Kingdom Hearts x My Forged Wedding Crossover question.



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Sep 25, 2010
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Can Disney/Final Fantasy Villains be allowed in this? I feel like it'd make a great comedy if so. C: Why not try looking through the list of Disney Characters for more bachelors? I think it'd be easier than listing them all, because I'm not sure if you're counting all Disney characters like Goofy or Pete, who aren't human.

As for Final Fantasy Bachelors: Cloud, Reno, Rude, Leon, Firion, Cecil, Cid, Bartz, Vincent, Zack, Seifer, Tidus, Gippal, Sazh, and Noel. I may of missed a few upon listing what ones I could think of at the top of my head. I know there's Snow from FF13, but he's already engaged to Serah. (xD)

I hope this helps. C:


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Aug 14, 2007
Hmm. I hadn’t considered that element. Most of the Voltage guys are jerks (for example: Kai Fujisawa in 7 Rings, Saeki Takamasa in My Forged Wedding or Scorpio in Star Crossed Myth) like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast or Ratcliffe In Pocahontas. The villains can be added, provided I feel that they can be redeemed by falling in love with a good woman. Gaston just wanted Belle to marry him and was hurt when she preferred the Beast over him – at four years old when I saw the movie, I hated him – so he might be a perfect candidate for the fic. Might is a keyword here because he could get jealous.

As to adding Pete and Goofy, I was hoping for solid human characters but I may do one tailored to them later on if I can find inspiration.
I appreciate your help!