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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Revenge of Nobodies

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Tyler Durden

Alright, I have totally caught up, and I would have to say that this is a masterpiece; I may even like it more than snowy-chan's. (but don't tell her that XP)

Beautifully done.


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Jan 22, 2006
Zomg, I went on a writing-spree and wrote up the next chapter.

Alright guys, there is a shocking revelation in this chapter; you sure you can handle it? =D

3...2...1... READ!

Chapter 11

A pretty, red-headed girl pushed her way through a panicky crowd, plugging her ears from the shouts and screams of the many men and children. She didn’t like large crowds with no room to move around in. Slowly, she edged her way through the slim spaces which were opened up for a split second, before another person filled it.

Every now and again, she would shout his name.


But no one came.

Kairi felt tears coming to her eyes. She shook off the burning sensation, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. He’s probably fine, she reassured herself, he’s probably just taking care of the situation…

But even the reassurance wasn’t enough for the girl. She longed to have her best friends with her, but they weren’t there. Among all the panic and chaos, the girl stood there, lifeless and lonely. But Kairi was then interrupted by a girl in which pushed her and shouted, “Get outta’ the way!”

Stubbornly, Kairi frowned and said, “What was-“

Then she saw it. A nobody had been in front of Kairi the whole time, readying itself to lunge at the girl. But the other girl, with notably long purple hair, advanced forward and disposed of the nobody with a quick swish of her leg.

The girl was stunningly beautiful, in Kairi’s opinion. Her purple hair hung down to her waist line, and her eyes glowed with a miraculous yellow.

The girl turned to Kairi. “Sorry about that. I only pushed you to save you from that ‘thing.’”

Kairi nodded and then smiled. “It’s okay! Thank you very much for saving me.”

The purple haired girl shrugged. “It’s nothing.”

Before turning away, the girl added, “I’m Colette, by the way.”

“Kairi,” the red-head peeped, smiling thankfully.

And Colette was off.

The horrible feelings of loneliness returned as Kairi began to wind her way through the crowd once more.

I’ll go to the secret cave under the bush, she thought hopefully, maybe Sora or Riku will be there… if not, it’s always a nice place to go when I’m worried or not feeling good.

Her sparkling blue eyes gleamed. She liked her idea.

Slowly but surely, she was able to get her way out of the crowd and onto the spacey sand of the beach. She walked stiffly, eager to get to her destination. The sun shun over the horizon, its magnificent gleam reaching Kairi’s tender skin.

Finally, she had arrived to the spot. She stopped for a moment to study the bush; to make sure it was the right one. Kairi had no doubt it wasn’t, so she preceded hastily. Bending down and brushing away the various twigs and branches, Kairi pushed her way into the cave.

It was the same as it had always been, with rocky walls and inscribed designs all over the place. Those designs were mostly drawn by either her or by her dear friend, Sora. They shared lovely times here together, drawing pictures for the other to compliment on.

As Kairi walked along the narrow path which opened up into the large part of the cave, she called out Sora’s name.


No response.

She felt warm inside, however. Kairi hadn’t been in this cave for four years now. It brought back wonderful memories of her past.


Not a dog’s panting… a human’s panting.

Kairi’s eyes widened hopefully as she neared the end of the path. “Is someone there?”

A groan emerged from the person and bounced off the walls and into Kairi’s ears.

“Are you okay?” She asked worriedly, now running, “Just hold on! I’ll be right there!”

She came out of the pathway and stepped onto the center of the small but spacey cave area. She glanced around herself to see where the panting came from.

Then she spotted him.

He looked up at her, laying on the ground, grinning weakly.

“Hey there, Kairi. Long time no kidnap.”

Kairi gasped, her hands flying to her mouth to stop her from screaming.


Indeed, the seemingly dead nobody clutched his stomach painfully.

“Yup, that’s me.”

“Y-you…you’re… but you’re dead!”

He lowered his head and giggled. “That’s what you all thought, wasn’t it?”

She still stared at the old organization member in disbelief. “This has to be an illusion,” she told herself.

“Touch me if you want,” he said, “but all you’re gunna’ feel is real human flesh.”

Oddly enough, Kairi believed him.

Before she could say anything, Alex interrupted, “And I know- you probably have loads of questions. But I’ve got loads of answers. So let me explain, ‘kay?”

She nodded, rather nervous.

“Uhh, before we start, could I ask you something?”

Kairi looked down at him and said, “Sure, anything!”

“Do you happen to have a potion on you? I’m dying in need of one.”

“I can see that,” Kairi replied, reaching into her pink pocket. “Here’s one,” she said, bending down to hand Axel the potion.

Axel drank greedily. The potion was depleted in no time.

“Ahh, much better,” he breathed, letting go of his stomach. “So, now I’ll explain.”

Kairi sat down, the cool earth complimenting her sweet body.

Clearing his throat, Axel spoke. “So ya’ll probably know that I died after my battle with Sora against the nobodies, right?”

Kairi nodded.

Axel continued, “Well, it turns out that what I did was a nobody speciality. There isn’t a general name for it, but basically, what it does is takes all your power and releases it into one powerful blow. That’s what I did, and I was so depleted of energy and so lifeless that I thought I had died.”

He looked down at the earth solemnly. “I thought I’d be dead… I never knew of these power things… I mean, I just did it… Well it turns out that one can survive from a brutal power-dealing like that; it’s just not very likely.”

“So you mean to say, even though you faded away, you still survived?”

“Yeah,” Axel replied, holding Kairi’s gaze, “It felt like I was being thrown into nothingness. I thought I was a goner. But I wasn’t!”

Kairi’s ears perked up.

“Even though I had faded away, my body remained in nothingness, trying to find a place to plant itself onto. It took time… but finally, it found a place.”

Looking up hopefully, he continued, “And ya’ know what? I think someone helped me get here.”

”W-who?” Kairi wondered.

“My best friend… Roxas.”

Kairi sat there, stunned. “And how could have Roxas helped you?’

“Do ya’ think I know?” Axel shot back playfully. “But I’m thinking that Roxas can leave Sora’s body and connect with the other dimension.. and that’s probably what he did.”

“How did you end up here?” Kairi asked, interested.

“Like I said, my spirit, with the help of Roxas, chose somewhere for me to come back to. And that place was here…”

“This place is a special place for both Sora and I.”

“Makes sense, doesn’t it?” Axel laughed, playing with his coat’s zipper.

Continuing, he said, “So not too long ago, I dunno’ how long, I ended up here in a horrible state. I’m not even sure if I was a real substance yet. I had a lot of reenergizing to do; not to mention I had no potions or elixirs to help me in the process.”

“Wow…” Kairi said, her hand placed on her forehead, “this is so unexpected.”

“Yeah well, I’m just glad to be alive.”

Kairi smiled at the content nobody. She was grateful to him for sacrificing his life for Sora’s, and now she was even happier, as he was alive.

“Thanks a lot for protecting Sora,” she thanked Axel.

Axel shrugged, “It was nothing. We go far back.”

She giggled. Axel laughed as well.

“I have one request, however,” Axel explained, looking at Kairi.

“Anything; you name it!”

“A nice, big kiss from you!”

A wide grin spread across Axel’s face as Kairi stood up angrily.

“I’m off limits,” she shot back, steaming like a hot dog in a pan.

“Ah, I see. Sora’s doing a good job, eh?”

She fumed, “That’s none of your business!”

Folding her arms, she turned away from Axel stubbornly.

“Aww, come on Kairi, ya’ know I was kiddin’!” Axel coaxed her, standing up.

He wobbled a bit at first. His eyes beamed happily. “I haven’t stood ever since I faded away. It feels weird, but great at the same time!”

Kairi turned back to him; she couldn’t hold back a small smile. “What are you going to do next?” She asked.

“Who knows,” he wondered. But then, something came to him. “Oh, I know!”

She frowned. “Don’t even think about it!”

Axel laughed, “Nah, it’s not that! I’d like to thank Sora—I mean, Roxas.”

Kairi’s eyes widened, instead this time, with seriousness. “S-Sora’s… not here..”

“Huh?” Axel said, averting his vision from his spiky red hair, in which he had been grooming. “Where is he?”

“He’s out there somewhere, trying to resolve the situation.”

“Whoa, slow down there gal.’ What situation?”

Kairi, folding her arms, said, “Oh right, you don’t know.”

Axel listened up impatiently as Kairi continued, “Well, I don’t really know either… All I know is that we were in the middle of a fighting competition when nobodies came out of nowhere and surrounded us. A man jumped onto the stage, dressed in the same cloak as you. I managed to catch his name…”

Axel was curious to hear that someone was dressed in the same clothing as himself. “What was his name?”

“I think it was.. Tur… Tur.. Turoz?”

Axel’s arms flung out wildly. “Turoz! Wait- what’s he doing here?”

“You know him?” Kairi asked, confused.

“Do I know him? Why Kairi, he used to be in Organization XIII!”

She stared at him shockingly.

Without a response, Axel continued, “He and some other dude were banned from our group for coming up with retarded ideas! Why would they be here now?”

“I-I don’t know, Axel,” Kairi admitted.

“Quick, do you know where Turoz is now?” Axel persisted, grabbing Kairi’s arms lightly.

She looked at him and said, “Yes, he’s being guarded on the arena stage.”

“Kairi,” he asked, “please, could you take me to him?”

Kairi thought about it for a moment. She really had nothing else to do, and maybe this would help pass time for Sora to come back to her.

She nodded. “Sure, I guess I’ll go with you.”

Axel jumped up with glee. “Sweet! Thanks, Kairi!”

He shook her hand gratefully, and then, without warning, dashed out of the cave.

“W-wait up!” Kairi exclaimed, running after the long-lost friend.

Axel was back.
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Shi-Seventh Kira

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May 31, 2007
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! AXEL'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this chapter. It was...It was....It was....Ughhhh, once again I am speechless!!!!!!! OK, it was amazing. You captured the essence of Kairi. I know, CORNY!!!!! But what I mean is that you portrayed her every action and feeling, as if you were her.

My favorite scene would have to be the one where Axel asks for a kiss! KAWAII!!

But Riku didn't show!!!!! *sniff* Will he be back in the next chappie?

Nelo Angelo

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Dec 13, 2006
thats a very intersting chapter. Axels back eh. id prefer it he was dead but i guess what your sayin on how he survived can make sense.
cant wait for the next one.


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Jan 22, 2006
Thanks for all the comments. Yeah, I made a big decision, bringing Axel back, but I feel it was a good one overall.

I haven't had much time to work on the next chapter, so I suggest to those who haven't read this fiction, please do! I'd love more comments/criticism. It gets me pumped up to write the next chapter ;)


Nelo Angelo

Enigma of Extreme
Dec 13, 2006
ah man i thought the next chap was on.
cant wait man D.
whats happenin with the gilgamesh story with snow?


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Jan 22, 2006
NEXT CHAPTER =D I worked hard on this, and I hope you guys enjoy it. Some intense stuff is coming up in the next chapter after this one, so this one kinda' builds up to that ;) Enjoy! <3

Chapter 12

A husky voice rang throughout the atmosphere, burying itself deep into the moist sand.

“You are foolish, boy.”

The daunting figure implanted his feet in the soft ground, letting his weapon hang loosely by his side.

“And what about us,” a voice cut in, “what if I want to kill him?”

It was Sparda, whose helmet was directed at Terra. It gleamed in the newly found sunlight, which was now high overhead.

Riku held back a gulp of worry. He held back his fate, which would not be good if he didn’t run.

I can’t run, he told himself, Sora and Kairi need me… and most of all, the King.

His dreamy eyes averted from Terra to the lifeless body resting on the sand.

“D-did you kill him?” Riku asked, somewhat hesitantly.


Terra turned to Mickey. “You mean that mouse?”

Sweat poured down Riku’s hot head. He brushed it off with a flick of his wrist.


But then, at that moment, Riku’s question was answered by the king himself. The mouse first showed sign of life by flicking his tail. Like a snail, the king used his arms to slowly push himself up off the sticky sand.

Riku had never seen his friend in such a bad condition.

“Mickey!” He exclaimed, starting for his friend.

“I don’t think so,” cried Terra, cutting in front of Riku. They clashed keyblades. Sparks went flying.

Riku struggled to keep his position. “Leave me be, you idiot! I’ll fight you after.”

But Terra did not listen. “You’ll fight me now,” he rasped.

A powerful force pushed Riku across the sand, his feet still in place. The faithful boy looked hopefully at his dear friend, Mickey. The mouse coughed up a bit of sand, his eyes shutting at each gasp. Staggering a bit, the mouse managed to stand upright.

Letting oxygen enter his throat, Mickey pointed his keyblade at Terra.

“Leave him alone. You have no reason to kill him.”

Riku smiled at Mickey’s brave words. They brought peace to the keyblader’s soul, but only momentarily, for Terra had spoken up again.

“Of course we have reason to kill him. We have reason to kill all of you. You three are here to destruct our purpose, and anyone who does so will be slain.”

“Your purpose is in vain, Terra!” The king shot back, his expression grim.

“So what if it is,” Terra replied calmly, “we’ll still be able to do as we wish.”

Riku put his hand to his forehead, not because of the heat, but because of the stupidity of Fernando and the Chasers. Don’t they know Organization XIII is gone?

Mickey raised his voice. “You’re foolish to invade this world, Chasers, we’ll-“

“And you’re foolish to fight us,” exclaimed Ezra, who was now in front of Riku.

She turned to the boy. “Let me take him, Terra. I haven’t had a fight like this in years.”

Riku cringed at the thought of fighting her, as Terra hesitated to respond.

Finally, he spoke. “Very well, do what you want with him.”

The female figure spun around to Riku, her bulky armour moving swiftly with her tender body. “Ready for some fun?” She taunted.

Raising his weapon, Riku shouted, “you don’t know who you’re dealing with!’

“Neither do you!” She retorted, raising her own weapon.

Mickey watched in horror as the fight began. “Does it have to be like this?” he thought out loud. Looking up into the bright blue sky, he asked, “Is there anyway out of this?” The king stood in horror as Riku fought vigorously with the swift woman. Mickey clenched his fist around his golden keyblade with anger. Hastily, he leaped up into the air. Landing in front of Terra, he cried, “Our fight is not over!” A gleam in the king’s eye showed the amount of determination he had.

Light shall prevail…

And so, the battle began.


Kairi darted after her speedy friend, who was now quite a ways in front of her. “Could you wait up a bit?” She shouted, her pink shoe’s meeting dry sand and her lean legs moving as fast as she could make them move.
Kairi’s worry about Sora grew intensely. What if he’s dead? she thought to herself. Shaking her head, she blurred out the horrible thought. No, he’s fine. He’ll come back to me… I know he will. Sora and Kairi’s relationship had grown profoundly over the last two years of living on Destiny Islands. They never went a day without seeing each other at least once. She would often deny feelings of love for him, but deep down inside, she knew the truth. One day, she would tell him of her true feelings.

“Well hurry up then! We don’t have much time,” the black figure in front of her responded, his black cloak flapping in the wind. His bright-red hair made him stand out, the silky locks waving with each gust of wind. He ran at quite a fast speed, so fast that he would be out of site before they reached their destination.

“I am a girl, you know!” Kairi shot back, somewhat serious. “I can’t run as fast as you, Axel; especially in this skirt!”

Axel laughed to himself, shaking off her words with a grin on his face. He was still taking in what had happened. How is Turoz still alive, how did he get here, and why is he here? The ex-organization member turned his head to Kairi, slowing down a bit.

Then again, like she'd know anything.

Kairi noticed Axel staring at her. “What is it?” She asked, catching up to him.

He smirked and turned back to his destination point. “Nah, it’s nothing.”

“H-hey, wait up," she stormed, charging after him.

She ran on, not daring to stop for breaks, as Axel would not stop until he reached the arena. Her legs stiffly obeyed her orders of movement, becoming sorer at each step. The sun burned hard into her light skin, and her hair plastered itself to her sticky face.

It was mid-day at Destiny Islands.

Finally, they had reached the arena. Surprisingly, there weren’t very many people left. A group of kids stood to Kairi’s right, seemingly gossipping about something. One of them, a boy, eyed Kairi up and down. She kept running. A couple of adults were scattered here and there, each buried in a deep conversation with a friend.

Axel flipped up onto the stage with ease. Kairi took her time to lift herself up, using her two frail arms. Letting out a big sigh, the girl plopped onto the wooden stage, her legs throbbing from the exhausting run. Turning her head, she noticed a boy and a girl, both of which looked worried. Then, Kairi noticed it. It was the same girl who had saved her earlier. Sitting upright, Kairi hollered, “Hey, Collete!”

Immediately, the pretty, purple-haired girl noticed Kairi and smiled. “Hello, Kairi!”

Collette giggled. “What are you doing on the ground?”

Kairi blushed. “Oh—well, you see, I ran here all the way from the little waterfall.”

“I see,” the girl responded, her smile beaming in the sunlight.

Axel was now walking across the stage, arms folded neatly.

“Who’s he-?” The girl asked, staring Axel down.

Axel, somewhat shocked, stopped and turned around to Collette.

“Me?” He asked.

“Yes, you,” she replied curtly.

Then, Axel’s eyes widened. A hot red filled his cheeks. Opening his mouth a couple of times to say something, Axel couldn’t manage to find the words to speak.

“Oh, he’s Axel,” Kairi said for him.

Axel turned to Kairi with a grateful expression on his face.

“Axel?” The boy beside Collette, asked, raising a brow.

Axel spun around to the boy, eyes flaring. “Yes, Axel. A-X-E-L, got it memorized?”

“Uhh, sure,” the boy responded, scratching his head, not knowing what to say.

“I’m here to speak with Turoz,” Axel announced openly, “do you know where he is?”

A husky voice entered the atmosphere, coming from the stage entrance. “I’m right here.”

Axel stumbled past the boy, looking for his target. Spotting him, Axel folded his arms again.

“Well well well, what do we have here? First you were exiled, and now you’re all tied up.”

The small figure sat on a chair, covered with sloppily tied ropes. His eyes burned deep into Axel’s skin with hate.

“Things just aren’t going to well for ya’, are they, bud?”

“I’m not your bud, you fool. I’m your enemy.”

“Ah, I see,” Axel replied, playfully. “But right now, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to—shall we say—interrogate you.”

Turoz lowered his head, his black hair drooping.

“What’s going on, Turoz?” Axel pressed, squatting to the enemy’s level.

Turoz looked him in the eye, his orange eyes glowing fiercely. “Revenge,” he spat.

“Wait,” Axel exclaimed, pointing to himself, “on us?”

“That’s right.”

Axel shook his head. “Now why woudlya’ wanna’ do that?”

Turoz shook his chair violently. “You know very dang’ well why!”

Axel rubbed his chin, stuck in thought. “But why would you want revenge, Turoz?”

“I don’t,” the man replied bluntly. “I was only in it for the money… I hadn’t expected a welcome party.”

“Well ya’ know what?” Axel told him, sticking his nose in Turoz’s face, “Organization XIII’s dead.”

Turoz lifted his head. “What?”

“Yup, I’m the only one left!”

Turoz shook his head, “But—Fernando and Xin… they said you were all alive.”

Axel shot back, “Well they’ve been living in the past, then, haven’t they?”

Turoz held Axel’s gaze. “Then they’ve made a mistake.”

“Mistake?” Axel asked, confused.

Kairi now stood beside Collette, listening intently.

“They summoned the Chasers.”

At first, Axel stood there, frozen in spot. But then he leapt back. “The Chasers? You’ve gotta’ be kiddin’ me!”

“No… I’m not. And I believe the summoning has already taken place.”

Axel’s eyes bulged out of his head. “W-wh…wh…where are they now?”

“That keyblader kid and his friends went that way, along the shore of the beach.”

“Sora…” Kairi mouthed, her beautiful hair blowing wildly in the wind.

Axel took time to think for a moment. The silence was passed with cawing of eagles.

“If it’s me they want, they’re gunna’ get me,” Axel declared, head held high. “And I’ll be sure to give them the truth.”

“Kairi,” he turned to the girl. “Wouldya’ like to come with me?”

She looked at Axel. She looked at Collette. “I-… I don’t know.”

Just then, another figure leapt up onto the stage, his outline beaming in the sunlight, his weapon sparkling in each person’s eye.

“Go where?” His voice rung.

Kairi opened her mouth in disbelief.

“S-Sora,” she cried, “is that you?”

Immediately, Sora ran to Kairi. The two friends embraced. He held her tight, his eyes filled with tears.

“It’s me, Kairi.”

She snuggled her head deep into his shoulder blade. “I was so worried, Sora.”

“It’s okay, Kairi, I’m alright now.”

Kairi stood there, happiness filling her lungs. She was overjoyed of her friend’s safe return.

“All is well,” Sora reassured her, “all is well.”

The outside world disappeared around the two, their minds fusing as one.

But everything was cut off, as Axel spoke up. “Long-time-no-smell, kido’.”

Sora raised his head to Axel, still holding Kairi. But the shock of seeing Axel made his arms loosen.


Axel scratched his fluffy head, a grin spreading across his dirty face. “Yup, that’s me! Looks like we have some catching up to do.”


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Jan 22, 2006
I don't know yet, Suzaku =33 I'm sure Snowy would be able to publish her fics, but I'm not too sure about myself ;)

It's fun, doing this. Thank you for your lufferly comment <3


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Jan 22, 2006
Lovely = lufferly =D

Hehe, fine, give me the horseradish =3

And thank you for that; twas very touching. <3

I shall work on the next chapter soon.

To those who haven't read this fiction, please do so and comment ^.^
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