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Dec 18, 2018
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Hi I'm currently taking requests for character xreader fanfiction for kingdom hearts as we count down to KH III. I've already written a oneshot for a RikuxReader. I post under the name ButterflyXMoonlight on deviantArt, Quotev, Wattpad, and Archive of Our Own. I'll also post the first oneshot here as a sample of my writing style.


Waiting (RikuXReader)

-----5 years old

“Go along now and play [Y/N].” Your mother said as she gave you a supporting nudge towards a boy your age. You were at a dinner party at one of your neighbors houses and there were a few other kids playing. Only one boy was alone, so your mom suggested you go play with him.

“Do you like dinosaurs?” You asked as you held a T-rex in one hand and a Stegosaurus in the other. You held out the T-rex for the boy. His face lit up with a smile and he took the T-rex.

“I do like dinosaurs.” He said.

“Then let’s play!” You shouted. You took your stegosaurus and made dinosaur noises as you pretended to attack his dinosaur. He started to attack back with the dinosaur you lent him.

After what felt too short you heard your mother calling you. “[Y/N]! It’s time to go. Say goodbye to your new little friend.”

You turned to your new friend as he handed you back your T-rex. He looked really sad to see you going so soon. Soon you felt your mom touch your shoulder.

“Bye, bye Riku! Maybe you can play with [Y/N] again sometime. I’ll ask your mother.”

Riku nodded. You waved at him as your mom dragged you away. “Bye, bye Riku!”

-----10 years old

“Riku! Give me back my doll!” You shouted as you kept jumping up and down, trying to take your doll out of Riku’s hands. Riku laughed and held your doll higher.

“What ever happened to dinosaurs and cars? You’ve turned into such a girl lately!” Riku laughed again as you jumped for your doll. You started to angrily stomp your feet on the ground.

“I said...GIVE. IT. BACK!” You shouted as you stomped on Riku’s foot. He yelped in pain and dropped your doll. You caught it just before it could fall to the ground. “I got you!”

“No fair!” Riku said as he grabbed his foot in pain. You stuck out your tongue at him.

“My mom said life isn’t fair!”

-----13 years old

“Hey, [Y/N], are you gonna go check out the island with me?” Riku asked.

“What island?”

“The one that everyone else is making into a play island. Imagine all of the things we can do there without any adults to tell us not to! We can climb trees, swim at the beach, collect shells...or eat paopu fruit.” Riku winked at you. You started to turn pink.

“Um, sure!” The thought of sharing a paopu fruit with Riku was enough to prevent you from thinking twice about your answer.

“Then let’s go!” Riku led you over to a small boat and gestured for you to get in. He started to push the boat into the water. He jumped in as soon as it began to float. He grabbed the oars and started to row the two of you to the play island.

“Hey Riku?” You asked after a while.

“Hm?” He grunted an answer as he hept rowing the boat. It looked to be a difficult task.

“How come you never let me hang out with your other friends Sora and Kairi?” You asked. Riku stopped paddling for a second.

“Why would you ask that for?” He tasseled your hair then continued to row. You could see the island in the distance.

“Riku!” You heard some others shout as you became closer to the shore. Riku docked the boat with the help of his other friends.

“Hey guys, what kind of work do we still have to do around here?” Riku then started to walk away with his other friends. You walked over to the end of the short dock and sat down, hanging your legs over the ledge.

You sighed as you looked out to the horizon. The water was so blue and clear, just like Riku’s eyes. You couldn’t understand why he always forgot about you when it came to his other friends. It was like he was forbidding for you to be seen with him in public. Maybe you were thinking about it too much.

Later that day Riku came back to the dock to see you sleeping. He tried to nudge you awake. You almost fell into the water. “[Y/N]?” Riku called out.

“Oh, is it time to go already?” You yawned and rubbed your eyes.

“Almost.” Riku said. He helped you to stand up and took your hand. “Follow me.” He said smiling. He led you to the other side of the island that you had yet to see. “Close your eyes, okay?” He put his hands over your eyes. You could heard people giggling around the two of you.

“Riku? What’s going on?” You asked. Riku lifted his hands.

“Surprise!” Riku said. Next to him were his other friends that he would hang out with. There was Sora, Kairi, Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka. Surrounding you were a bunch of coconuts and bananas. “It’s a luau.” Riku said as he lightly clapped your shoulder. “Well, the best we could make do with.” Riku then went around to introduce you to all of his friends. You laughed together and drank coconut water and ate bananas until it started to become dark. Everyone started to go home on their boats except for you and Riku who stayed behind to clean up.

“We have a compost bin over here for everything.” Riku led you to a nasty smelling box where you threw away the peels and husks. “Oh hey, would you look at that.” Riku said very robotically. You raised your eyebrow in question. “It’s a paopu fruit! I wonder how it got here.” Riku continued to speak as if it were rehearsed or something. He took a bite out of the yellow star shaped fruit then held it out towards you.

“You want me to take a bite?” You blushed and slightly pushed the fruit away. Riku only nudged it closer to you with a small smile. You leaned forward and took a tiny bite out of the fruit.

“Ew, you indirectly kissed me.” Riku smirked.

“You jerk!” You shouted as Riku started to run away from you. You chased him all the way to the boat.

-----15 years old

“Riku? Do you really have to go?” You asked him as he gave the finishing touches to his raft.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” Riku got up from his project and gave you a smile. “I’ll tell you all about my adventures. I want to take you with me when I come back.” You blushed and looked away. Riku tassled your hair.

“Don’t be gone for long.” You said as you stared at the ground. You suddenly felt a hand under your chin. Riku gently lifted your face up.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” He gave you a quick and light kiss on the lips. “It’ll be longer next time.” He looked to the side and scratched the back of his head to hide the pink rising to his cheeks.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

-----16 years old

“What’s that?” You looked to see something falling in the direction of the old play island. You immediately went to the dock on the beach and uncovered your old boat. You quickly pushed it into the water and started to row.

It felt like forever until you could finally see a few figures in the distance. You could make out some...people...that you’ve never seen before along with a familiar face.

“Kairi! You’re back!” You shouted as you quickly jumped out of your boat and pushed it ashore. You ran up to her and gave her a hug. “Everyone’s been so worried.” You looked around to see that her friends were...a mouse, a duck, and a dog. You raised your eyebrow in question.

“I’ll explain in a bit.” She said. “Look.” She pointed to the sky where you could see what looked like two shooting stars.

“Huh? But it’s still sunset, shooting stars right now?” You stood behind Kairi as the stars seemed to get closer and closer until they made a splash in the water. You squint your eyes as you saw two figures popping out and swimming towards the shore. It was Sora...and Riku. You watched in awe as Sora came up to Kairi and exclaimed that they were back. You watched their moment unfold as the mouse, duck, and dog ran to Sora and tackled him. That left Riku to walk up to Kairi and smile.

“Riku.” Kairi said to get his attention. He stopped looking to the ground then looked to Kairi. She side stepped out of the way for Riku to see you.



He started to run to you. You closed your eyes expecting to be knocked to the floor just as Sora was, but you only felt Riku’s warm embrace. “[Y/N]!” He shouted once again.

“Riku! I waited for you.” You felt a single tear roll down your cheek as you returned his hug. Soon, he slightly pulled away but left his hands on your shoulders as he stared at you.

“That’s right…” He muttered as he stared at you a little bit longer. He then bent down a little bit to capture your lips in his. His lips were warm against yours and tasted like the sea water he was just swimming in. His kiss lingered for a while as he pulled away.

“I told you it would be longer next time.” He gave a small smile. You wiped another tear away.

“I’ve been waiting for it.” You smiled back.