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Kingdom Hearts: Return of The Kingdom Knight: Role Play.



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Feb 6, 2019
Plot: Hello and welcome to Kingdom Hearts: Return of the Kingdom Knight is a role play set after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 after Sora dissapeared and appeared in Shibuya a world that was located is the Spirit world as Shibuya is ment to be a tutorial were Sora relearn so dormant powers that have reawaken.

By doing so Sora mastered his aincent powers again the power of the Warrior as we learn Sora has been gone for one year after Sora escaped Shibuya he learned all of his friends have been refected.

Riku who along with Donald, Goofy, and Mickey have been searching for Sora, because it's revealed that they are the only ones who believe Sora is still out there.

Kairi moved on thinking it is what Sora would want and is curently dating a suspecious person named Kai as it is revealed he is tempting Kairi to fall into Darkness.

When Sora learns his friends have moved on Sora decides to leave the Islands only to discover Nemesis a world that haunts him as it resides a group of powerful foes know as the Black Cross.

Now Sora must protect his friends to become the masked vigilanti known as the Kingdom Knight.

Sora/Kingdom Knight: KingdomKeyper3.
02. Riku:
03. Kairi/Shadow Queen:
04. Donald Duck:
05. Goofy:
06. King Mickey Mouse:
07. King Gasket:
08. Queen Archerina:
09. Prince Kai:
10. Grifforzer:
11. Scorpina:
12. Necronomica:

Rules: Restrictions.
1. Can be no more that one Character.
2. No controling another person's Characters.
3. Nothing 18 & Up.
4. For this role play no killing off other Characters.