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Mar 13, 2012
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Hey guys, so I am pretty new to this site and have been writing a fan-fic for about 6 months to a year now. I have been slow though due to University commitments and what not, but have recently picked up and decided it's time I shared the prologue with the world.

It kinda' sets the story off in motion, a lot of questions are left un-answered but the chapters I have been working on ahead seem to answer them.

i hope you enjoy it, please give me any critical feedback. I also have not had it proofread properly so any grammatical errors - there are probably many as I always write late at night - just point them out and I'll be sure to edit.


Kingdom Hearts: Oblivion of an Oathkeeper


Un-conscious on the coast of the blank points, a young boy is about to waken. The key of destiny, but something is wrong, trouble is blooming.

Awakening to the sound of the sea, I looked up to see all but nothing in front of me. I stood on the beach of blank points, a place I had stood not too long ago when meeting with Xemnas.

“Why am I here and where could Namine be?” I questioned myself.

I walked over to the water and looked into my reflection, my blue eyes and spiky gold hair stared back at me. Pondering what to do, I sat down on the coast to collect my thoughts.

“If I fused with Sora and became whole again, why have I returned here, did something go wrong, was it because I was in the realm of darkness at the time and why isn't Namine here with me?” I asked myself over and over again.

“Huh? Is that… what I think it is?”

In the distance, a keyblade floated in the water, one that I was oh-so familiar with.

“Two become one” I muttered.

The keyblade bearing the ‘nobody’ symbol at its hilt echoed it’s darkness into me and suddenly the keyblade disappeared and simultaneously appeared in my hand as if by magic.

I could feel the darkness that I had once felt, the darkness that surrounded me whenever I went to sleep in my room in the castle that never was, yet I found myself quite at home with the feeling.

Countless thoughts began being sucked from the keyblade and into my mind.

“Where is my heart?”
“The Keyblade… a truly marvellous weapon, were it only in more... capable hands.”
"The Keyblade's power... How I've longed to make it my own!”​

“These voices, only two sound familiar to me; Saix and Xemnas, I barely recognise the third voice, who could it be, it reminds me of Marluxia, but…” My mind filled with questions once again.

I looked down at the keyblade in my hand, I could feel the darkness inside of me, pulsing through my veins, I felt so powerful and it was as if I was in somebody elses thoughts, I knew what I wanted to do… what I needed to do, for the sake of nobodies everywhere.

I was too wrapped up in my thoughts to notice my clothes had changed, a thick black coat draped itself over my body, I felt at home, it had been so long since I had worn ‘the coat’. Memories of the Organisation came flooding back to me.

“Axel…” I whispered.

Determined to find my friend, I knew that I had to escape this forbidden place, but to do that I would either need to find a way to open the door of light, or channel the darkness inside me and command a way out. I felt the latter to be more appealing to me; it was as if the keyblade was telling me what I should do.

“Give me the power I need to escape this place, may I forge my body with the darkness and forever be bound by your power.”

Within a second of finishing my plea, my keyblade radiated a darkness which surrounded me. Pulling my hood over my face so to protect myself from the darkness, I felt something extraordinary take over my body and I heard the same voices in my head once again.

“Where is my heart?”
“The Keyblade… a truly marvellous weapon, were it only in more... capable hands.”
"The Keyblade's power... How I've longed to make it my own!”​

Only this time, I knew what needed to be done and this time it would succeed because I would be in control and I would have the power to do so.

Commanded and bound by the darkness, Roxas unwillingly set off on his unknown quest, but what could Roxas have in mind and what of Namine? What purpose does the Two Become One keyblade have in Roxas’ life? Only time could tell…

“Roxas, remember me, yeah I need you to do something for me…” whispered an unknown voice.

“…I know what to do…Marluxia.”

To be continued…
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Hm... This is a very interesting prologue. I'm curious as to where it will go from here. There were some grammatical errors and the dialogue seemed.... odd to me, but I have no idea why. That could just be me. Again, nice start, just work on grammar a bit, I suppose, and this might be a very good story. :3

But, I'm no expert, so it's best to take my words with a grain of salt, 'kay? ^^;