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Apr 13, 2012
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Kingdom Hearts:Throughout The Darkness

Well I do not own Kingdom Hearts,I fully support Namine x Riku or Kairi x Riku.
I prefer Sora x Selphie, they are both naive, and energetic, thats why
I'd think they'd be a radical couple.

Anyways, I'll shaddup and start.

Chapter 1:Riku's Awakening

After Mickey closed the the door, both him and Riku faced
the vigorously strong dark siders. Mickey finished off one
but ran out of energy and couldn't finish the other. Riku, tried
finishing off the Darkside.

But soon enough he fainted. Right when a pool
of darkness was about to swallow Riku, a girl's pale slender hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him into a portal of light. Riku looked around as he recognized he was
in a entirely white room. "Riku, are you alright?" A girl's innocent voice questioned
the male as he looked around, still frightened from the Dark Side.

"Who's there, I can destroy you if I want!" Riku lunged at the wall, trying
to identify where the voice was echoing from. He stopped for a second
and fell down from hearing his own voice echo. All of a sudden his ears were ringing and his eyes were starting the close. "Riku!" The girl shouted as she got on top of him and started shaking him by the shoulders while he was on the surface of the hard packed panels of the silver floor. "W-who are you...."Riku tried to move but he seemed paralyzed. "It's me,Namine......Don't you remember me from Castle Oblivion...." Namine said as she forced memories into his mind, making him see thoughts while his eyes were closed. "N-Namine." He smiled while his eyes were still half shut, she hugged him as he hugged back with all the strength he had. "Namine, Stop raping him." Axel said sarcastically while leaning against the white wall behind him, he had his legs folded. "You come to your senses bro?"A small pebble hit Riku's forehead from Axel's direction as Riku shook his head while he was on the floor, still hugging Namine. She got up off of him and helped him up. "Long time no see Axel, what is this place anyways, looks like Twilight Town to me." Riku said as I leaned against the window. Looking out of the window as he saw a few heartless outside waiting at the fence. Trying to smash the window open, he continuously kicked it until it broke. "Axel,Heartless are here!!" Axel looked surprised as the two ran out of the room down the stairs of the mansion. Riku took out Soul Eater and busted through the door, flinging his blade at the heartless. The Heartless flew back from taking impact of the powerful blade. It came back to Riku as Axel and him combined their weapons together and released a blast of Fire and Darkness. Destroying the remaining heartless from the blast, they put their weapons down and headed back into the mansion. When they came through the white room door, DiZ had hold of Namine. "Get off of her!" Riku ran forward and leaped into the air, frontflipping as he prepared a side kick while in mid air, instead of slamming his foot into DiZ, He instead crashed into the floor, sending a sharp pain from his heel to his head. Tumbling on the ground as he crashed into the wall with a loud thump. "BURN BABY BURN!" Axel shot out a massacre of flames towards DiZ, he'd reflected the flames with stronger power, thus sending Axel crashing through the wall of the room into the hall on the first floor. The air being knocked out of his lungs as he tried standing up but fell instead.

Part 2: Recovery
Riku awoken to Kairi's blue watering eyes, he was in Destiny
Islands somehow. "How'd I get here."
Riku said with a faint look on his face. "You fell from the sky, do you still have that
big lump on your head.?" Kairi looked at him as he felt his head but hadn't felt a single
sting of a swollen bump. He nodded as Kairi smiled real big, a few tears streaming down her cheeks
as she kissed him on the lips without hesitation. Riku blushed but then gave in and wrapped his arms around her delicate shoulders, sitting on the ground while leaning against the paopu tree.
"Riku?" A girl's voice that hadn't sounded like Selphie had appeared from behind him as
Riku halted and looked behind him. "Hey Namine..." Riku said with a faint sigh...
"Namine,How'd you escape DiZ?!" Riku said, shooting up and letting go off Kairi. Kairi
fell to the sand as Riku heard the thump and widened his eyes, looking back at the girl who had stood up, somehow revealing the Kingdom Key, now attaching the Lady Luck key chain as the Kingdom Key shifted to that keyblade, she had her back faced to Riku as she turned around quick
and lunged at him, between tears she swore at him with words unforgivable. Slamming the
keyblade into his weak points as he was being barraged with tough attacks. Being knocked
into the air after a heavy hit, he recovered and shot downwards,slamming Soul Eater into
Lady Luck. CLANG! They collided together as both of them slammed their key blades
together constantly. "LOOK, CALM DOWN!" Riku said in between clashes.
Breaking through his key blade Kairi slammed her palm into his stomach and sent him down hard, aiming the keyblade at Riku's torso as it shot out a wave of energy that rendered his body into

What will happen to Riku, Will Namine want to avenge Riku, or will Kairi go berserk
on Namine too, Next time, on KH:TTD!!!
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