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Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
And now for the long awaited update of KingDumb Hearts!

Sora: My God, it's been so long since we did an update.
Riku: I know, I was actually paying attention to stuff that you said during the wait.
Kairi: I was actually visualizing the two of us together while waiting Sora...
Sora: Wanna make that vision a reality?
Kairi: I'm too bored to slap you for that comment.
Riku: Anybody even remember why it took so long to update?
Sora: It's because of how we spent a week hiding from Every Heart while eating only the dorito crumbs in the carpet of the attic and sucking moisture out of the rafters.
Kairi: Do you think that it's safe to come out?
Riku: There's only one way to find out.
*all three go outside, where the city is totally destroyed*
Sora: OMG
Riku: Wow, she did some extensive damage.
Kairi: This is almost like a Godzilla movie. Or that one movie we watched where Jesus took everybody to heaven and all the sinners stayed behind on Earth.
Riku: No Sora, we weren't left behind, all though that is a strong possibility.
Kairi: So where's Every Heart?
*In Toyko Japan.....*
Every Heart: So as I was saying, all I did was take some shrooms and here I am, high as a cloud. *steps on a building*
Godzilla: You know, that's the exact way I became like this. I was just an ordinary pet lizard when my idiot owner dropped his shrooms into my tank.
*Back to where Sora and the others are*
Nomura: *walking up to the group* Looks like you three survived. Well, until the city is repaired, we are going to have to stop the shooting of the game. Even though our building seems to be the only one untouched. Damn politics.
Riku: So what are we suppossed to do now? Get temporary jobs?
*a few days later.....*
Riku: *temp job in an office at a computer* I hate my job.
Riku's Boss: When your done with the file sorting, I want you to get my coffee and do other boring idiotic things I could do myself.
Riku: *sigh* This is the reason why I joined KHInsider under the name......
Riku's Boss: No talking to yourself while on the job!
Riku: *sighs*
Kairi: And a one two three, that's right, shake those hips! *dancing instructor maybe????*
*Meanwhile where Sora is....*
Sora: I LOVE MY JOB! *takes a bloody ax and chops off the head of a chicken, in otherwords, he's a butcher*
Sora's Boss: I think you take your job a little too seriously.

Next time on KingDumb Hearts, will they get their jobs back as actors? Tune in to find out!

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Riku: I want to go back to being an actor......*clicks on a video*
Riku: o_O Now I really want to get back to being an actor if this is all I have to do, watch this over and over again!
Kairi: I hate my job!!*is at Mcdonalds*
Reader: Hey, I thought she had a different job
Reader 2: I guess she quit whatever it was she was doing.....

Sora: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cuts up a pig*
Sora's Boss: Why did I ever hire you??
Every Heart: Oh yeah it's on Godzilla! I will beat your ass!
Godzilla: This is my turf, and no one comes in on my turf and beats me.
Every Heart: Oh yeah? Ready, Set, Go!
*the two are playing Mario Kart*
Godzilla: Damn, hit by a turtle shell.
Every Heart: Yes! I won! I told you that Yoshi was better than Bowser! You owe me 200 dollars.
Godzilla: *handing money over* Damn, I was gonna use that to buy a DS Lite....

It looks like they didn't get their jobs back. Too bad, maybe next time.

Also, clicky the link, I mean it.

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
I've torchered you long enough(7 days) heres a chapter

*a few weeks later, everything is back to normal and everyone forgot about the shroom incident*
Every Heart: Hey everyone, I won 4 Academy awards!
Riku: No way, how?
Every Heart: No really, check my sig
*everyone checks*
Sora: Interesting. You won 4 roleplay awards for Khinsider.
Every Heart: Now I have more awards than you three.
Kairi: We don't have any awards....
Every Heart: That's the point. *walks off laughing with her awards*
*With that little victory out of the way, we now fast forward to Sora at the Olympus Colisseum*
Sora: *running through opsticle course* THAT PHIL IS A SLAVE DRIVER!!
Phil: One word for you. KEEP RUNNING! *whips him*
Goofy: That's two words you idiot. *smacks Phil in the back of the head*
Donald: Your not whipping him hard enough! *steals whip and hits Sora with it*
Sora: I HATE YOU ALL!!!!
Phil" Ok, so that you don't get a lawsuit for whipping you, you can now enter the tournament.
Sora: FINALLY! Readers at home have been waiting for this damntournament for weeks!
Every Heart: And they are going to have to wait longer, I've got a new FMA game to go play
Riku: What game is that?
Every Heart: Full Metal Alchemist: The Broken Angel. I finally got a copy of it.
Kairi: So...we have to wait a little while longer for the tournament
Every Heart: Yep. *runs off laughing*

Tough luck readers, I have a new game to play, so the tournament is put off for the next chappy!
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