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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Meet You At Roads End

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Roxas Other Side

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Aug 16, 2006
Twilight Town
I opened my eyes I was in some kind of city the buildings seemed to reach the sky, it was raining and there was fog everywhere making it impossible to see. I tried to walk but I found my feet unable to move, I looked down and noticed the ground seemed to be turning into a liquid. I tried to move but it was useless and I found myself quickly falling through the liquid and deep into the unknown waters. I tried to hold my breath but I soon realised I could breath. I slowly stood up and took a few steps forward as I did I noticed a small light, I followed it and as I did the light grew bigger. As I moved closer I realised it was getting easier to run and I could feel the breeze on my legs. I stopped and realised I was no longer in the water but in the middle of a forest, I looked around and saw a boy around my age with brownish hair slightly tanned skin wearing black clothes. I couldn’t see his face so I called out to him but nothing came out all the same he slowly turned around and as he did I felt an immense pain in my chest and I started to feel sick as I fell to the floor the last thing I remember where a pair of blue piercing eyes.

I managed to open my eyes with some difficulty, I looked around I seemed to be in a castle of some sort.

The walls were a rich cream colour and the floor was deep lushes red, as I looked around I noticed a door at the far end of the room. It was a white door which was such a pale white that it seemed to shine. I slowly walked to the door as it was the only exit of the room, but as I did I suddenly heard what sounded like shattering of glass. I turned around and what I saw made my eyes go wide, the floor was slowly breaking apart and falling to what seemed like a bottomless pit. I started to run for the door but the faster I ran the faster the floor fell a part. I was only a few meters away from the door but if it would only be a few seconds until the floor was totally gone and me with it. So I jumped. As I did everything seemed to happen in slow motion, as my feet left the floor the floor that had been hot on my tail over took me and the whole floor had totally fallen apart. I then realised as I got closer to the door that there was a good chance I would not make it but as soon as I felt the cold metal of the door handle touched my skin the feeling left me and I clang on for dear life.

The happy feeling soon left me as I felt my hands slip, my body was to much for my arms and as hard as I tried to pull myself up I couldn’t and my hands unravelled and let go of the handle. Once my hand let go I shut my eyes hoping for my death to be quick and for my body to hit the bottom of the pit quickly…..but I felt nothing. Reluctantly I opened one eye but I did not see a bottomless pit I saw a clock tower. My second eye snapped open and I forced my body to pull itself up ignoring the pain in my shoulders, I stared at the huge clock tower and then looked at my surroundings. I was in some type of town, the buildings looked like they were straight from a fairy story, and they were small long buildings with fire orange doors and beautiful carvings on the walls of the building.

But for some reason my eyes seemed to wonder back to the clock tower, there was something about it. For one thing it was much taller than any other buildings around me, It had to curved pieces of wood painted red sticking out of the roof and each piece of wood held a large bell which was more yellow than freshly picked lemons. But it wasn’t just the way it looked it was like the whole building held secrets about us we wish we never knew.

I looked at the clock tower, as I did the wind started to move towards the clock tower as if too say "go in". I hesitated for a second but then I slowly took a step forward, as I did I felt like millions of eyes were watching me but the streets were deserted. I opened the door to the tower and it made a noise like a whining child, I looked inside. It was very hard to see anything but I could make out in the dim light a window with a curtain over it. I pulled open the curtain and the sunlight came through, the sudden light caused me to cover my eyes as if the sight of the sunlight was hideous. I noticed on the floor a small path of light hitting an exact spot on the floor, I looked at the light it was shaped in the form of a cross. I looked puzzled at the mark and bent down to feel were the mark was, as I did I notice that the floor board was loose. Curiously I opened it and looked inside. There seemed to be nothing but as I was about to put the floor board back I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I tried to get a look at it but it was still to dark to see what it was exactly but it seemed to be some type of necklace of some sort.
I slowly reached in to fish it out; as soon as my fingers grazed the object I felt an indescribable pain that felt like a sword had sliced through my heart. I yelled in pain and took my hand away. I stared at the object it was now glowing a bright gold but soon it stopped glowing and I looked at it carefully as if at any moment it would spring to life. Though it did not spring to life id did something just as eye widening. It slowly levitated out of the floor board and into my hands. I shut my eyes expecting the same pain as before but it never came, as I opened my eyes I saw that it seemed to be a type of necklace it had silver chains and at the bottom was a silver crown. I looked at it for seemed like an hour; I gazed at it as if hypnotized by it. I slowly without even relishing it put it around my neck. The second it touched my skin there was a loud crash from outside.

I ran down the old stairs and ran into the streets, I saw a man in his twenties with brown hair and violet eyes being chased by two creatures. I stared at the creatures with a mixture of horror and amazement. They had ear that curled at the ends with long arms that moved about like a dancer and huge red claws at the end. Their face was long and they had jaws with sharp teeth that looked like they could cut through metal. They had huge wings that were slightly torn and battered with small sharp spikes at the end. There legs were quite small and they seemed to hunch slightly. They had feet which like there ears curled up.

The man screamed again, which broke my gaze on them. I needed a weapon but I had nothing, but the man would be a dead man if I left, I found a trash can lid and swung it at a creature with all my might. The creature was heading for the man but the impact of the lid caused him to crash into a nearby window. The other creature turned his attention on me, he snarled and dived towards me, but as he made his way towards me he caught a glimpse of my new necklace his beady eyes widened and he screamed in pain and flew off in the other direction. I looked at what had happened and I went over to the trembling man to see if he was okay, but as I did he slowly disappeared. I looked shocked and confused at what had happened and soon everything was disappearing, first the clock tower then the building and then the sky and finally….me. Yes I was disappearing too!

I screamed in horror as my hand started to vanish and then my body

Roxas Other Side

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Aug 16, 2006
Twilight Town
Chapter 2

I screamed loudly, I sweat all over me and I had a throbbing headache. Once I had calmed down a bit I looked at my surrondings. I was in my room. I sighed heavily and layed on my bed again as I felt the early morning rays seak through my window and onto my dazed form. "Just a dream" I told myself but then I felt something cold around my neck, I bent my head and what I saw nearly made me scream again. There was the necklace still around my neck. "no...iiimmpossible" I told myself. But as much as I tried to find a reason I could not find any, I got out of bed and took a deep breath.
"Okay I've just gotta calm down and think about this" I told myself shakily
"Tike you gotta get up or you'll be late for school" I heard my moms voice from downstairs. I sighed, my real name was Conor but my mum called me that because it was my nickname because I was shorter than anybody else. I slowly got changed for school. I picked a pair of baggy pants with a money belt and a chain around it in the shape of a skull and put them on. I found a dark T-shirt with a picture of an angel and devil on it and put it over my bare chest. I grabbed my navy brown over-coat wich had many different straps for style. I went downstairs to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and what I saw made me jump a little. My usual crazy uncontrollable spikey hair was the same but instead of being a brownish red it had turn milk choclate colour. I stared at my hair closely for a few minutes until my mothers voice snapped me back to reality.
"Tike you wait any longer and your going to be late so get going now!"
I sighed and mumbeled parents under my breath,grabbed my rucksack and swung it over my shoulder and ran for the door.
"CRAP!" I shouted as I ran down the stret I was going to be late I knew it I had 10 minutes to walk or in my case run like a bat out of hell before school started.

I ran as fast as I could dogding the market people who were already buying various items.
"Its times like these I wish I could fly" I sighed as I dodged another man but infront of me was a mssive crowd of people and before I could move I was stuck in the crowd. I tried to get through the crowd but it was no use it was like trying to get through a maze while blindfolded and hoping on one leg. As I was about to give up hope a familiar hand grabbed mine and pulled me out of what seemed like a never ending crowd. In front of me stood my friend Mathew he had longish ( a little higher than his shoulders silver hair (not joking its silver) and brown eyes that seemed to hold untold secrets. He had a good build and was wearing a pair of black jeans with a belt of a bull on it and a red t-shirt with a dark brown trainers on.
"Hey Tike looks like you were in need of help" he smirekd
" oh shut up captin" I smirked back.
All of our friends hhd nicknames for each other we called Mathew captain because he was a year older than us and the leader of the group.
He grinned and took my hand "we better go then unless you want Mr.Pinfield to give us an hour lecture again"
I groaned at just the thought and looked at my watch again "OH DOUBLE CRAP!" I shouted causing a few people to stare. We only had 4 minutes to get to school before the bell went we were officially screwed.
"Hey turn that frown upside down I have a short-cut" said Mathew
"This better be the last short-cut I was luckily to still have all 10 fingers" I mumbled
"Hey who needs 10 fingers anyway" asked Mathew
"Sometimes I wonder if Mathew brings down our intelligence since he’s our captain" I said while grinning
"Do I detect a challenge your on!" yelled Mathew in a playful way
We looked at each other and smirked and in a spilt second we were both racing to our school both neck and neck both laughing all the way.

Me and Mathew ran down the hall and made our way to our first lesson and we managed to jump throgh just before the bell rang. We picked yourself up looking embaressed at the fact we had just jumped through a doorway. We sta down in our usual seats in the back row and I began to think about the necklace for some reason I didn't wan't to take it off. I looked at the necklace careful examining its shape when my teachers voice snapped me back to reality.
"I would prefer if you looked at the bored than at your clothing Mr.Gleeson" said a slurpy voice. I mumbled a sorry and got back to my books trying to think of anything but my necklace.
Finally after 4 periods the bell finally rang for lunch and I hopeed over my table and ran out of the classroom and into the cafeteria. I waited paitently in line for my lunch and when I finally got there I wish I hadn't.It seemed to b some type of slimey green pasta wich made me turn around and head for my usual table. Some of my friends were already there, Kevin was there his nickname was bouncer because of his nature to like to bounce, there was Katie who was Kat because of here love for Kats and there was also Olivia I had a huge crush on here, Her nickname was Angelk because of her innocence and her kindness.
"Hey tike wheres Mathew and Red Head?" asked Kevin
"Dunno probably trying to find new ways to scare the janitor"I replied with a smirk
"haha-...hey Tike whats with the necklace?" asked Katie
"In all honesty Kat...I have no idea" I sighed
"what do you mean?" asked Angel
"well I had this weird dream and when I woke up it was...well around my neck" I said
"Tike did you get into the sugar again" Kevin said grinning
"oh haha" I said and punched him playfully
Kevin was about my age he had green eyes with blondish brown spikey hair and a red jacked with a white T-shirt and blue shorts with black trainers.
Katie had brown hair waith tanned skin and brown eyes with a blue T0shirt wich said "I LOVE PEPSIE!" on it and white trainers
Olivia hand brown hair that was up to her shoulders she had violet eyes she had a white T-shirt and a light violet skirt and white trainers.
"hey that hurt" pouted Kevin
"hey you have no right to pout I am the pouting master" I said pouting even cuiter
"Ill beat you some day" said Kevin
Just then a pair of hands covered my eyes and a familiar voice said
"guess who?"
"well I think it may be an extra large hairy retarded gorilla who escaprd from the zoo" I said and when mathew took his hands away I said
"oh just mathew well I was close"
"you wanna have another race?" he said in a challenging position
"ohhhhhh bring it" I said while getting up
"can both of you stop challenging the other just for one day" groaned Angel.


I was walking out of the school when Mathew ran up next to me.
"Tike are you sure your okay?" he asked concerened
"What do you mean?" I asked trying to lie but failing misreably
"You know what I mean" he said frowning slightly
"Look mathew it's nothing I just...been having weird dreams thats all" I said sighing
"And the necklace" he asked
"Like I said before I have no-"I started but he interupted
"not that why havent you taken it off" he asked
"why would I want to" I asked
He didn't say anything but he tried to take the necklace off and without even noticing I had grabbed his hand stopping him.
"I din't I mean I do" I stuttered confused of what I had just done.
Mathew sighed and told me four words
"It isn't safe anymore" and with that he took off running down the path leaving me completely bewildered.


I lay on my bed wondering what he ment, I sighed and looked outside and what I saw nearly made me fall out of bed. Outside there seemed to be a huge ball of energy and it was slowly dragging trees and other objects into it.
"oh (curse word)!..wait a minute OLIVIA LIVES NEAR THERE!" I panicked and I jumped out of the window and landed on the path and ran down the path praying she was alright. As I got closer I could feel millions of eyes watching me, but I kept on running until I saw a huge pool of darkness appear infront of me and creatures started to appear.
"THE CREATURES FROM MY DREAM" I shouted and one of them lunged at me causing me to fall to the ground. I looked up and saw the creature heading towards me. Just them my necklace started glowing and there was a huge flash of light and the creatures had dissolved into darkness. I stared around and saw that my necklace had gone and in its place was what looked like a gaint key. It had a yellow handle and a sliver bottom and I could hear a faint voice say "keyblade".
I stared at the key for a while until I relised more of the creatures where coming out of the darkness. I slowly picked up the key and charged at them head on.


Roxas Other Side

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Aug 16, 2006
Twilight Town
I swung the weapon with all my might and sent on of the creatures flying into a rock, but every time I killed one, ten took its place. I knew I had to get out of here so I dodge one of the creatures and ran as fast I could up to Cosmo Hill and when I reached the top I saw Mathew.

“Mathew we gotta find Angel she’s not safe” I said catching my breath

“There coming” he said in an emotionless voice

“What” I said confused

“The door is open Tike now we can get back our true memories” he said with a little heist

“What are you on about?” I asked

“IT’S ALL A LIE” he shouted causing me to jump and he calmed down and said

“All our lives it’s been a fake not real they kept the truth away from us!” he said

“Mathew you’re scaring me” I said nervously

“There’s only one way to get our true memories and leave this place I’M NOT AFRAID OF THE DARKNESS” he yelled

He slowly reached out his hand as if to say grab my hand.

“Mathew” I said nearly scared to death

Just then a pool of darkness surrounds Mathews and stats rapping round his body.

“MATHEW!” I screamed and I ran towards him but soon I was also stuck in the pool of darkness, so I try to reach for his hand trying to grab onto his fingers but it was no use and soon we were both sucked into the darkness.



I felt a cold breeze against my skin and my eyes slowly opened up and relived I was lying on the ground. I slowly tried to get up but as I did I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head causing me to fall back down again. I groaned and using all my might pushed myself upright. I looked around and held my hand near my chest.

“Where am I?” I asked myself while turning around

“I don’t remember this part of Dawn City well might as well look around” I said and then I realised I had something heavy in my hand. I looked down and saw the sword was still in my hand.

“It’s still here it wasn’t a dream but that means oh god Mathew and my home all gone…nothing left” I said I could feel the tears whelming in my eyes, my family my friends my home all gone. I buried my hand into my arms and started to cry, I don’t think I had ever cried so much before in my life. I would have continued to if I didn’t feel a hand nudge me. I slowly looked up to see a man in his late thirties with yellow hair a big build an expression on his face that looked like he was part of the army and a toothpick in his mouth.

“You okay Kid?” he asked

“No I lost my friends and my home and my family!” I sobbed

“What do you mean kid it’s not likely there dead especially if you turned up here” he said

“Huh?” I said I was lost for words

“This world is Twilight Town where those who loose there worlds end up” he said with a smirk

“Huh!” I said again I was even more lost for words

He old man smacked me hard on the head

“What’s the hell wrong with you kid don’t you have your head screwed on right?” he snapped

“Hey I’m not from around here alright gramps!” I snapped back

The man grumbled and continued

“Anyway if you ended up here your friend will have too”

My eyes widened at this last part

“There here I can go found them!” I jumped to my feet but the man grabbed me by the shoulder and forced me down.

“Listen kid don’t go out there those creatures our dangerous and they would certainly go after you, you would make a perfect snack” he growled


He looked at me for a second before smiling and grabbing my legs and swinging me over his shoulder and walks off with me while I threw a tantrum.

“LEMME GO RIGHT NOW YOUR PEVERT I WILL KICK YOUR SORRY ASS IF YOU DO NOT PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” I screamed which in response the man laughed and called my idiot.

I had lost the will to continue the tantrum after an hour when I finally realised it wasn’t going to get me anywhere, suddenly he stopped walking and dropped me on the ground causing me to whack my head on the ground.


“I did warn you” he said

“When?” I snapped

“When I dropped you” he smirked

“I hate you” I grumbled as I lifted myself up.

“Why did you stop?” I asked

“Were here” he said flatly

“Where’s here?” I asked

“Nowhere” he answered


He laughed and made his way to house with strange brick work and a circular chimney and walked inside, hesitating for a few seconds I followed.

Inside was even stranger there was a fire on the far end and there was a counter that had mops with arms cleaning the floor and little small creatures with what looked like a round ball on there heads were putting books away.

“I think I took a wrong turn and ended up in the Wizard of Oz” I said eyes wide

“What have you never seen a broom with hands mopping the floor” he asked in a normal voice.

“You’re joking right?” I asked him as if he was crazy



Mar 4, 2006
1000000 BC
I'm glad there's still a fan fic that's fun to read, I remember the old ones that were funny. Kingdom Hearts Show was the best funny one by 5KnightofTwilight.
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