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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:The story through Riku's eyes

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Feb 15, 2005
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Okay, this was spurred off by Reverse Rebirth mode. I thought, "It's to bad you can't play KH through Riku's point of view," and then I thought of this, Riku's side of the story for KH!


A warm breeze blew by, brushing Riku's long grey hair across his cheek. He sighed as he looked down at the scene below. Kairi had just woke Sora up from his afternoon snooze, and now he was asking her what her hometown was like...again. 'At least I don't ask her the same question over and over again', Riku thought, jumping from the treehouse he stood on, holding onto a log. He jumped down the small cliff next to the waterfall.
"Well..." Kairi said. "I'm happy here, but I wouldn't mind going to see it."
"I'd like to see it too!" Sora said as he smiled. "Along with any other worlds out there. I wanna see'em all!"
"Well...what're we waiting for?" Kairi asked.
"Hey," Riku said as he approached them.
Sora and Kairi looked behind them. Riku stood there, a log under his right arm.
"I guess I'm the only one working on the raft?" Riku said with a grimmace.
He tossed the log at Sora, Sora getting knocked on his back from the logs weight.
Kairi laughed, just what Riku was hoping for.
"And you're just as lazy as he is." Riku said with his hands on his hips.
Kairi let out a nervous giggle.
"So you noticed? Fine, we'll finish it together! I'll race you." She said pointing at Riku as he sat down.
"What? I don't think so..." Riku said with a wave of his hand.
Kairi giggled once more.
"Ready? Go!" She yelled.
Riku looked at Sora as a grin spread across his face. They both bolted up, and broke into a run, Kairi following them. They had covered half the beach when Sora took his concentration away from the race.
"Riku..." Sora said beginning to pant."Where are we going?"
"First one to the Paopu tree wins!" Riku said as he jumped at the seaside shack.
He kicked off of it onto the bridge, ran to the Paopu tree, and jumped onto it.
"Hey! Riku! That's not fair!" Sora said.
"I said first one to the Paopu tree wins." Riku said as he sat on the oddly placed tree to catch his breath.

Well, that's the prologue. I know it's short, but I hate it when I read a book and the prologue is longer then one chapter, so, post your thoughts about it, and I'll put the first chapter up as soon as someone posts, I really wanna write!
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Feb 15, 2005
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Chapter One
Riku's thoughts

Another warm breeze blew past Riku, the scent of the salty ocean filling his lungs.
Riku sighed, and hung his head low.
"Damn ocean." He breathed.
"Hey Riku!" Sora said walking across the bridge, his vancant smile about him still. "What're you up to?"
"Did you finish getting all the things we need for the raft?" Riku asked.
"Uh, yeah...about that..." Sora said scratching the back of his head.
"I gave my stuff to Kairi." Riku said.
"Yeah, well, I want a rematch for that race earlier! I didn't know where we were going til' you were already there!"
'Hmph, what a child.' Riku thought. "Fine, lets go!" Riku said jumping off the Paopu tree. "This one decides the champion!" Riku said pulling his wooden sword from his belt.
Sora did the same and readied himself in his stance. Riku took his own stance, smiling at the five openings he saw on Sora already.
"Rrraah!!!" Sora yelled as he charged forward.
'Jeez, how stupid does he think I am?' Riku thought as he jumped sideways, back onto the Paopu tree, Sora missing him completely.
"Whattaya' call that?" Riku asked.
Sora responded with a scowl. He jumped at Riku and swung once more. Riku smiled, and jumped into the air, flipping over Sora.
"Whoa..." Sora said in awe as Riku landed a few feet away, his back turned to Sora. Pulling his wooden sword from the Paopu tree, Sora charged again, hoping to capitalize on Riku's ungaurded back. Inches from getting his attack in, Riku turned around quickly, and slashed Sora's sword away from him, Sora's chest becoming an open target.
Riku swung his sword to the right, connecting with Sora's ribs. Sora bent over as this happened, and Riku followed up with a shot to the head.
"C'mon!" Riku said as he spun around and slashed, knocking Sora to the ground.
Riku flipped his sword point down, ready to finish Sora off. Sora managed to roll out of the way in time as Riku's sword stabbed into the ground.
"You're mine!" Sora said jumping up, ready to bring his sword down on Riku's head.
Riku pulled his sword from the ground and blocked as Sora swung down on him.
"What?!" Sora said in disbelief.
He started swinging madly at Riku, Riku blocking every shot.
"My turn!" Riku said as he finally countered.
He stunned Sora with a strike to the solar plexus, then sweeped him to the ground. Riku quickly threw his sword to the side, and grabbed Sora by the back of his shirt and belt, sliding him across the ground, and throwing him into the ocean. Sora screamed as he flew through the air and landed in the shallow water with a splash. Riku then sat on the side of the small isle, laughing at the now soaked Sora.
"Looks like I win!" He said with a smile.
"Yeah, sure." Sora said spitting out water.


Riku stretched his arms out and yawned as he leaned against the Paopu tree. The setting sun was turning the water a sparkling orange now, and stars started to appear.
'I can't believe it's really happening. I might finally leave this island.' Riku thought.
"Hey!" A voice called out.
Riku looked over his right shoulder to see Kairi walking across the bridge.
'Kairi? Is she alone?' Riku thought as he blushed.
"Hi!" Sora said as he appeared behind her.
'Oh...' Riku thought.
"What're you looking at?" Kairi asked as she hopped onto the Paopu tree.
"Just the sunset." Riku said with a smile.
Sora sat on the Paopu tree next to Kairi. There was a long silence as all three of them looked at the orange sparkling ocean. Sora decided to break it.
"So, Kairi's hometown is out there somewhere? Right?" Sora asked.
"Could be, we'll never know by staying here." Riku said crossing his arms.
"But, how far could a raft take us?" Sora said leaning forward to get a better look at Riku.
"Who knows. If we have to...we'll think of something else." Riku answered his question.
They had been through this before. Riku was starting to wonder if Sora was having memory lapses, or if he was just plain dense.
"So, suppose you get to another world," Kairi giggled at the thought. "What would you do there?"
"I...haven't really thought of that." Riku said.
Kairi and Sora smiled at this. Riku always seemed to have everything together, and hearing this was just plain fun.
"It's just..." Riku continued. "I've always wondered why we're here, on this island. If there are other worlds, why did we end up on this one? And suppose there are other worlds...then ours is just a small piece of something much greater. So we could have just as easily ended up somewhere else, right?" Riku said looking at Sora to see if he would answer one of his questions for once.
"I don't know." Sora said laying back on the tree.
Riku sighed and rolled his eyes.
"That's why we need to go out there and find out. Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So lets go." Riku said looking up at the sky as more stars came into view.
"You've been thinking alot lately haven't you?" Kairi asked.
"Thanks to you." Riku said looking Kairi strait in the eyes. "If you hadn't come here, I probably never would have thought of any of this. Kairi, thanks."
Kairi laughed nervously. Riku looking her in the eyes was creepy.
"You're welcome." She said with a smile.
Kairi got up and left, Sora trying to get off the branch only to fall to the ground. He got up quickly to follow Kairi. Riku walked over to the tree, and pulled one of the star shaped fruits from it's branches.
"Sora!" Riku called as he threw the fruit to him, Sora clumsily catching it.
"You wanted one, didn't you?" Riku said pointing at the fruit.
"Paopu fruit?" Sora asked.
"If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of eachothers lives, no matter what." Riku said walking by Sora. "Come on, I know you wanna try one."
"What're you..." Sora began but was cut off by Riku's laugh.
Riku jumped from the bridge, and ran towards Kairi who was bording her small canoe.
Riku hopped into his own, and grabbed his paddle.
"I'll see you at the other island." Riku said waving to Kairi.
"Okay. Bye!" Kairi said pushing off the dock.
Riku followed, hearing Sora shouting for them to wait up.

Okay, MUCH longer chapter, but I hope you guys like it!
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Chapter Two

Riku opened his eyes lazily, as some light seeped into his room from his door. His mother was most likely beginnig her house cleaning now, and had turned on the hall light. He rolled over, and looked at the clock radio. It read 7:02.
'Nobody will be at the island for quite a while, I'll leave now.' Riku thought as he climbed out of bed. He dressed in his usual cloths, and grabbed his sword. He snuck down to the docks, and boarded his canoe.


Riku arrived at the island about thirty minutes later, being the strongest on the island, he could paddle faster then the others as well. They would probly be there in another couple of hours. Riku jumped out of his canoe as he pulled up to the dock. The sun was barely above the horizon, not that you could really see it through the massive clump of tree's that split the island in half. So, it still being dark and cold Riku headed toward the other side of the island, to check on the raft.
"Stop right there!!!" Someone shouted.
Riku looked around. In the darkness he couldn't really see, but he made out a movement near the tree house. The seaside shack creaked open, and a skinny figure walked out. There was a splash, and Riku looked into the shallows to see a blue and white ball, about the size of a basket ball bobbing in them.
Riku heard the sound of hurried movents across the dock, and turned. He saw another blue and white ball hurtling towards him. He pulled out his sword, and knocked the ball into a sillhouette knocking it down. Another lunged at him, and Riku slashed it out of the air, then kicked behind him, his foot connecting with something.
A loud, "Ow!" was heard from behind him.
Riku sighed and shook his head.
"You guys couldn't have been louder!" He said as looked at the fallen bodies of Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie.
"Yeah, well, we ain't done yet!" Tidus said jumping up and swinging his pole around. "Charge!"
Wakka picked up his Blitz Ball, and Selphie jumped up as well. Riku jumped backwards, right over Selphie, and kicked her in the back. She stumbled forward as Tidus swung his pole at Riku, it was a miss and connected with Selphie's nose instead. Selphie fell to the ground instantly, crying histerically as her nose began bleeding badly.
"Oh my god! Selphie!" Tidus said kneeling down in front of her. "I'm so sorry!"
Wakka, leaned back, and with a loud "Ha!" Hurled the ball towards Riku. Riku stood there calmly, and waited for the ball to arrive.
With a quick swipe of his sword, Riku sent the ball hurtling into the air.
"Tidus! I'm gonna beat the crap out of you!" Selphie sobbed.
"B-but it wasn't my-" "Like hell it wasn't your fault!" Selphie said as some of her blood blew from her nose onto Tidus' chest.
"Heads up, brudda!" Wakka yelled.
As the ball fell back to earth, Riku kicked it strait at Tidus' head.
"Aack!" Tidus screamed as Wakka's Blitz Ball hit him in the forehead.
Wakka stared at the damage. Tidus was on the ground, a huge bruise on his forehead, and Selphie was still crying as more blood pored out of her nose.
"One left..." Said Riku.
Wakka looked up to see Riku standing in front of him.
"It's over!" Riku yelled as he striked Wakka on the clavical.
Riku followed up with another strike to the ribs, then spun around and slammed the butt of his sword into Wakka's solar plexus. Riku then spun back around, and slammed his sword down on Wakka's head, Wakka flying back into the dock.
"Ow..." Wakka said.
Tidus sat up, still cross-eyed from the blow to his head.
"What the heck was that for?" He asked.
"Well, you ambushed me, it's what you get." Riku said tucking his sword into his belt and continueing over to the other side of the island. "I suggest you patch yourselves up." Riku said.


Sora and Kairi arrived at the island by noon. They climbed onto the dock, seeing Selphie sitting at the edge.
"Hi Selphie!" Kairi said.
Selphie turned, a scowl on her face.
"What happened to your nose?" Sora asked, seeing it wrapped up in bandages.
"It's broken, thanks to that idiot Tidus!" She replied.
Kairi and Sora looked at eachother confused.
"So where's Riku?" Sora asked.
Selphie pointed at the door to the other side of the island.
Sora took of in that direction, Kairi hanging back for a little while to talk with Selphie.


Riku stared of into space, his hair blowing into his face every once in awhile from the breeze. 'I can't wait to get off of this island. Just me and Kairi, it'll be great.' He let out another sigh, and brushed his hair out of his eyes. 'Like that would ever happen.' There was a creaking sound behind him, and he turned. Sora waved and walked up to him.
"Hey Sora, we need to think up a name for the raft. I was thinking Highwind." Riku said.
"What do you think?"
"Uh..." Sora said scratching his chin. "How bout'...Nemo!"
'Oh, god.' Riku thought. "Well how do we decide this? We already know you can't beat me in a fight."
Sora scowled at this.
"How about..." Sora trailed off.
"The usual?" Riku asked as a grin spread across his face.
"You two at it again?" Kairi asked as she crossed the old broken bridges that led across the shallow water.
"Okay, I'll be the judge!" Kairi said as she took her postion on the side lines.
Riku and Sora stood next to eachother.
"Care to put a wager on this Sora?" Riku asked cracking his knuckles.
"Wha? Oh yeah, sure!" Sora said as he thought up something to bet on.
"Uh...If I win...I'm captain! And if you win-"
"I get to share the paopu with Kairi." Riku said.
"Huh?" Sora asked giving Riku a bewildered look.
"Deal? The winner get's to share the paopu with Kairi." Riku said smiling at the thought.
"Wha...Wait a minute!" Sora began.
Riku was glad he had found this out. 'So he DOES have feelings for her.' Riku thought. 'Why else would he be so reluctant to bet that? He knows he'll lose.'
"Go!" Kairi yelled.
Riku bolted off, Sora soon following. Riku jumped onto the first of the broken bridges, and then the next. He ran forward, but gasped as the edge of the bridge collapsed under his feet. He fell into the shadows, the water splashing in his face.
Sora laughed as he jumped over Riku. Riku growled, and bolted up again. He jumped onto the supports of last bridge, and punched strait through it, grasping Sora's ankle. Riku pulled the rest of his body through the bridge, rotten wood flying everywhere, as Sora fell over, and jumped over him in a hurry.
Riku ran to the large ladder, and pulled himself up it as fast as he could. He reached the top, and jumped onto the zipline. He flew across the rope quickly, and jumped off, landing on top of the palm trees. He jumped from one to another, spotting Sora jumping across the cliffs towards the only other Paopu tree on the island. Riku and Sora jumped for it at the same time only to bang heads.
Sora yelled in pain as he was thrown back and hit the stone wall. Riku fell backwards, and grasped onto the cliff with his right hand. Sora quickly tagged the tree and jumped over Riku and onto one of the palm trees. Riku growled and tagged the tree, then dropped to the ground. He broke into another run, going passed the raft, then headed for the cliff. He jumped up, then ran up the stairs, Sora following close behind. Riku jumped over to the next bridge, however Sora had forgotten the large hole made by Riku when he pulled himself through it. Sora fell into the shallows, and Riku raced forward, making it to the finsish line way before Sora. 'Yes! Now I can share the paopu with Kairi!' Riku thought as sweat beaded down his face.
"So what did you guys bet on?" Kairi asked.
Riku blushed. Riku's comtemplated what her answer would be if he told her that he wanted to share a poapu with her. She knew fully well about the legend, but in the end Riku's shyness got the better of him.
"Well?" Kairi asked.
"Just who get's to name the raft." Riku said.
Sora finally reached the finish line, soaked and panting.
"No! How could I loose? Kairi, I..."
Riku's eyes widened.
"What are you so sad about? It's only a name."
Sora scowled at Riku.
"Well, I'm going to the raft. Sora, you coming?" Said Kairi.
"Yeah, in a second." Sora said as Kairi walked off.
Sora walked over to Riku and scowled at him.
"What're you so mad about? That paopu thing was only a joke." Riku said.
"Yeah, right." Sora replied as he began to walk over to the other side of the island to meet up with Kairi.
Later that day, Riku began his walk back to his canoe.
'What's been happening to me lately?' Riku thought. 'I practically beat the living crap out of Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie this morning, and I've even been acticng agressive towards Sora. Is there something wrong with me?' Riku walked up the stairs of the dock, and looked over to see Sora and Kairi watching the sun set.
"You know, Riku has changed." Kairi said.
Riku listened closer.
"What do you mean?" Sora asked.
"Well..." Kairi began.
"You okay?"
"Sora, let's take the raft and go! Just the two of us!"
Right then and there Riku's hopes of falling in love with Kairi shattered. He growled and jumped of the dock, running as fast as he could to get to the Secret Cove in the island. As he ran questions started running through his mind.
'She likes Sora? Why? She's always laughed whenever I tried to make her laugh, and she's always seemed to like me as a friend, but she wants to go on some little adventure cruise with him?' Riku entered the Secret Place, and slammed his fist against the wall.
'Fine that's it! I'll wait til' they leave and take the raft myself! If they want to be together, they can do it here, they aren't shattering my hopes AND taking away my ticket to other worlds!'
Riku sat down and stared at the drawings him, Sora, and Kairi had made over the years. 'Kairi...' Riku thought.
Soon Riku felt tears sting his eyes. His anger had quickly been replaced by sadness over knowing Kairi would never be his.
'It's not fair...' Riku thought as he let out a slight sob.

Okay, this chapter took about two hours to write, so please post your coments up soon so I can't write the next!
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it is actualy quiet good i hope you carry on and they actualy might make a version for us through rikus eyes.
any way well done and i think i speak for every body when i say
WE WANT MORE!?!?!?!?!
ohh yes im the new one so go easy on me ok
well done ok


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Feb 15, 2005
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KH:The Story Through Riku's Eyes

Chapter Three
Escaping The Prison Surrounded By Water
Riku opened his now red eyes. He looked around. He was still in the Secret Place. The sun didn't shine through the hole in the roof though.
'I must have cried myself to sleep.' Riku thought. 'I guess I'll take the raft now. It's probably late.'
Riku turned to leave, but something caught his eye. The door at the edge of cave now had a keyhole in it.
'What? I don't rememeber that being there before.' Riku thought.
He walked over to it, and peeked through the large keyhole. Riku jumped back at what he saw.
"What in the world?!" Riku said.
The door blasted open, sendning out a wave of black sand. Riku screamed as he flew backwards out of the cave. He flew out through the opening, and landed on the beach.
''What happened?'' Riku asked himself.
Storm clouds had quickly gathered, and shadows were appearing on the ground.
''What? How can there be shadows at night?" Riku said.
He stood, as the shadows themselves did. Riku stared at one as it took the form of a small creature. It had a small human-like body, a completely round head with two anntennae perched on top of it. And the thing Riku noticed the most was the two round yellow eyes.
Several more appeared around Riku, and he drew his wooden sword.
"Yah!" Riku said swinging at the small black creature. However, his sword went strait through it.
"Back! Back!" Riku shouted kicking at the creatures.
The beasts did as they were told, to Riku's amazment. Riku's hair was blown in his face as a strong wind blew from the secret place once more.
Riku stared for awhile at it, thinking of what he saw through the door. It was destruction, houses being destroyed, building collapsing under there own weight, and these small black creatures murdering other humans.
"This world has been connected to somewhere else, and the door is open." Riku said. "I can leave.I can take Sora and Kairi with me, I can show them all these worlds. It's time." A smile slowly crept across Riku's lips, but he was brought back to reality when he felt something bring him to the ground. Riku tried to look up, but he felt his heart being gripped by an icy cold claw. Riku gasped for air as the grip tightened. Riku looked up with blurry vision as lightning flashed through the clouds. The clouds then spread to reveal a round mass of red and black.
"W-what the hell is that?" Riku gasped.
The grip on his heart tightened more, and Riku screamed.
"L-let go!!!" Riku yelled grabbing whatever it was that was on his chest.
He pulled it's arm out of his chest, and slammed it against the seaside shack. It was one of the little black creatures. With a roar, Riku slammed his fist into it's stomach, and it dissapeared in a wave of darkness.
However, Riku's arm became numb and cold, so much he couldn't move it. 'This isn't good.' Riku thought.
He heard some footsteps on the dock, and turned to see Kairi running towards the Secret Place, the creatures following her.
"Kairi!" Riku yelled.
He ran after her, as she crawled into the Secret Place, Riku close behind. Riku dived for the entrance, but was stopped as a white marble door appeared.
"What the-?" Riku said.
He banged on the door with his fist, and then try to knock it in with his shoulder.
"Kairi!" Riku called.
He put his ear to the door and listened for Kairi's voice. There was silenece for awhile, then there was a scream. Riku's eyes widened, and he banged on the door harder.
"KAIRI!" Riku yelled.
The door glowed, and Riku was surrounded by a golden light as he was lifted into the air.
"Be gone, dark one!" A voice from nowhere yelled.
Riku was thrown backwards, flying through the air, landing on next to the poapu tree on the small isle.
Riku sat up, his head spinning from his flight. Although Riku couldn't see clearly, he spotted Sora trying to slash the creatures with his own wooden sword. Once realizing it wasn't working, he headed towards the isle Riku was on.
Riku stood up and brushed himself off.
'I hope Kairi is okay.' Thought Riku. 'Ah, her scream was probably just her excitment of being transported to another world. I'll tell Sora about it when he gets here.' Riku smiled to himself.
"Riku! Where's Kairi?" Sora asked.
Riku looked up, his smile still on his face. He chuckled a little bit, and then replied.
"The door...has opened." Riku said.
"What?" Sora asked.
"The door has opened, Sora! Now we can go to the outside world."
"What are you talking about? We've gotta find Kairi!" Sora said.
"Kairi's coming with us!" Riku shouted angrilly.
'Heck, she's probably already there.' Riku thought.
"Once we step through, we might not be able to come back. We may never see our parents again. But there's no turning back, this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us." Riku looked up to the massive black orb in the sky.
"I'm not afraid of the darkness!" He yelled.
"Riku..." Sora began.
Riku smiled once more, and held out his hand.
Sora was about to step forward, but stopped when a blast of darkness apeared at Riku's feet. It turned into a pool of black liquid, and soon spread to Sora's feet as well.
"Riku!" Sora yelled reaching for Riku's hand.
The darkness swirled from the pool up and around Riku and Sora, entrapping them. Riku continued to smile through the darkness, until he could no longer see Sora. 'What's happened?' Riku thought. He couldn't see anything through the darkness. Then, he saw a twinkle of light. It shot down and envoloped something. It had envoloped Sora. The light grew stronger until Riku was pushed back by it.
"No! Sora!" Riku yelled as he was thrown into the wriving darkness.


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It okay I suppose. I'm kinda angry that you made Riku seem like a pathetic jealous loser in the 2 chapter though...he doesn't like Kairi THAT much.


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Jan 11, 2005
o_O whoahhhh! more more more! *(^.^)*

how do you know Riku duznt like Kairi that much? he never says so...and the game duzn't....it seems he duz. the way him and Sora are alwayz competing. but whtevr. its ur oppinion. =O]
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Chapter Four
Awakening: The Darkness Within

"Sora!" Riku yelled as the light that was shining from Sora began to throw him into the darkness. "No! Sora! What's happening to you?" Riku yelled as wind started to roar in his ears.
Screeching also began to ring in his ears. Riku started to fight through the darkness. He had to save Sora from whatever was happening. However, Riku felt the darkness wrap around his arms and legs, holding him back.
"No! Let me go!" Riku yelled.
"But I thought you weren't afraid of the darkness." A voice boomed.
Riku looked around for the voice, lightning flying around him. Riku sighed.
"I'm not." He said, and became limp, letting the darkness take him.
Sora and everything else dissappeared around Riku, along with himself.


Riku opened his eyes, exhausted and fatigued. He looked around. Darkness still surrounded him, all black.
'Where am I?' Riku thought.
"Prove yourself now." The voice from earlier said.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Riku asked the voice.
"Do you have the potential to be one of the dark?" The voice asked.
"Ha, that's a needless question. Of course." Riku said smiling.
"Well, we'll just see about that." The voice said.
There was a flash of red light, and a sword appeared in Riku's right hand. Then a spot light appeared on him. Riku looked up, the light stinging his eyes.
"I'd watch out if I were you..." The voice said.
Riku looked down. His shadow was large and darker than he had ever seen.
"Well, where's my oppenent, huh?" Riku asked the voice.
It didn't respond. Riku heard a strange sound from below him. It sounded like the tide on Destiny Islands.
Riku's shadow jumped from the floor and took a three demensional form. It looked exactly like him, except it was completely black and had two glaring yellow eyes. It took out it's own sword and readied itself.
"What the heck? The old mirror match, huh?" Riku said taking his stance as well.
The Shadow's breathing was like the sound of a void, loud and hollow. Riku and the Shadow stared eachother down for awhile, and then the Shadow moved. It slashed over head, then with miraculous speed, slashed Riku in the ribs. As it's sword connected with Riku's ribs, a blast of darkness shot from it's sword, sending Riku flying 360 and onto the ground.
"Ah, that hurt." Riku said.
He looked up as the Shadow slashed at him again. He blocked, another blast of darkness blowing from the Shadow's sword.
"What in the world are you?" Riku asked.
The Shadow responded with only it's hollow breathing.
Riku jumped up, pushing the Shadows sword to the side, and swung his fist at it's head. However, Riku's arm flew right through it, and became numb once again.
"Damn." Riku said jumping back as his arm fell limp at his side. The Shadow stared at him for a few moments, then ran out of the light. Riku followed it, plunging himself back into darkness. Riku looked around for it, but could only see black.
'Come on, where is it?' He thought.
Riku gasped as something slammed against his solar plexus. He was knocked back, grasping his chest in pain.
'Where'd it go?' Riku thought.
He looked around, but still all he could see was darkness. He stood, still gasping for breath. There was a flash of purple light, and Riku turned to see something fly at him. It passed through him, knocking him back a few inches. It came back, slashing through his back, then his side, then the other side, and reapeated the pattern once more.
Riku fell to one knee. He felt blood trickle out the side of his mouth.
"Damn it! Where are you?!" Riku yelled.
There was the sound of rushing wind, and Riku was knocked back several feet. Riku coughed up a bit of blood from his internal wounds.
'Wait! I can't see the enemy...' Riku thought as he stood. 'But I can still hear it!'
Riku took his stance and readied his sword. He then closed his eyes, and listened closely. There was nothing for awhile, and then he heard the sound that reminded him of the tide again. It was growing closer, and it was coming from behind him. Riku turned, and slashed upwards. His sword actually connected with something. Riku conitued slashing, until he heard the body hit the ground. He opened his eyes to see the Shadow lieing on the ground, mostlikely dead.
"Ha! And this was supposed to be a copy of me, they messed up bigtime." Riku said smiling.
The Shadow melted into the floor, spreading out into a pool of black and purple liquid.
"Ha, ha." Riku laughed weakly before falling face first into the pool of darkness.

Okay, this chapter was a PAIN to write. I don't think I'm gonna write another tonight, sorry. And if you're wondering, yes this is Riku's Dive into the Heart.
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Chapter Five
Another World

Riku opened his eyes, the right stinging as some form of liquid touched it. He got on his hands and knees, finding himself in a small pond. His hair stuck to his face, it being soaked from the water, along with the rest of his body. Riku was felt something hit his head. Rain was falling now, grey storm clouds hanging in the air. Riku inhaled the fresh air of the rain, this smelling much better than dank darkness.
He heard a screech, and looked to his left. In front of him was a small arch, where a raven was perched. It stared at Riku for a few moments, Riku staring back.
'What's it want?' He thought.
The raven glowing green eyes blinked several times.
'Wait, I don't remember ravens having green eyes.' Riku thought.
The raven jumped from it's perch, and was surrounded by green flame. Riku jumped back as this happened, and he became wide eyed at the site. The raven had transformed into a tall, black cloaked woman. She had glaring yellow eyes, and a cepter was in her left hand. She stared for a few moments, then took a step towards Riku.
Riku backed up several more feet, the woman following. Riku ran out of room quickly, noticing he was on a small island. He looked behind him, then gasped. This wasn't a normal island. It was floating in midair!
'What the...' Riku thought.
He turned his attention back to the woman. She had closed the gap between them, and was only a few inches away from him. Riku tried to keep calm, but he was scared out of his mind. He had no idea where he was, and this woman was totally playing the part of crazy murderer. Riku's heart beat faster as she reached out to him. Her hand shot to Riku's throat, and raised him into the air. Riku would have screamed if it weren't for her vice like grip on his throat. She looked him in the eyes. This scared Riku more. He brought his hands up to her arm and tried to pry himself free. This didn't seemed to be working though, as she brought her cepter up to his face, green flame roaring to life inside it.
Riku swung his legs around, still trying to get free. She was going to strike soon, he knew it. Sweat beaded down his face, along with the rain. Riku swallowed hard, and closed his eyes, waiting for the blow.
Seconds passed. Two, three, four, ten seconds he counted and still nothing had hit him. Riku felt himself fall to earth, landing right on his backside. He opened one eye, and saw the woman was still standing above him. Riku rubbed his throat, and the woman took a step away from him.
"Come with me boy." She said, slamming her cepter into the ground in front of them,
a large green orb envoloping them. The orb turned into the size of a baseball, and launched into the sky. Riku couldn't see anything inside of it, it was like he wasn't even in the world. 'I guess I've made it to a new world.' He thought. 'I didn't think it would be so frightening though.' Riku hit himself mentally for that. 'You're stronger than that.'
The orb darted through the air, arriving at a huge castle. It flew strait up, stopping above a balcony. The orb slowly lowered itself to the ground, and glew large once again. It dissapeared in a blur of green flames, and Riku found himself on the ground.
'Now where are we?' Riku thought.
"Stand up, boy." The woman said.
Riku did as he was told, and walked to the edge of the balcony, staring over the wide land in front of him. Down below was the waterfall and the floating islands he had awoken at earlier. then far out to the horizon was nothing but barren earth, streching out far, all the way to some mountains.
"I suppose you're wondering where you are boy?" The woman asked.
Riku jumped. It had been quiet for so long he forgot she was there. Riku nodded.
"I can easily tell you're not from this world. But, anyway this is the great Hollow Bastion, my strong hold." She said.
"So you're a witch?" Riku instantly regreted those words.
He was dead, he was sure of it.
"Ha! Good guess." The woman said. "I am Maleficent, the witch." She bowed gracefully. "And you are?"
Riku blinked a couple of times, trying to remember his name.
"Riku." He said, keeping his eyes on her.
He was being very cautious, he knew. But this woman had attempted to kill him earlier, but for some reason had stopped and brought him to this castle.
"Good. Now that we're on a first name basis, get away from me." Maleficent said.
Riku gave her a puzzled look.
"Go on! Off to bed with you." Maleficent said pointing to the doorway behind the balcony. Riku once again did as he was told, and ran down through the doorway. Inside the doorway was a room. It had green carpet, red walls, and a small bed in the far corner.
'Wow, this is pretty nice.' Riku thought.
He turned to thank Maleficent, but she had left again.
'Oh well. I'm tiered anyway, I'll just rest and thank her in the morning.'


"Boy! Get up! Get up!"
Riku pulled the covers over his head.
"Arrruh!" Maleficent growled.
She pulled the covers off of Riku with force, sending him sprawling off the foot of the bed.
"What?! I'm going to the island in a few minutes! What's it matter? I hear you and dad getting into it every time anyway!" Riku shouted.
Maleficent eyes widened at Riku. Riku's opened his eyes and looked around him.
'Oh, man! That wasn't a dream!' Riku thought.
"What did you say boy?" Maleficent asked.
"Uh, sorry." Riku said backing away from Maleficent.
"Hurry up and get dressed!" She yelled, and walked out the door.
Riku grabbed his shirt and pants, and pulled them on sleepily. Walking out the door he pulled on one of his gloves.
"Finally!" Maleficent shouted.
Riku jumped back, thinking she had left him by himself.
"You sure do scare easily, boy." She said.
"It's just the shock of being here hasn't worn off yet." Riku said pulling on his other glove.
"Well, come on then. Breakfast is ready in the main hall." Maleficent began to walk down the hallway.
Riku followed a few paces back, worried that she might lash out at him at any time. About ten minutes of walking passed, neither saying a word to eachother until they reached two large oak doors.
"Here we are." Maleficent said.
She raised her cepter to the doors, both glowing bright green. They slowly creeked open, and Maleficent walked inside. Riku again followed, looking at the large hall. It looked as if there had once been windows, but they were draped over with black tarps, blocking out the sun. It had nice hard wood floors, and blank stone walls. All of it was empty, except for the one table in the center, where six were already seated.
"These your friends?" Riku asked.
"Ha. Sure, if you want to call them that." Maleficent chuckled.
She held her hand out, telling him to stay there. Maleficent walked to the only open seat on the table. The others were still chatting with eachother, not noticing that Maleficent was there.
"Ahem." Maleficent said.
They all turned instantly quiet. She sat down with them, and began conversing in wispers. After awhile Maleficent nodded towards Riku.
"We have a guest with us today. Go introduce yourselves." Maleficent said with a smile.
This scared Riku more than her scowls though. The first got up, tall and skinny. Riku saw the glint of a thin sword on his left side. The man stepped forward, where Riku could see him properly. He wore a bright red uniform and hat, black boots and belt, and a large purple feather in his hat. He took off his hat, and bowed like Maleficent had the day before.
"Hooks the name. Captain Hook." He said with a smile.
"Uh...Pleasure to meet you." Riku said holding out his left hand.
The man brought his arm up to shake, but Riku gasped at what he saw. In the place of his hand was a iron hook.
"You understand why they call me hook now?" He said as he walked back to the table.
Another got up, pretty much the same physique as the last one, but a cepter was in his right hand. He stepped into the light as well. He wore a red and black robe, and a black turban around his head. His cepter was modled after a cobra, pure red rubies in it's eyes.
"I am Jafar, the Royal Vizier of Agrabah." He said.
Riku just nodded this time.
The next got up as Jafar made his way back to the table.
'Wow, this guys BIG.' Riku thought as he saw the mans lard like build.
He walked over, and Riku's eyes widened at the site. It was burlap bag sown into the shape of what seemed to be a starfish.
"I'm Oogie Boogie." He said with a smile from his stiched mouth.
The next one that got up had the strangest form yet. It seemed to have several legs, and had a large build like the one before it. She walked into the light, if you can call it a she, and smiled at Riku as he gasped. The woman was only...half woman. From her waist down were black octopus tentacles.
"I am Ursala." She said.
Riku felt something creep up against his arm. He looked down to see oneof the octopus tentacles winding up around it. With a gasp he jerked away from her grasp. With a laugh she headed back to the table, and the last of them got up.
He was tall, at least 8 feet, and had a fiery blue hair. When he got closer Riku noticed his hair really was fire.
"Hey, how ya doin' kid? It's Hades." The blue skinned, black toga'd man said.
"Hades? The god of the underworld?" Riku asked.
"Oh, so you've heard of me huh?" Hades asked.
"Yeah, so you're the one who sentences people to death? What's it like? It's gotta be horrible doing a job like that."
"Actually it's not to bad. We dance, we sing, we smoke, we drink, we shmoose, then we get up and do it all over again in the morning."
Riku's jaw dropped.
'That was a stupid question to ask.' Riku thought.
"Well, come on. Come eat." Maleficent said.
Riku reluctantly walked over to the table and sat next between Maleficent and Hades.
This world would get some getting used to, but he was glad he had escaped his prison at last.
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