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JaCk PumkIn KinG

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Vacation...???
Disclaimer: characters arent mine all from Disney and Tetsuya-san
hope you gents and ladies enjoy this thing I cooked up
Dedicated to: KHI, and the Kairi Fan Club
Based on: the events of KH2 whether the characters died in the game or not, they're brought back to life in this story for comedic purposes or for coincidencial reasons, basically, this is just a story of a Holiday leader looking for fun and in the process bringing all our beloved KH2 and KH characters to play and have a vacation on his Island! enjoy the story! and post comments! ^^

=========Chapter 1 ========================

| irrevocably lost, yet I need a Vacation! |

Having beaten Oogie Boogie with Sora for the 2nd time and got his Holiday to work, Jack walks in to the lab with the Doctor and Zero on his heels. Jack sighs with what looks like to be another state of depression.

" I feel blue Doctor" Jack said in a cold tone.
" whats the matter my boy? Cat snatched your wallet?" said the Doctor sarcastically.

" No it's not that.. I donated it to charity already but... I feel like Im stuck in one place! I need a Vacation! " he said in a shout , he got up and walked towards the window and thinking deeply of how he needed this vacation, then the idea got to him as he snatched a dead bat and shoved it into his head.

" The Beach! but of course the beach! " jack snatched an old photograph of Sora, Riku and Kairi which was given to him last year as a departure present from sora.

" Doctor! we need these! " Jack showed Dr. Finklestein an old blueprint of a gummi ship shaped like a skull. The Doctor examined it and said with a determined voice. " it's construction shouldn't be that difficult! all I need is..."


clank clank

clank clank

an hour later a faint resemblance of a metalic gummi ship was constructed in the town's square with absolutely NO IDEA on how to do intergalactic travel OR how to get gummi blocks, Jack and the town's people worked on without thinking about the consequences , " this will be like the bumpy sleigh ride I enjoyed with sora a few months back! I'm sure this will bring joy to everyone out there!" Jack Skellington aimlessly and absolutely mindlessly pointed out at the stars. " there!" the Doctor said with a happy tune. Jack looked on with a little confusion... " eeeeer.... are you sure this thing can even fly? " he said. " Certainly! follow me m'boy" Dr. Finklestein operated the wirings of the "gummi" ship and all of a sudden the ship exploded. " IT FAILLLLLED!!!" Dr. Finklestein whined out. " There's probably something we're missing.." Jack said as he looked at the blueprint. " hmmm! but of course! all we needed is fuel!" Jack said happily, Dr. Finklestein looked at it again and said. " but I loaded it with 45 gallons of Nitrus Oxide! and .5 gallons of Diesel!" he said angrilly , checking the blueprint. The Doctor rammed at jack. " you fool! we needed GUMMI blocks!" as he stalked away , whining about all the time he wasted, Jack looked up at the stars... " ooh star bright, star so light! would you give me a gummi block tonight? " all of a sudden... without realizing it, the effort the heartless put into pounding through the walls suddenly crashed and headed towards jack's head. A gummi block hit jack gently on the head, followed by 45 to 90 more blocks falling down on the town, causing minor mayhem. Jack looked at the block while walking, absolutely no idea what was going on> " So THIS is a gummi block!!" he shouted gleefully as screams tore through the night, thinking it was a pre halloween party, Jack dashed to the lab. " DOCTOR! VACATION IS OURS!" Jack said, holding a gummi block.

" Very good jack!" said the doctor massaging his lumpy head from a block that fell on his head earlier.

" I have one too! if we find the rest of the pieces, we can go on your crazy vacation!" He said in a weird disgust... After hopelessly and miraculously finding all 96 pieces of blocks and assembling them together, Jack was ready for his " whacky , funky, and bumpy sleigh ride-like" vacation.

" Take care m'boy!" said the Doctor and Zero joins jack on his new campaign to get enough Munny to start his vacation island...which he has absolutely no clue on where to start. figuring this, Jack presses the destination. " TWILIGHT TOWN" and embarks on his nonsensical, comical journey to obtain "vacation"

============Chapter 1 end, Chapter 2 comming soon!==============
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JaCk PumkIn KinG

==============Chapter 2:======================

| TO struggle? or NOT to struggle? |

With Zero sleeping and Jack reading the galactic map that he found on the computer, Twilight Town is 3 planets away! in the mean time, let's hope that our host to be will have a bright idea up his sleeve! first he starts counting the guests he plans to bring to his "resort" . " well there's always Sora! Donald and Goofy! and these two kids in the picture..." but then he slams the table while drinking coffee. " But that wont work! I need more guests! I'll check it out once I arrive to Twilight CIty" then out of Nowhere, the comp said with a gentle kairi-like voice, " uhhh it's TWILIGHT TOWN" which sent jack looking around the mainframe. a tentacle climbed out from the hatchet and poked jack and The face of the computer showed up. " Im here your HIGHNESSS" she said sarcastically. " Oh! and who might you be?" Jack said while shaking her "tentacle". " Im IR1-AK , Dr. Finklestein made me incase you're somewhat lost Mr. Skellington" she said in a happier mood, some would think this comp has a slpit personality in jack's point of view. " Well thank you miss! I see the good Doctor's ingenious ideas never fail!" He said while reading his magazine HALLOWEEN DAILY. She remarked, " we're approaching Twilight Town right now sir! would you like any tea with milk? " she said in a kind babyish way.

" Uhhh no thank you!" he said with a sweatdrop... as he prepared for arrival.
" warm milk?"
" No"
" beer?"
" NOo"
" Ovaltine...?"
" NO THANK YOU, IR1-AK" exclaimed Jack
" awww....and I thought you were tired " she made a 2 year old pouting whimper.
" FINE! OVALTINE! it's fresh and sufficient" feeling sympathy for his computer
"comming right up sir!" she said like the real kairi, passing him some hot ovaltine milk. He finished it in one gulp. " and remmeber, sir! always wear your ear muffs, mittens and dont forget to change your under ware within the hour" she said in a happy tune.
Jack looked dumbfounded. " uuuhhh I'll keep that in mind, IR1-AK" he said as the gummi ship landed near the train dock. " Zero! let's go!" Jack rushed through the door and expected it to automatically open, remained shut and he slammed into it... he was knocked out.

a few minutes later...

" Seifer! what is it?"
" how would I know, dude?"
" Weird..."
" just look at that skull, fuu"

Jack woke up and found 4 kids standing before him, the Alpha male had a violet attire and a hat with some weird writing he would never understand with a scar that made jack think he had been tortured by Oogie Boogie, next is a red bulky guy with flexible muscles for his age and a girl with red eyes and grey hair covering her left. And last but not the least, a cute pouty, baby like, creature with a hat, blue clothing and a squeeky giggle and yellow eyes that makes you think of the cutest things... well in jack's point of view anyways... V__v;

" Ahhh! Greetings citizens of Midnight City!" said jack in a boisterous yell.
" dude... it's Twilight town, get it right" said the violet guy with the scar on his face. " Ahh! yes TWILIGHT TOWN!" said jack again. " Weird" said the girl with white hair and a red eye. " I heard one of you locals was called, Seifer! who would that be? is he a leader? " asked jack curiously. " Yeah.. that would be me! the leader of this turf" said Seifer the Scarface. " Ahh! so you are the one called Seifer! I shall call you... Scarface!" said Jack in a cool tone of voice.. " w-whO YOU CALLING SCAR FACE bonehead!?" shouted seifer in a rude manner! " Im placing you under arrest man! you're whacked!" said Seifer.
" Arrest!" said Fuu. " Yeah seifer! take him down!" said Rai, " can't we give him a chance?" asked Vivi politely. " SHUT UP!!" the 3 shouted at Vivi, who remained silent.

" Not you again Seifer..." said a girl in orange clothing as she approached Jack and defended him, " if you keep on arresting new comers without any reason, I'll have to place YOU under arrest with the REAL commitee!" she said.
" How thoughtful!" Jack said patting the Orange girl's brown hair. Seifer arms himself with a Struggle bat, " why? what you gonna do about it, Olette?" he smirks and looks at jack with pure hatred.

" Leave it to meee!" Jack said as he snatches vivi's struggle bat. " HEY!" Vivi whined. The towns people rounded up on Jack and Seifer. Olette shouted "Skeleton guy! dont try it! he's a professional struggle champion"
Jack said with a smirk, " we'll see about that!" he waves it aimlessly. Seifer rushed at Jack with pure rage and Jack suddenly let it go and it bumped seifer's head and seifer fell...defeated. Olette cheered along with the town's people. The struggle announcer came and asked " what's your name? Skeleton man?" Jack posed his Halloween pose and thundered...


The Announcer said with delight, " you know if you defeat the running champion, Setzer Gabiani, the prize munny is over 2,000,000 munny! "
Jack stood in surprise! with that amount he'll be able to buy an island big enough for his resort! if not, then he can earn more like a good skeleton!
" t-t-two milllion?! Im in!" Jack said happily as Zero came and licked jack's hand..." you hear that Zero?! with that! I can buy an island! just perfect for my VacatioN!" Olette came and said, " uhh, Jack! can you come with me for a while?" she hands him a popsicle. " oooh! thank you miss!" he starts eating down on the popsicle. He follows her to her secret hideout where he meets 3 boys... Jack smiles and he knows WHERE to get his customers for his Vacation island..

" To struggle? or NOT to struggle?"

Jack..." To struggle!"

===============Chapter 2 end! Chapter 3 comming soon!===========
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Sweet Raine

so miserable is our love
Sep 7, 2005
x] funny how he defeated seifer.... xDD And i like how he can't say twilight town right. midday city.... pfft....xDD and i thought the girl in orange's name is Oret... =\ oh well

JaCk PumkIn KinG

==========Chapter 3===============

| Happy Vacation! |

Jack follows Olette to what he thinks is an underground movement which will overthrow the tyrant (Seifer) and bring twilight town to justice, he thinks it's risking his vacation needs but he follows on nonetheless. He bumps into a guy in a raincoat, a guy with red bandages around his head and wirings on his chest and a mouse with a raincoat like the same dude has while walking past them in the shopping district. "whoops sorry guys!" as he skipped across them before they mumble at our Hero. " you were great Jack" she gives him a hi-five, " you should see the guys! they're gonna be happy seeing you safe from seifer's wrath" she smiled gleefully.

" you were kind! Deffending me, young girl! I think I'll give you a special place for my vacation island after I win 2,000,000 from the struggle match!"
he said while eating the popsicle. When they finally arrived at what he thought was the underground resistance ( Jack can't help but think he defeated the tyrant that was Seifer, since Seifer told jack he was leader of the town). A kid in camouflage pants eating the same thing jack was eating and a chubby kid eating a huge dog bone with a red shirt called "dog street" written on it and finally a boy with blonde hair and white clothes shining what appears to be two giant keys, a white and a black. " Ahh! so this is your underground resistance group! thank you for inviting me in, young olette!" he said eating the popsicle and it's stick which surprised the 4 of them.

" Hello, skeleton dude!" waved the guy in camouflage pants, " mhhpff! mpphf!" said the kid with the dog bone and finally the blonde kid said happily, " welcome to our secret hangout" he smiled and greeted jack.
" Thank you thank you!" Jack said, as he sat next to the blonde boy. " I was thinking of a vacation I wanted to give you 4 if I win the struggle tournament with Splencer Houdini-"

" it's Setzer Gabiani" the four of them said, dumbfounded.

" right! as I was saying! if I win the 2 mil! I promise to give you kids a vacation! with a small fee" jack said business mindedly. " I can give you 45 for each of us. " said the camouflage kid. " ahh thank you! and you are?" he said in an off beat voice. " Im Hayner, that kid with the dog bone is Pence and this is my friend, olette and the kid with the two giant keys is Roxas and you're jack right? " said Hayner with confidence.

" yup! jack the Pumkin King of Halloween Town! I came all this way to win some money to start Jack Island! a paradise for everyone around! and I promise I'll give you kids a nice hotel and no limits!" he said happily as he told them his ridiciulously idiotic and nearly hopeless plans and they listened, thinking it's their chance to see other worlds at last, they made a deal. and Jack was..before he knew it, preparing his fight with Setzer, bats and all..Roxas managed to conjure the Pumking king Keyblade for Jack to practice hitting dummies and catching balles from Olette, the fastes of the 4. " Oh no! it's 4:30! wish me luck kids! and a goulish grin" he smiled evilly walking to the stands with confidence as the ladies hailed on Setzer, he got his struggle bat. " Jack Skellington...nice meeting you... I heard of you, but do you think you can win the championship from me?" Setzer laughed at jack. " Sure! as long as I get the money for the vacation Island I planned, then bring it on, mama's boy!" Jack called out. DING! the match has started.. for 4-5 rounds no body hit anybody, it was more of a waltz dance than a struggle tournament... Jack dodging setzer's attacks and vice versa...

6th round....

7th round.....

8th round....

finally I think about the 12th round out of boredom, Jack connected twice with a right hit and splashed all of Setzer's balls.

DING!!! the champion is decided ... it is....JACK SKELLINGTON! who won not 2! but 600 million munny more! due to a lottery mistake!

" whaaa?" since when did this happen??? o__O;;

oh it doesnt matter, but Jack had more than enough to start his dream vacation, and prepared to leave twilight town and waited for the four kids he promised " paradise" as 5 hours passed by, no sign of the four ever came...

" geez. does this place EVER get dark?? " he stared at the sun, dumbfounded.

" Jack!" Olette called with her swimming trunk and so did the boys with their water balloons and....whatever beach material they can gather.
" About time you four! money please!" he stretched his hand out and they gave their 45 munny. Until a voice called out...

" Bone Head! wait for us!!"called a familiar voice. " huh?" Jack turned and saw Seifer and his Disciplinary commitee arrive with THEIR swimming trunks and all the stuff needed for a vacation. " Aaah! so the tyrant wants to tag along eh?" Jack said mockingly. " yeah whatever bonedude! it's 45 right?" Seifer said eagerly. " thats 50 for royalty" Jack pointed out. " awww shyucks! c'mon man! I was joking! Im an ordinary kid! Im no leader of this towN!" Seifer begged. " oh alright! but be good! I got an insane computer down that ship and she's like a 5 year old!" Jack warned. "yeah whatever bone dude" Seifer passed 200 munny to jack and the 8 of em boarded the ship.

" ahh! alas! but where to find this Island??" he thought as he foolishly boarded the ship as Setzer stow awayed inside the ship as it boarded for Port Royal... wherever THAT is...

=============END CHAPTER 3! CHAPTER 4 Comming sooN!=======
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JaCk PumkIn KinG

===========CHAPTER 3.5==================

| Jack and Jack |

Having argued with Seifer for the 20th time about the ways of struggle and watching IR1-AK arm wrestle Olette and Olette winning due to the fact that either jack's computer has found new friends or has Olette packed some secret muscle power? I haven't got a clue! as we go on this perilious yet absurd adventure with our hero, Jack Skellington and his "customers" to find " Vacation", Jack was last seen transporting them to Port Royal.

Jack Landed on the beach with what seemed so dark for a Vacation to take place, then Jack said. " I know! let's play..." but as he was about to evaluate to the customers on Pinball, a pirate who looked like he was thrown out of his ship and drank too much rum walked by and tapped jack's back. " Which of you matties could find the place called TOrtula ( the savage island from the pirates movie where jack gets to recruite his New crew ). " Sir! I know where you can find it!" as jack thought that the pirate meant "tortillia chips". Jack greeted the pirate and promised him a vacation. " Vacation!? hmm! sounds exiting! alright mate! I'll go on this "vacation!" the names Jack! Jack Sparrow" he shook hands with jack. " And I am Jack too! jack Skellington" and Jack S. got into the ship and Jack SK. looked around..." Hmm..not an ideal place to find an island for a holiday, seeing as this place is Dark..oh well! IR1-AK! take us to somewhere with beaches and with SUN!" Jack pointed out loud! " Sure Sir!" and the ship boarded before Jack got into it. "whoah whoa! easy girl easy!" as jack patted the ship. Port Royal was left in dumbfound silence....

======( the Official Chapter 4!) ===========

| Destiny Jack |

Jack and Jack had a game of cards when Jack hit the Jackpot, Jack was was sad! " awww thats the fifth time Sparrow!" Jack said in dissapointment. " what can I say jack, Im too good! " and then Jack went to sleep and Mashed "Destiny Islands" by accident, which sent Jack Skellington and his customers on a whirlwind trip to the sandy beaches of Destiny Island

and where our REAL story begins!

Jack, Roxas and Seifer took a little time down once they landed on what seemed to be an unoccupied island and Jack said. " Oh what a wonderful world!" he did the ballet and tip toed around the island when he crunched on someone's face. " MHPPP! gerroff!" shouted the kid and Jack realized it was his old time friend....

" SORA!!!" Jack shouted with glee as he tip toed and hugged his old friend. " Jack! " coughed sora. "what're you doing here?" he stared at Jack, confused.
" Ahh yes! finding an island to buy! plus to put up..." Jack pulled out his secret blueprint in a form of a tissue paper. " Jack ISLAND!" he showed it to Sora with great pride. " uhhh... jack it's only a skull" said sora sweat dropping.." Exactly!" said Jack! I want it to be terrifying! scare the chills out of - "

" who's he sora?" asked kairi. " Not Now, IR1-AK! Im making a business deal" said jack as he thought the computer was talking. " IR1-Ak??" she stared at the tall skelleton with confusion. Jack turned and looked down at the 15-year old girl. " Why! you're a real girl! you're not a computer at all!" said Jack in surprise. " ooookay" said Kairi, " this is starting to get freaky" sweatdropping.
" Uhh Jack! maybe you should think about another idea for the island" suggested Sora. " But in what form Sora?" asked Jack curiously....


***********would the guest care for warm milk?*********

One Week and 4 Days later on another island NEAR the play island, Jack Hired a crew to build with what he thinks will be a success! and to get his vacation at last. " It's magnificent! It' superb! it's it's-"
" cool?" said sora in his swimming trunks. " YeS!" as Jack opened the gates to his new Island resort AND beach complete with a hotel, swimming pool, 5-star waiters, 7-star restaurants, and More swimming poolS! plus a small biplane for flying around the island and a botique for the ladies...

" I shall call this island..." declared Jack

=======================END Chapter 4=====================
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JaCk PumkIn KinG

Sorry sorry! pardon my "jack poem" it wont happen again ^^;

now moving on!

==================CHAPTER 5============================


" Jack Island!!!" Jack rang out loud. " hey keep it down buddy, we get it already.." said one of the workers. " Jack paid them extra munny not to let the locals in the island and guard it with all their might be it canons, Aeons, Artificial life forms or an army. " but why Jack?" asked sora in a mild confusion.
" You'll see" winked Jack. " Can you give this to your feathered friend?" hands out a 3 cards to sora, Jack instructed Sora to give donald, goofy and the king a visit with Jack's "weird Gummi ship" and to give the king an invite to people of Hallow Basement so that Jack can have a grand paradise. " It's Hollow Bastion Jack" responded sora in a whacky confusion. " right! now get going Sora! and remember! Jack Island is Opened to all the lovely girls out there in the big bluish beyond!" said Jack in a happy response.

Sora, and Kairi departed and left for Disney Castle. While Roxas pondering that Sora and Him met before, went to the hotel with the gang and so did Seifer and the boys. Setzer made a little exploration before he snuck himself into the island...

As for our hero Jack? or should I say Official Host? He just went into his private mansion with Zero and Took alook at every camera angle while taking a bath with his rubber ducky... " Fascinating with what this rubber ducky can do!" He squeeked on and paid no attention to the cameras. Meanwhile Setzer dodges Security ( in the form of ZombieGorillas from HalloweenTown) in hopes of finding a scandal to ruin Jack's reputation of being the host.

Our Pirate Hero jack Sparrow went to the Bar and took his fill of rum, leaving the other customers a time for them to remember.

Olette went shopping at the botique which sold her all swimming trunks and clothes for free and got a free Blitzball as a complementary gift package. She returned with a Skimpy swimsuit and passed her new blitzball to Heyner and Pence. "where's Roxas?" she asked. " oh he went off to beach to fish." said Pence. " Oh? care to play volleyball with the other guys? " she asked . Seifer was bodybuilding in the gym with Rai and Vivi was taking swiming laps and Fuu was resting on the swiming pool's side with a barmaid passing her glasses of cold ovaltine and the enigmatic Popsicles... again.

The Spoils of Jack Island was endless! let alone for Setzer who had to stay in the Economic huts due to his bankruptcy on his last tournament with Jack. " grrr... I'll get this Island Jack SKellington!" he grumbled. By what seemed like early in the afternoon, Sora returned with Kairi, Riku and the boys, Mickey, Donald and Goofy, Minnie Mouse and Daisy tailed them on their heels.

" What is this fellow planning this time?" asked mickey strictly. " I dunno probably he gets his kicks this way" said sora. Then the Statue of jack thundered. " WELCOME TO JACK ISLAND, YOUR MAJESTY! PLEASE! MAKE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS AT HOME! AND HAVE A PLEASANT DAY IN JACK ISLAND!" it was Jack talking through the PA. This was strange to the King as he never seen an off-worlder with a strange agenda. " Oh well I guess we can't complain" said Squall. " LEON!" said mickey.. " how?" he asked, confused. " I got this from the fax in Ansem's office. some sort of vacation, 5 star for only 45 munny? can't miss it... I brought the girls Could and Cid too" he pointed behind them, Cid , Tifa, Aerith, Cloud, Yuna, rikku and Paine were there.

" Amazing island" exclaimed Rikku. " I knew we were right to follow them" Yuna said happily as she bowed to Mickey, " hello your majesty". Mickey blushed, "aww shyucks! you can call me Mickey" he let out a smile. Bell boys came and took their luggages ( they have?? ) and finally Olette greeted Kairi, Sora and Riku. " Care to play a Volley ball match? Seifer doesnt wanna play" she pouted cutely. " Sora! this is a good time to practice eh?" said wakka from behind. Wakka, Tidus and Selphie somehow, APPARENTLY got to Jack Island without a scratch. " Wakka! Tidus! Selphie! how did you?" Sora asked.
Tidus Dried his ears "dont ask..." as he secretly slipped his scubba diving suits in the bushes. " oookay" Olette said, " so guys you up for a game of Volleyball?" she tosses the Blitzball up and down.

They all nodded and proceeded to the beach front. " hmmm... Volleyball match.." Jack thought. "I got it!" he grabbed the microphone. " ON 4 there will be a prize to who ever will win this Volley Ball TOurnament! treats are all free to the winner! if you wanna play! report to the Recreation office by 3! Have a nice Day on JACK ISLAND!!"

" you hear that?" kairi said. " sounds like fun" Riku said, " Let's do it" Sora told them both.

===============END CHAPTER===================
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JaCk PumkIn KinG

===============Chapter 6 ======================

| Thunder Ball (sounds scary no?) |

At last! our Host, Jack Skellington has finally froven us wrong! in a strange turn of events, our host managed to save 602, 000,000 munny by simply winning a lottery ( how did he do that? ) and winning against undefeated struggle champion, Setzer Gabiani. Now Jack works hour by hour! with Ovaltine and popsicles to power him up with the help of his dog, Zero and the Doctor's tinkerish invention, IR1-AK, as he hosts this Vacation Island AKA JAck Island to the stars and casts of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Jack got up his chair and danced around his office. " It's shoowwwww time!"
he applauded as he danced to the beat. Olette and Kairi signed up for the practice trials as partners while Mickey and Riku joined in as their Rivaling opponents. " hmmm! interesting sport! this I gotta try" The King said as he straightend his Swimming red Tights. " hmph! easy as pie... I used to challenge wakka with Blitzball, I see no difference in VOlleyball" Riku said as he was talking to the King. Kairi and Olette did their warm ups after eating a popsicle stick. " I just can't wait till we reach the championship finals it'll be great" Olette told kairi. " Me too" and the girls gave each other a hi-5. The Volleyball PA called . " And now folks! the one! the only! Jack Skellington!!" Our Obsessed Host rises from the sands and gives out a smile, this time wearing skimped blue tights revealing his skeletal body. " Thank you all for comming to jack Island!" he thundered out to the contestants. " we will be having a fair match! no punching and no physical assult! I want a good clean game! uhhh..." Jack checked the criteria and told one of his servants " I'll just leave the scoring to you my friend" surprised by this strange move, Jack doesnt seem to want to show favoritism to any opposing team.

" Now! the rules are simple! land the ball on the enemy's field to earn 2 points! a spike is 1 point! a special attack thats been blocked will deserve 3 points! there will be no.. nevermind!" Jack said. " Let the match BEGIN!!!!!" and ...


Kairi serves the ball on the first shot, which mickey blocks and Olette sends it spiking to the ground. " 2 points for the girls!" Jack said. " the girl's serve!" Riku tosses the volleyball towards Olette and sends it flying to the opposite field to be blocked by mickey! and lands on kairi's palm, then finally, spiked by riku. " 2 points for the boys!" jack said." the boy's serve!" . Riku throws the ball high up int the air and Mickey sends a deep pack punch and sends it rolling like a giant canon but kairi blocks it with her right palm and Olette shoots by and bounces it back to the opposing field, to be blocked by mickey.
Olette lands a spike on the field. " another 2 points for the girls!" Jack said amusingly. " the boy's serve!" Riku passes a mighty packed spike which sends electrical surges to the opposing field only to be simply blocked by kairi's force palm blast and sends the ball landing on the opposing team's field,
" 5 points!" Jack said happily! calling through the stands. Rikku, Yuna and Paine clapped with Sora, Yuffie in her swim trunks and Donald in his blue shorts. Jack thundered "just 40 seconds and 4 more points! if the girls can bag this one, they win this round and make it to the finals!!" as goofy joined the crowd. " girl's serve!" and Mickey tosses the ball to Olette, she shoots and sends a pink glowed spike towards the enemy field, to be blocked by mickey's finger, he sends the volleball flying back with a white gleam and it lands on the girl's field. " 6 points!" jack said, so it's 8 for the boys and 7 for the girls! with 20 seconds left, Kairi and Olette plan their next motive. " girls serve!!" jack thundered. Mickey tosses the volleyball back to Kairi. Ready for the kill, Kairi sends a redish pink gleam spike to the opposing team's field and Riku blocks it with a white glowed spike, Ollete sends it back with a pinkish glow and it lands behind riku's back. " And it's OVER! the girls WIN!!!" Jack bursted through his seat with " 16 points for the girls and 8 for the boys! better luck next time guys!" Mickey kick the sand childishly.." awww we lost.." he let out a frown, " Dont worry, your majesty! we'll get em in the next round" riku said as they joined the gang on the stands.

Jack piled through his player charts. " lets see... OOOH OOOH! Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough! " Jack exclaimed " against... Donald Duck and Sora!"
" whaaaat?!" donald spewed his popsicle. " aheheheh! I signed us up!" Sora told Donald Duck. " heeeee.." sighed donald duck, He has ABSOLUTELY no idea on the rules of Volleyball...will these two make it? or will the girls bag the tournament today??

==============END CHAPTER 6======================

To find out who might win the next round, please refer to the kairi fan club! enjoy the previous chapters ladies and gents!

JaCk PumkIn KinG

thanks H_A! dont be surprised with who'll win ^^;

===========Chapter 7!========================

At last! our Host, Jack Skellington has finally proven us wrong! in a strange turn of events, our host managed to save 602, 000,000 munny by simply winning a lottery ( how did he do that? ) and winning against undefeated struggle champion, Setzer Gabiani. Now Jack works hour by hour! with Ovaltine and popsicles to power him up with the help of his dog, Zero and the Doctor's tinkerish invention, IR1-AK, as he hosts this Vacation Island AKA JAck Island to the stars and casts of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2.

| Cool Summer Discord|

As Mickey, Riku, Kairi and olette sits on the sandy floors with the gang, SOra and Donald took up to the stands next to Jack. " Where are the girls?" Jack asked. " Ah! they're still changing! they'll be here soon" Sora informed our bumbling hero/host. " Very well! but if they dont make it in 15 minutes, you guys win this round!" Jack said as he crunched on some cookies. Meanwhile, Tifa got out of her dressing room with her black swimsuit with stripes. " Man this is all the stores had" she pouted. " Hey Aerith! you done yet? we're gonna be late!" she called out behind the other cubicle. " Umm! just a minute!" and at last, Aerith came out dressed in a Pinkish, red striped swim suit with a red ribbon tied to her left arm. " c'mon girl!" Tifa demanded as she dragged Aerith to the beach. " Ahhh! the ladies are here!" Jack said as he spotted them approaching. " HehehahahA! this is easy!" bragged Donald as he bounced it higher and higher....and higher...and higher... and When the girls came, Donald didnt pay attention because Aerith was asking for the ball, which landed on his head and knocked him out. " Will the medics please tend to our sportsman?" demanded Jack. A Coconut hurled it's way to Donald head, which woke him up again bouncing up putting up his "wanna fight?!" pose. " Easy donald! we're ready to play" sweatdropped sora. " right! dont take my arrogance as a placebo overdose, I had different experience with THAT on my first night" Donald said angrilly. " Do you even know WHAT a Placebo is?" asked sora as they walked to their field. " Nevermind, All I can tell you is that I bagged something on that night.. and I can tell ya it wasn't Daisy" donald said mysteriously. " uuuhhh Donald are you sniffing Riku's paopu collection? coz he tells me these stories too you know.." Sora asked shakily. " no!! it was a placebo! a-"

" Alright ladies and gents! with our Lovely ladies and Our strong and bold gents! we can begin the match! will the babes bag it today? or will the boys go home to their teddy bears crying? it's up to you! GIRL'S SERVE!!!" Jack called out. Sora passes the Volleyball to Tifa, and jack hit the Kong-horn.


a seagull called out " hey Im walking here you big fat moron!!"

Tifa looked dumbfounded, no question for Aerith and nontheless serves the ball with a blue powered up spike. Donald blocks it with his head and it bounces back to the opposing field and the ball went flip flop and bounced back by Aerith! it lands and ... " 2 points for the ladies!! " jack called out eating a cookie. " boy's serve!" Tifa passes it to Sora and Sora serves with a Red powered up spike! Tifa blocks it and sends it to Donald, Donald sends a blue powered up bash at Aerith only to be blocked by Aerith's white power up it lands behind Donald's back. " 6 points for the ladies yet agaiN!!" Jack rang out loud. Tifa and Aerith gave a hi-5. "boy's serve!" and Donald Serves the ball gently, this amuses Aerith and sends it with a gentle spike, Sora bounce it back with a Red power up and catches Tifa off guard. " 5 points for the men!" Jack declared. " girl's serve!" demanded Jack. Sora passes the volleyball to Tifa, She wont let that feint happen again and sends a powered up spike. Sora goes for the kill! but as he suddenly stops because Tifa shows her gentle eyes which catches Sora off guard! " 2 points for the ladies!!" Jack said. " with 1 minute left! the boys gotta catch up! wake up sora!" Donald masdhes sora's head. " Confounded, no good, baby whining, moron!!!" Donald shouted. " sorry sorry! that girl in the black swim wear caught me off guard" said Sora. " hmph! a likely story" said Donald. " oh yeah? what about that placebo thing you said wise guy?" Sora said. " huh? oh that was just a-"

" Boy serve!!" Jack called out blissfully. Sora serves the ball to tifa. " hmph! I got a trick up my sleeve " said sora in his thoughts. Tifa moved for the kill and she catches eye contact on Sora who removes his pants, which startles the crowd!

" Sora!!" everyone shouted! as the ball landed on the girl's side. Tifa blushes heavilly and Jack said. " Amazing display Sora! but Security wont like it!" Jack points out to the Kong-sized apes behind him. " Sorry Jack! my pants were lose" sora said as he giggled evilly. " 20 seconds left! girls serve~!" jack said as Tifa, still blushing, serves it as it lands on Donald's head again. " GAAAAHHHH!!! enough with the head!!" Donald said as he shoots the ball to Aerith which bounces on her chest and lands on the net. " 2 points for the ladies! with 10 more seconds left! can you bag this one boys? or will you go home crying like what that kid did last Christmas eve?" Jack said. Sora took the ball and heard the Kong- horn blow and another pedestrian see gull swear, He aims it at Tifa and she bounces it back with her hips and Donald bashes the ball with his head and Aerith sends it back with a White powered up spike! and it goes on a swoove curve on donalds back and it bounces onto the boy's field. " The girls WIN~!" Jack called out doing the ballet and the crowd went wild!
Tifa and Aerith gave a hi-5 and hugged each other. " Now now ladies! another match later this evening! with...." Jack read the official candidates .. " Goofy and Squall vs.. Yuffie and Minnie! contestants see you later!" Jack said happily as he scooted off with Zero to the Tiki-Tiki bar to mean Jack sparrow. " Ahuyck! but I dunno how to play " goofy said discouragingly. " It'll be alright!" said mickey, " all you have to do is eat this!" Mickey shows some placebo. " Ahyuck! candy!" said goofy. " Of course it's candy" said Mickey happily giggling in a cute falsetto but evil way...

============END =====================

For those who want goofy and Squall to win or Yuffie and Minnie to win, post your comments on the Kairi fanclub OR PM meee =P
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