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Mar 12, 2005
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This is a story based on the characters created in the create a character section. DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE PROFILE ABOUT THEM!!! I'm going to do a chapter, then Blaze and so on. Lets get this show on the road!

The Chronicles of Vemar:
Chapter 1: Arrival

My name is Vemar. This is my story....

The bell in the clock tower rang and reveberated across Traverse Town. I groaned as I got up, still tired from the night before. I was training all night, not letting myself get weaker, not letting myself lose. My head was pounding and my back was aching, but I guess thats the price you pay when you're the best.

I had been like that ever since a was a mere boy. I had always pushed myself, challenging tougher oppenents each day, never allowing my body to give up. Everyone would agree that I was the strongest warrior in Traverse Town but I wanted more. I wanted to be the most powerful being in the universe. And to do that, I would have to leave this place....

I slowly got up and changed into my usual clothes. I quickly went into the bathroom and washed the sleep out of my black and white eyes. I never knew why I had two different coloured eyes. Until that night....
I went down stairs into the kitchen.
"Morning dad!" I said cheerfully.
"Morning Vemar." he replied nonchalantly. He was busy reading the newspaper. I made myself some toast and sat down beside him.

My father was an expert blacksmith who made the greatest weapons anyone had ever seen. He promised he would one day give me one, to use for a great purpose....

"More dissapearances?" I asked. Recently there had been mysterys. People were vanishing without a trace and no one knew who was behind it.
"Yes. Two this time. I cant get my head round it. Who could be behind such a mystery? Ahh it doesnt matter" he said, gulping down his coffee "What matters is that you're safe and thats all I care about." he finished.

This was going to make the thing I had to tell him even harder....
"Uhhhh....dad?" I stammered.
"Yes son?" he asked
"I want to leave Traverse Town." I said defiantly "I want to go out and become stronger, so I can truly protect this town and the people I love."
I patently waited his answer.
He didnt speak, so I thought it'd be best to go out and return back later.

I travelled to the second district and went to the secret waterway. Leon was there, prcticing his technique. I challenged him.
"Leon! You up for a round?" I shouted over to him.
"Vemar. You want to fight again, huh? This time, I'll win!" he yelled this as he ran at me with his gunblade pointed forward.
I chuckled at this and flipped backwards as he swung at me. His blade hit the wall and got stuck, so I took the oppertunity to side kick him in the face. He fell back, stunned, so I finished him off by punching him several times in the abdomen and then a final uppercut to the face again. He collapsed in a heap on the floor, exclaiming "I give! I give!"
I laughed and said "Better luck next time!"

I walked to the accesory shop and started a conversation with Cid.
"Hows it going?" I asked
"Huh? Oh Vemar its you! Well, things aint so great, but niethers life, eh?" he said.
"I guess not. Hey, hows your newest gummi ship coming along?"
"Oh its done already. Got an offer on it as well."
"Oh really, who?"
"Uhhh....sorry kid I gotta...re-stock the supply room. See ya later!" he shouted as he ran into the back of the shop.

"That was wierd" I though "Why'd he run off like that? Ahh well, I guess I should go home now, anyway."

I made my way back through the second district and arrived at my home at nightfall.
I opened the door and went inside, where my dad was waiting for me.
"Vemar, come here son." he said. He had a worried look on his face. I sat down beisde him and he struck up the conversation.
"Vemar, ever since you were a child, you have always wanted to prove yourself. Get stronger to protect the people who you love. I think you are finally old enough to know why you are like this, and also why you have such strange eyes."
"Y..yes?" I urged him to go on.
He sighed "Vemar your mother was....a Cetra, one of the last of an ancient race that died protecting the planet. The reason why she is no longer here is because...." he trailed off, then focused again. "She died....protecting you from a man named Axel."
I was all shook up by this. I couldn't believe what my father was telling me. She died....protecting me?

"Anyway, the point is you too have some of that power inside you. You just need to give it form. Vemar, I want you to have these." he said, getting up. He walked around to his office for a few moments and then turned up again. In his hands, he held two long slender swords. The blades were tinted in gold, and the handles were encrusted with emeralds.

"These are the most powerful weapons I have ever created. Take them, and use them to fend off evil." He also handed me a ring with a strange insignia engraved upon it.
"Take it. It was your mothers and she wore it all the time."
He lead me outside to the garden and showed me my last gift. It was Cids gummi ship. It was a mixture of yellow. red and orange. The blocks were rubbery to the touch and the ship was like a giant jelly.
"This is your. Use it to go to other worlds."
"But dad...."
"I know you will not fail. You are my son, and I love you very much. Now go. Leave now!" he exclaimed.
I nodded my head in agreement and hopped onto the ship. I took off and waved farewell to my father, farewell to my house. Farewell....to my world.

I will update in my next chapter. Now its over to Blaze!


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May 10, 2004
Okay, this is a different section, same story, just focused on a different person. Once again check in the Kingdom Hearts 2 section, under Create a Character: Delux Eddition to see the backgrounds of these characters. The site is right here...

And now for Blaze's story...

The Chronicles of Blaze

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Child

I have no name. I was a lost boy, grown up without a past, without a memory, and without a family. All I have is my Father's staff, and my mother's moon charm necklace, and the promise that we will see eachother again. I've never known who my parents are, and I was never given a name. I was found on an island by those that soon became my greatest friends. They gave me my name when they knew what I was capable of. My rage is my greatest weapon. They call me Blaze, and this is my story...

Where am I... The boy thought, he felt as though he was floating on air. His gloves felt wet, and he realized he was near water. Who am I... He tried to open his eyes, and saw only blazing light. He closed them again. He could hear voices above him, three different voices.

"Who is he?" Said the first, male.

"I don't know..." Said another male, definitely younger.

"Do you think he's hurt?" Said the last, a female.

"No he's not, see..." The first male said, and then the boy felt a tapping on his head.

"Stop..." He said, in a voice barely more than a wisper.

"What did he say?" Said the second male.

"Riku, he want's you to stop." Said the female.

However Riku wouldn't, and then the boy felt an anger growing in him. After a few more seconds of taping, he began to lose control of himself. Just before the boy called Riku could wack at his head agian, he leaped up, with a full force fury, and then wacked him with a long stick that was next to him. The force of the blow sent the other boy flying, and he slamed into a tree.

"Woah!" Said the other boy, "That was cool!"

"To you maybe, Sora, that hurt for me."

"Sorry," Said the boy, "I don't know what happened..."

"So what's you name?" Asked the girl, "I'm Kairi, that's Sora, and Riku's limping over here."

"I wouldn't have to if he hadn't hit me..." Riku muttered.

"Riku, you did hit him, and he said he was sorry... So anyway, what's your name?" Kairi asked.

"I don't know..." He said.

"You don't? Not at all?" Sora said.


"Well, I guess we'll have to give you one," Said Sora, winking, "How about... Lance?"

"No, I say..." Started Riku, but Kairi stopped him.

"No Riku, don't start. What would you like us to call you?"

"I don't know... you decide."

"Hey, i've got it, you've got a nasty temper there..." Said Sora, struck with an idea, "Like a blazing inferno, or one of those lava lizards in the south islands... How about Blaze?"

"Blaze," Said the boy, rolling his tounge around the name, "I like it... I like it a lot..."

~5 Years later~

"Blaze, Blaze, wake up!"

"What now Kairi?"

"Riku's got a great Idea, we're going to leave the islands!"

"Great, you tell me how that goes, wake me up when it's morning... Come to think of it, why are you guys here?" Blaze asked, forcing himself awake. He usually slept on the top of the mountain, on the Island where everyone else usually played. There was a Popou tree there that he found very comfortable, one of the two on the island. The others went back to their homes to rest, leaving him alone, not that he mind. However at this time it was still the middle of the night, and they should have been at their own homes.

"Riku said he wanted to talk about something, so we snuck out."

"You know if you get in caught, your parents are going to blame me right?" Their parents never really agreed with the idea of him sleeping all alone on the islands, and though he got plenty of offers to sleep in a warm house, he politely turned them down, saying he prefered to be alone.

"Yep." She said smiling.

"Then I might as well see what you guys are up to..." He climbed down from his tree, and then walked to the island with the other poupu tree, where Sora and Riku were talking, closely followed by Kairi.

"Hey, Blaze, did Kairi tell you," Riku asked, "We just need to make our plans..."

"Do I always have to be the grown up, you could have discussed this later, when the sun was out, and when I could actually see my hands in front of my face..."

"Hey, the reason we didn't do it later is because we don't want nosey Selphie to hear us, and either way I'll always be older than you..." Riku started.

"Yet I'll always be wiser... Okay, what's the plan?"

"We are going to leave the Islands." Said Riku, proudly.

"Right, now how are you going to do that?" Blaze asked.

"We haven't figured out that part yet..." Sora said.

"We could use our boats..." Started Kairi.

"Not fast enough..." Said Riku. "We'll have to build something."

"Like what, a raft? Come to think of it, that might work." Said Sora.

"Yeah, that would be your best bet. But it will take a while..." Stated Blaze.

"How long?" Asked Riku.

"About 1 to 2 months." Blaze said, smiling. He leaned against the second Popou tree on the island, staring at the moon and the sky.

"That long?" Kairi asked a little dissappointed.

"Yep, to gather supplies, build the thing, and plan where you are going. You know which island, and such..." Blaze said.

"We're not going to another Island, we're going to another world..." Said Riku.

Blaze stared at him for a moment. "Why another world?"

"Blaze, I've lived on these islands all my life. All this time, I've been trapped here, with only you guys with me. I've faught and beaten everyone here, with the exception of you and Kairi. This Island is like my prison, and I need to.... well I just want leave it behind me. There have to be other worlds out there, you came here, and Kairi before you, from someplace else. There has to be a reason for that. If we are stuck here, there has to be a reason. Besides, don't you really want to see your true home?"

"If I can remember it..." Blaze muttered. "Alright, but know this, it is not easy to leave a world under any circumstances... however, I will help you all I can. After all, what are friends for." He said, attempting to smile. "We'll start tommorow, but now let's get some rest.

The next day then were hard at work planning what they were going to do. They did everthing down to the letter, what supplies they would need, how they were going to build the raft, and the food they would need. Then they split up and started to look for the actual supplies. Blaze was deep in thought the whole time.

"What's wrong Blaze?" Kairi managed to ask, while they searched for some wood.

He was silent for a few moments. Kairi didn't want to press the subject, but then he stopped and leaned heavily on his staff.

"Five years ago, I washed up on this island, not much older than 9, with nothing but a staff from my father, and this moon necklace from my mother. I had no idea who they were, and I couldn't remember my own name. I'm not sure what I should expect from this journey, but I know that I am going to have to take it anyway."

"Don't worry, Blaze, if we stick together, we'll be just fine."

"That's just it, I won't be able to be with you guys all the time. However, just make sure to stick together, and keep each other safe. I've taught you guys a lot about weaponry and I'm sure you all will be able to defend yourselves. Just make sure that you will always look out for each other, no matter what."

Kairi didn't seem to understand. She was about to ask for more, when Blaze suddenly froze. "What's wrong Blaze?"

"Somethings coming..." He suddenly started to run towards his mountain. Kairi followed, far behind. With great speed he managed to get all the way to the top of the mountain before she even started to climb, and by the time she managed to catch up to him, she was all out of breath. He was on his Popou tree, staring at the sky.

"What is it Blaze."

He stared at her darkly. "He's coming..."

She looked at the sky, and a shooting star streaked across it. What it meant she could not possibly understand.

I'll add the chapters to this section as an edit, so look up here for more. In the meantime, a lot of other people should add their chronicles too.
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Drazer_Blader said:
I like both but, Vemar's story is moving too fast

Yes I know, but I had to do that, because his story doesnt exactly start until he arrives at destiny island, so I thought I'd get that done then.


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Mar 8, 2005
OK it Oums turn from the create a charcter section

Chapter 1: The true path

Oum looked at the strange mechanics of the towers that hes been in for a long time.
Ok. he thought to himself. I got two choices. 1 stay here or two try this card that i found but i really dont want to be traped in memorys again. He thought hard and decided he would go into the daylight and try to think. So he jumped along the mechanics and landed near the door and walked out to find to hooded people standing by each other.
I told you the kid isnt here. A voice said.
He has to be here he has no way out of this world and he was last seen here. the other figure said.
Shouldn't we be after the time card that is much more valuable. The first figure said again.
Wait that sounds like Axel. Oum thought to himself then recalling the battles with Axel he had in the past. They then both then disappeared.
Time card? Oum said and looked at the strange card.
Well well well after a whole month of being gone you magicly appear and with the time card great now i can kill you for good and get a big boost in the organization. Axel said
Do you ever learn Axel i can beat you. Oum said.
Kid you need to stay dead. Axel shouted and they charged at each other. When they reached each other Axel went to strike him but used his shadow speed move to dodge it.
You know Axel I think its time to completely ruin your hope of finding me. Oum said
O yeah how. Axel said curios
Heres how. Oum shouted and drew the time card.
No. Axel shouted The card then glew and a gaint spell cresent appeared behind him and he dissapeared. He felt as if he was floating untill he fell and landed on the beach.
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