Kingdom Hearts Levels recreated in VR



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Oct 22, 2018
For those of you who don't know what Rec Room is, it is a free game on multiple consoles and all VR that allows you to build "rooms" like in minecraft(but with more that just squares). I made a recreation of Destiny Islands and Traverse Town from KH 1 complete with enemies and weapons(keep in mind combat is still reaaaally basic). I also tryed to put as much detail as i could(I run out of "materials" at some point).You can find them by searching in game #KingdomHearts. All my room end in KH (DestinyIslandsKH). There is a hub world/room called WorldMap that lead to all the worlds(2 for now. I plan to make all levels from the 1st game). If you play feel free to leave your thoughts here or even send me a messege in RecRoom. Also If you can make a video(bcs I can't) or even just take some photos(bcs I can't...) and show them here or on youtube for the other fans that would be great. I can even show you around if you messege me.