Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 19



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Nov 14, 2009
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New episode;

Acelegin; Oh my possible god, I can't believe this time has come.
C-Rad; What's wrong?
Acelegin; The time has co fo parodize lthat world.
Mathaxsan; What world?
Acelegin; The one world that I've been dreading.
TKAllTheWay; Oh sh@&, you don't mean what I think you mean, do you?
Mathaxsan; Oh god no!
C-Rad; Why don't you just skip this part?
TKAllTheWay; You did kinda skip the whole Kurt Zisa thing for the sake of a useless iternet meme.
Acelegin; There's a limit to how often I can do that, and I chose waste it on an annoyingly difficult boss fight.
Mathaxsan; I can write it for you if you want.
Acelegin; Shut up and make me a sandwich!
Mathaxsan; Hey, I saved your life last episode! You should be making me a sandwich!
Acelegin; Fine, but don't exect it to taste good. Now, to get my sh@& together and write this script. Hundred Acre Woods, I won't just parodize you: I will CRUSH YOU!!
TKAllTheWay; With your boobies, right?
Acelegin; I'm a guy dammit!
TKAllTheWay; Then why is your khinsider username "Cexiangel"?
Acelegin; That was an accident.
TKAllTheWay; How do you accidentally name yourself "Sexy Angel"?
Acelegin; Shut up, TK
Sora; Hey Merlin, we found a bunch of pages which may or may not go to that weird book.
Merlin;Good. This book has magic powers, and I would advise against reading it.
Sora; Screw you old man, you can't tell me what to do!
and then Sora get's sucked into the book
Donald; Oh crap, I was right!
Goofy; Should we go in after him?
Donald; No, he can do this on his own.
Goofy; You're right. Fa-hyuck Sora!
Sora; Okay, what the f@&k just happened?
Pooh; Hello, my name is Pooh.
Sora; Who the hell named you after sh@&?
Pooh; Wanna help me find my friends?
Sora; Not really.
Pooh; Great, let's go!
Sora; Are you listening?
Rabbit; Hey, what's up?
Pooh; Hi, we're looking for our friends!
Sora; Against my will.
Piglet; But you don't need need to look for us, we're all right here.
Pooh; Oh, hello there Piglet. Do you wanna help us look for our friends?
Sora; Does he listen to anyone?
Kanga; No, not really.
Roo; It's kinda annoying most ofthe time.
Owl; Don't you mean "All the time"?
Pooh; Do you have any honey, Rabbit?
Rabbit; I'm a gardener, why would I have any honey?
Sora; Worst. Shroom-trip. Evar.
Pooh; Well, can I have some vege-tables then?
Rabbit; You're pronouncing it wrong, and Tigger already ate everything except the ghost peppers.
Tigger; I hate dem goddam Ghost peppa's. Last time I ate them, Eyeore kicked me in the nads!
Eyeore; I said I was sorry.
Tigger; Damn cracka'! You betta' shut yo' damn trap before I bust a cap in yo' a**!
C-Rad; You see, it's funny because his name rhymes with nig-
Acelegin; If you finish that word, I will stab you in the eye socket with an allen wrench.
Sora; I'm leaving, and I swear to god, if I ever see any of you again, I will murder all of you.
Sora; Why the hell did I have to enure that torment alone?
Donald; We thought youd be fine.
Goofy; Was it really, that bad?
Sora; I don't wanna talk about it. Come on, let's go finish this game already.
meanwhile, at Acelegin's secret headquarters
Acelegin; Oh man, It's finally over. I did it!
TKAllTheWay; That's kind of sucked.
C-Rad; I honestly think you could have done a better job.
Mathaxsan; And I don't think making Tigger black was a good idea.
TKAllTheWay; All-in-all, that was pretty stupid.
C-Rad; A load of crap.
Mathaxsan; You're an idiot.
Acelegin; Stop flaming me! That what Trolls are for!

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