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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:The story through Riku's eyes

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Feb 15, 2005
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Okay, I know I haven't been updating lately, but I want you guys to read some of my other stuff. I have a FF7 fic, probly on the last page of the fic archive. I want somebody to read it, even though the letters are in largest font. I didn't mean for them to come out that way, but that's what happened when I pasted it into the page. PLZ READ IT!

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Mar 20, 2005
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Oh my GOODNESS!! This is EXCELLANT!!! I'm so happy I read all the way to the third page because all of your chapters were soo worth it! At first I was wondering why Riku was being so aggressive to everybody, but as you said...it was just the darkness in his heart sprouting. The way you describe Riku's feelings toward Kairi is beautiful. That is EXACTLY how someone feels when the person they love doesn't have the same feeling for them...well in my opinion it is. You describe everything so vividly, and I LOVE IT!! That's sort of like how I pictured Riku to fade into darkness, but his heart's still strong! Disappointment, love, fear, adrenaline-packed battle sequences...everything you need for a good story! I can't wait for the rest. You're doing a phenomenal job so far. It's really cool hearing Riku's side of the story, I always wondered what really happened when he was gone. Just keep up the great work! I like blood too, lol! ^-^


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Jan 11, 2005
of course its not! hes just ....NoT pOsTiNg!!! COME BAAAAACK! i neeed this Riku fanfic!!!! LoLiO~ plz hurry and return to us!...*we have cookies! ^^;*


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Feb 15, 2005
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o_O You people are freakin' me out. Ultima, you better have not stole my story. J/K Or is it???

Chapter 8
It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Riku lurched forward as a blazing pain shot through his stomach. His eyes shot open, and he saw Maleficent standing above him. Her cepter raised, flames shooting from the orb and licking Riku's body painfully. A furious wind was howling in Riku's ears.
Riku fell back, and squeezed the table he was on as hard as he could, cracking his knuckles.
"You witch!" Riku yelled over the wind. "I'll kill you!!!"
Maleficent smiled, and pulled the cepter away. The flames emidiatly ceased, and so did Riku's pain. He panted heavilly, and his eyes were wide. Riku let go of the table, his knuckles white, sweat dripping down his forehead.
"What did you do to me?" Riku asked Maleficent.
"Look down." Maleficent said sternly.
Riku did, and noticed the wound from the Behemoth's horn was gone. So was the one on his hand, and the other wounds he had sustained. Only problem is the dried on blood was still there.
"How did you...?" Riku began.
"Black magic, my boy. It's normally not meant for healing, but I made one exception." Maleficent said as she walked towards the door. "Come!"
Riku jumped off the hospital wing table, and followed. He walked out the door and turned left, Riku saw Maleficent throw his blood soak shirt at him, and Riku caught it. Riku held it out in front of him, and winced in disgust. He wasn't one for the scent of blood, even if it was his own.
"Can't I go shower off, or something?" Riku asked.
"Fine. Go to the waterworks then." Maleficent answered.
"But, I don't know how to get there from here. I've never been in this wing of the castle." Riku said, instantly regretting it at the sight of Maleficent's angry face.
"Get out of my sight, you little bastard!" Maleficent yelled, and thrusted her cepter at Riku. Riku was transfered into the little green orb again, and shot off to the Waterworks he supposed. The orb dissapeared, and Riku's eyes widened as he fell from the sky.
"NO!" Riku screamed. "Did she have bad aim or what?!?"
Riku hit his head on a higher ledge, and fell face first into the pavement.
"Why? Why me?" Riku cried.
After he caught his breath, he sat up and looked around. There wasn't any rooms around him, so where was he supposed to bathe? Riku looked to his right to see a large pool. Riku looked around again, and decided what he had to do. He stripped down, and jumped into the pool.
"Oh, God! It's freezing!!!" Riku screamed.
He shook it off, and went about washing the blood off of him. Riku dove under water, and swam a little, running his fingers through his hair, shaking the blood out of it. He resurfaced, and flung his hair back out of his eyes. Riku opened his shining emerald eyes, and looked up to the sun.
'I wonder where Kairi is right now. I bet it be nice to bath with her...' Riku chuckled, and swam over to the edge, enjoying his fantasy.
After a few minutes of daydreaming, Riku heard a loud screech. His eyes shot open, and he looked to his left.
"That thing!" Riku shouted.
One of the tiny shadow monsters that Riku had seen on Destiny Islands was standing next to him. Riku jumped back, and the monster cocked it's head to the left. Riku jumped out of the pool, and stepped back several feet.
Riku looked around as several more of them appeared.
'How am I gonna take care of this?' Riku thought.
Riku looked at his right hand to see a dark cloud envolope it, and it took the form of the sword that he had used to destroy the Behemoth.
"Soul Eater...Soul Eater..." The voice from Riku's dream said.
Riku didn't have time to figure out where it came from as one the monsters lunged at him. He slashed at it, and it was cut in half, then sucked into the eye of the Soul Eater. Another came from behind, and Riku slashed again, taking it's head off.
Riku took down several, each being sucked into the Soul Eater's eye. After Riku slashed the last one down, he saw a green flash out of the corner of his eye to see if it was another monster.
"How long does it take you to ba-OH MY!" Maleficent shreeked.
Riku blushed, and put his sword in front of his unmentionables.
"Boy! Get your cloths on and let's get out of here!" Maleficent said covering her eyes.
Riku did so quickly, and Maelficent shot them off to the castle once again.
They arrived in the Library, and Riku immediatly asked Maleficent what she wanted.
"Well...You see boy," Maleficent began.
"You have great darkness in your heart. I can help you harness that power, I can help you become great. You can be the ultimate warrior of darkness. The Behemoth you fought was a test to make sure you-" "That was a test?!" Riku shouted. "I nearly frickin' died for a test?!?"
"Well, that's the best way isn't it? It didn't matter to me if you lived or died." Maleficent said with a smile.
"Your sick!" Riku yelled. "Someone who wouldn't care if I lived or died I don't wanna be around!" With that, Riku swung open the door of the Library, and slammed it shut with a thundering slam.
"He'll be back..." Maleficent said to herself quietly.
"That damn witch!" Riku said. "I bet she was trying to kill me!" Riku who was to busy cursing Maleficent, lossed track of where he was walking. He bumped into some cold metal doors, and looked around. There where six chambers next to him, three on each side, and his eyes widened at what he saw inside them. Three beautiful maidens, one in a white and yellow dress, one in a silver, and another in a gold.
"Who are these girls?" Riku asked himself.
He looked to the doors, and he decided to go through them. He walked through them, and saw two stair cases spiraling up to a round platform. Riku headed up the left stair case, and walked up to the platform. Riku's jaw dropped at the sight in front of him.
A large heart shaped door stood in front of him, all the colors of the rainbow shifting through it, and a lightning being channled to another smaller heart in the center.
"What in the world is this?" Riku said.
He walked up the three steps leading up to it, and looked at the smaller heart in the center. He reached up to it, and touched it. He felt an shockwave go through his body, and he screamed in pain, as he turned compeltly blue, then dissapeared.


Riku slowly opened his eyes to see a entire black sky above him, lightning running through the clouds. He sat up, and looked down. It was like he was floating in the air, he saw white fluffy cloud's beneath him, but he sat on what looked a purple ocean. He stood, and looked to the north.
Far out in the distance, Riku could see a large black and red orb, the same one that had appeared on Destiny Islands. Riku jumped as a palm tree flew past him, and shot forwards into the orb. Riku understood where he was now. He took a few steps forward to get a better look at the huge orb.
"It's the end of the world."

Yay! That was fun. I am fulfilling the dreams of Riku fangirls! With the whole Riku fighting naked and all. lol. Darkness2Light, I want my cookies!!!
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Jan 11, 2005

**ok...wat cookies wuld u like?? Thin Mints? Tag-a-longs? lets go! chop chop! a girl scout duzn't have all day!!! **


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Feb 15, 2005
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Okay, I'll give you your new chapter. But I still want my cookies!:mad:

Chapter 9
Manifestation Of The Darkness

Riku walked along the clear purple floor towards the glowing black and red orb. This world was very strange to him. The air had no scent, and was very dense. It's as if all life was being sucked inside that orb. Riku planned to get to it. He was sure that was the same thing he saw back in his own world, and maybe it could take him to Sora and Kairi...if they where still alive.
''No, don't go thinking that Riku.'' He said to himself.
He continued his walk, lost in deep thougt. He heard a wooshing sound, and looked up to see a purple orb shooting in his direction.
"What?" Riku said.
He gasped as the the orb collided with him, knocking him back. Riku felt an instant change in the area. He opened his eyes, and saw rain blowing around him in the wind, the air ice cold, and lightning more fierce now. Riku stood up, but was instantly knocked back down. He looked up to see two glowing yellow eyes. They weren't the eyes of a small shadow though. These eyes belonged to a much larger creature, almost Riku's size.
It had a muscley build, and what looked like a crown on it's head. It had a thin tail with a point on the end, and a shining silver sword in it's left hand. Wings sprouted from it's back, holding it aloft in the air.
The beast pointed the sword at Riku's throat.
"Get him!" It said in a deep voice.
Riku jumped up and called out his Soul Eater, as he saw at least twenty other beast's charging at him. He saw the first of them jump into the air, and it darted down quickly, slashing it's sword at him. Riku rolled to the side, and jumped back as another slashed at him.
He backed up more, but found himself at some kind of barrier. He saw one flying at him, with incredibly speed, it's sword poised for a stab into Riku's Heart. Riku's eyes widened, and he thought of something probably inpossible. Riku turned, and placed one foot on the wall, and ran strait up it, then pushed off of it, avoiding the monster. He flipped over, and swung his sword as he came down, laying a large gouge into the monster's back.
He saw the darkness absorbed into the eye of the Soul Eater, and knew the beast was dead. Riku was shocked as he felt a blow on his mouth, and he was sent flying backwards. Riku looked up, to see the monster he thought he destroyed floating above him, it's sword raised.
Riku managed to roll out of the way as all of the beasts swung at him at once, and ran for the barrier. Riku raised The Soul Eater, and swung. The barrier cracked, and then the whole demension and the monsters shattered like glass.
"What in the world?" Riku gasped as he was engulfed in a bright light.
The light faded after awhile, and Riku looked up to see a bright blue sky.
"Where am I now?" Riku said.
He heard the sound of the rushing tide, and the familiar scent of the ocean answered that for him.
"No! I won't return to this damn isl-" Riku's eyes widened at the sight before him.
Kairi was walking out of the ocean, the tips of her hair slightly wet, and her body glistening in the sun.
Riku's jaw dropped, and he felt his face turn hotter than it had ever been. He felt his legs turn to jelly, but somehow he managed to stand. Riku swallowed hard. Kairi's smiled at Riku's expressions of seeing her naked form.
She walked over to Riku, and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her as close as he could. Riku smiled lightly.
"Kairi..." Riku began.
Kairi's hand shot up to Riku's throat and she gripped it tightly, raising Riku off of the sandy beach.
"What the hell are you doing?" Riku choked out.
Kairi's eye's darkened, and a insane grin spread across her face.
"Kairi!" Riku squirmed, trying to get out of Kairi's vice like grip.
Kairi roared loudly, and soon to the form of a dark being.
"Give into me you fool!" The dark being roared.
"What? No! Never! What did you do to Kairi!"
"You don't need to worry about her" The dark being smiled.
It raised it's first to fingers to Riku's forehead, and began to take over.
"No!" Riku yelled. "You aren't taking over me! I need you now more than ever...KAIRI!"
A light shone from Riku's heart, and the dark being roared in disgust.
"What are you-STOP!" The being cried.
Riku kept the image of Kairi in his mind. It seemed to be hurting the beast.
"Damn you!" The beast yelled, and dissapeared in a wisk of black smoke.
Riku fell to the ground, unconscious.


Riku slowly opened his eyes, and saw the dark lightning clouds above him again. He was back in the area with the black and red orb. Riku got up, and hurried towards it, not wanting to be sucked into another demension again.
He reached the orb after a few minutes. It was much larger than he thought. Maybe at least twice the size of destiny islands. Riku took a deep breath, and jumped into the orb. Riku screamed as he was thrown in different directions, slamming into walls like a rag doll. The only thing Riku could see was blurs of red and black, which made it all the more frightening.
He finally came to a halt, and crashed to the floor, his head throbbing.
"What happened?..." Riku said as he opened one eye.
A thundering blast echoed through the orb, and Riku saw in front of him a massive hoove. He looked up to see the massive Behemoth standing above him.
"Oh, perfect." Riku said as he stood up.
The Behemoth's horn began to glow gold.
'Huh?' Riku thought.
The horn shot lightning bolts into the sky, and they came hurtling down, two of them hitting Riku in the chest. He screamed as he flew backwards, then slid along the ground. The lightning ran through Riku's body, making it go numb.
'I-I can't move!' Riku thought.
The Behemoth towered over him, ready to make the finishing blow.
Riku screamed as an enourmous pain shot through his head, and he lossed concsiousness.
The Behemoth stood up on it's hind legs, ready to come down on Riku. There was a flash of light as something tore strait through the Behemoth's chest.
A dark being landed on the ground behind the Behemoth as it crashed to the ground. It stood, and smiled. It wore a tight black body suit, red gloves going up to it's forearms. There was blue on the ribs, and a red heart in the center. Around it's waist was a belt with several blue and white feathers haging from it. It had shining black boots.
Riku smiled at his new form, it was incredibly powerful seeing as he had just torn through the Behemoth. The Behemoth was slowly raising itself up on all fours, and Riku knew it was time to finish the job.
Blue lightning shot up around Riku's body, and he shot into the air, his Soul Eater raised.
"Dark Break!" Riku yelled, a wide grin spreading across his face.
Riku stabbed into the Behemoth's neck, then shot back into the air and did it again, again, and again, with incredible speed, until the Behemoth was fully absorbed into his sword. Riku fell to the ground, landing on both feet. He whiped sweat from his forehead, and his grin returned to his face.
"Who else wants some!?" Riku yelled, his voice echoeing through the orb.
He looked left and right as black clouds entered the orb, several of the winged beasts from earlier appeared around him. Riku smiled and took his stance.
"Bring it."

W00T!!! Yea! That chapter rocked! And it's too long. Tell me if I have any grammer errors, I'll fix them...eventually. Happy reading!


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Eat me.
i read, i love. It is the best in the world!! i praise you, heres yo cookies *chucks mounds of chocolate chip cookies at tre*


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Ok, I got sick from eating all the cookie's, but I think I'm okay now.:D

Chapter 10
Traveling To The Town Of Traverse

Riku's smiled wide as he looked at the hundreds of black winged demons around him. He was looking through all of them to pick out the one he wanted to kill first. He didn't get a chance to though, as all of them charged in.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" Riku laughed as he spun around, slashing down ten of them as he launched himslef into the air.
Five others followed after Riku. Riku held out his hand, and a firey blue orb formed in his palm.
"Death awaits you!" Riku said as an insane grin spred across his face.
He threw it, and it shot down into the monsters face, exploding on contact. He turned and kicked another beast in it's solar plexus. His new suite kept him from being harmed by the ice cold darkness the monsters where made out of. Riku slashed the next two that followed him, then shot to the ground, his sword point down.
He landed and stabbed his sword right into the beast, sucking it inside his sword. Riku turned and slashed the next two that came at him. He smiled, then dived strait into the pack of monsters, laughing mercilessly the whole time.
In about ten minutes, every monster was absorbed into Riku's Soul Eater. He smelled the air, enjoying the scent of death that hung in the air. He turned, and started to walk towards the edge of the orb.
'Ha, what to destroy next?' Riku thought. 'This world? Nah, to easy. How about...' A vision of Maleficent's face flashed before Riku's eyes, and a grin spread across his lips.
"Perfect." He breathed.
He broke into a run, and jumped out of the orb. Riku looked around, not seeing anything more than the endless purple sea.
"How...Did I get here to begin with?" Riku asked himself.
"Seems you are in need of learning." A deep voice behind Riku said.
"Who the hell?" Riku asked as he turned.
Behind him was a hooded and cloaked man. He was very short and stalky, possibly hunch-backed. The hood was casting a shadow on the mans face, hiding it. He stood there, seemingly staring at him.
"I said, who the hell are you?!" Riku shouted.
"That's not of importance. You need to...Return to Hollow Bastion, correct?" The hooded man asked.
"How'd you know?" Riku asked.
"That's irrelivant. You need to be taught how to use the darkness for interworld travel." The hooded man replied.
"You can do that?" Riku asked.
"Of course. It will also increase your control over the darkness, thus increasing your power. Do you want to be taught?" The hooded man asked.
Riku smiled.
"Yes! At once!" Rike replied.
"Fine then. Kneel." The hooded man said.
Riku did so, and found himself at even hieth with the man. The mans right hand shot forward, knocking Riku in the forehead. He flew back several feet, yelling in curse.
"What the hell did you do that for?!" Riku yelled springing up.
He looked around, and found the man was gone.
"Damn him!!!" Riku yelled. "He did that just to smack me! That bastard!"
Riku felt a jolt shoot through his head. The information was running through his head like wild-fire. Riku looked to right, sheathed his sword, and swiftly extended his right arm. Blue lightning crackled around his hand, and then a black and purple portal opened in front of him. Riku walked through the portal, and closed his eyes.
He felt his stomach lurch, and a tug behind his navel. There was a wooshing sound all around him, but he felt like he was staying completley still.
The wooshing stopped, and Riku opened his eyes. He was standing in front of the heart shaped portal again. He knew he was back in Hollow Bastion. He smiled, and turned, and felt something jab into his heart.
"AAA!" Riku screamed, throwing his head back. He looked up, and saw Maleficent standing before him, her cepter pointing at his heart, green lightning shooting from it into his heart.
"No! Stop it, you bitch! You're taking away the-AAA!" Riku screamed as he fell to the ground face first.
Maleficent stopped her absorbing spell. Riku growned softly, then passed out.
"What great darkness this boys heart was holding! I'm glad I got rid of it before he used it against me." Maleficent said as she smiled.
She walked over to Riku, and picked him up by the collar of his shirt, and raised her left hand to the ceiling. A black and purple portal appeared on it, and Maleficent threw Riku into it.


Riku opened his eyes to bright sunlight. He wiped them, and sat up. He was back in his bedroom at Hollow Bastion.
'How'd I get back here?' Riku thought. 'Last thing I remember was the Behemoth's attack, but that's it.' Riku decided to forget about it, and be thankful he was alive. He exetid his bedroom, and walked down the hallway, looking for Maleficent. He was sure she had the answers he needed.
"Maleficent?" Riku called out. "Maleficent? Hey! Maleficent!"
After a few minutes of calling out her name, Riku felt something brush against his neck. He summoned the Soul Eater to his hand, and turned. He felt something hit his chest, and he flew backwards, and down the stairs leading into the entrance way.
"Do not attempt something like that on me again, boy." Maleficent said coldly as she appeared at the hall opening.
"Sorry." Riku said standing up. "Maleficent, I have something to ask of you."
"Well, it'll have to wait." She replied. "Come with me."
Maleficent slammed her cepter down on the floor, and Riku was waiting for the orb to surround them. However, it didn't. Riku looked down as a trap door opened up under him.
"AAA!" Riku screamed as he fell through the floor.
He went through a long, cold slide, before shooting out into the mess hall, where he had first met Hades and the others. It seemed to have been cleaned up a bit, now there was no light in the room at all, except for the glowing green torches on the wall brackets. The floor was now completly made of black stone, and one stone table stood in the center.
A green orb landed next to you, expanded then disapated, and Maleficent appeared from inside it.
"Why didn't we just go in that thing?!" Riku asked.
"What do you mean?" Maleficent asked.
"I mean, why'd you send me down a trap door?!?!"
"Oh, that. Thought I'd mix it up a bit."
Riku rolled his eyes, and followed Maleficent as she beconned him over to the stone table.
He stood next to it, and watched Maleficent as she did the same.
"Well, what's gonna happen? Is a cake gonna float out of it?" Riku asked,
"Be quiet!" Maleficent snapped.
Riku did as he was told, and watched as Maleficent waved her cepter over the table. A small glow issued from it, and the entire top turned green. Two small figures then appeared, one in a long coat with long hair, mostlikely an old man, and another with spiky brown hair.
"Is that...Sora!" Riku gapsed.
"You know this boy?" Maleficent asked.
"Yeah! Of course, he's my best friend." Riku said smiling.
"Hmm..." Maleficent breathed. "Well let's go see him."
"Huh? Is here in this world?" Riku asked.
"No, but we can get to where he is." Maleficent said extending her left palm.
There was a thundering crash, followed by a wave of cold air, then a massive black portal opened up.
"Let's go." Maleficent said grabbing Riku's wrist.
"Huh? Wait-AAA!" Riku said as he was sucked into the portal.
He felt his stomach lurch, his naval being pulled from behind, and his head started spinning.
"Where are we going?" Riku asked as purple and black blurred around him.
"Traverse Town." Maleficent said.

Phew, that chapter took me two hours to write. So you better like it.
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