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Kingdom Hearts: The Heart of Chaos Saga - Book I: Journey's Awakening - Start of the Heart of Chaos saga and set before & during Birth by Sleep.

Kingdom Hearts: The Heart of Chaos Saga - Book II: Fragmented Keys
- Set during the eight/nine-year gap between Birth by Sleep & Kingdom Hearts I.

Kingdom Hearts: The Heart of Chaos Saga - Book III: Lost Memories
- Set during Kingdom Hearts I, Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, & Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts: The Heart of Chaos Saga - Book IV: Trial by Flame
- Set during Dream Drop Distance & Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts: The Heart of Chaos Saga - Book V: Heart of Chaos
- Set after Kingdom Hearts III and conclusion to the Heart of Chaos saga.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - His Keyblade would be the Starlight from Unchained Chi.
Ortensia - She'd be equipped with Oswald's remote from Epic Mickey 2.
Darkwing Duck - With his trademark Gas Gun.
Max Goof - With a shield similar to that of Goofy's, his dad.
José Carioca - With his trademark umbrella as a weapon.
Panchito Pistoles - Equipped with his pistols.
André - With the Paintbrush from Epic Mickey.
Launchpad McQuack - He would be the pilot of the Gummi Ship.
Master Exin - Similar role to Yen Sid and/or Master Eraqus. Considering him to be a "half-fairy", similar to the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, or the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella (Who says only a human can wield a Keyblade? ^_^). Wise and noble yet kind and just, he takes Oswald under his wing to teach him the power and will of a Keyblade Master.
Arumon - Named after Tetsuya Nomura himself. Whenever he sees one of his friends in need of help, he'll jump in to fight along.
Ignis - She's quite a fiery redhead, for she won't waste a lot of time on nonsense. But despite her stamina and confidence, she also has a heart filled with faith and trust, and might also have a crush on Aqua.
"Shade" - A 'heroic heartless' that appears in Book III: Lost Memories. Takes on the appearance similar to a Foreteller, but with an Elk mask.
Nowon - A Samurai Nobody that helps Oswald in Book III: Lost Memories.

Kasai, Master of Chaos - His Keyblade (or most-likely, double-bladed Keyblade) would be called the Destroyer of Hearts.
Mortimer Mouse - His Keyblade would be called the Usurper, to reference his personal intent on overthrowing King Mickey.
The Phantom Blot
Magica de Spell
Queen Grimhilde
The Horned King
Kagos - A Heartless with a dark and mysterious past, and possibly connected to Oswald...

Robin Hood
Morgana MacCawber
Spring Sprite
John Silver
Wreck-It Ralph
Judy Hopps
Warrior of Light
Onion Knight
Cecil Harvey
Terra Branford
Vincent Valentine
Zidane Tribal
Aki Ross
Buzz Lightyear
Mr. Incredible
Lightning McQueen
Finn McMissile
Bing Bong

Ideas for scenarios in Book I: Journey's Awakening:
Wasteland (Epic Mickey) - Starts with a dream sequence as a prologue, then later gets invaded by Unversed. Oswald then confronts possibly their leader (later revealed to be Vanitas) and somehow obtains a Keyblade known as the Starlight.
St. Canard - This is when Darkwing Duck joins the team.
Spoonerville - This is when Max Goof joins the team.
Duckburg - This is when Jose and Panchito join the team.
Pixar Palace - This is when André joins the team.
Radiant Garden -
Disney Castle -
Pleasure Island (Pinocchio) -
Jumbo Circus (Dumbo) -
The Great Forest (Bambi) -
Sleepy Hollow (The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad) -
Castle of Ages (The Sword in the Stone) -
Groovy Jungle (The Jungle Book) -
The Pride Lands (The Lion King) - Taking place during Simba's young years, Oswald & Company might team up with Timon & Pumbaa, and might end with the wildebeest chase.
Notre Dame (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) -
Deep Jungle (Tarzan) -
Nesting Grounds (Dinosaur) -
Kingdom of the Sun (The Emperor's New Groove) -
Atlantis (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) -
Riley's Mind (Inside Out) - Oswald & Company find themselves entering into Riley's Mind to discover that the Unversed are spotted across the Islands, the Long Term Memory maze, etc, as the creatures plot to consume all the memories. So our heroes travel throughout and eventually bump into Joy, Sadness, and Bing-Bong and team up to fight off the Unversed, then soon they reach the Subconscious and are forced to fight Jangles, who gets turned into an Unversed (like the Magic Mirror in the Dwarves' Woodlands world in BbS) in order to restore him to normal. Eventually, Oswald's team soon find a way out but not before wishing a farewell and a good luck to Joy, Sadness and Bing-Bong as the three carry on with their own goal to get back to Headquarters.
Twilight Town -
Land of Departure -
Keyblade Graveyard - Set as the climax of this installment,

Ideas for scenarios in Book II: Fragmented Keys:
Wasteland (Epic Mickey) -
Mysterious Tower -
Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion -
Traverse Town -
Twilight Town -
Castle of Dreams (Cinderella III: A Twist in Time) -
Kingdom of the Sun (Kronk's New Groove) -
Prydain (The Black Cauldron) -
Mousedom (Basil the Great Mouse Detective) -
Hawaii (Lilo & Stitch) -
Monsters Incorporated (Monsters, Inc.) -
Gusteau's (Ratatouille) -
Axiom (WALL-E) -
Paradise Falls (Up) -
Castle DunBruch (Brave) -
Disney Castle -

Ideas for scenarios in Book III: Lost Memories:
Wasteland (Epic Mickey) -
Mysterious Tower -
Twilight Town -
Enchanted Dominion (Sleepy Beauty) -
Dwarf Woodlands (Snow White) -
Castle of Dreams (Cinderella) -
Notre Dame (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) -
Land of Dragons (Mulan) -
Beast's Castle (Beauty and the Beast) -
New York City (Oliver & Company) -
The World That Never Was - It's here that Oswald & Friends would face against the leader of Org XIII himself, Xemnas.
Outback (The Rescuers Down Under) -
Castle of Dreams (Cinderella) -
Hollow Bastion -

Ideas for scenarios in Book IV: Trial by Flame:
Wasteland (Epic Mickey) -
Twilight Town -
Dwarf Woodlands (Snow White) -
Forest of Spirits (Pocahontas) -
Land of Dragons (Mulan II) -
Endless Galaxy (Treasure Planet) -
Spirit Mountains (Brother Bear) -
Port Royal (Dead Man's Chest/At World's End) -
The Magic Bayou (The Princess and the Frog) -
Underland (Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland) - "Nowhere" of the actual Wonderland.
Game Central Station (Wreck-It Ralph) -
Arendelle (Frozen) -
The Moors (Maleficent) - Nowhere of the Enchanted Dominion.
Dark Dream Castle (Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella) - Nowhere of the Castle of Dreams.
Zootropolis (Zootropolis) -
Dark Jungle (Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book) - Nowhere of the Groovy Jungle.
Wasteland (Epic Mickey) - Setting for the ending, when Oswald writes a letter chronicling the events he and friends had been through, and the cliffhanger when Oswald & Company receive a message in response from Yen Sid.

Ideas for scenarios in Book V: Heart of Chaos:
Mysterious Tower -
Twilight Town -
Agrabah (Aladdin and the King of Thieves) -
Notre Dame (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride) -
Atlantica (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea) -
Notre Dame (The Hunchback of Notre Dame II) -
Spirit Mountains (Brother Bear 2) -
Port Royal (On Stranger Tides) -
Dark Beauty Castle (Bill Condon's Beauty and the Beast) - Nowhere of the Beast's Castle.
Ocean of Mysteries (Moana) -
Land of Giants (Gigantic) -
Keyblade Graveyard - This is where the last battle against Kasai and his Brotherhood of Chaos takes place, it also involves the Horned King using the Black Cauldron to bring ancient dead Keyblade warriors to life and control them.

Those are my ideas so far, I might post down some more. So anyway, what do you think? Please post down your ideas, thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Thank you.
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My ideas (so far) for what might happen in the story of the fanfic saga:

Book I: Journey's Awakening
This might begin with a dream of Oswald's, similar to the first Kingdom Hearts game.

Soon after, Wasteland ends up becoming invaded by mysterious creatures later revealed to be Unversed, it's here that we first see Vanitas, who confronts Oswald. Just as Vanitas prepares to strike the rabbit down, Oswald grabs hold of the figure's Keyblade, eventually obtain his own (known as Starlight, the default Keyblade from Chi/Unchained Chi).Oswald temporarily defeats Vanitas, but the dark figure quickly flees and says that Oswald "won't defeat his master".

Curious, Oswald and Ortensia set out to see what lay beyond their own home, it's through these few chapters that we meet our other main characters: Darkwing, Max, Jose, Panchito & Andre.

Along their first journey together, our heroes disover that the same evil creatures, the Unversed, that attacked Wasteland are reeking havoc across many other worlds. The secret behind this menacing evil force rest within not only Vanitas, but also another man known as Xehanort.

Eventually, Oswald & Friends cross paths into a half-fae Keyblade Master named Exin, and his apprentices Arumon & Ignis. Exin notices that Oswald had equipped a Keyblade of his own and decides to make the lucky rabbit his third apprentice.

Soon, as Oswald & Friends battle back against the Unversed, they confront the Horned King (from Disney's The Black Cauldron) who claims to be controlling the Unversed, and cross blades. However upon the villain's defeat; Oswald learns the truth. In a twist of fate; Xehanort was the true puppetmaster, orchestrating events in order to recreate something known as the X-blade and obtain Kingdom Hearts.

Oswald, Exin & Friends eventually make their way to the Keyblade Graveyard, where the climactic battle of Birth by Sleep takes place. Before our heroes could interfere, an ancient warrior known as Garland (from Final Fantasy I) halts them in their tracks, as the Ten Seekers of Light (Exin, Arumon, Ignis, Oswald, Ortensia, Darkwing, Jose, Panchito, Max & Andre) prepare for a showdown.

However, once they defeat the evil Knight, the damage had already been done, Kingdom Hearts remains hidden once more and the Keyblades Wielders: Xehanort, Eraqus, Terra, Aqua, Vanitas & Ventus are nowhere to be seen.

Both Oswald and Exin decide that they can't return to their homes just yet and they all instead set off to search for Eraqus, Terra, Aqua & Ventus together. Their adventures were just beginning...

Book II: Fragmented Keys
Oswald, Exin & Friends continue their journey in search of lost friends.

It's here we see some more insight into the group of villains known only as the Brotherhood, their motives are shrouded in mystery but their true goal (or so it seems) is obtain the power of Keyblades and Kingdom Hearts itself for themselves.

Oswald & Friends might, at one point, visit Radiant Garden and briefly meet a mysterious person who claims to be Xehanort (whom Oswald doubts). Later, Radiant Garden ends up being taken over by new creatures later revealed to be Heartless, as Exin, Arumon & Ignis sacrifice themselves to save Oswald & Friends (Xemnas & "Ansem" might make a cameo somewhere here).

This should end with Kasai falling into a seemingly long coma.

Book III: Lost Memories
The Organisation XIII arc (Set during Kingdom Hearts):
Wasteland becomes under attack once again. Oswald & Friends discover that new mysterious creatures known as the Nobodies are reeking havoc across many worlds. The secrets within these menacing creatures rest with a group of individuals known as Organisation XIII.

Oswald & Friends battle back against the Nobodies and each member of Organisation XIII. They soon confront Queen Grimhilde, who claims to be the Leader of the Organisation. However upon her defeat, Oswald & Friends learn the truth. In a twist of fate, Xemnas is the true leader of Org XIII, and even offers Oswald the role of thirteen members. Oswald's tempted but ultimately refuses as he's fully reunited with his friends to settle the score once and for all.

In the end, Xemnas is temporaily defeated but the damage's already done.

Their adventures continue...

The Realm of Memory arc (Set during Chain of Memories):

A few more key points are established here, including the enigmatic creatures known as Heartless.

After temporarily defeating Xemnas at the conclusion of the Organisation XIII arc, Oswald & Friends continue to find a way back home. Their journey takes them to the Realm of Memory, where an unseen figure (this particular voice turns out to be Xemnas') ominously claims that they'll find many secrets on the path ahead. Misinterpreting the voice's message, the team set off into the Realm to continue their journey.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood from Fragmented Keys return in an attempt to reawaken their master, Kasai. But first, they plan to defeat Oswald; to do this, they use the powers of an eerie black coat-donning figure named Kagos.

In an odd twist, we discover that the voice that warned Oswald and his friends wasn't Xemnas', but actually going by the name of "Shade".

The Hollow Bastion arc (Set during 358/2 Days):

This may provide some insight into the background/machinations of the Brotherhood of Chaos. This might also be when Oswald & Friends actually battle the Heartless for the first time.

The Brotherhood of Chaos arc (Set during Kingdom Hearts II):
With the mysterious guidance of "Shade", Oswald and Friends fight their way past Heartless only to discover that the threat of the Brotherhood (now more properly known as the Brotherhood of Chaos), led by a reawakened Kasai, are returning once more. So it's up to our heroes to stop them once again.

Two thirds through, they also meet a Samurai Nobody that chooses not to fight them as expected, but instead with them, whom they name "Nowon" (pronounced as 'no-one').

Later on, Shade & Nowon are revealed to be the respective Heartless & Nobody of Master Exin. With their help, the heroes track down the Brotherhood's base in the Empty Nation. While there, Shade and Nowon sacrifice themselves to help Oswald move on forward, and they finally confront Kasai once again atop his castle. They manage to defeat him again and send him to another deep sleep.

Afterwards, our heroes return to Wasteland at last. After this happy return, Oswald discovers a letter revealed to be from Master Exin, the writings of which were to be revealed soon.

Book IV: Trial by Flame
The Seven Guardians arc (Set during Dream Drop Distance):
Kasai should return as main antagonist.

Oswald & Friends might team up with Kairi in this (who was seperated from Sora & Riku).

Early on, Exin, Arumon & Ignis might return to their complete forms

The Thirteen Seekers arc (Set during Kingdom Hearts III):
As this should end concurrently with KHIII, this one should end with Oswald writing a series of letters, chroniclising the events he went through, to Master Yen Sid.

Book V: Heart of Chaos
As this begins after the end of Xehanort/Dark Seeker Saga, this one might focus less on Oswald and more on Sora and his own friends.
Xion might be renamed to 'Nio'.
Roxas and Namine might sacrifice themselves to save Sora, Kairi, and friends.
In the final battle against Master Kasai and the Brotherhood of Chaos, Sora might take on a 'Roxas Form'.
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