Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 20 (The Finale)



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Nov 14, 2009
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Sora; Here it is, the last episode, the final frontier, the-
Donald; Just land the damn ship, Sora.
Goofy; This world must be what’s left of the worlds consumed by the heartless.
Sora; Yeah, now we’ve only got one final boss fight until the end of the game!
Voice; Actually, there’s like seven boss fights in this world.
Sora; Damn it! I hate you so much right now!
Donald; Sora, stop yelling at the voice in your head, we have work to do.
Sora; What’s with the giant mountain and why can we suddenly fly?
Chernobog; Ragh!
Sora; OMFG!
Donald; Holy crap!
Goofy; What the Fa-hyuck is that!
Chernobog; I am Chernobog!
Sora; Oh my God…
Donald; I know, right.
Sora; It’s Yuri’s final dark transformation from Shadow Hearts!
Donald; Yea- wait, what?
Chernobog; Sort of. We are both based off of the same Czechoslovakian deity, except the Shadow Hearts version is spelled with a Z instead of an H.
Sora; How the hell do you pronounce that?
Chernobog; Ask Acelegin, He’s the expert on that stuff.
Donald; Looking up random sh@& on Wikipedia doesn’t make him an expert.
Chernobog; Whatever. I’ma kill you now.
Sora; Not if I kill you first!
Several minutes later
Sora; Oh my God, that was so f@&king long! What happened to the good old four second long boss fights?
Donald; About that: I’ve been meaning to ask you something.
Sora; Myes?
Donald; Have you been cheating this whole time?
Sora; Noooooooooo- maybe.
Goofy; You’re a fa-hyucking prick.
Sora; Oh, shut up.
Donald; Oh my God, it’s Riku!
Rikunort; Actually, it is I, Ansem!
Sora; You d*ck! You’ll pay for everything you’ve done! Give my friends body back!
Rikunort; I haven’t seen someone this pissed off since the last time Acelegin’s computer lagged while he was watching YouTube videos.
Acelegin; Load. Load. Load. Load. Load! LOAD! LOAD! LOAD! F@&KING LOAD!
Mathaxsan; Ace, why is your laptop on the floor in a hundred pieces?
Acelegin; Shut the f@&k up and make me a sandwich!
Mathaxsan; Xemnas never yelled at me to make him sandwiches.
Acelegin; Did Xemnas give you your own file on Donkey Kong 64?
Mathaxsan; No-
Acelegin; Then I win. Now where the f@&k is my sandwich?
End flashback
Donald; Wow, I knew he had a temper, but that was kind of extreme.
Sora; I don’t care.
Goofy; Is anyone else curious as to how the Fa-hyuck we ended up on Destiny Islands?
Sora; No, I’m used to the scenery changes by now. Now, let’s kill this bastard!
Rikunort; I’ll f@&k you up more than that time that Acelegin-
Sora; No! Stop comparing everything to sh@& that Acelegin’s done! It’s f@&king annoying!
Rikunort; Behold! Watch, as I shape shift into my actual form!
Rikunort than transforms into Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
Ansem SOD; Now, I am at my full power!
Sora; What the hell is that?
Ansem SOD: Huh?
Sora; The black thing hovering behind you. What is it?
Ansem SOD; It’s my bouncer. He keeps f*ggots out of my clubs.
Bouncer; I’ll put you into a hammerlock, b*tch.
Sora; Come on guys! Let’s end this! I don’t care if it takes four seconds or four years, but this clown has been ruining the world order for too long. We have to bring it to an end. Not for me, not for Acelegin, but for all the little people who are depending on us to save the multiverse. We are the last hope left to mankind and-
Ansem SOD; This is boring.
Goofy; Shut the fa-hyuck up!
Donald; He’s making an endgame speech, don’t interrupt him.
Sora; As I was saying, we are the last hope left to mankind and furrydom. Everyone is depending on us, and it’s time for us to make a stand. Donald, Goofy, the two of you have stood by my side this whole time, and now I just have one question for you guys; Are you ready to f@&k this sh@& up!?
Donald; You bet your ass I am!
Goofy; We’ve come this far, haven’t we?
Sora; Then let’s finish this, together!
Ansem; Hey, guess what.
Goofy; What?
Ansem SOD; Void of blackness!
Sora; Oh look, another scenery change. Why am I not surprised.
Donald; What is this place?
Goofy; It’s so dark.
Super Ansem; I have now transformed into a giant… thing. Now behold, the door to Kingdom Hearts! Within it is pure darkness, with not even a speck of light!
Sora; Oh sh@&, someone turned the floor off!
Donald; And now we’re falling!
Goofy; Wah-hah-hah-hooie!
And then Donald and Goofy are sucked into a portal
Sora; What, why didn’t I get sucked into the portal?
Riku’s Voice; Giving up already? Come on Sora, I thought you were stronger than that.
Sora; Oh God, there’s another voice in my head.
Riku’s Voice; Dude, it’s me. Riku.
Sora; Oh! Hey man, what’s crackalackin’?
Riku’s Voice; Never say that again.
Sora; Okay.
Riku; You need to keep going. You’re the only one who can stop him.
Sora; Your words have inspired me and I am somehow able to fly now!
Super Ansem; How is this possible!
Sora; It’s not over yet Ansem! Let’s go!
Sora then kicks Ansem’s butt and then saves Donald and Goofy from the portal
Sora; You guys okay?
Donald; Yeah, I think so.
Goofy; I’m gonna kick his ass!
Sora; You don’t understand, Ansem! Even the darkest hearts have a bit of light inside them!
Donald; And it’s because of that light that the three of us have formed such a strong friendship!
Goofy; Not even you can destroy a bond this powerful!
Jiminy; Yeah!
Sora; Jiminy, you’re not part of this friendship. Now get back in my hood before I hit you again.
Super Ansem; Your friendship is no match for my double ended Soul-Eater!
Sora; We’ll see about that! Let’s finish this you fruity b*stard!
And then they defeat Ansem
Ansem SOD; This can’t be. I can’t lose to them! Kingdom Hearts, give me your dark power!
Sora; No, Ansem! I know now, without a doubt, that Kingdom Hearts is light!
Ansem SOD: No, this can’t be! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (fades away)
Sora; Come on, we need to close the door before the Heartless on the other side spill into the realm of light.
Donald; It won’t budge!
Goofy; Fa-hyuck!
Sora; Okay, Goofy, seriously, that catchphrase is starting to get really f@&king annoying.
Riku; I’ve come to help!
Sora; Holy sh@&! How’d you end up on the other side of the door?
Riku; I don’t know, but I don’t have enough time to cross over to the other side so I’m just gonna stay here and close it from this side.
Sora; Oh no, look at all those giant heartless! There’s so many of them! It would take a being more powerful than Chuck Norris himself to-
And then Mickey Mouse appears and kills all the Heartless
Sora; …Wow, that was almost as cool as card games.
Sora; Haha, I never get tired of that meme.
Mickey; Sora, you most close the door as quick as you can. Riku and I will handle things over here.
Riku; Say goodbye to Kairi for me.
And then the door closes
Donald; I think I see Kairi over there!
Sora; Kairi, listen to me. Riku says goodbye! Also, I’m gonna go look for him, so you just wait at the Islands for us. I’m not returning home without him!
Kairi; And when you get back, we can be together and get married and have triplets, right?
Sora; Ummm, sure, why not. See you in KH2!
Donald; I wonder where the scenery change took us this time.
Goofy; Looks like a meadow or something.
Sora; So, where do you think we can find Riku and the king?
Donald; Hey, I think I see Pluto!
Goofy; And it looks like he has a letter from the king!
Sora; Hey, have you seen the king, boy?
Pluto runs away
Sora; Hey, get back here you little sprick! Don’t run away from me!
The story will continue in the Kingdom Hearts CoM Parody Script and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Parody Script. ‘Til then, peace out.