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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Heats: Blades of Rebirth

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Jan 29, 2009
I've been working on this fanfic for about a year now. It takes place a couple decades after the events of Kingdom Hearts II (or III, if one ever comes out). Keep in mind, I'm not the greatest writer, especially when it comes to fanfictions, so there will be several errors. If anyone spots any mistakes, minor or major, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Chapter 1: A Small Challenge

Seika weakly opened his eyes. Dark rings faintly ran around them. He hadn't slept for four days. It wasn't because he couldn't, it was because five nights ago, he had a dream where he was falling and couldn't wake up. He rubbed a hand through is black, spiky hair with a sigh. "Another sleepless night."

"Seika!" he heard his mother call from the room below. "Seika, are you up? You're friends called half an hour ago asking where you were."

He glanced up at the clock hanging on his room's wall. It was a quarter past 10. With a start, Seika threw his blankets off and jumped out of bed. He quickly pulled his usual clothes on, a dark blue jacket that was over a white T-shirt, baggy green pants that had large Xs on the front and back, and black sneakers, as well as a hemp bracelet that had four beads that he wore on his left wrist since he was eight, for seven years. With that, he ran out the door to meet up with his friends at their usual spot, the statue of a falcon near the center of town.

His friends, Kenzo and Olivia, were sitting on the statue, waiting with impatient looks. Kenzo had spiky, dirty blond hair and wore a brown hoodie and blue jeans. Olivia had hair that was curled in a bun and the fringe hung onto her shoulders. She wore an orange blouse and skirt. "What took you?" Kenzo said when Seika finally made it.

"Sorry. I guess I overslept," he muttered. Kenzo shook his head and sighed. "But hey, at least I showed up."

"That's not the point," Olivia said, adjusting her glasses up her nose. She pointed to the building that towered above them. "there's another 'challenge' going on in the colosseum, and that bonehead Gekko thinks he can take the Executioner down."

Seika didn't say anything. "So, any plans on what we're going to do today?" he asked, hoping to change the subject.

"Nope," Kenzo replied. There was a pause and the three sighed. The three sat around the fountain in silence for a few minutes, then Kenzo stood up and stretched. "Look's like another Saturday down the drain."

"It's not that big of a deal," Seika said. "Summer vacation is in two weeks. We could do anything we want then."

"Yeah, but who knows if we get the chance," Olivia muttered. "Our parents are probably going to want to take us somewhere, or one of us might end up going to a summer camp again."

Seika didn't respond. It felt too early to argue, until an idea flashed into his head. "We could go to the pond in the woods."

Olivia and Kenzo looked at him with annoyed looks. "The only thing to do there is throw rocks," Olivia said.

"Do you have anything better to do?"

Kenzo sighed. "Alright, alright. It beats doing nothing but sit around here and deal with the random people giving us dirty looks." The three finally agreed and walked down the street towards the large, forested area south of the town. A figure approached the statue where the sat.

In the center of the woods was a clearing with a large pond. The three sat on the edge of a ledge that overlooked the water. Kenzo grabbed a small, smooth rock and tossed it in the water, and the three watched as the rock bounced across the surface. Seika leaned against a willow tree and yawned.

"Well, this is boring," Olivia muttered. "This is just as bad as just sitting on the statue."

Before Kenzo or Seika could respond, they heard movement in the bushes. "Who's there?" Kenzo shouted and he jumped to his feet as a boy walked out. He was tall and had dark brown hair that hung above his eyes, but was neatly combed in the back. He wore a dark grey shirt with sleeves that barely left his shoulders, and long, dark red pants.

"Gekko?" Olivia gasped.

Gekko grinned. "In the flesh."

"What do you want?" Kenzo asked. "How did you know we were here?"

"I overheard you morons talking about coming over here," Gekko replied. He spat onto the ground. "As for why I'm here, I should be asking you. This is my turf."

Olivia stood up. "This entire forest is owned by the town."

Gekko shook his head and laughed. "My family owns this land. As the oldest son, the forest also belongs to me."

Olivia and Kenzo glared at Seika, who responded with a nervous shrug. "Let's just leave," Kenzo murmured. Seika stood up and the three began to leave the forest, but Gekko jumped in their way.

"Oh, I can't just let you leave. You were trespassing on my family's property. I have the right to turn you in."

"What right?" Kenzo yelled. "There's no notice that this is private property?"

Gekko pointed to a sign by the path back to the town. 'Private Property. All trespassers will be fined.'

"See?" Gekko laughed. "The fine is five-thousand Munny."

"Five-thousand!" Olivia and Kenzo yelled. "We don't even have that much!"

Gekko laughed even louder. "Well, if you don't pay, I guess I'll have to turn you in. But I'm a reasonable guy. If you do something for me - I don't know, maybe fight me - I'll let the three of you go, free of charge. That is, if you win."

"Alright," Kenzo said. "What are we-" Gekko cut him off.

"Who said I'm going to fight you?" Gekko said. He pointed at Seika. "You, quiet boy. You're the one I'll be fighting."

Seika looked at him, then at his two friends. "You can do it, Seika," Kenzo said with a nod. Seika didn't respond.

"Are you afraid?" Gekko mocked.

Seika bit the inside of his cheek. He was afraid. He was a pacifist. At least, he tried to be. "Fine," he muttered.

Gekko's grin widened. He pulled a two thick sticks out from the bushes behind him and tossed one to Seika. He tightened his left hand's grip as he readied himself. Gekko began by jumping at him and he swung the stick at Seika, which hit him on the shoulder, hard.

Seika quickly retaliated as Gekko jumped at him again, but this time, Seika was ready and did a sidestep to dodge, leaving Gekko open for an attack. Seika slammed his weapon into Gekko's back. Gekko fell to the ground, but quickly flipped around, only to see Seika hold his stick in front of his face, waiting for him to surrender. Gekko looked at him, but quickly grinned.

Seika didn't understand what made him grin. But then he knew, as he was hit in the back of the head, hard, and he fell to the ground, unconscious.
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Sep 2, 2008
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Okay, that last part has my curiosity buzzing like there's no tomorrow. What's going to happen???

As for the story, it was okay. A bit slow in the beginning, but you know how to grab attention, don't you? There isn't really that much detail, but that's okay. The story seems good enough. I can't wait to read more. And not too many mistakes, as far as I can tell on a Friday afternoon. Nice job.


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Jan 29, 2009
Thanks! It probably won't take long for me to add the other chapters I've written, since there are seventeen others. I probably will get one or two up by the end of the day.


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Jan 29, 2009
Chapter 2: The Awakening

The next thing Seika knew, he was falling through water. But, it really didn't feel like water to him. He could still breath, and see clearly, and his clothes were flapping, as if a silent wind were blowing at him. He could feel the cool liquid on his skin, but his skin didn't feel wet at all. Moments later, he finally landed on a hard surface. He opened his eyes and realized he was standing on darkness. He looked around, his heart beating.

There was a burst of light on his next step that blinded him. He could hear wings flapping past him. He forced his eyes to open and he turned his head to see several doves fly into the darkness above. A picture was appearing as the doves cleared off the floor. Then, he realized what he was standing on. A stained glass floor with the image three figures.

In the center was a boy with spiky, brown hair and dressed in black garments. Seika noticed that behind him was a shadow of another figure, but his face was covered by a black hood. To the left of the brown haired boy, was a taller, white haired boy, who wore a black shirt underneath a white and yellow jacket, and baggy dark blue pants. There was figure behind him as well, a man with long white hair, and had tanned skin. He wore a white open coat that revealed his chest, and an emblem that was in the shape of a red heart with a spiked X in it. To the boy in the middle's right was a small black mouse with a beige face and large, round ears. Behind him was a man dressed in a black and red robe, and his face was revealed as an elderly man with long blond hair and a beard.

Seika was awestruck from the beauty of the picture, but he didn't notice three alters rise in front of him, each holding a weapon. A sword, a shield, and a staff. As he looked at them, he heard a voice in his head. "Now, choose your weapon."

He studied each weapon carefully. 'The sword,' he thought. 'The only thing I can protect myself with. I'm no wizard, and the shield would do nothing.' He grabbed the sword from the alter. The ground began to shake, and the three alters collapsed into the ground.

Seika took a deep breath and looked at the sword, admiring its appearance, until the voice spoke again. "Do not lower your guard. The enemy is near." Seika looked around, but didn't see anything, until he saw a small shadow squirm around the stained glass floor.

The shadow began to pop from the ground, revealing a small, black creature with small, yellow eyes. The creature had a long body and a round head with two long antennas. The creature squirmed around the ground until it noticed Seika standing there. Before it could jump, though, Seika slashed it with the sword, causing it to fade into darkness.

"Very good," the voice murmured. "Now, let's test your courage."

The glass floor began to shatter and Seika fell into the darkness below, only to land on another stain glass pillar. This one had an image of three knights, each in different armor. One was in gold, black, and red. Another looked more feminine and wore violet and blue armor. The third, who seemed to be the youngest of the three, wore gold and olive armor. Behind the three were two figures, a bald, old man with a white beard, and a black knight with a large, red heart-like symbol on his chest.

Seika walked across the floor, admiring the picture more than the last. A light began to shine from above, and the voice spoke again. "Be on your guard, child. For the closer to the light you are, the greater your shadow becomes."

Seika spun around on his heel and looked around. There was nothing. But something caught his eye. His shadow was missing. His heart began to beat against his chest as he slowly walked to the center of the floor, until he heard something else beating as well. He turned around and saw another black creature, this one was larger. Much larger. Its golden eyes were watching his every move. The creature had spikes on its head, just like Seika's hair, but it ran down its back, just like the antennas on the first creature he saw. Two large, angelic wings were folded on its back, and on its chest was a large, heart-shaped hole. With each beat from Seika's heart, the creature grew larger.

He slowly began to step back. "Don't be afraid," the voice said. He dropped the sword and turned to run, but realized there was no where to run to. "You have much more courage than you believe." The sword vanished from the ground, and in a burst of light, a key-like weapon appeared in Seika's hand. "For the Keybearer has been reborn."

Before Seika could do anything, though, one of the creature's antennas wrapped around his waist and pulled him off the ledge. The creature was waiting for him on the other end of the floor. More of the antennas flew at him, holding his body still. Its wings created a barrier around the two and a mouth appeared on its face. It began to pull Seika closer to devour him, but a beam shot out of the key, blinding the creature. The creature vanished back into the darkness and Seika dropped back onto the floor.

The stained glass image vanished and turned into darkness. The head and upper body of the creature appeared from the darkness, which gave Seika the chance to attack. He raised the key and began to slash at the head. The creature gave a roar of pain and sank back into the darkness. It reappeared, kneeling on one knee. Its antennas flew at Seika, leaving a gap in front of its head. With the few seconds he had, Seika came up with a strategy to defeat the creature.

He dodged the antennas by jumping of the ledge and holding up to the edge, waiting for all the antennas to fly pass. He pulled himself back up and threw the key at the creature's head, knocking it back. He quickly grabbed the key and gave the creature one final blow. The creature struggled back to its feet, but fell forward, towards Seika.

"Seika!" cried a voice, and before the creature crashed onto him, he woke up.


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Jan 29, 2009
To be honest, I'm still debating if he should make an appearance of some sort. But what happened to him will be told later in the story.

Chapter 3: Lurking Shadows

Seika's eyes burst open, now realizing he was in his room. He heard ran tapping on the window. He looked around, trying to find the one who called his name. There was no one. He sighed and slumped back down. "What a dream," he muttered.

There were footsteps approaching and the door opened. A girl his age with copper colored hair entered, and Seika knew her very well. "Seika!" she yelled and ran to hug him. On her right wrist was a hemp bracelet as well, except hers had a small, green bead on it.

"Hana?" Seika said when she released him. He rubbed his aching head. "What happened?"

"Kenzo and Olivia told me Gekko's brother knocked you out. They brought you back here and told me. I came earlier this morning, but you were still out."

Seika smiled. "Thanks for that," he said, but then his smile vanished when he noticed his own hemp bracelet was missing. He pulled his blanket off him and searched around his bed. "My bracelet, where is it?" he muttered when he searched through his room.

"Maybe if fell off when you were knocked out?" Hana said. She was the one who gave him the bracelet, which is what made it special to him.

Seika stood up and looked out the blurred window. He released a sigh and zipped his jacket. "Could you get Kenzo and Olivia to meet me at the pond?" Seika asked Hana.

"You can't go back there," she said. Her voice was shaking. "If you get caught trespassing there, Gekko will raise the fine."

Seika shook his head. "I have to find that bracelet," he muttered. He ran out the door and back to the woods where he was knocked out. He quickly and carefully retraced his steps. Moments later, Kenzo, Olivia, and Hana entered the clearing.

Kenzo quickly approached Seika and grabbed his jacket collar and said, "What are you thinking? We're in enough trouble as it is!" Seika didn't say anything. Kenzo released him and stepped back.

"Gekko reported us," Olivia said. "because he won the fight. It was just a dirty trick, his brother knocking you out like that."

When she finished, something caught their eye. On the ledge that overlooked the pond was a small black creature. Seika looked at it carefully, and his heart began to beat against his chest. He ran to catch up with Kenzo.

"What is this thing?" Kenzo muttered as he approached the small black creature. The creature didn't move, except for its antennas, which twitched violently. Its yellow eyes were staring at Kenzo's chest. He picked up a small stick and poked the creature in its head. It didn't move.

"Get back!" Seika yelled, and he pushed Kenzo out of the way.

Kenzo jumped to his feet and grabbed Seika by his collar again. "What was that for?"

This time, Seika slapped his hand off. "This thing is dangerous."

Kenzo laughed. "What's so dangerous about it?" Seika didn't answer. Kenzo turned back to face the creature. "It seems harmless."

The creature's head twitched and it looked at Seika. It took a step back, as if beginning to retreat, and then dove at Kenzo, striking him in the chest.

He fell to the ground, breathing heavily, then barely. The creature vanished. Olivia and Hana ran over as fast as they could as Seika laid Kenzo on the ground and pulled his shirt off. There was a large, black aura was covering the part where his heart was.

Seika put his head to his chest. He could hear Kenzo breathing, but no heartbeat. Olivia pushed him out of the way and held Kenzo in her arms. "Kenzo, wake up! Open your eyes." There was no response. Olivia looked at Seika. "What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything," Seika muttered. "I tried to get him away, but he didn't listen. That creature, I saw when I was knocked out. It attacked him."

Olivia didn't believe him. She pulled one of his arms over her shoulders and began to carry him out of the clearing. Hana followed. Seika gave a sigh as his three friends left the clearing, leaving him alone in the rain.

He looked at the grey sky. "Was that dream real?" he muttered. "Then what was that key, and how was I able to get it?" He shook his head and he turned to leave, until someone spoke to him.

"What you saw just now was a Heartless," said a cheerful voice. "They're creatures made from the darkness within the hearts of people. That one you just saw ate your friend's heart."

Seika looked around and said, "Where are you? Who are you?"

"Well, right now, I'm not in your world. As for who I am, I guess I'll just leave that up to you to find out. Right now, I'm in a world known as Radiant Gardens. What I want you to do is meet me there, and I will fill you in on everything that's going on."

"Another world?" Seika murmured, then he shouted, "How can I get to another world?"

"Well," the voice began, "I don't really know how you can leave your world, but I have a theory. Is there any door of some sort in your world?"

Seika thought for a moment. Then a thought burst into his mind. The great colosseum that towered over the town. "That must be why that guy is there. The Executioner must be guarding the door. He must be a Heartless or something."

The voice gave a light laugh. "Well, none the less, you better find it, and fast. Your heart will take care of the rest. There might not be much time."

Seika looked around, worried about being overheard or caught. "Much time for what?"

"Well, it's not exactly something that I can explain here, but it will happen tonight, so you better find a way out of there quick."

"Alright, I think I get it," Seika said. "Thanks." There was no response. He was back alone in silence. He looked around to make sure there was no one around and used every bit of strength and energy in his body to run out of the woods without being caught.
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I don't like you very much right now. Or curiosity. What's going to happen next? Who's the cheerful voice? What's going to happen to Kenzo? Is Seika going to get out? When's the next update? *breathes* Good job. There weren't many mistakes, again. Looking forward to more.


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Jan 29, 2009
I'll post it now ^^.

Chapter 4: Doomsday

Seika entered the great building and looked around. Fountains and stores covered the inside. In the center was an elevator that led to apartments and hotels on the middle floor, and the colosseum at the top. Beside it was a booth to sign in for a match or to by tickets.

Seika sighed and walked to it. "I'd like to sign up for a fight with the Executioner." The man inside looked at him closely, then barked out laughing. Seika noticed many other people overheard and began laughing as well. He didn't say anything and quickly filled in the paperwork.

"Are you crazy, kid?" the man managed to say. "Or did that rock to your head from Gekko's brother knock the sense right out of you?"

Seika was surprised how quickly that spread through the town. He start to think about what Olivia said. How Gekko believed he could defeat the Executioner. Then his thoughts went to Kenzo, how that creature attacked him. "Just let me in," he muttered.

The man shook his head and stopped laughing. "It's your funeral. Free of charge." He handed Seika a pass to the top. "The match is in an hour, so rest up. You're going to need it." He walked on to the elevator and as the doors closed, he noticed Hana standing by the entrance, watching him with sad eyes.

His heart filled with guilt as the elevator shot up towards the colosseum. Seika stayed as far away from the glass doors as he could, trying not to look down from his fear of heights, and fear of seeing Hana for possibly the last time. He put his hand around his wrist, wishing he had his bracelet.

He reached the floor and showed the pass to the security guards, who led him to the challenger's waiting room. He dropped himself onto the sofa when he entered with his hands on his head. "What's wrong with me," he murmured.

He glanced at the large clock that sat on the wall, ticking the minutes until the fight. Thirty minutes were left. His mind began to drift, letting time fly pass quickly, and before he knew it, there was a knock on his door. He jumped when one of the guards came in. "You have ten minutes," he sounded unusually calm, but at the same time, quite shaken. "It would be best if you went to the arena."

Seika nodded and followed him to the arena. Several times, he felt like he saw something following him, but quickly lost his suspicions when the guard stopped him in the middle of the hallway and pushed him to the side. He noticed a large man was walking down from behind, escorted by two women. He wore a long black cape and matching cargo pants. The rest of his body was bare and he had black mask covering all his face except his eyes, mouth, and white ponytail from the back of his head. He was the Executioner.

He noticed Seika against the wall, and looked at the pass around his neck. He grabbed the collar of Seika's shirt and held him against up and smirked. "I just loved fresh meat," he laughed. "Especially a kid's. I will squash you like a bug out in the arena!"

He dropped Seika and walked away with the two women in each of his arms. Seika rubbed his neck and looked at the guard, who looked away as if nothing had happened. "Three minutes," was all he said and they continued down the hallway.

There were more people sitting all around the stands then he thought, judging by how much time had passed from when he signed up. The Executioner sat on a large throne, with a large axe in his hand. Around the sides of the arena were well over fifty security guards, from what Seika could see. One approached him and handed him a blue sword.

Seika looked at the sword, then glanced at his opponent's axe. 'No wonder everyone loses,' he thought. He opened his mouth to protest over the size comparisons, until the spokesman began to speak.

"For the first time in five months, the great Executioner has a challenger!" The audience gave a roar of shouts and laughter. "Weighing only one-hundred and forty pounds is Seika!" The audience quickly switched to boo's. "Weighing over three-hundred pounds, the invincible Executioner!" The entire audience cheered.

The referee walked into the middle of the arena. "I want a clean match," he said. His eyes turned to the Executioner. "Go easy on the kid." He could only smirk.


* * *

Olivia sat in a chair beside the bed Kenzo was lying on. The darkness on his chest grew quicker and quicker. She looked out the window. The sky grew dark in a hurry, but there seemed to be a moon in the cloudy sky. Something felt very odd.

She sighed and looked down at Kenzo's blank face. "I hope Seika and Hana are all right," she murmured, but shook her head. It was Seika's fault for what happened to Kenzo, anyway. Why should she care about him. She sighed again, and shook her head. "Why me?"

There was a thump the door. She jumped to her feet instantly. There was nothing. Breathing heavily and her heart beating, she walked to the door and slowly opened it. There was nothing.

She turned back to Kenzo, and noticed something moving under his bed. A black creature popped out from the shadows, it's yellow eyes watched her every move. It was the same creature from the woods. Olivia's heart began to beat harder against her chest. She began to back away from it, until she noticed another one rise from the corner of the room, and another one from the wall. And soon, the room was full of the black creatures. She gave a scream as she was consumed by the darkness.

* * *

Seika dodged the axe as it slammed down beside him, barely missing his arm. He jumped to his feet and slashed to sword at the Executioner. It didn't seem to do anything. He laughed and said, "You need to do better if you want to beat me. Give up now and I promise I'll let you out with a broken arm."

Seika dodged again as the opponent smashed his axe into the ground. This was his chance. He jumped on top of the axe and ran up the thick handle, trying not to loose his balance, and he knocked the Executioner in his head.

He fell to his side and gave a roar of anger, dropping his weapon. He struggled to stand. "You little snot!" he roared. "Now I'm going to rip all of your limbs off and feed them to my hounds!" There were cheers from all around the arena.

But then, the arena began to tremble. There were screams of horror from around the audience as the roof of the colosseum flew off, revealing a ball of darkness above them. Everyone in the stands began to run.

The Executioner looked around. Seika could tell that he was afraid. But something seemed very wrong. His left hand began to shake and in a burst of light, the key from his dream appeared. "The key?" he muttered.

People quickly fled from the arena, leaving Seika and the Executioner alone. "What's going on?" the Executioner yelled. He looked at Seika. "Is this some sort of plot to kill me?"

Seika shook his head. He let his anger take over him "No, you fool! Heartless are attacking our world!"

There was a shrieking laugh. The two spun around and saw a tall woman that was draped in a black robe, standing by the wall. In her hand was a long staff with a green stone on the end. By her legs was a girl. Hana.

Seika stared at her in horror. "Hana!" he yelled and he held the key out for an attack. "Let her go!" He began to charge at the woman, but with a flick of her staff, he flew back, and landed back beside the Executioner.

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you," the woman said sadistically. "In moments, this world will turn to darkness." Her smirk vanished. "Besides, I need this girl to get something of mine back." A black portal appeared behind her. "But so that you die honorably, Keybearer," she flicked her staff again. The Executioner coughed, as if he were choking and put his hands on his chest.

Seika turned around and witnessed the Executioner turn black and a red heart-shaped symbol appear on his chest. He began to shake as the man transformed into a Heartless.

The Executioner fell to his knees and dropped his hands down, giving him the look of of dog. He gave a roar and charged at Seika.

He dodged as the Heartless swiped at him and knocked him in the head with the key. He looked for the woman. She was gone. The Executioner stood back up and swiped at Seika again, knocking him against the wall, but he quickly retaliated.

Seika tightened his grip and lunged at the Heartless, knocking him in the head. He gave another roar and grabbed Seika's wrist, and threw him across the arena. He used that as his chance to grabbed the Executioner's axe.

The Executioner dodged it as he threw it, and grabbed the handle. Seika gritted his teeth as he watched the Executioner slowly approach him. He raised his giant axe, ready for the final blow, until the arena shook again, and the entire building flew towards the darkness in the sky. And then, all was darkness.


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Jan 29, 2009
Chapter 5: The Face of the Enemy

Seika opened an eye and noticed he was still alive. The key was still clutched in his left hand. He looked around and realized that he was standing on another stained glassed floor. But this one seemed different then all the others. In the center was an image of a white haired boy, sitting on the ground with his arms wrapped around his legs. Tears were dripping down his cheeks. Behind him was a man that looked like an older version of the boy, except his eyes were blood red, and had a look of anger.

As Seika looked around, a cold a wind blew past him and knocked him down. He looked behind and noticed a man with the same white hair as the two in the picture standing on the edge of the pillar. He wore a long, black cloak that broke into two tails on the bottom and white boots that went a few inches above his ankles. Seika stood up. "Who are you?" he called.

The man snickered and slowly turned around. He was the man from the picture. His blood red eyes sent a chill down Seika's spine as they stared at each other. "A Ghost," he muttered. His voice was dark and matched his appearance exactly.

"A... Ghost?" Seika tightened his grip on the key. "What is that suppose to mean?"

The man grinned and shook his head. "You really do know nothing," he said darkly. "I am the outcome of when the Light abandons its soldier." He held out his right hand and in a burst of light, a key just like Seika's appeared, except its blade was jagged with spikes and the handle was broken apart. It looked as if it were made of crystal.

"Are you with that woman?" Seika asked. "Do you know where Hana is?"

"So, she did do as I said." The man murmured. "That girl has a very..." he paused. "peculiar heart. Let's just say, it seems delicious."

Seika's stomach churned. "You are going to eat her heart?"

The man laughed. "I am a Ghost, that's what we do. Some seem to call us Heart Eaters. We devour a heart that is full of Light."

Seika gritted his teeth, and, without thinking straight, he swung the key out and charged at the man. The man vanished into black smoke and reappeared behind Seika and grabbed the back of his head, holding him above the darkness that surrounded the floor. "I don't understand why the Keyblade chose a fool like you." He released Seika and he fell into the darkness below. The man vanished.

* * *

King Mickey ran down the streets of Radiant Gardens with his white Keyblade clutched in his hand. He stopped by the side of a building and looked around in all directions to be sure that there wasn't anyone following, before starting off again. He turned on a corner and quickly opened a door to a rundown house. "Have you found him yet, Merlin?" he shouted.

"No need to get impatient," an elderly man in a violet robe and long pointed hat was fiddling with a small crystal ball. "He just appeared in a world not too far."

Mickey shook his head. "We have no time for this."

Merlin gave a sigh and placed the crystal ball onto a wooden table and walked to the king. "I know that it is hard to get on with this mission without your world. The only way to get it back is by destroying this 'Strider'."

Mickey gave a sigh and smiled. "You're right! And though we can't do anything about it until Seika gets here, we can try and get as much prepared as possible before he faces off with Strider. But there is another problem."

Merlin gave him a sidelong look. "That other boy?" he asked. "We don't know anything about him except that he gave his heart to darkness for power."

Mickey nodded and opened his mouth to speak, but there was a knock on the door. Merlin flicked his hand and falling in was Goofy, Mickey's captain of the Royal Knights. Walking in behind him was his son Max, dressed in his casual black vest over a red hooded t-shirt and baggy blue jeans. A pair of goggles were hanging around his neck. "Captain Goofy and Max reporting for duty, your majesty," Goofy said when he jumped to his feet and saluted.

"You made it just in time," Mickey said. "You know what to do, right Max?"

Max saluted like his father. "Yes, your majesty. Go find Seika and escort him here, then stick with him until his mission is done."

"Right," Mickey said. "Have you told PJ yet?"

Max slowly lowered his salute and rubbed his neck, laughing nervously. "Well, I went to tell him and..." Max let his explanation trail off as his partner ran in, panting heavily.

"Sorry I'm late, your majesty," PJ said. He rubbed the sweat off his forehead and quickly bowed to apologize for his disrespect. Clutched in his hand was a rolled up photo. "I had to find something before I left."

"It's no problem," Mickey said cheerfully. "Now that we're all here, we can begin the knighting." He turned towards a chair. "Come on, Donald."

Jumping out of the chair, the white duck walked towards the group. "Well it's about time. I've been waiting for hours."

Mickey ignored him and unsheathed a sword from a golden hilt. The hilt of the sword was red with a silhouette of Mickey's head on the end, his royal symbol. Max and PJ dropped to on knee and bowed. Mickey raised the sword and tapped Max on his shoulder. "With the power vested in me, I promote you, Max to the new Captain of the Royal Guards." he turned to PJ. "And with the power vested in me, I promote you, PJ, to the first General Vanguard." He turned back to Max. Max stood up. "This now belongs to you. Use it well." He handed the sword to Max.

"Now for you, PJ," Merlin said. He raised his hands and shot a blast of light. New clothing appeared on him. Blue and white armor as well as large, black metal boots. A pair of thick gauntlets appeared on his hands, both had the king's symbol on the back. "This is the same type of armor your father used before he was banished. I hope that you will use it more wisely."

PJ quickly saluted to him. "I will use it with honor, sir!"

Goofy hugged Max tightly. "Congratulations, Maxy!" he said, but Max quickly pushed him away.

"Dad, I'm not a kid anymore. I'd rather you start treating me like... like a soldier."

Goofy sighed. "Well, if that's really how you feel, then I guess it can't be helped. So in that case, your first order of business is to do your mission and find the new Keybearer!"

Max grinned and saluted. "Yes, sir!"

Max and PJ looked at each other and nodded in approval, and the two ran out of Merlin's house and began to head towards their vessel.

* * *

A crystal ball sat in the center of a dark room. Three witches looked down at the ball, watching the black haired Keybearer. The oldest of the three had long, curly, red hair and wore a green robe. The other sister had long golden hair and looked more beautiful then either of her sisters, and she wore a ruby red robe. The third sister seemed quite fat and had a long nose. Black, curly hair covered her head and she wore a violet robe with a small red cape. Strider appeared on the opposite side, with a grin of triumph on his face.

"The boy is weaker than we expected," he said. The witches gave a laugh. "But there is something that makes me wonder. There is a power with in him that keeps me from devouring his heart."

"Is it that fool of a king?" the oldest of the sisters asked. "The Heartless can easily take care of him."

"No," Strider muttered. "The king seems to have no control over him." His eyes widened as he looked into the crystal ball. "I wonder, though. Has our new 'friend' come yet?"

"I'm afraid not," the witch said. "This makes me wonder. Could she be a double agent for the king?"

"She can't be," the witch's fat sister protested. "Her scent is full of hatred. She can't possible be working for him."

Strider didn't respond and put his hand on the crystal ball. The image changed to the sorceress draped in a black robe. Beside her was a large man-like dog, with a girl in his arms. The stood in front of three figures that couldn't be made out. "Does she still have the girl?" the witches asked.

Strider grinned. "She is still holding her end of the bargain."

The three witches gave a sneering laugh, as a roar came from the distance. "Shut up, you pathetic lizard!" The third of the witches screamed. The roar grew louder.

"Calm down, my dear," Strider said calmly. "There's no need to get worked up over nothing. But she does pull a good point." The image turned back to Seika. "The boy seems to be more trouble then he's worth. I'll let my hounds deal with him."

Strider waved his hand, creating a small void. The void formed into a large, plump creature with blue skin. It had small, yellow eyes on its head as well as a black pony tail, and a large mouth on its stomach. It also seemed to be missing arms and hands. On its chest was a large stitch. The four laughed as the roar from the distance grew.


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Chapter 6: New Friends, New Threats

Seika could feel that was finally standing on a solid surface. He opened his eyes, but quickly closed them, due to the bright sun overhead. Trying the best he could through squinting, he was able to see that he was in a small port that overlooked the sea. Ships of all kinds covered all the dock. There was one, though, that really caught his eye. It was large and almost resembled a rocket. Seika ran to the edge of the port and looked and each ship with amazement, not knowing of someone standing behind him.

"So, you like the ships, eh?" he swung around and saw a boy who looked a little older than him leaning against the wall of a building. He had blond hair that spiked down and wore blue and white garments. But the oddest thing about the boy was a white monkey-like tail that swung from behind. "The name's Zidane," he said.

Seika didn't say anything. He was still distracted from Zidane's tail. "I'm Seika," he said finally.

Zidane straightened up and approached him. "You're not from around here, are you?" Seika nodded. "Well, what brings you to Seaside Port?"

The name seemed pretty obvious for the town, but he quickly ignored that. "I kind of...fell... here," he said nervously.

Zidane put his arm around Seika's neck. "Well, none the less. That ship is my bosses," he pointed to the large rocket-like ship. "His name's Balthier, a Sky Pirate."

"A pirate?" Seika murmured. He quickly pushed Zidane away, "You're a pirate?" He swung out his hand, and in a burst of light, the Keyblade appeared.

Zidane laughed. "So, that is the real reason you're here. You are the new Keybearer. Then I guess the rumors are true."

Seika readied the key, and opened his mouth to speak. But before anything could come out, a swarm of the shadow Heartless popped out from the ground, as well as an odd looking Heartless with a metal helmet and a red heart emblem in the middle of its chest with an X covered with thorns.

"Heartless?" Zidane yelled. "But how did they find us?" He looked around, trying to make sure there weren't any more. "Balthier! Fran! We gotta get outta here!"

He pulled two daggers out from the two sheaths on his belt and spun them on his fingers. "You better know how to use that Keyblade of yours, or else we're toast."

Seika grinned. "No worries. I've used it a fair share of times." And the two charged, destroying as many Heartless as they could.

* * *

Max and PJ ran through the alley ways of the Seaside Port. With his sword in hand,
Max slashed at every Heartless that appeared in front of them, as PJ created a small bomb and threw them to stall the ones behind.

"What's up with all these Heartless here?" PJ said, his voice straining from running out of breath.

"I dunno," Max said, cutting one of the Shadows in half. "But one thing's for sure, this must be were the new Keybearer is."

PJ nodded. Something quickly caught his eye. "What's that?" he yelled, pointing at the sky.

Max looked up at the sky. A large, black void slowly began to appear, and it slowly began to make its way towards the sun. "We have to hurry."

* * *

It seemed that each time Seika and Zidane destroyed a Heartless, a double amount appeared. "There's too many of them," Seika said.

Zidane chuckled. "C'mon, don't wimp out. Besides, I think my friends are closer now."

There were gunshots and arrows flew past them, destroying close to all the Heartless. A man with blond hair and wearing fine garments of a golden tunic and a white shirt underneath, as well as black slacks, appeared, and a rabbit-like woman not far behind him. She had tan fur all over her body and long rabbit-like ears on her head. She also wore a black, metal bakini-like garments with matching leggings and helmet. She held a longbow in her hands. Seika tried not to stare at her.

"What took you, Balthier?" Zidane said, destroying what was left of the Heartless.

The man grinned. "My apologies. We were stuck in a similar mess, except we were waiting for you."

"You were suppose to meet with us on the other end," the woman said.

Zidane laughed nervously. "Guess I forgot about that," he said. He looked around. More Heartless began to appear, double the amount there was before. But something else seemed to come.

Seika looked to the sky and noticed a black void beginning to cover the sun. "What is that?" he murmured.

Balthier seemed to hear him. "Something that seems to be consuming the captive hearts."

Seika looked at it carefully. "What do you mean?"

Balthier raised his gun and shot one of the Heartless. "Watch." A heart appeared from where the Heartless was and flew towards the void, and was quickly absorbed. "When a Heartless is destroyed, they release a captive heart. That void seems to be devouring them."

A thought ran through Seika's mind. 'The Ghosts.' He watched as more of the Heartless released the captive hearts, until he noticed the void turn into a circular shape.

It seemed to be getting closer, until it turned into a large creature with dark blue skin and a small head. A ponytail was on the back of its small head and two bright yellow eyes were in the center. On its stomach was a large mouth with one small tooth hanging out and a long stitch across its chest. Though it lacked arms, it had large feet with whip-like ends. The creature stared at Seika hungrily.

"What is that thing?" he muttered. "Is that a Ghost?" While he was watching the creature, he didn't notice a Heartless approach him from behind.

Fran shot an arrow, destroying the Heartless. "Watch yourself," she said.

"We'll take care of these things," Balthier said. "You take care of that."

Seika sighed. "I was afraid you'd say that." He studied the creature carefully and ran at it, slashing the Keyblade at its stomach. Its mouth opened and clamped onto the key. Struggling to pull it out, Seika kicked at it to open its mouth. It didn't move. "Let go!" he yelled.

A ball of fire flew at the creature's back and exploded. The creature released the Keyblade and fell over on its belly. Two dog-like boys jumped next to him, one was Seika's height and wore a red hooded t-shirt and baggy blue jeans, and had a pair of goggles hanging around his neck. A sword was clutched in his hands. The other was large and wore white and blue armor, under a large blue jacket, and black metal boots and gauntlets.

"It's about time we found you," one of them said. "We've been looking around for you all day."

"Who are you?" Seika said, switching glances from the two of them to the creature.

"I'm Max," the one on his left said. "That's PJ." He pointed his partner on Seika's right. "We'll fill you in later. Let's take this thing down."

Seika nodded in agreement. The creature stood back up and the mouth on its stomach opened, revealing hundreds of teeth. It began to inhale a large amount of air.

A ball of fire appeared in PJ's hands and he threw it into the creature's mouth. Nothing happened. The creature exhaled and a burst of fire shot out. The three dodged the flames. "It looks like we can't do anything to the front," Seika said. "Any attack thrown at him is countered."

The three dodged another blast of fire from the creature's mouth. "It seemed to be damaged when PJ threw his first bomb at its back," Max said.

"That's it," Seika muttered. "It must be vulnerable from behind, where it can't see." He quickly thought up a plan and turned to PJ. "Can you throw a bomb that is able to bounce off that building to hit the creature in its back?"

"I'll give it a try," PJ said. He slammed his hands together. A small, metal orb appeared as he separated them and he tossed it at the wall. It ricocheted off the wall of a building, exploding as it hit the creature's back. It fell over onto its belly again.

"Now!" Max said. He and Seika dove at the creature, slashing their weapons in its back. The two jumped away as it began to stand.

PJ began to create another bomb and he threw it. Before it hit the wall, the whips on the ends of the creature's feet smashed it. He created another and threw it. The whips knocked it back. "In coming!" he yelled.

Max and PJ dodged, but Seika's reflexes didn't work fast enough. The bomb knocked him in the chest. He slammed into the railing that ran around the dock. "Don't give up," Max said, and he tossed a capsule that opened and released a green powder that quickly healed his wounds.

"Thanks," Seika said and tightened his grip on the Keyblade.

PJ created another bomb, this one seemed to be made of ice instead of metal. He rolled it and it rolled around the creature and exploded again, this time creating a large icicle on its back. The creature froze.

Seika ran at the creature, and with one final slash, the creature fell in defeat. The stitch on its chest opened and revealed a hollow interior, as if it were just a large piece of cloth. All the Heartless that surrounded them vanished.

Balthier, Fran, and Zidane approached them from the other end of the dock. "About time the fled," Balthier said with a sigh. He looked at Max and PJ. "I see you've met the King's men."

"King?" Seika said. He looked at Max and PJ. "What do you mean?"

"King Mickey sent us to find you," PJ said. "He told us to find you and help you take down the new threat to the worlds."

"But why me?" Seika asked. He felt confused. "Couldn't he have asked someone else?"

"The Keyblade chose you," Max said. "That's why we came to find you. He wants us to take you back to Radiant Gardens."

"Radiant Gardens," Seika muttered, then remembered the voice that spoke to him back at his home world. "He's the one who spoke to me?"

"If you want to get to Radiant Gardens," Balthier began, "I suppose we should be going. The more we linger around here, the more chance another round of Heartless will come." He led them to the large ship in the harbor. "This way."

* * *

Maleficent gave a grin as she looked at her new group. Each sat around a castle's throne room. "It is nice to be back in a castle," she said, letting her long arms cover the arms of the throne. Her black raven sat on her shoulder, watching each of the other figures closely.

"I don't know why I'm here," a man said. He had long black hair and a long mustache, and he wore a red coat, as well as a large red hat with a long feather. There was a hook in place of his left hand. "You abandoned me after my first attempt to take the Keyblade from that boy Sora."

Maleficent stroked her hand down the raven's back. "That's all in the past, now. There is a new Keybearer." She flicked her hand and an image of a boy with spiked black hair appeared in the center of the room. "He seems to care dearly about that girl Strider took."

"Why should we serve him?" A woman from the other end of the room yelled. She was dressed in a yellow, fur coat, though she was thin, the coat made her seem fairly large.

Maleficent raised a hand to silence her. "Don't speak against him. He has ears are crawling all around the castle's walls. He must not know you are here."

The woman slouched back in her seat. "Then why meet here, of all places? Why could meet in my manor, or the dead servant's. We would be able to talk in peace there."

"Because, your manor has ears that work for the Light, and my manor has ears for my nitwit of a master," an elderly man in a corner said. His voice sounded hoarse.

"Shut up," Pete, Maleficent's assistant, said. "You killed the man's wife without him noticing, and claimed she commit suicide, when you could of made her into a Heartless and turn the entire world to Darkness."

"So you say," the man said. "You, the fat buffoon who hides in the sidelines like a coward while his mistress does all the fighting."

"Enough!" Maleficent yelled. "We are not here to make enemies with ourselves. We need to find a way to rid us of this threat."

"Why not use the other boy," the man with the hook said. "He seems to have high hatred for the new Keybearer."

Maleficent grinned again, this time wider then her last. As she opened her mouth to speak, Pete cut in. "But wouldn't that just be a repeat of Riku, my dear?"

"I wouldn't matter if he joined us or not. He just needs to know how to control the Heartless, and then he would be able to put an end to our threat." She took her staff that leaned against the throne. "Now, begone!" Everyone else in the room vanished into the darkness.

Once they were all gone, she gave maniacal laugh. "I hope you heard every word," she said, as something roared nearby.


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Chapter 7: Radiant Gardens

Seika watched in amazement as the ship flew through space. The sight of the stars gave him an adventurous feeling. He looked back at the world they left. It looked like a small planet covered with water and the small town. Slumping himself against one of the seats in the ship, he gave a sigh, feeling homesick.

Balthier gave him a sidelong glance. "So, what world are you from?" he asked.

The question didn't help the homesickness. Seika gave another sigh. "A city called the Falcon Plains. It wasn't big - pretty small, compared to that Seaside Port - and had a tower-like building in the center that we called the Colosseum. There was a forest that surrounded part of it, but just a few days ago me and my friends found out that it was now owned by-" Seika stopped and but a hand on his left wrist. His grip began to tighten. "He took it! Gekko must of!" When he looked up, he noticed all eyes were on him.

"Took what?" Max asked. "And who's Gekko?"

"My bracelet. And Gekko's a jerk from my world who liked to control everything. He's from a rich family that were exactly like him. They bought the forest me and my friends liked to hang out at and we never knew. He must of taken it when I was unconscious." He took a deep breath.

"Why's this bracelet so important to you?" Zidane asked, his arms crossed.

"Me and a friend made bracelets when we were a lot younger and gave them to each other as presents," Seika said. "Ever since then it seemed to gave me good luck."

"Good friend, huh?" Zidane said. He gave a grin a nudged Seika on the shoulder. "Is she a girl?"

Seika's face turned red. "Well.... Yes. Her name is Hana. When my family moved to the Falcon Plains, I was pretty much the black sheep in the school. Everyone treated me like dirt just because I was new. All except Hana, who helped me out."
He sighed again and went silent for a moment. Until he realized something. "That woman!" he murmured, loudly enough for everyone to hear.

"What woman?" Zidane asked, still snickering about Hana.

"Some woman came to my world and took Hana," Seika said. He began using odd gestures to help describe her. "She wore a large black cloak and had a weird sort of headdress. She also was carrying a staff."

They all looked at each other. Fran was the first to speak. "That woman was Maleficent. An evil witch who has served to darkness for practically all her life."

Balthier took over. "It's said that she even turned her own world to darkness over twenty years ago. She is one of the main reasons thousands of Heartless are crawling around. From the sound of things, she seems to be even stronger than when she last tried to conquer all the worlds and turn them to darkness." Balthier gave a grin as he looked out the large window. "Looks like we're here."

Seika, Max, and PJ all hurdled to a window and looked out. They couldn't see anything. Clouds lit orange from the sun surrounded them as they landed onto into the new world. "He's right," Max said. "Welcome to Radiant Gardens, Seika."

They finally landed, and Seika jumped out of the ship as soon as Balthier opened the hatch. He ran to the edge of the landing dock and stared out at the great city in amazement. It was huge, and towards the edge of the city was a castle that seemed to almost touch the sky. "This place is awesome!" Seika said.

Zidane rested his elbow on Seika's shoulder. "Yup. And just think, years ago a great sage use to watch over this entire world."

Seika gave him a nervous sidelong glance. "What happened to him?"

"Who knows. From what I've heard, he died in an explosion when the last Keybearer went to defeat his assistance's Nobody."

"A Nobody?"

Zidane cleared his throat. "I guess I should start from the beginning. When the darkness in someone's heart turns to a Heartless, the empty shell of their body is turned into an emotionless sack of nothing, also known as a Nobody. They're creatures without hearts."

"If you don't mind, Zidane, we still have to fulfill our mission," Balthier said. "This boy needs to see the King. That's what we were hired to do."

"That's right," PJ said. "You need to come with us. King Mickey needs to see you as soon as possible."

"Wait, who's King Mickey? What's going on?" Seika's head was beating angrily.

Balthier shook his head from annoyance. "See that house down there?" he asked, pointing down at the city. There was a house that seemed different from all the others. Part of the roof seemed to be spinning and an odd chimney stuck out, releasing large amounts of smoke. "That's where the wizard, Merlin, lives., and that's where the King is waiting. You need to go see him. Now."

"Sheesh," Seika muttered. "No need to get tense." Balthier led the way off the dock and down what felt like thousands of steps that led down to the city. A ship caught Seika's eye as they went down. It was brightly colored and and resembled a small rocket.

"That's the King's vessel," Max said. "it's called the Gummi Ship. Back when Sora, the last Keybearer, was traveling to worlds, he used that ship as a vessel with my father and the King's court wizard Donald."

Seika couldn't take his eyes off the Gummi Ship, until it was out of view. The streets of the city were full of people. More people that he had seen in the Falcon Plains. Most of the children seemed all be walking around or sitting with their friends, eating a light blue popsicle.

After about an hour of walking through the city, the made it to the odd looking house. Balthier didn't bother knocking on the door and pushed open. He, Fran, and Zidane stayed outside as Seika, Max, and PJ entered. The inside of the house looked much bigger than it did outside. A large computer sat by the entrance, a large, round table was in the center. A bed, a night stand, and a couple bookshelves sat by the walls. The floor was covered with books. Sitting at the desk was an old man in a purple robe, who seemed to be absorbed in one of his books. Without taking his eyes off the pages, he said, "You're a few minutes late in returning, Seika. The King got impatient and left about a half hour ago. But don't worry, he'll return momentarily."

Seika jumped when the man spoke, from the way he didn't take his eyes off the book and how he knew when Seika was suppose to arrive.

"We caught some trouble over at Seaside Port, master Merlin," Max said. Both he and PJ went into a deep bow. PJ gestured at Seika to do the same.

"There's no need for that," Merlin said, giving a chuckle. He looked up at the door, just as it swung open.

A man-like mouse ran in, panting heavily. "I saw Balthier's ship land so I came as fast as I can." He looked up at Seika and gave a light chuckle. "So, you're Seika. I've been waiting for you."

Seika looked at him, confused, as Max and PJ bowed again. "You're King Mickey?" he asked.

"You were expecting someone else?" he said with a slight grin.

Seika blushed in embarrassment and rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry about that."

"Why don't we take a seat," Merlin said. "We have a lot of questions for you, Seika." He waved his hand and four chairs pulled out from the table. They all sat down.

"First," Seika began before Merlin or Mickey could open their mouths. "could you tell me what's going on? What happened to my world? And why am I here?"

Mickey sighed and shook his head. "I was afraid you were going to ask that. You see, when a Heartless is able to locate the door to a world, they're able to turn that world and all its inhabitance into darkness. That's one of the uses for the Keyblade: It can lock the Keyhole to a world, so the Heartless can't get to it. That's why we need you. You are the new Keybearer and the only one who can stop the Heartless."

Seika put his head into his hands. "I don't understand. I didn't ask for this."

"The Keyblade chooses its master, my boy," Merlin said. "As it has for many ages, and as it will for many to come."

"So I can't just give it away?" Seika asked.

Mickey shook his head. "Nope. Once it chooses you, its with you until it needs to change."

Seika shook his head in frustration. "Alright, I get it," he muttered. "So what is it you want me to do?"

"There are world's whose Keyholes have become vulnerable," Merlin said. "The Heartless can get to them with relative ease. They just haven't found it yet."

"Along side that," Mickey continued. "there's the witch Maleficent to worry about. From what we've heard, she started a new council of people that are siding with the Heartless to turn their own worlds to darkness. They'll stop at nothing to turn as many worlds as they can to darkness. But she's not the biggest threat out there. Strider for one is probably the most dangerous. He is the main cause of your world turning to darkness. You see, he's what we call a Ghost, a type a creature that devours people's hearts to get stronger and continue to exist. But there's another one. Someone who seems to be from your world as well."

Seika's eyes widened. "From my world? But who-"

Before he finished speaking, someone outside began laughing, and yelled, "Why don't you ask him yourself!"

Seika's hands curled to fists as he recognize the voice. He jumped to his feet and ran out the door. He looked around until he saw the last person he would ever want to see. Standing on the rooftop of a building across the street, was Gekko.
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It's pretty long but I like it. Please continue posting more in the future!


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Okay, I saw this story before, but I didn't pay much attention to it. Now, with that being said, I just read the chapters you posted so far, and, I got to tell you, this is a really great story. All of the characters are great. I really like Seika, he is a lot like Sora, and I am really glad that Balthier is in the story (he is always and forever one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters). Anyway, great job, and I really look forward to more.

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What, are you a STALKER or something?
The story makes me feel drawn in. The events, places, etc aren't overly described, however give you just enough information to visualize a little bit of what is going on. You're style is quite nice to read, and makes it smooth and comfortable to read through. I can't think of any criticism at the moment... then again, I skimmed through the story, so I probably missed some fine details (it's night time and I have some work to finish up, ha hah), but from what I saw so far, it's looking good. Keep it up.


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Chapter 8: An Unwanted Guest

Seika stared up at Gekko angrily. "Why are you here?" Seika yelled at him.

"What's the problem?" Gekko said with a smirk. "Aren't you glad to see me? After all, it's been three days."

"Shut up!" Seika yelled. A though shot into his mind. "Where are Kenzo and Olivia?"

"Beats me," Gekko said with a shrug. "I bet Kenzo is swimming in the darkness of our world, and as for Olivia, probably a snack for some Heartless. But instead of worrying about them, you should be worrying about your little girlfriend, what's her name? Hana?"

Seika's eyes widened. "Where is she?" he said. "And where's my bracelet?"

"Bracelet?" Gekko asked. "What bracelet- Oh, you mean this?" He pulled the kemp bracelet from his back pocket. "I took it while your little friends carried you out. I thought it would be nice to hold on to it until you became conscious."

"Well then give it back!" Seika stuck out his hand. He could feel more of the anger rising inside him.

"Alright," Gekko said, tossing the bracelet from hand to hand. He grinned. "But only if you can catch me!" He shoved the bracelet back into his pocket and jumped off the building, only a few feet away from Seika, and ran towards a set of stairs that lead down, deeper into the city.

"Get back here!" he yelled. He summoned the Keyblade into his hand with a flash of light and ran down the steps after him.

"Seika, wait!" Mickey said, but Seika was too far ahead to pay any attention. The king looked at Max and PJ. "They're heading for the bailey!" The two nodded and they followed after them with they weapons drawn.

Seika turned a corner and down more stone steps. Gekko was still a ways ahead of him, but he knew that he wouldn't run forever. He put all his strength into running, even though he was nearly out of breath. He glanced around the area he was running in. Blue stone surrounded him with copper pipes that broke through. He looked above. There was the great castle that towered over. 'That's where he's going,' Seika thought. 'He's going to the caste. But why?'

As he ran, he realized that the path was getting more narrow, and soon it ran up towards the castle's postern. One of the stone walls seemed to vanish into a seemingly bottomless pit below. Seika noticed that Gekko stopped running at the center of the circular postern, his back facing him. He turned as Seika approached.

"So, you did follow," was the first thing he said. His voice sounded more serious. The bracelet was back in his hand.

"Give it back," Seika said. "Now!"

Gekko turned around. "So, it really did choose you," he said softly. His eyes rolled up to face Seika. "So, that's a Keyblade. I'll tell you what. You give me that key of yours and I'll hand over your bracelet," Gekko's dark eyes never left the key. "Do we have a deal?"

Seika looked down at the Keyblade, then back up at Gekko.

King Mickey, Max, and PJ finally made it to them. The king looked at Seika, then Gekko, and realized what was happening. "Seika, no!"

"Sorry, your majesty," Seika murmured, and he tossed the Keyblade and Gekko's feet.

Gekko gave a laugh and tossed Seika's bracelet to him. He reached down for the Keyblade, but froze quickly. "What is this?" he said.

Seika caught the bracelet and looked down at the Keyblade. "What-" In a burst of light, the Keyblade vanished from Gekko's reach and reappeared in Seika's left hand. "What's this? What's going on?" Seika said.

"You can't get rid of it," Mickey said. "The Keyblade chose you and only you. And once you're chosen, you're stuck with it until it finds a new master."

Gekko spat on the ground. "You little rat," he growled. "If you think that can stop me, then think again." Just as Max and PJ prepared to run to Seika's side, Gekko raised his arms into the air. "I don't think so!" he yelled. A barrier surrounded him and Seika.

Seika looked around. "What did you do?" he muttered.

"Like it?" Gekko said with a grin. "This barrier protects us from anyone coming in and anyone going out unless I say so. You see, during my three day absence, I met a man that gave me powers beyond anyone's imagination. From making things like this barrier, to this-" he held out his right hand. A black aura began to surround it, and slowly, it formed a black Keyblade with jagged spikes that crossed over one another. Around its center was a white bandage. Gekko went on, "You see, just by looking at your Keyblade, I was able to create one of my own with the power from my heart. Now, if I'm not mistaken, we never really did finish our match back home."

Seika gave a sigh and took stance with both his hands on the Keyblade's hilt and and knees bent. "Fine. Let's go."

Gekko gave a laugh as the black aura covered his body. He ran towards Seika with his black Keyblade raised and it clashed into Seika's. Seika quickly pushed him away and dodged as Gekko swung his Keyblade again, then swung his own, sending Gekko sliding across the ground.

He quickly jumped back to his feet and repeated his first attack, but Seika took a sidestep to dodge and knocked him in the back.

"Stop fooling around," Seika growled.

Gekko laughed and the aura surrounding him grew. He jumped to the opposite end of the barrier. "Aw," he sighed. "I was just having fun. Fine, have it your way." He launched in the air with the false Keyblade raised above his head and slammed it on Seika's head, before he could dodge. He jumped away again as Seika struggled to get to his feet. "Had enough?" Gekko laughed again.

"I never give up," Seika muttered. His grip tightened on his Keyblade. He felt dizzy from the last blow, but his quickly shook it off and ran towards Gekko. He spun on his heel and knocked Gekko in the chest with the blade. He slide across the ground again and watched. Seika quickly took the advantage and ran towards him again and slashed his Keyblade into Gekko, sending him flying into the barrier. The barrier shattered like glass and he landed by the edge of the postern. Near where it seemed to be drop into a bottomless pit. Seika raised his Keyblade at Gekko's head. "Now tell me. Who gave you those powers?"

Gekko looked up at him, down on one knee. He looked around and was aware he was by the edge. With a grin, he spun his legs around, knocking Seika to his back and muttered, "Wouldn't you like to know," and he pushed himself off the edge, and vanished into the misty darkness below.

Seika jumped to his feet and ran to the edge and looked down. There was nothing. With all his anger, he threw the Keyblade onto the ground, letting clinging sound of metal echo. He felt a hand touch his arm. It was Mickey.

"Don't worry," he said. "You'll see him again."

Seika nodded. The four of them began to return to Merlin's house.

* * *

Gekko ran through castle hallway. Standing by the wall was a man. A dark mask covered his face. "He was there, just as you said."

"Good," the man said. His voice was low and sharp. "And the King?"

Gekko nodded. "Yes, him too.

"Good, good," the man turned his head and raised his fist to where his mouth would be, coughing. "How was the fight?"

"It went just as expected," Gekko said. "His anger is what keeps him going, just as it always has been."

"Hm," the man thought for a moment. "It makes me wonder why the Keyblade chose him."

Gekko nodded, then his head perked up. "Wait a minute. You said the girl was going to be with him!"

The man rubbed his chin. "Yes. I did, didn't I. Well it seems that she was taken by Maleficent for the Ghosts before Seika was able to save her."

"Great," Gekko muttered. "And now, because of that, he thinks we have her. Knowing him, he'll probably stop at nothing to get her back."

"Don't worry. You'll show your true strength to him soon. Now, for your next assignment, I want you to see what Strider has planned. I know that Maleficent is recreating her army of Heartless, but I think that its purpose is to stop the Ghosts more than to take the worlds."

"Fine. Now that that's settled, you've been wearing that stupid mask since you've called me. Tell me, now, who are you?" Gekko said, his voice rising.

"I am no one. Nothing. Just a lost memory."

Gekko gave a sneer. He raised his hand and shot a blast of black electricity. "That's great. Now tell me who you really are!"

The man sighed. "As you wish." He slowly pulled off the mask, revealing a golden eye. "I am..."


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Awesome update, Negative. That Gekko kid is really beginning to piss me off. I mean, he is similar to Riku in the sense that he chose to follow darkness, but he is dissimilar in the sense where he and Seika aren't friends and he is a total jerk. Part of me wants to see him die, preferably by acid or fire. Also, who was the mysterious man with the golden eye at the end? Is it Xehanort? Ansem? Riku? I guess it could be anyone. Anyway, great job again, and I look forward to more.


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It will be a surprise ;). Just a quick note, I redid Hana and Olivia's appearance, just for those who are interested. Olivia now resembles a certain FFVIII character. Anyway, on to Chapter 9.

Chapter 9: The First World: The Tiger Jungles

Seika, Max, and PJ were waiting by the Gummi Ship as King Mickey went over their mission. Merlin and Max's father, Goofy, stood on either side of the King.

"So basically," Seika said. He felt more relaxed then he did during his confrontation with Gekko. "You just need us to go to any world that has an unlocked keyhole, and lock it, before the Heartless or Ghosts reach it, right?"

Mickey nodded. "Exactly. But there is one thing you must know not to do. Do not meddle in the affairs in those worlds. Doing so could mess up the entire the world's order."

"Right," Seika said. 'That's easier said then done, though.'

"Before you go," Merlin said as the three climbed into the ship. He raised his hands and a burst of red, blue, and yellow shot from them, striking Seika in his forehead. "I have given you the power to cast magic. When needed, that is."

Seika gave a quick bow when he made it inside the cockpit. "Thanks."

As the ship began to rise, Goofy gave one last shout to his son, "Good luck, Maxy!"

Max quickly looked away, trying to hide his embarrassment. Soon, all that was left of the large city was just the small world with only the top of the castle visible.

Seika looked around. "So, which world are we going to first?" he asked, eager to see another new world.

Max and PJ shrugged. Without letting his hands off the wheel, PJ said, "Whichever one we see first."

Seika looked around again. The space was endless. Feeling small, he pushed himself deep into the seat, until he heard something squeak. Jolting forward, he turned his head.

A small chipmunk in engineers' clothing with the King's hopped out from behind here. "Hey, watch were you're laying! Some people are trying to sleep!" Its voice was very high pitched.

"It talks?" Seika shouted.

"Of course I talk!" it said angrily. "What would you think?"

Max swung around. "I guess I forgot to tell you about him," he said. "That's Chip, one of the King's engineers. His brother Dale should be around here, somewhere."

"He's over there," Chip said, still upset his nap was interrupted. He pointed towards a vent. He quickly looked back at Seika. "And who are you suppose to be?"

"S-Seika," he said nervously.

"The new Keybearer," Max finished for him.

The chipmunk studied him carefully. "Alright, I guess you're okay. But if you interrupted my nap again, there will be trouble." The chipmunk scurried away towards where his brother was sleeping.

As Seika opened his mouth to comment him, PJ shouted, "There's a world!" He pointed to a small world that looked like a large jungle.

Max ran to his seat. "That's the Tiger Jungles!" he said. "The King told me about this one. It's very dangerous, and most of the creatures there aren't that fond of anything that's not like them."

Seika looked at it through the glass. "I wonder if Hana could be there," he muttered. "Maybe that woman didn't take her to the Ghosts."

The ship began to shake as they flew towards the world. "Hold on!" PJ yelled, but as they entered, the window that surrounded them swung open, and the three flew out of the ship, landing in the jungles below.

* * *

A pack of wolves surrounded a rocky cliff on the outskirts of the jungle. The leader of the pack stood on the top of a large rock. "This meeting was to change the man-cub's entire future," he said. "Shere Khan will surely kill the boy, and all those who protect him. Now, are we all in agreement on what must be done?" The wolves surrounding him nodded. He continued. "Now, it is my unpleasant duty to tell the boy's father. Rala, can you come here, please?"

A wolf that sat under a limp try quickly stood up and walked slowly to the leader. "Yes, Akela?"

"The council has reached its decision," Akela said. "The man-cub cannot stay with the pack. He must leave at once."

"Leave?" Rala said, nervously.

"I'm sorry, Rala. There is no other way."

The wolf began stuttering from shock. "B-but the man-cub is like my own some. Surely he is entitled to the protection of the pack."

Akela shook his head. "But, Rala, even the strength of the pack is no match for the tiger."

"But the boy cannot survive alone in the jungle."

A black panther jumped out from the tree. "Akela, perhaps I can be of some help."

"You Bagheera?" Akela asked. "How?"

"I know a man-village where he'll be safe," Bagheera said, glancing at Rala. "Mowgli and I have taken many walks into the jungle together. I'm sure he would go with me."

"So be it," Akela said. "Now, there's no time to lose. Good luck."

The panther nodded, and hopped off the cliff.

* * *

Seika looked at his surroundings cautiously. He, Max, and PJ were separated when they flew out of the Gummi Ship. He gripped the Keyblade tightly in his hands. "Max!" PJ!" he yelled. His voice echoed throughout the jungle. There was no response. He sighed and continued walking. As he walked past a large tree, he heard something slither nearby.

"Say now," a smooth voice hissed behind him. He spun around to be face to face with a large snake. "What have we here? It's a man-cub."

Seika took a step back. "Who're you?" he asked.

The snake snickered. "Just old Kaa, but never mind that. You should sleep."

Seika took another step back. "I really need to go find my friends," he said. His heart began to beat.

"Sleep, sleep," the snake chanted. His eyes began to glow, and Seika could feel his eyes beginning to drop. "Sleep."

"Watch out!" he heard someone say. Before his eyes dropped completely, PJ appeared from the trees, and punched the snake in the side of its cheek.

Kaa gave a hiss. "You just made a serious mistake," he said. "A very stupid mistake."

"Seika! PJ!" Max came running at their side, his sword at hand.

Kaa hissed again. "You just sealed your doom." With another hiss, the snake lunged at Seika, but was quickly knocked back by Max's sword. Shaking the pain off, he jolted up into the trees, and popped out from a different branch in attempted to attack again.

Seika swung his Keyblade around, striking the snake's long body. The snake used the same strategy several times. Seika glanced around before the snake could strike again, and began to jump as Kaa dropped from a branch. Grabbing his neck, Seika pulled the snake with all his strength, until the snake's body crashed onto the ground.

Kaa gave a hiss of pain. "You win this time," he said. He began to slither away, in a limping fashion. "Just you wait until I get you in my coils!"

"I'd like to see you try!" Max yelled back to him. He and PJ gave each other a high five, then turned to Seika, his hand up.

Seika didn't notice. His heart was still beating from when Kaa tried to hypnotize him. "We should keep searching for the Keyhole," he said weakly.

Max and PJ looked at each other nervously, then nodded. The three began to move through the jungle at a quick pace.

After almost an hour, they reached a large plain that seemed endless in the outskirts of the jungle.

"There's nothing here," PJ said. "It's just an empty field."

Seika took one last look at the field, but as he opened his mouth to tell his companions to return to the jungle, the ground began to shake in an odd way. "What's that?" he asked.

Max listened carefully to the surrounding noises. "It sounds like marching," he said, arching an eyebrow. He looked at the direction of the sound. "Elephants?"

Seika looked in the same direction. He was right. A long line of elephants were marching their way, each chanting in step. "Hup-two-three-four! Keep it up-two-three-four!"

The three quickly moved out of the elephants' way as they approached, making sure not to be seen. As they watched the line pass, they noticed a young boy at the end, walking as if he were one of them.

"What is that kid doing?" Seika muttered.

Before Max or PJ could respond, the elephant in the lead shouted, "Company, halt! Inspection!" The elephants quickly stopped and turned to face their leader, with their legs together. The leader quickly made his was down the line, until he got to the boy. "Well, a new recruit, eh?" he said. He looked at the boy's nose. "Hey, what happened to your trunk?" He began to tap it with a bamboo stick.

"Hey, stop that!" the boy shouted.

The elephant jumped back. "A man-cub!" he roared. "This is treason! Sabotage! I'll have no man-cub in my jungle!"

The boy opened his mouth to protest when a shout from the jungle yelled, "Hold it! Hold it!" A black panther jumped out from the trees and approached the elephant. "I can explain, Hathi-"

"Colonel Hathi!" the elephant corrected.

"Colonel," the panther said with a nod. "The man-cub is with me. I'm taking him back to a man-village."

"To stay?" Hathi asked.

"You have the word of Bagheera," the panther said with a proud look.

"Remember, an elephant never forgets," Hathi said, shaking his trunk as if it were a finger.

The boy quickly ran to the panther, Bagheera, and the two went back into the jungle at a quick pace. As the elephants left in their march, Seika, Max, and PJ ran towards where Bagheera was, and looked to see where they were going.

"I think we should follow them," Max said. "They might know something about the Keyhole."

"I'm sure that panther might," Seika muttered. The three nodded in agreement, and the ran after the boy and the panther.

As they entered another clearing, there was a roar, and a voice growled, "That does it! From now on, you're on your own. Alone!"

Seika, Max, and PJ looked from behind some trees and saw Bagheera jumping out of a small stream and running away from the boy. The boy was walking their way.

Jumping away, the three looked at each other. "What should we do?" Seika asked. "He's bound to notice us, and if he does, wouldn't that make us meddling?"

"I guess as long as we don't do anything drastic," PJ said. "it wouldn't be that big of a-"

"Who are you?" the three spun around, and faced the boy.

They looked at each other again, then Max began, "We're.....travelers. From somewhere far away. I'm Max."

"I'm PJ."

Seika paused for a moment before introducing himself. "S-Seika. I'm Seika," he said nervously.

The boy studied them carefully. "I'm Mowgli," he said.

"What was going?" PJ said, trying to break the awkward silence that was about to begin. "Were you two having?"

Mowgli looked down. "He wants me to go to a man-village so I can be safe from Sher Khan."

"Who's Sher Khan?" Max asked.

"A tiger that everyone in the jungle fears. But I'm not afraid of him," Mowgli said. He sat by a large rock and took a small stick, poking it into the ground. Seika, Max, and PJ sat down as well. They sat in silence for several minutes, until something began to move through the surrounding bushes.

Seika jumped to his feet and summoned the Keyblade to his hands. The thoughts of a tiger that everyone in the jungle feared made him feel nervous. 'But what if it's only Kaa again?' He shook the thought from his head.

Seika tightened his grip on the Keyblade, as a large, black bear walked into the clearing.


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Cool update, Negative. So, that was the Jungle Book world, right? It sounded like the Jungle Book; I haven't seen that movie in years. When will you bring up the mysterious man again? I hope it's soon; I really want to know who he is. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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To be honest, I haven't done much with the "mysterious man" yet. But don't worry, he has a key role soon.

Chapter 10: The Kidnapped Man-Cub

The bear came walking out of the bushes, scatting to a song. He quickly stopped and looked down at Mogli. He bent over. "Well, now. What have we here?" he said. He sniffed Mowgli's head.

Seika looked at Max and PJ. "Is this suppose to happen?" he asked them. "Or is this from our meddling?" They shrugged.

The bear looked at the three, then back to Mowgli. "What a funny little bit of- Boy, I've run into everything in these woods. What have I run on?" he said to himself. "What a pretty thing this is."

Mowgli looked away from him. "Leave us alone."

"That's pretty big talk, little britches," the bear said, bending over. Mowgli jumped to his feet and began to punch the bear in his stomach.

"Mowgli," Seika said. He stopped when he noticed what he was doing. 'Idiot! This is a bear you're talking to! A talking bear!'

The bear shook his head. "Pitiful. Listen kid, you need help, and old Baloo is going to show you how to fight like a bear. Give me a big bear growl."

Mowgli stopped for a moment and gave a small low grunt.

Baloo chuckled. "I mean like a big bear growl!" He gave a roar that began to echo through the jungle.

Seika, Max, and PJ watched Baloo and Mowgli practiced fighting. The bushes behind them began to shift as the black panther jumped from the trees and stood on the branch. "Oh, no! It's Baloo! Big, stupid, jungle bum."

"That's that panther from earlier," PJ whispered. "Bagheera."

Bagheera's ears perked up at the sound of his name and he looked at the three. "Who are you?" he asked.

They looked at each other, then back at the panther. Seika responded quickly, trying not to sound awkward. "I'm Seika."



The panther nodded, then spoke. "And what business do you three have in the jungle?"

"We're...looking for something," Max said. "We were following Mowgli hoping he, or you, would know anything about it."

"And what is it you are looking for, if I may ask?"

Seika looked at Max nervously. He nodded, and Seika said their answer, trying not to stutter. "W-we're looking for the Keyhole."

Bagheera's eyes widened. "The Keyhole? What business do you have with that?"

With a sigh, Seika raised a hand. In a burst of light, the Keyblade appeared in his hand.

"The One Who Holds the Key," Bagheera muttered. "You hold the key of light and ruin?"

"You know of it?" Seika asked.

"Most, if not all, know of the Keyblade," Bagheera looked back up at Baloo and Mowgli. He lowered his voice to a whisper. "I'll take you to the Keyhole, only if you help me take Mowgli to the man-village."

"We'll do it," Seika said.

Bagheera's head jolted up as Baloo knocked Mowgli in the side, causing him to roll into a log. The panther gave a laugh. "Fine teacher you are, old iron paws."

Baloo looked up at him. "Thanks Bagheera."

"Tell me, once you knock your pupils senseless, how are they suppose to remember the lesson?"

Baloo looked at Mowgli, rubbing his chin with the side of his paw. "Well, I didn't mean to lay it on him so hard."

Mowgli quickly got up and made his way to Baloo. "I'm not hurt. I'm alright. I'm a lot tougher then some people think."

The bear grinned. "You better believe it. Now let's go, once more." They began throwing punches again, until Mowgli punched Baloo on his snout. "Right on the button," His grin widened. "You're alright, kid. What do they call you?"

"Mowgli," Bagheera growled as he jumped off the branch. "And he's going back to the man-village right now."

"The man-village?"' Baloo said. "They'll ruin him! They'll make a man out of him!"

Mowgli grabbed onto Baloo's large belly. "But Baloo, I want to stay with you."

"Of course you do," the bear muttered.

"Oh?" Bagheera said. "And how do you think he'll survive?"

"How do you," he said, mocking him. "What do you mean how do you- He's with me, ain't he? I'll learn him all I know."

Bagheera tapped his chin. "Well, that shouldn't take too long."

Baloo gave him a dirty look, then turned to Mowgli. "It's like this, little britches. Just look for the bare necessities." He and Mowgli walked off into the woods, as Baloo began to sing.

Seika, Max, and PJ followed after them with Bagheera not too far behind, until they slid into a river, Mowgli sitting on Baloo's belly.

"Just try to relax," Baloo said as they drifted down the water. "Just cool it. 'Cause, let me tell you, little britches, if you work like that bee over there-" he pointed to a small bee sitting on a flower. "You're working too hard. Just take your time to look around."

Bagheera shook his head. "I give up," he growled, and walked back into the trees.

Seika watched Baloo and Mowgli drift down the river, until he heard whispering above him. He looked up into the trees. Dozens of monkeys swung sat on branches, watching Mowgli, until one dropped down, and grabbed Mowgli.

"Mowgli!" Baloo yelled. He jumped to his feet and quickly ran after them as they swung Mowgli through the trees, deeper into the jungle. Several of the monkeys began throwing fruit at Baloo, until he fell off the edge of a cliff. "Bagheera!" he began shouting.

Seika, Max, and PJ ran to the cliff and helped Baloo up.

Bagheera jumped out of the trees as fast as he could, right when Baloo shouted his name again. Giving a roar of surprise, Bagheera yelled. "What happened to Mowgli?"

"The mangy monkeys carried him off," Baloo said. He looked at the trees.

"Is this true?" the panther asked, looking at Seika, Max, and PJ. They nodded. Looking into space, Bagheera muttered, "To the ancient ruins?" He put a paw on his head. "Oh, I'd hate to see what happens when he meets that king of theirs. Come on, we must go save him!"

With a nod, the five ran through the jungle, making their way to the center.

* * *
A large orangutan sat on a stone throne, scatting a song to himself. He took a banana peel and dropped it on his head. Jumping to his feet, he went to meet the monkeys that were carrying Mowgli into the ruins.

"We got him, King Louie!" one of the monkeys said. They dropped Mowgli onto the throne's armrest.

"So, you're the man-cub," King Louie said. "Crazy."

"I'm not as crazy as you are!" Mowgli snapped.

"Cool it, boy. Unwind yourself," Louie said. "Calm yourself. Let's shake. "He struggled to grab Mowgli's hand, then shaked it vigorously.

"What do you want me for?" Mowgli said, his voice shaking.

"Word has reached my royal ear - have a banana-" the orangutan grabbed a banana from next to his throne and shot the fruit into Mowgli's mouth. "that you want to stay in the jungle."

"Stay in the jungle," Mowgli said, chewing on the banana. "I sure do."

Louie slapped his hands on the ground. "That's good, and ol' King Louie is going to fix it for you. Have we got a deal?"

Mowgli finished the banana. "Yes sir! I'll do anything to stay in the jungle."

"Well then, let me lay it on the line for you," King Louie said, and he began to scat again, then began to sing.

* * *
Bagheera lead the way to the entrance of the ruins. He, Seika, Max, PJ, and Baloo made their way to a railing and watched as an orangutan sang to Mowgli in the center of the ruins. "That's King Louie," Bagheera said. "The king of the monkeys."

"Now, here's your part of the deal, cuz," Louie sang. He pulled his ear up. "Lay the secret on me of man's red fire."

Mowgli shook his head. "But I don't know how to make a fire."

"Now don't try to kid me, man-cub," Louie said. "I made a deal with you." He continued singing and scatting. "Give me the secret, man-cub. Clue me what to do. Give me the power of man's red flower so I can be like you."

"Fire," Bagheera whispered. "That's what that scoundrel is after."

"I'll tear him limb from limb," Baloo growled. "I'll beat him-" He stopped as his foot began tapping, and he started to dance and hum along.

"While you cause a disturbance, I'll rescue Mowgli," Bagheera said to the others. "Did you get all that, Baloo-"

"I'm gone, man," Baloo called back as he danced away. "Solid gone."

"Not yet, Baloo!" Bagheera called to him. He turned and saw King Louie coming their way, with a trail of monkeys behind him, scatting along. "We need to hide," he said. He ran beside a door with a statue of a panther on the other end.

Seika, Max, and PJ stood behind three separate pillars, watching as the monkeys passed.

The door slammed open, and Baloo reappeared, with a skirt of leaves and a coconut cut in half on his snout, imitating King Louie. "Hey!" he shouted and became to scat to King Louie's melody.

The orangutan's eyes widened and he grinned. He ran to Baloo and scat and dance along with him. "One more time!" Louie yelled, and he slapped Baloo on the shoulder.

The coconut fell from his snout and the leaves on his head flew off. The skirt slowly fell off as the song ended.

"It's Baloo, the bear!" one of the monkeys yelled.

"Baloo, it's you!" Mowgli said and he began to run to him.

Baloo grabbed the boy and began to run, until a monkey grabbed him from his arms. King Louie jumped from behind a stone and took Mowgli, but before he could run, Baloo took him, and knocked the orangutan in the head. Another monkey grabbed Mowgli and began to run, but only the be caught by Bagheera, who gave a roar.

"We need to do something," Max said. Seika and PJ nodded, and the three joined in, knocking the monkeys away from Baloo as he tried to get Mowgli. As they chased after the monkey that had Mowgli, King Louie grabbed his arm, as Baloo grabbed his other arm. The orangutan tried to pull Mowgli away by grabbing onto a stone pillar that quickly broke, sending him, Mowgli, and Baloo across the ruins and into a wall.

Louie's mouth dropped as he noticed part of the ruins beginning to drop. He tossed Mowgli onto Baloo's large stomach and ran to take the place of the pillar.

Baloo gave a grin and ran to the orangutan and began tickling his sides. Louie erupted into a laughter. A group of the monkeys came running to their king's aid, and tackled Baloo. The bear knocked Louie out of his place and into another pillar.

Baloo looked up at the ruins, then at Louie, and with a quick wave, he slid out from under the crumbling stones and walked away, leaving Louie to hold the ruins.

"Run!" PJ yelled as stones smashed into the ground. The group dodged the falling rocks and ran back into the jungle, as the ruins collapsed around King Louie.

Baloo came running behind them, and with a deep breath, he chuckled, "Now that's what I call a swingin' party."
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