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Kingdom Hearts: World's Collide

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Apr 30, 2009
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It is said that the imagination is a very strong force in our world. We are able to create things in our head and then bring them to life, create idea’s that move people, make them believe that they can connect to that, and eventually find comfort in the fact that they have someone who knows how to relate to them. But when does that imagination border on reality? When can one tell which is reality and what is simply fantasy?

Many people under the age of forty know about the entertainment media art form known as video games, a form of entertainment that has become more and more interactive as the years pass by. At one point in time, a game called Kingdom Hearts was created, in which a boy who wields a large key searches for his lost friends, along with a cast of Disney characters who help him in his search. To put it simply, it created a large fan base, and even as the years pass by, still grabs our attention. But now, there are rumors flying around. Rumors that people are seeing things in the sky at night. Seeing a small island, with large buildings and a single tree with star shaped fruit hanging from it. Some of these people have even started disappearing.

Where did these people, who claimed to see an island from a video game, disappear to? Truth be told, they are actually apart of that games universe now, unable to come back to this world by their own will. This is due to unnatural forces that are in both our world, and in the world of Kingdom Hearts.

You are one of these people. The people in our world call you the “ Lost Souls” due to the rumor of you being spirited away, which is not far from the fact. Some of you will be given the ability to wield the famous Keyblade, and some of you will have powers of your own. You must figure out why, and how you got to the other universe and figure out a way to get back.

That is, if you really want to go back.

- No God-modding

- Have decent grammar, such as using periods and coma’s. I can’t stand people typing one giant run on sentence.

- Cursing is allowed but try to keep it to a minimum

- No Power Playing

- Keep romance to PG-13

- Yes people will “die” in this Rp. Death meaning that your character just fades into light or darkness. You know how death in Kingdom Hearts work.

- Try to be original, no Mary-sues or Jane or jack does.



Age: (Since most people who play KH are not really that old keep to the age limit of 14-27)

Gender: Male/Female

Appearance: (Picture are cool, but a small paragraph or more is pretty cool too.)

Alignment: (Are your powers Dark, Light, or Neutral?)

Weapon: (Keyblade wielders will be kept to a limit of five. First come first serve. Otherwise any other weapon can be used, except guns.)

Abilities: (Try to be creative but don’t go over kill with your abilities.)

Personality: (No Gary or Mary sues here folks. Keep it to a minimum of two paragraphs)

Bio: (Give us some information on your character and how they saw the two Worlds align)

Not open for further replies.