast a thunder spell but didn’t even make a scratch on it. Donald then cast a protect spell on Likke, seeing her dashing again. Swinging her keyblade, she managed to slice it on the arm.

“Darn it! It’s too strong. It only had a little damage!” said Likke.

“This is a nobody Likke! Its way stronger than a heartless!” shouted Donald.

“What?! You’re kidding, right?” Likke shouted back, ”Well, then take this!”

Likke decided to try a different method by attacking both with the keyblade and her dagger. This time it was successful, and they brought the nobody down. Not wanting to stay any longer, they decided to leave and catch up to Sora. As they went on the streets, more heartless started appearing. Fighting them off became harder, as they kept increasing in number. Just then, a flash of light shined, and a boy appeared as the heartless were all defeated. He held two keyblades, one was black in color, the other in white with some kind of star on it.

“Whoa… he’s good.” said Likke, her jaw dropping.

“No way!” Donald stuttered “You’re…”

The boy looked at them with his blue eyes. His blonde hair and appearance made Likke jump on her feet. He looked exactly like Sora.

“What the?! Who are you?!” Likke shrieked, pointing at him.

“Me? I’m Sora’s nobody… Roxas.”


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Jun 16, 2007
seriously u should do a career
ur writing is awesome!
keep going
and you'll never know!?!?!?!:thumbsup:
p.s I'd love to have a writer friend


Mar 27, 2007
I loved this chapter, I think that its the best story in the series so far keep up the great work xD.


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Feb 3, 2007
Where angels lose their way
next chappie alert! XD meh... i don't know if i made the endng bad DX well, please feel free to comment XD

Chapter Fourteen

Roxas dashed behind Likke, using his keyblade to eliminate a nobody that was about to attack her. Donald kept casting spells, while Goofy used his shield to block incoming attacks. Likke still used her tactic; using her dagger with the keyblade, and defeated a couple nobodies.

“This is getting on my nerves… Can’t these things stay down?!” Likke shouted, slicing a heartless down.

“Temper, temper… careful there, little girl.” A voice said.

A black hole appeared right in front of them. As it got bigger, a hooded figure came out.

“That voice… no way…” Likke stuttered.

“A black cloak… you’re the one’s causing this mess?!” said Donald angrily, “Waak, Don’t you ever get tired of bugging people!”

“Heh, shut up you overgrown foul. You’re not who I’m after.”

“Who are you calling an overgrown fowl?!” Donald immediately then cast a thundaga spell on the cloaked figure. But the figure evaded it effortlessly and headed for Likke. Goofy then tried to block his path, though he ended up being pushed away.

The figure continued to head towards her, and at which he summoned a keyblade. Likke was familiar with the keyblade, and she felt cold as she blocked his attack. His hood fell back as he attacked her, revealing his short, dark-blue hair. Likke’s suspicion was right, no doubt, it was Hito.

“Nice time for us to meet, huh Likke.” he said, withdrawing back.

“Yeah ,right!” Likke said sarcastically “What are you doing?! Is this everything you wanted in your life?!”

“Not really, but I‘ll get it after everything’s according to his plan.” Hito said smirking, “So, all there is now for you is… death.”

Hito jumped into the air, focusing his key on Likke. Likke then did the same, blocking his attack while stabbing him with the dagger on his leg. Blood started to splatter, but they kept fighting. Likke was fueled with rage. She can’t understand what he really wanted. He noticed she was losing concentration because of anger, and seeing an opening, stabbed her. Hito expected her to fall immediately, but she kept on standing. Likke looked at him with eyes becoming teary, while the spot where the keyblade stabbed her continued to shed blood. Hito’s face became pale; he took the blade out causing some of it to stain his cloak.

“Why?...” after she said this, Likke fell on the ground, unconscious.

“Waak! Likke! Hang on!” shouted Donald, “You can’t die here!”

“You’re a sick person!” shouted Roxas, lifting Likke off the ground “Have you no shame?!”

“She won’t last long if she stays like this.” said Goofy, ”Donald, use your magic!”

“It’s not enough to save her! The wound’s too deep!”

Another portal appeared, but it was of light. A girl with long, blonde-hair stepped out, reaching her hand out.

“Roxas, hurry!” she said.

“Namine! Just in time. Come on, let’s get out of here!”


Unknown to them, they were being watched. The current event showed on a mirror, surrounded by light. The members of the Comrades watched as Likke and the others disappeared into the portal Namine made.

“I win the bet.”

A girl, with long, silver, slightly wavy hair, smiled as she sat on her couch. She held a mannequin of a young child in one hand, a teacup on the other. Her eyes, gold-yellow glimmered with satisfacton.

“Darn, Antique won the wager!” another person said, banging on a nearby table. He had a fair complexion, with deep-brown eyes, along with reddish hair. “If that girl hadn’t shown, Hito would’ve killed her completely!”

“That’s what anybody gets in gambling… No one ever is satisfied in the end result. But you know, he’s pretty good for his age, don’t you think?” another man spoke. The man appeared to be in his twenties. A scar ran across the bridge of his nose reaching to his forehead. His nearly long, ebony black hair was tied, while his eyes were green, looking at the mirror.

“Apparently. If he isn’t good, he wouldn’t be in our little organization, don’t you agree, Fargus?” Antique chuckled haughtily. “And as wagered, you owe me, Axcin. You’ll do my work for the next weeks to come.”

“Aargh! Great, now all I have left is to do the dirty work!” Axcin scowled. “Summoning more heartless sucks! I want to summon the nobodies!”

As Axcin complained, two cloaked figures then entered the neat, yet detailed room. It was Silfer, accompanied by Draix. Silfer wore a very displeased expression, slouching on his regular chair. Draix, on the other hand, was calm as ever, grabbed a cloth and started cleaning his gun.

“You two are a disgrace. But I guess that knight was too much, eh?” taunted Antique.

“Appears so.” replied Draix “She might gain even more power, if she knows how to unleash her inner strength.”

“Heh… if she survives. Hito just injured her. I don’t think she’ll live…” said Antique, drinking tea.

“Well, your day was a total bust. Mine’s just beginning!” said Axcin, glaring at Antique “Hey, has anyone seen Song and Avorquin? They’re not yet here.”

“Those kids sure are busy. They’ll come sooner or later.”

“Is everyone present?”

All became silent as a man entered. He had sapphire-blue eyes, and short, white hair. His eyes fixed suddenly on the mirror, making him grin.

“How was your day, Mason?” greeted Draix.

“Wonderful. So, shall we start our meeting?”


Mar 27, 2007
Awesome chapter, I wonder what the meeting was about and I honestly thought that man with the silver hair was Sephiroth but I was wrong xD.
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