Kingdom Hearts: The Dark war



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Jun 25, 2015

Two years after the Foretellers each formed their own union and began taking in Keyblade weilders to combat the darkness unusual things began to happen and people within the unions began to disappear without a trace. The Foretellers soon became suspicious of each other thinking they may have played a role in the disappearances and it wasn't long before they stopped trusting each other entirely. Little did they know that darker forces were at work. A few months after the Foretellers lost their trust in one another the sixth apprentice who had trained alongside the Foretellers suddenly reappeared. However the one the Foretellers saw was not the same person they had trained with all those years ago. What they saw was a man corrupted by darkness who would do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. It was then revealed that he had been monitoring the five unions for any Keyblade wielders he deemed worther to serve him who he later kidnaped and corrupted with darkness. These corrupted Keyblade wielders would serve as the first soldiers in an army which he would use to seize control of the χ-blade and claim Kingdom hearts as his own. Upon learning this the Foretellers were quick to attack but it soon became apparent that they were no match for him and were forced to flee. It has been seven years since then and all but one of the foretellers has been killed. Over the years he has built up an army to combat the one the apprentice leads and the Keyblade war has begun.

Basic info:

This rp, as you can tell, takes place during the Keyblade War. Each person will take the role of a Keyblade wielder in either army and each Keyblade wielder will have one of four positions in the army: Soldier, Scout, Commander, and Spy. Soldiers are the basic members of the army and head straight into battle when given the command. Scouts are usually sent ahead to check areas before the army advances as well as being sent into battle. Commanders give out the orders to the scouts and soldiers as well as fight during battles. Spies are sent undercover into the enemy army to gather information to relay back to their allies.

The rp will not solely focus on battles but will also focus around the characters' interactions with each other outside of battle.

Character stuff:

Character signup must use the following template:

Name: (obvious)
Gender: (obvious)
Army: (Apprentice/Foreteller)
Position: (read above)
Personality: (obvious)

I don't want to have too many commanders so I'm limiting the number to a maximum of three per army.


*No god moding, op characters, etc.
*Keep it PG-13
*If you're a commander don't get bossy
*I don't care about grammar but make sure people understand you
*I will play the role of the Foreteller when necessary
*If you're a soldier, scout, or spy you must listen to the commander
*Spies will take orders from the commanders in the opposite army while undercover

Name: Markus
Gender: Male
Army: Foreteller
Position: Soldier
Personality: Markus is a brave young
man who wants to protect his friends
and family. He has a sense of justice and
is willing to put himself in danger to protect others.​