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Big Boss
Jul 27, 2006
Nice chapter Every although you could have done better... i hope holloween town will be better....

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Sora: Hey, I'm back. And I found Jesus!
Jesus: Hey homies whats up?
Goofy: We found the Holy Grail*holds up a mug that says "Jesus" on it*
Donald: We found it in some house where the Last Supper was.
Jesus: *taking it* So thats where I left it*fills it with coffee and drinks from it*
Kairi: Unfortunately, I couldn't find Virgina Ity. She escaped me again.
Every Heart: Ok. What about you Riku?
Riku: I found Excaliber*holds up a wodden sword*
Every Heart: *slaps Riku* How dare you lie in front of Jesus!!
Jesus: Actually, I'm just some hobo Sora picked up off the streets. Thanks for the coffee.*leaves*
Every Heart: Huh...
Kairi: So what did you do while we were gone?
Every Heart: I'm still doing it. Ok Bakura, you ready?
Bakura: This is it*deals out the cards*
Every Heart: .....Damnit, I fold.
Bakura: But we are playing Go Fish.
Every Heart: I know...
Riku: Hey, shouldn't we be doing Halloween Town?
Every Heart: Too damn lazy to make a real update...
Kairi: So what are we suppossed to do to pass the time?
Every Heart: I don't know, just go beat up Sora. I'm busy.
Riku: Hell yes!*starts stabbing and hitting Sora with the wooden sword*

You were born. Simple, no?

Halloween Town next time.

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Actually, I found that a lot of people get away with script style fanfics.....

Also, my ff.net username is "Night Rain Illusion". For some that noticed, there is one fanfic there that I haven't put here....

At Halloween Town....
Sora: ....Are we in Translvania?
Donald: No, I'm pretty sure we aren't...
Sora: The clothes rock though. Everyone will think I'm goth or emo...
Jack:*jumps out of nowhere* BOOOOO!!!
Jack: Damn, kids are so hard to scare these days....
Sora: I'm a teenager...
Donald: I'm a pantsless duck...
Goofy: I'm a mutated dog/horse thing....
*everyone stares*
Goofy: Hey, some things happened with my dog mom and my horse dad...
Sora: Ok...Anyway, you can't scare me Jack!
Jack: Did I mention that I'm the King of Nightmares?
Jack: Did I mention I'm on crack?
Sora: AHHHH!!! A CRACK ADDICTED SKELETON!!!*jumps into Goofys arms, who drops him to the ground* Oww....
Donald: Ignoring that, we are here to take on any evil. You know, hero business?
Jack: I see...well, come with me. I'm sure that our evil lab doctor can help you there....
Sora: *snorts at this*
Jack:....Who happens to also be on crack....
Sora: That changed everything. I'm scared now. Is everyone addicted to crack here?
Jack: Pretty much so that it motivates us to have Halloween everyday. It was issued by the mayor. Someday, I would love to be able to celebrate Christmas or Easter, but no....It had to be Halloween...
*they reach the lab*
Doctor Whatever the Hell his name is: Hmm...I can't find that artificial heart we made...*opens skull plate to scratch his brain*
Donald: Did he just scratch his brain?
Goofy: Eww...
Jack: Oogie Boogie must of taken it!!!
Sally: No, I'm pretty sure its right on that desk over there...
Zero: Bark Bark!
*they both run out*
Doctor: Oh, here it is...Damn, they already left...
*so they soon reach Oogie Manor....*
Lock, Shock, and Barrel: WE WON'T LET YOU PASS!!
Sora: Look! Candy flavored crack!
The three kids: WHERE??? *runs off*
Sora: That was way too easy...
*they reach Oogie*
Jack: Goive us back the heart Oogie!
Oogie: What heart?
Jack: Sora, cut him open! Maybe he hid it in his bug ridden guts!!
Sora: I'm starting to like this place...*slices him open* It's almost like Dissection 101!...Nope, no heart here.
Jack: At least we killed the bad guy...well, with that gone, I'm off to go smoke behind that Haunted KMart. *leaves*
Donald: Sora, isn't this the part where your suppossed to say something sentimental? You know, about saving the world and doing good?
Sora:*thinks*....Nope. Can't think of anything...Let's go join Jack behind that KMart...we may be able to spray paint the back of it...
Goofy: I wonder what Every Heart and the others are doing....
*Meanwhile at Every Heart's house, everyone is laying on her new carpet*
Kairi: This carpet is addictively soft...
Riku: Yeah...I could lay here for days...
*Every Heart's pet cat Catty comes out of nowhere and attacks Riku's face*
Riku: AHHH! GET YOUR CLAWS OUT OF MY FACE!!!*rolls around on the carpet*
Every Heart: Yeah...your right Kairi....this is a really soft new carpet I had put in for the house...

In loving memory of my 9 year old pet cat Catty, who didn't get the chance to enjoy the new carpet we got over the weekend.....

I miss you everyday...
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