Kingdom Hearts - Light and Darkness *KH3D:DDD SPOILERS*



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May 23, 2012
This is my Kingdom Hearts fan fiction, named "Light and Darkness". It takes place after KH3D so it will contain spoilers. Proceed only if you aren't afraid of being spoiled or already spoiled yourself.

Chapter 0 - Prologue

A young man with a black hood walks down a hall, adorned with paintings re-telling the story of a war. Two armies clash in a deserted wasteland, surround by multiple Keyblades on the floor. The two armies – Light and Darkness – fight an epic battle as keyblades fly around the field, freeing hearts from the prison that is the body and the tyrant that is the mind. High in a mountain, seven figures, adorned in white, shining armor, stand in front of thirteen other figures, whose hoods do not allow the face to be seen. The paintings each had a small label underneath, serving as a name. The man walked in the direction of one in specific, a painting on which a moon with the shape of a heart – Kingdom Hearts – stood above the battlefield. Two warriors, one of light and another of darkness fought to reach it as the wasteland behind them was filled with bodies whose hearts’ disappeared, slowly fading into small light sparkles. The man did not take his sapphire green eyes from the picture.

“Welcome back. It has been a long time…” - The man said in an ironic tone.

“Yes… A long time.” – another man appeared behind him, covered in a black hood. His deep voice echoed through the room like the singing of a whale, his monotone tone showing a bit of anger – “A long time since a certain man, whose name I do not believe I have to mention, imprisoned me in that place…"

“Imprisoned? Please, who would do such a horrible thing as imprisoning you in the Realm of Darkness?”

“That’s what I’m here to find out.” – The monotone tone shifted into a more anxious and angry tone as the man extended his hand out, black smoke and violet sparkles flying out. The other man smiled as he took his eyes out of the painting and face the other man. The smoke cleared out and uncovered a Keyblade – “Why did you do that to me?!” – the man’s red eyes burned with rage as the man pointed the Keyblade – “Why did you imprison me in there?! In the middle of the darkness… Why?! My own master!” – the other man remained in silence, his eyes not shifting away from the Keyblade the man standing before him owned – “If you do not want to talk, I will force you to!”

The man surrounded himself in darkness as he shot a dark fireball at the other man – “Dark Firaga!” – the other man held his hand in front of him, a barrier appeared before him, blocking the fireball and producing a cloud of smoke. As the smoke cleared, the red eyed man shifted into a battle stance as the green eyed man jumped at him, from his hand shooting a green light as he summoned his keyblade. The red man held his keyblade in an attempt to block the opponent’s advance but with a single strike he was knocked back into the wall behind him. The red eyed man tried to get up but found a keyblade 2 inches away from his neck.

“Oblivion.” – the green eyed man said, striking a confused look onto the red eyes of his apprentice – “Oblivion?” “The answer is Oblivion.” – the red eyed man looked at his keyblade. When one contacts with his keyblade, his heart and the blade make a connection, allowing the wielder to know the Keyblade’s name. His keyblade was Oblivion – “My keyblade?” – the other man sighed in disappointment – “What do you remember?” “What do you mean?” “What do you remember before getting into the Realm of Darkness.” – the red eyed man stood there before answering, his face was showed fear and sadness, as well as anger – “My training, as well as you pushing me into that portal…” “Exactly. Darkness is called upon by negative feelings such as anger, which consumed you in the very same moment you arrived into the Realm of Darkness… That anger was so great, it has destroyed any memory you had that was unrelated to me – in sum, all your memories are about me, and no one else… You forgot everything, except your hate for me. That is oblivion.” – the red eyed man opened his eyes in surprise – he had finally understood why his master did such a thing to him – “You trained all those days with a keyblade I borrowed to you… You still hadn’t found the one suited for you, or it still hadn’t found you. Either way, it couldn’t continue like that. By planting anger inside of you, I sent you into oblivion, which in turn called the Keyblade’s attention to you.”

“Oblivion – the state of forgetting… You did all this… To make me get my keyblade!?” – the red eyed man screamed in anger as he slashed his master. Tears ran down his cheek as he looked at the face of the man before him. However, he saw something he could not believe – his master was smiling – “You really thought you could send me into Kingdom Hearts that easily?” – the man before him faded into darkness as down the hallway his master appeared – he had been tricked, he had fought an illusion created by his master – “Why are you angry, Iodas? I gave you all the power you could wish for…” “You took away my memories!” “Small, insignificant things in exchange for the power of darkness. Even now, your anger feeds your darkness. Don’t you see, the power I gave you? Darkness is power! Power is everything!” “You are going down, Jafae!” – Iodas dashed towards his master, his hood falling off and revealing his dark, long air. His master however, faded into darkness, his voice echoing in the room – “Feed your rage… Feed your darkness… Become stronger… You are still to young to understand but, one day, you will surely see how much I helped you and then, you will bow before me and call me your master once again.”

Iodas did not want to give his master Jafae what he wanted but he couldn’t help it. Rage was consuming him, making him scream in that hall surrounded by paintings of the Keyblade War. He summoned the power of darkness and crushed the whole room, only one painting remaining – a painting of him with his master. He walked towards it – “You will pay…” – Iodas slashed the picture, destroying Jafae’s image. He summoned a Corridor of Darkness, but before going through it, he lifted his hood up – “You will see…”
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