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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: My Story

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Captain JSparrow

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Apr 10, 2006
Well I wrote this a long time ago, before KH 2 when the only thing we knew bout Roxas was that he was blonde.
This is purely fictional and although takes place after KH, it does not follow KH2's story whatsoever, this is due to the fact that before KH2 i always thought that Roxas was a bad guy, I always suspected he was sora's nobody, but i thought that he wanted to take sora's heart so he could become a real person, so if my fan fic seems way off base compared to KH2 its because i made it before KH2 came out.

Chapter One: Reminiscence

Hollow Bastion. An empty world, consumed by darkness, engulfed in evil, wrapped in shadows...
A perfect example of what happens to worlds that heartless get a hold of...
The whole planet is ruins, destroyed or decayed, slowly eroding from the control that the darkness has over it...
Only one structure remains...A large fortress, a castle, a citadel, home to the darkest of beings...

The castle, abundant with heartless, is a dangerous place, certainly not the place a fifteen year-old would be expected to spend his time in, yet Sora sat in the balcony of one of the Castle's top floors, contemplating the height of the tower with awe, he couldn't help wondering who built it...no, but that thought was only one of many, more important issues surfacing into his mind. Among those thoughts were his friends Kairi and Riku...
"Where are you guys?..." Sora said outloud

He stood up and took one last look at the sunset, despite Hollow Bastion being home to the heartless, somehow the sunsets were completely breathtaking, certainly not something you'd expect from a condemned world, yet there its was, majestic, beautiful, and it reminded Sora of the sunsets back home...

"Well I should get going" Sora said, mainly to himself, and he turned around and started to make his way to the entrance of the castle.

Throughout their journey it seems the gummi ship got overworked...so while Donald and Goofy took the ship to Traverse Town to Cid, Sora stayed in Hollow Bastion.
His friends found it peculiar that he wanted to stay here, but Sora had his reasons...
Donald said he'd be back in the afternoon, and seeing as how the sun was setting, Sora was sure they would arrive soon.

Sora made his way down the stairs, but he didn't make it halfway down before he sensed it, he felt the attack at the last possible second, so he barely had time to react. Had his mind not been occupied with thoughts of Kairi, and Riku, had Sora been at full alert he might've dodged the attack.
As Sora turned and brought his blade up to bear, he was slashed across the chest, and although he partly blocked the blow, he still fell backwards and landed on his back.

"Get up" the voice was a boy's, cold and hard as ice.

Sora stood, recovering from the ambush, and then looked onto his attacker.
"What the-....."

His attacker was about his height, but Sora had no idea who he was, for his face was hidden under a dark leather hood, his attire was basically all black, he wore a trenchcoat, and boots, and in his hands he held two...keyblades...but that's not what left Sora speechless, for if the king had a keyblade, then surely there were more, but what really numbed Sora's mind is that the keyblades he wielded were none other than the Oblivion and Oathkeeper.

"Wha- How..Wait..Who the hell are you!? and how can you use a keyblade!?"

The boy walked a few steps forward, he was calm, clearly in control of the situation.
"My name is Roxas...and I can use the keyblade because...I am you"
It took a minute for the reply to sink in.

"What?" said Sora.

Instead of answering the boy removed his hood, and Sora was shocked.
The boy resembled Sora in an almost unbelieveable way. He shared the same bright blue eyes, had similar spiky brown hair, face looked similar...
"I don't get it how can you...be me?" Sora said

"I didn't mean it literally, I meant I am a part of you, I'm your nobody" The kid replied, a smug voice, the boy enjoyed having the upper hand in the conversation.

"Nobody?" Sora's voice was barely a whisper, his heart pounded fiercely, and confusion raced through his thoughts

"Yes, you see, its quite simple, when someone turns into a heartless, the empty shell they leave behind turns into a nobody, so in a way I am an empty shell of your former self...I have no heart...So I am not really YOU...just an image...a reflection..." when he said this Roxas' voice seemed to lower, giving it an sad, almost melancholy tone.

"What do you want with me!?" Sora snapped

The boy laughed, it was a cold laugh...no emotions, no feelings...no heart the sadness from before was now gone, and a strange amusement was hinted. "What I want Sora...is your heart!"

The boy lunged forward without warning, slashing the Oblivion, and Sora staggered back trying to block the unexpected attack. He brought up his keyblade, and a second before the kid hit him, Sora parried the blow, barely a centimeter to spare before the blade would've hit his throat, The boy took a step back this time he brought up both blades, and settled himself in an attack pose. Sora realized the boy was no pushover, instead of slashing like crazy with his two blades, he waited, knowing that if Sora attacked he could simply parry the blow, lock in Sora's blade and while he's defenseless use the second blade to land a decisive blow.

Sora had no choice but to attack, with only one weapon against Roxas' two, going into the defensive was not the best course of action, all he could do is keep a steady offense to keep the kid from attacking.

"Come On Sora! They always say the original is the best!"

Sora slashed forward, aiming for a direct blow to the kid's arm, before even thinking of defeating his antagonist, Sora first had to destroy the boy's advantage over him. However Roxas easily blocked, using his second blade for a counterattack soon afterwards. Sora ducked, he felt the weapon barely miss the top of his head, but despite the close call he didn't slow down, he kept on the move, dodge-rolling of to the side, slashing at Roxas' legs as he passed.
The boy jumped, nimbly dodging the blow, and kept on his attack, his fluid slashes were elegant and precise, yet they did not lack power, and Sora barely managed to block the flurry of attacks.

Sora, was a very able swordsman, during his journey he had fought with countless enemies, and fencing masters such as Captain Hook, or Cloud Strife.

He had gone up against odds so great that many others would not have stood a chance. He had survived battles that have tested his strength, endurance, and most of all his heart. But today, he met his match, this boy was just a good a fencer as he, and he had the advantage of an extra weapon.

Roxas, moved quickly, his attacks were fast, short, and if they hit you, most likely deadly. But Sora could hold his own, after all Sora was no wimp. The battle continued, and as Sora's attempts at landing a blow were futile, Sora found himself being slowly driven back up the stairs, to the balcony where he had spent his afternoon. Roxas didn't slow down, and althought he was strong, his eagerness to defeat Sora was getting the best of him, as Sora backed up, he noticed Roxas had slightly dropped his defense, in an attempt to finish him off as soon as possible.
He has no control..., Sora thought
Sure he has strength, skill and speed, but without experience...
Sora smiled, he had a feeling if he played his cards right, the fight would be over soon...

To Be Continued

I know its long but what can i say once I start writing i lose track of time, etc.
Please leave comments, what do you think, I would like opinions, to see if i can improve
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Captain JSparrow

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Apr 10, 2006
Chapter 2: The True Keyblade Master

With a new resolve, and confident that he could beat the kid, Sora fought with renewed strength. As Sora took another step backwards, he realized he was cornered at the edge of the balcony. Roxas saw this as the perfect opportunity to end the fight, but Sora did something unexpected...
He jumped

"What the hell!?" Roxas exclaimed, surprise in his voice.
That fall is more than just a few stories high! he'll never survive!

Sora, smiled during the few seconds of freefall, the kid had been shocked. The truth was Sora was shocked! But being cornered like that, would have probably meant death anyways, so Sora thought quickly and did what he had to do.

Luckily there was another balcony a few stories down. If it had been lower his plan might've backfired, and all that would've been left of him is a mush of organs splattered on the ground. As Sora neared on the balcony, he streched out his keyblade, and cried out.


A gust of wind rushed to Sora, creating a protective bubble around him just as he landed. He had timed it perfectly, the bubble cushioned his fall, and saved his life.

"Phew close one"
Too bad, Sora thought, looking back up at the upper balcony, I think I could've won

"You really thought you could get away that easily?"

Sora wheeled arund, recognizing the voice.

Roxas stood there keyblades in hand.
"Our fight isn't not over"

Sora smiled.
"You're right!"
This time Sora rushed forth with a plan in mind, his keyblade weaved intricate patterns, as he swung it, performing fatal blows that, had they connected, would've broken the boy's bones.

The Kid was astonished, before Sora hadn't displayed such strength or skill.
But despite his amazement, he kept a steady defense.

Now it was Sora who controlled the struggle, showing a force that he hadn't used since his fight with Riku or Ansem. Although Roxas had two blades, it hardly seemed an issue for Sora now, but Sora couldn't keep this ongoing barrage for long, soon fatigue would settle in, and he would start to weaken, so Sora had to find a way to hinder, Roxas' ability to use two swords, and fast.

Then Sora saw it, Perfect!, he thought.

Using his temporary control he backed, and Roxas slowly followed, Sora, kept backing up, bringing the kid to a place of his own choosing. Sora's agility, and dexterity, allowed him to not only guide the fight in the direction he wanted, but also to keep constantly attacking, while at the same time effortlessly blunting his enemy's counterattacks. Sora kept backing up until he was once again at the edge of the balcony, except this balcony was different, at it's edge it had a narrow catwalk connecting it to another section of the castle.

Sora leaped onto the catwalk, and balanced himself, after flying with Peter Pan, and walking a plank, it was a piece of cake. When he was confident of his posture he continued down the catwalk.
Roxas followed after him, but he was so preoccupied pursuing Sora, he didn't realize the fatal mistake he had just made.

Sora stopped running and turned to face Roxas.
"It ends here!" he exclaimed

By then Roxas realized his fault, the catwalk the were standing on was narrow, too narrow, and in order to stand, he had to face sideways, forcing him into a classical fencing stance, Roxas now realized he had to fight Musketeer style, in order not to fall into the abyss below, meaning he could only use one keyblade...

"I bested Captain Hook Roxas, do you truly believe that without your second blade you stand a chance?" This time it was Sora's voice that had a smug, almost overconfident swagger tone to it.

Roxas looked at Sora, there was a newfound respect in his eyes, and he spoke...
"Damn you Sora" He Smiled "I guess the original is better...for now"

"I think this settles who the real keyblade master around here is don't you think?"

"Ya beat me, you're right I can barely keep up with my two blades, I'll surely lose with only one..." Roxas replied.

"Right, I win...I deserve answers...how did you get two keyblades!?"

The kid grinned...
"I can't believe it, you don't even know how to use the keyblade to it's full potential!...I really can't believe I lost...your heart is still so weak"

"My-...heart?" Sora inquired.

"That's right ADD boy, did I stutter? If your heart was stronger you could use the keyblade to the fullest"

"You don't even have a heart! and you can use it!"

Roxas laughed
"You ARE slow, since I don't have a heart, I have no emotions to hold me back, no feelings to hinder me, no friends to distract me...you however have all those, so you must strengthen your heart...maybe it's good that I didn't win...I can always take your heart later...when its stronger, and more fit for someone like me"


"When your heart gets stronger Sora...I'll be there to take it"
Before Sora could say or do anything, a dark aura engulfed Roxas, and just as suddenly as he had appeared, he was gone...

Sora made his way back to the entrance of Hollow Bastion, he couldn't stop thinking about his meeting with Roxas...
Strengthen my...heart...I will and next time you wont get away Roxas...


Sora's thoughts were broken by the warm sound of a familiar voice...
"Goofy!" Sora said with a smile

"C'mon buddy we got great news! we got a message from the king!" Goofy replied

"Where's the ship?"

"A-hyuck right outside! Donald is waiting!"
Sora walked towards his tall, clumsy friend.
"Say Sora, you look like you just fought with Ansem! your clothes are all dirty and ripped!"

"Long story Goofy, long story, you said we got a message from the king?"

As Sora walked with Goofy towards the ship, he couldn't help but hope, the message mentioned riku...
Maybe things are looking up!, he thought...

To Be Continued...
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Captain JSparrow

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Apr 10, 2006
that one took like an hour to write, sometimes it takes me a few minutes to find good words to use and try not to repeat words so im grateful for my vocabulary it helps, ocassionally i'll pull out a book i've read, and take some adjectives,verbs etc.
Anyways, hope you like Chp. 2
leave any comments

Captain JSparrow

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Apr 10, 2006
Chapter 3: A New Journey

Sora leaped onto the Gummi Ship with great anticipation, and excitement.
Sora and his friends had spent the last week searching in various planets they had visited, for the King or Riku, to no avail.
But now Sora believed they had a new lead, he felt it, and so he had rushed into the Ship, and had bolted into the control room.

"Sora where have you been!?"

"Sorry Donald, ran into a little trouble"

Just then Goofy walked in.
"Go on Donald, tell 'im 'bout the message"

Sora couldn't help but smile, finally he was going to have an idea of where his friend was.

"Well, Sora, it's not really a message...it's um just coordinates"

"Coordinates?" Disappointment creeping into his voice.

"Yes, while we were fixing the Gummi ship with Cid, We recieved a message, which contained the royal seal, but it didn't say anything, it just gave us these numbers, and said 'go there'"

At first Sora's heart sunk, he was expecting the King to say much more, if he and Riku were okay...but then Sora got the full meaning of the message.
"Donald! This might be where the King is!"

Donald smiled.

"I'm going to get the ship ready for takeoff"
"Wait, before we go on to those coordinates, lets stop by Traverse Town...my clothes are ruined"

Sora hadn't noticed until Goofy pointed it out earlier. It seemed during the fight with Roxas, he had recieved a lot of glancing blows. In the heat of the battle he hadn't felt them, but when he looked at his red shorts, and his shirt, they were ripped in various places, the five story fall hadn't helped either.

"Okay we'll stop real fast" Donald replied

"What happened anyways?" Goofy inquired
"Right now I'm tired, I'll tell you on the way to the coordinates"
And with that, Sora walked out of the Control Room, and made his way to his quarters...

Sora layed down on his bed, setting himself into a confortable position, looking up at the metallic walls in his room...
Sora had spent so much time in this ship, it was basically a second home to him...
He spent this time contemplating Roxas' words...

My heart...needs to be...stronger....

Sora knew he would have to be alert, there was no telling when the boy would strike again, and maybe then Sora won't be able to beat him...

Sora closed his eyes. The fight had drained his energy, and now he felt tired, and...he slowly...dozed...off...

About half an hour later he was shaken awake by Donald

"Get Up!" Donald snapped

"I'm Up!"
Sora looked at his friend with a frown...
"We're here?" Sora said

"Yes! Go get new clothes and lets get movin'!!"
Sora stood up, and made his way out of the Gummi Ship...

"So what do you think?"
Sora walked into the control room, feeling comfortable, in his new outfit.
He was now attired mostly in all black, inspired by his encounter with Roxas.

He had long, baggy black shorts, and he had gotten new leather sneakers, which were strapped and fit snugly. His shorts had a series of yellow straps, which held two red item bags, on each side. These could be used to carry potions elixirs, etc.

He wore a dark blue t-shirt, covered by a smaller black jacket with a hood, the jacket also had yellow straps which held spaulders on either shoulder.
To end it all, Sora had also replaced his old white leather gauntlets, for new black ones which matched his new outfit.

"Ahyuck, looks good Sora!" Goofy exclaimed

"Yeah, Yeah, it's great, let's get going" Donald mumbled.

Sora smiled, although Donald tried to hide it by putting up a tough act, Sora knew he was just as worried for the King as Sora was for Riku. Sora knew Donald, well enough to see through the charade, and find what his friend really thought.

Although he had only known Goofy, and Donald for about a year, during all the planets they've been through, all the near death experiences they've had together, and all the battles they've experienced, they had developed a closer frienship in one year than most people do in a lifetime.

"Did you say goodbye to Leon and the others?" said Goofy

Sora frowned "Actually I tried to, but the house was empty"

"What? where could they have gone?"

"I dunno" Sora said, worry for his friends settling into his heart "But we should get going"

Sora, walked forth to the control panel, and clicked a few keys.
"Alright, all systems are a go"

"Igniting rockets" said Donald

"A-hyuck, ready for take off in 3...2...1..."

"Blast Off!!" They all said together

Sora told Goofy, and Donald the whole story of his encounter with Roxas during the trip. Donald and Goofy seemed fascinated with the tale, and Sora then expressed his concern with Roxas' comment about his heart...

"Don't worry Sora! Your heart will gets stronger, and we'll help you no matter what" Said Goofy

"Thanks Goofy"

"We're here!" exclaimed Donald

Sora looked trough the windshield of the Gummi Ship, and held in his breath, the planet looked beautiful, and most importantly Riku could be in it.
"Ready for landing" said Donald

"Got it" Sora replied, he made his way to his room, and grabbed two keychains from his drawer...the oathkeeper, which he took everywhere anyways, and the oblivion...

"I have a feeling I might need you two..."

And with that he joined Donald, and Goofy at the entrance of the Gummi Ship, waiting to land.
"Guys...get ready, because the minute we set foot on this world...I have a feeling...we'll be starting, a new journey" said Sora
Goofy and Donald nodded in understanding...
Yeah, Sora thought, A new journey...

To be Continued...
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Captain JSparrow

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Apr 10, 2006
um, Im taking your advice and setting spaces to make it easier to read
please leave ur opinions
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