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Kingdom Hearts: Life on Destiny Islands

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Sep 26, 2008
Aine groans softly and places a hand on her friend's shoulder. "It means that you're sad. You must have remembered something terrible about this boy named Race. It's actually best to let it out and confide unto others." She then looks at the owner of the Gummi Ship and says sternly, "You! Go somewhere else so that Metis and I can talk alone!" She glares at the boy as she feels that whatever made Metis cry is personal and would be best told to someone that might have reached the status of friend to her. She then looks to the girl again and moves into the seat next to her. "You can tell me about it if you think it will help you feel better."

Metis blankly stared at the control panel as she takes Aine's words into thought. She kept replaying them over and over. Especially at the word "sad". Sad...What's..."sad"? She looked over to Aine curiously and asked this, "Aine, what is..."sad"?" She waited for her answer. Though, she couldn't be able to comprehend all of this "sadness" or whatever it was called to her. It was a strange....something. She couldn't comprehend things that had gone involving herself....

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May 9, 2005
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Surprise washed over Mirah's face as she felt the embrace Xarce gave her. It was a bit awkward but, she was glad. The silent crying stopped and she rested her head on his shoulder. She felt protected, and happy that he cared without barely knowing her....or at least from his perspective.

"Please don't cry, Mirah. Race did what he did because he felt that it was needed. He did it to gain more power to better protect you and everyone else from the islands."

Mirah quickly nodded.

"But don't worry. Race isn't trully gone. He still resides within me so if you ever want to tell him something, just tell me and he shall know what it is. He and I actually share many common characteristics so once you get passed the looks, I'm sure it'll be like talking to a more confident Race."

Mirah smiled slighlty and nodded again, tucking another loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Race will never be gone. That I promise to you."

Mirah smiled and took his hand. She stumbled a bit, weakened from the crying but grabbed onto his arm for support. She stood up and took a deep breath.
"So, where to?" She asked.



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Nov 6, 2007
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As Artem left the girls alone he decided to check on the engines to see how they handlede the forced gummi cannon. Seeing that it was fine Artem proceeded to connect all the info he had gained back at TT and play it on his Comp.

"The Artem files" Artem said laughing alittle at the horrible name.

"DO to my researchs higher needs I have called on a old friend of mine from a different world the man accompanied by a stranger being talks to me about memorys and how long it would take until Sora would regain all of it after deciding that Soras Nobody must be found I asked Doctor Dantal about the child he has brought with him and why it seemed to be a powerful Twighlt presence about him. The doctor tells me it is actually a experiement back on a world called Halloween Town the progress has been really amazing as I read Dantals reports and updates of his experiemnet deciding not to question his own tests I say good bye to Dantal as he returned to HT this meeting was also the very last Time I heard from Dantal I have feared the worst for him but must stick to my plans. I wonder what happened to him." As Artem read the rest he started to think up a plan.

"Once I drop of those two at olympus I better head To Halloween Town" Artem said as counted what Munny he had left. Looking at the screen there was only 30 more minutes until arrival.

"Lets see what to do what to do." Artem said as he started to wonder what to do when they landed.


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Nov 27, 2007
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Tsubasa took a deep breath. All the running exhausted him. He looked around to see where he was as he was thinking what had happened till now.


Tsubasa was running towards the station. After all, Brol, suggested him along with the others to go there. And seeing all those weird creatures appearing out of the blue and destroying everything in their path, he decided to follow Brol's orders. After receiving the keys of the spaceship, or whatever it was called, he followed the signs, which were telling the route to the station. However, to his surprise once he was near the station, those strange-looking creatures came out of nowhere and surrounded him. Having nowhere to escape, he jumped over them and he entered a ... he didn't know what it was. It was a strange gadget, or... maybe it was this spaceship-thing!

End of Flashback

"That's how I ended up there!" he thought. Moreover, to his surprise he saw a familiar face inside it; Mateo! "MATEO!" Tsubasa yelled. "I'm glad that I am not alone to this th... spaceship!" he didn't know if spaceship was the correct term, but whatever!

Meanwhile, the gummi ship was moving. "I don't need the keys! So, I have to find Brol to return them to him!" he said to himself quietly.
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