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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Kairi's Resolve (Revised and Edited)

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Jan 29, 2004
Hello all, this is Shadowblade once again hoping to regale you all with fantastic stories. Since my only popular fanfic on here seemed to be this one, I decided to revamp it, getting rid of all the errors and plot issues that I didn't like in the first one. Hopefully, those who've read it will notice the minor changes. Anywho, enjoy.


A young girl of about fifteen walked slowly down a sun-drenched beach. As she stopped to admire the beautiful, crashing waves of the ocean, a warm wind blew through her auburn hair. Her eyes grew distant as she began to remember the memories of the past. They took form in the shape of a young boy with brown hair, searing blue eyes, and a strong heart.

"Sora," she whipered, her voice as soft as a cloud. "You promised... You promised you'd come ba-"

"HEAD'S UP!" a voice called out, interrupting her thoughts.

“Wha…?” the girl turned around just in time to catch a ball with her forehead. She stumbled and fell to the sand.

“Kairi, are you all right?” A boy stood over Kairi with a concerned look on his face. He reached out a hand to help her up.

“What do you think Wakka?” Kairi asked, grabbing her friend's hand. She stood up, brushing the sand from her skirt, before giving Wakka a mock glare. "You know you could've killed me with that...that, oh what do you call it again?"

"It's a blitzball," Wakka explained patiently, picking it up. As he talked, he began twirling it on one finger. "Remember, I told you? About blitzball?"

Kairi nodded, not wanting to hurt his feelings. Usually, when he started talking about this new sport that he and his friend Tidus had created, she zoned out.

“HEY WAKKA, HURRY UP WILLYA!?” a voice called out impatiently.

“IN A MINUTE, TIDUS!” Wakka yelled back before turning to Kairi once again. “Are you sure you’re okay, man?”

Kairi looked at Wakka and smiled. “I’ll be fine, it’s probably just a mild concussion but I’ll walk it off.” Wakka grinned and ran back to join Tidus.

Kairi laughed to herself, about to follow Wakka and actually see what this blitzball thing was all about, but something caught her eyes. Curious, she walked down the beach to see what could be shining in the sand so brightly. She discovered that the glare was the sun reflecting off of a glass bottle with a key chain wrapped around it. She also noticed that there was a bit of paper inside of the glass bottle. The rest of the bottle and chain were half buried in the dug so she dug it out.

Kairi looked at the end of the key chain and gasped when she recognized the ornament attached to it. To any other person, it was a simple, metal flower. To Kairi, it was the symbol of everything she and Sora had together. It was the good luck charm she gave to him back in the other world.

“The paper must be a message from Sora!” she realized excitedly. She looked around for something to get the paper out but, finding nothing, she smashed the bottle open with a rock. There, on the hot sand, she began to eagerly read the message.


I send this letter to you with the confidence that it will reach you. Even though we’re worlds apart, out hearts will be connected forever. I made two promises to you in the past Kairi, one was to return your good luck charm, and the other was to return to you someday. I’ve fulfilled one but I don’t know if I can fulfill the other. The good new's is, I’ve found Riku and he’s doing fine, although he’s frustrated with himself for being taken by Ansem and punishes himself day in and day out. You know Riku. We have spent so long trying to find the door out of Kingdom Hearts but we’re running out of time. The Heartless are getting stronger while we are getting weaker. Riku is starting to lose hope and I don’t blame him. The only thing keeping me from losing faith is the hope that I’ll see your face once more. Take care.


Kairi read the letter again and again until her tears blurred it out of sight. The ache in her heart was so deep that she couldn’t breathe. Her tears dropped, unhindered, onto the good luck charm and it began to glow, but Kairi didn’t notice. She began wiping the tears away and screamed to the unanswering sky.

“I’m a princess of heart, my heart is the one of the purest lights there is! There has to be something I can do to bring them back!” Her only reply was the caw of seagulls and the distant crashing of the ocean waves.

She put the letter in her pocket and was about to do the same with the charm when she realized it glowing. She gasped as the ornament began to vibrate and transform. The light got so bright that she covered her eyes and when she lowered her hand, she saw it. A Keyblade…one of the weapons that had been able to take Sora to other worlds. Could it take her to Sora too?

Kairi knew what she had to do. She remembered talking with Sora about the Keyblade and how Heartless were always trying to destroy its master. If she was going to find Sora, she would need to become stronger. She would need to train.
As she held the Keyblade in her hand, she stared up at the sky where, just a year ago, stars had fell from the sky.

"Sora," she whispred, hoping that somehow, someway, he could hear her. "This time, I'll fight..for you..." She began to walk towards Tidus and Wakka.

Chapter One: The Search Begins

“It’s almost too easy now,” Kairi thought briefly as she dodged a wild sword swing from Tidus. Kairi had gotten stronger than Wakka, Selphie, and Tidus over the last three months and beating them was a cinch, even together. Her keyblade granted her newfound strength and the practice she had with her friends honed her skills.

She smiled as Wakka threw his blitzball at her, thinking she was too preoccupied with Tidus. She wasn’t. Just as the ball was about to hit her in the back of the head, Kairi sidestepped, ever so gracefully, to her right. Tidus eyes widened as he realized his fate.

“Aaarrggghh!!!” he cried as the ball hit him square in the nose. Kairi saw her chance and hit him across the chest with her wooden sword. Tidus fell to the ground and stayed there, curled up in a ball.

Wakka scratched his head, and shrugged. “Sorry, man, she’s a little too fast.”

“Not fast enough to dodge me!!” Selphie yelled as she swung her flail toward Kairi. Kairi smirked and grabbed Selphie’s weapon in midair. She pulled Selphie towards her, while swinging her sword low, towards Selphie’s stomach.Selphie let go and jumped back just in time to miss the quick swipe of Kairi’s sword. Wakka threw his blitzball again only to have it kicked back at him by Kairi. The blitzball hit Wakka in the chest and he collapsed to the sand groaning.

“Give up yet…?” Kairi taunted switching her sword from hand to hand. She had thrown Selphie's flail in the sand behind her.

Selphie, weaponless and partnerless, nevertheless attacked Kairi with her bare hands. Kairi dodged the punches with ease and pushed her jokingly. She then dropped down and tripped Selphie as she ran towards her.

“Alright I give…” Selphie pouted as she got up from the sand, wiping sand from her legs.

“Yeah man, you’re way too strong for us," Wakka grumbled, scratching the back of his head. Tidus just held his head up to stop his nose from bleeding, opting to give her a thumbs up instead.

Kairi grinned. “Maybe it’s you guys who need to practice?”

Wakka began to walk toward the dock, “No need to rub it in, man.” Tidus and Selphie followed. They got in their boats and began to row back home.

“See you later, Kairi!”, “Bye-bye!”, “See you tomorrow!” they all yelled.

Kairi waved and walked toward the Secret Place. While walking, she summoned her keyblade, christened the Promise Keeper, and began swinging it back and forth. She reached the entrance of the Secret Place and peered in, unable to see past the dark shadows.

As always a chill traveled down her spine. This is the place where it all started, where Sora met Ansem and where the door to other worlds opened. She crawled in.

Normally when visiting the Secret Place, Kairi would admire the pictures on the walls, especially the one of her and Sora. This time, however she felt drawn toward the door. The door that had transported them to other worlds and adventures. Kairi raised her keyblade and it began to glow. A keyhole appeared on the door and disappeared. The door opened and Kairi looked through. All she saw was darkness. She hesitated for fear that she would be swallowed by this darkness, the thought that she may find Sora made her cast aside her fear. She jumped in.

Kairi slowly came to on the cold ground of an unknown place. She looked around, panicked for the first time.

“Where am I?” she shook her head groggily. It seemed as if she were in a grassy plain, but everything was so dark. She stood shakily to her feet, hoping to find some kind of help or sign, or anything.

“Keyblade Master…” a cold voice emerged from the darkness.

Kairi jumped, startled, and turned to find a figure dressed in a cloak that seemed blacker than the night sky. He wore a hood and his silverfish-blonde hair covered his eyes, but the rest of his face was still visible.

“Who are you?” Kairi summoned the Promise Keeper and held it between herself and the figure. She was afraid, but showing her fear didn't seem like an option.

“Why should I give you my name so readily, keyblade master?” the figure asked. “You haven’t yet earned the right to know it.”

Kairi stepped back, Keyblade still held ready. "I asked you a question," she said, hoping she sounded tough.

"I don't think I like your tone very much." The figure smirked and summoned a keyblade to each of his hands.

Kairi gasped, “You’re a keyblade master too?!”

The smirk on the figure’s face widened into a smile and, with a swiftness that stunned her, he attacked. Kairi jumped back and unleashed her own attack to counter that of the figure’s. The sound of the three keyblades clashing together sounded like thunder and, as if on cue, the heavens parted and rain began to fall.

Although Kairi would never admit it, she was terrified of this hooded figure. As she dodged one of his attacks, she thought about how strong he was. She could feel his strength through her keyblade and feared it. The figure swung one of his keyblades towards her legs and she instinctively jumped. Big mistake. He slammed his fist into her gut and sent her flying to the ground. He then jumped into the air and brought the keyblades down toward the ground looking to end the battle quicly. Kairi knew she couldn’t defeat this being and closed her eyes to accept her fate.

You’re just going to give up, after all of that?

That voice…so familiar.

Come on Kairi. I thought you were stronger than that.

“Sora?” Kari whispered, her eyes till closed. “Please, give me your strength.” She opened her eyes and saw the figure dropping from the sky. She got up and performed a move she had seen Sora do before. She threw her keyblade at the figure with lighting speed and jumped into the air. The Promise Keeper hit its mark and the figure’s attack was stopped and she flew past him, propelled by her powerful jump. She grabbed her keyblade and threw it again at the falling figure’s back. It slammed into him and sent him crashing to the ground below. She dived and grabbed the Promise Keeper on the way down. She landed and stood in her fighting stance ready to go again.

The figure got up and smiled. "Well that came out of nowhere, didn't it?" He dismissed his keyblades. "Sorry about attacking you, but I had to make sure you were the real keyblade master and not some fake. My name is Yuyami. Yuyami Tsubasa. I came because I sensed the power of another Keyblade Master."

Kairi began to relax, “I’m Kairi, I’m here looking for two more keyblade masters named Riku and Sora…you haven’t seen them have you?”

“Nope," Yuyami said, shaking his head. "You're the only one so far." Kairi's face fell and he grinned, "Don’t worry, we'll find them. It's my duty anyway."

"Your duty?" Kairi asked, curious. "Why is it your job to find us?"

Yuyami shrugged. "I don't really know, actually. When I got the Keyblades, the Voice said something about finding all of the Keyblade Masters and protecting them."

"You're supposed to protect us?" Kairi asked. "From what?"

"From the ultimate dark force," Yuyami answered, his smile disappearing. "That's what the Voice said. The ultimate dark force.

Chapter Two: The First Test

“The ultimate dark force?” Kairi repeated, staring at Yuyami with wide eyes.

“Yes…the source of all Heartless, the entity craving to devour every world’s heart," Yuyami answered. “I don’t have any details myself, I just know that my job is to help the other Keyblade Masters destroy it before it destroys us.”

Kairi shivered, not knowing whether it was because of the cold or fright of this new enemy. Yuyami had the grace to assume the former.

“This land is always dark, and always cold.” He picked up a backpack that had been hidden in some bushes and began rummaging through it. “Here, this coat will keep you warm.” He handed her a trenchcoat similar to his.

Kairi held it for a moment and put it on. "Thank you," she said, grateful that she was finally warm. She was about to leave the hood off but Yuyami told her to put it on.

“Our faces our better left unseen due to the importance of our mission," he explained. "It's hard to believe, but not everyone likes Keyblade Masters."

Kairi did what she was told, pulling the hood over her head. It hung low, pushing her hair into her eyes. “So what now?” she asked, eyeing him curiously.

Yuyami looked up at the sky. “In this world, when the grey moon is up, it’s nighttime. When the white moon is up, it’s daytime. Even though this world is always bathed in darkness, there is a difference between night and day,” he added as an afterthought. “Right now we should probably get some sleep, I’ll start a fire.” He pulled a couple of sleeping bags out of the bag and laid them on the ground.

“I’ll just go get some wood for the fire, I’ll be right back,” he said, walking away.

Kairi nodded and laid down on the sleeping bag. “I’ll just stay awake until Yuyami comes back,” she thought, laying back.

She walked slowly down an empty street as the Heartless emerged from the shadows. However, she continued unhindered and unafraid. The Heartless wouldn’t attack her. How did she know? She just did. They just…watched her. Waiting...

Suddenly, Yuyami appeared in front of her. “You are the source of all heartless,” he pointed at her.

Kairi stepped back, araid. “Who me...?”

“You are the source of all evil, of all pain, of all misery.” Yuyami summoned his keyblades. “You must die.”

Kairi realized that he wasn’t talking to her, so she turned around. There, in the shadows, lurked a dark figure. Kairi strained her eyes to make out who it was. He looked so familiar. The figure raised his and hand all of the Heartless attacked her. She screamed and the only thing she could see was the inky blackness of oblivion.

Kairi woke up screaming only to have water thrown in her face. “What the hell!?” She spit out water and dried her face on her coat.

“Sorry.” Yuyami sounded embarrassed. “I didn’t know how to calm you so I reacted on my first instinct.”

“Where’d you get water!?” she asked, incredulous. They weren't even near a brook or river.

“From my bag,” Yuyami answered with a shrug.

Kairi peered into it. “What is it, bottomless or something?”

Yuyami smiled. “Have you ever met a wizard named Merlin in Traverse Town.”

Kairi thought for a moment, the name sounding familiar, before nodding. The wizard from Traverse Town. “Actually I have, why?”

Yuyami picked up the bag. “I helped him out of a tight spot one day and he enchanted this bag. It can hold more room than it looks.”

“How'd you help him?" Kairi asked, curious.

"He had been trying to summon a suit of armor from the past," Yuyami explained. "But he sneezed during his spell and ended up bringing back a dragon instead. He couldn't defend himself because he was in one of those sneezing fits, you know? The one's that you think will never stop?" Kairi nodded, so he continued, "Well, anyway, he was pretty much defenseless and that's where I came in. I was just strolling along, and saw the old man about to get devoured. So I whipped out the Keyblades and took the beast out. Merlin was so grateful, he taught me some spells and enchanted my bag."

"Wow, how interesting," Kairi said, stifling a yawn that came out of nowhere.

Yuyami smiled, "Not interesting enough, eh?"

"Oh, no," Kairi shook her head. "Your story was very interesting. I'm just really tired for some reason.

Suddenly, Yuyami stood up. “I’ll be back," he said, walking away.

“Where are you going?” Kairi didn’t like the thought of being on her own when the Heartless could attack at anytime.

“I’ll be back,” he repeated and walked through some bushes.

Kairi hugged her knees to her chest and thought about her dream. Who was that figure? Why did he look so familiar to her?

Kairi was suddenly jerked out of her thoughts. “Wha, what was that?” She thought the ground just shook for a moment.

She stood up and summoned the Promise Keeper. Whatever was coming was in for a rude awakening. She looked at the ground in horror because the ground was turning as black as a raven’s wing. Heartless began sprout from the ground like mutated plants.

“There must be hundreds,” she thought looking at seemed to be an endless sea of shadows. She stood, waiting for an attack, but afraid to launch one herself for fear of their numbers. The Heartless stood, waiting for an attack, but afraid to launch one because of their fear of the Keyblade.

Suddenly, all of the Heartless’ heads snapped up as if they heard a voice she couldn’t. She thought that this could be her chance to run if she wasn’t surrounded. Without warning, all of the Heartless attacked as one. She found herself beset from all sides. She dished out major damage but it seemed like whenever she destroyed one Heartless, three more would take its place. She was getting weary already and there were still hundreds of Heartless left to kill. A few jumped at her and she destroyed with with them one swipe of her Keyblade. She then jumped in the air and a few jumped with her. She swiped upward with the Promise Keeper and destroyed five more but more appeared out of the shadows. She landed back on the ground and performed Strike Raid with all of her might. The keyblade passed through many Heartless foing away and many more on its return. She grabbed it and began slashing at more Heartless, her arms beginning to feel numb.

But suddenly, she felt another presence. She looked over her shoulder and saw Yuyami running toward her. He jumped and brought his keyblades crashing to the ground with fearsome force. The ground split open and most of the Heartless fell into the chasm.

The rest of the Heartless were just cleanup and when they were done, Kairi swung her Keyblade weakly at Yuyami. He ducked laughing.

“Where the heck were you!?” she demanded, furious. "I could've been killed!"

He went back to the bushes and brought back the carcass of a small boar. "Breakfast," he said. At the burning look of Kairi, he shrugged. "Hey, we gotta eat right?"
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Jan 29, 2004
Nobody's reading this, but...meh... I'll post anyway. Enjoy.

Chapter Three: The Heartless are Here

"Aarrgh! Why the heck is it so dark here?!" Kairi cried as she stumbled for what seemed like the thousandth time. This time, her own feet were the culprits.

Yuyami laughed quietly. “It takes a while to get used to the darkness.” He began rummaging through his backpack again. “Here, wear this.” He threw her a black piece of cloth.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Kairi asked as she looked at the cloth.

“Wear it around your eyes like a blindfold," he replied, as they walked. “You’ll be virtually blind but your after you wear it for a while, your eyes will adjust and the darkness won’t be as thick.”

She looked at him and saw his eyes for the first time. They were a brilliant gray, almost silver in color. Her eyes lingered a little bit longer before she put the cloth around her eyes and tied it behind her hair. She couldn’t see a thing.

This is stupid, she thought. Now I really can’t see and if we’re attacked I’ll have to waste time taking it off.

As if reading her mind Yuyami said, “You’ll also need to learn how to defend yourself without light. You have to remember that there is no light in this world.”

Kairi thought about that for a moment before asking, "Where are we going, anyway?” She noticed before that they were walking into what looked like a fogbank. She looked at Yuyami while they walked down a dark road.

"We're going to Treno," Yuyami responded.

“Treno?” Kairi repeated, an eyebrow raised. “Why Treno, where is it?”

“Treno is a city rife with bandits and cutthroats, but it’s also great place to gather information. With luck, someone there may have heard about your friends.”

"I hope so..." Kairi said softly.

"Don't worry, we'll find them," Yuyami assured.

Kairi, content with her new friends resolved, asked a different question, “How long will it take to get there?”

“We should come upon it in an two or three hours," he answered.

Kairi's jaw dropped. "Two or three hours?! Of walking?!" She would have continued had she not heard something in the distance. She whipped out Promise Keeper and whirled around blindly, trying to face whatever was coming at her.

“What is it?” she wondered aloud. It sounded huge.

“An airship, they travel using the mist around here," Yuyami answered, sounding amused.

Kairi was still cautious. “What’s an airship?”

“Um, a big ship that flies in the air.” Yuyami chuckled.

“Oh.” She dismissed her keyblade, feeling a little stupid.

Another airship flew by, pretty close to the ground with a rope dangling from it. On the side was written “Treno”. Yuyami's head snapped up and his eyes gleamed. It wasn't everyday that such luck was thrown in his face. He began running, yelling for Kairi to follow.

"What's going on?!" she asked, pulling the blindfold down so that it hung around her neck.

Yuyami jumped, catching the rope and held out a hand to Kairi. "This ship goes straight to Treno! Hurry and grab hand!"

Kairi ran faster and jumped, grabbing not his hand but his wrist. Yuyami pulled her up easily and she was able to hold on to the rope herself. They both climbed up before finally reaching the deck. Yuyami climbed over and looked to his left and right. No one in sight. He smiled and turned to Kairi, helping her over the rail.

Kairi bent over, hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

"Come on, no rest for the weary," Yuyami said, walking away.

Kairi shook her head before following. It seemed as if she never caught a break with Yuyami. She followed as he opened a door which revealed a small room filled with barrels.

“Home sweet home, for now anyways.” He laid on the floor curled up and closed his eyes.

Kairi shook her head. “How long will it take to get to Treno by airship?”

Yuyami answered without opening his eyes, “In about an hour.” Then, as an afterthought, he said, "And put your blindfold back on."

Kairi sighed as she sat down and leaned against a barrel. She pulled the blindfold back over her eyes, closed them, and fell asleep.

The same dream.

She walks down the empty road with heartless abound.

Yuyami points at her shouting, “Source of darkness, source of darkness.”

This time she knows its not her and turns around.

There’s that familiar image.

She tries desperately to see who it is, but the figure is covered in shadows.


The figure looks at her.

“It’s your fault that I am the source…the source of evil.”

Kairi flinched.


She summons her keyblade to attack the figure and is destroyed by Heartless once again…

Kairi awoke to Yuyami’s hand on her shoulder. “The same dream.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yeah.” Kairi shivered from the memory of the Heartless covering her.

“Tell me about it.” He looked at her with an intense gaze. “If you’ve had the same dream twice, it must mean something.” Yuyami held her eyes with his own. “It may shed light on our journey.”

She looked away. “Okay.”

She told him everything about her dream: the Heartless, his appearance, and the unknown figure. Yuyami frowned as he retreated into his thoughts.

“This figure, who do you think it could be?” he asked, his eyes closed in thought.

Kairi shook her head. “I don’t know. But, whenever I see him, I get the feeling that we...know each other.”

She sighed. It could be anyone, she thought to herself. Not only do I have memories of Destiny Islands, but ever since my eyes were opened as a Princess of Heart, I've vaguely remembered my previous life.

“I...used to live in Hollow Bastion, have you heard of it?” Yuyami nodded. Kairi continued, “Maybe the person in my dreams could be from there...”

Yuyami sighed and looked away. “There could be limitless possibilities. Until we found out who it is, I suggest you watch your friends.”

Kairi looked at him and smiled. “Even you?”

He looked back at her, minus the smile. “Even me.”

Before Kairi could answer, the airship, which had been rumbling steadily, stopped. They were finally in Treno.

“First we go see a guy," Yuyami explained as they jumped from the deck. “He may have some kind of information about the other keyblade masters.”

Kairi, not really listening to him but nodding anyway, was realizing that there was actually a little visibility with the cloth on. She was starting to see more.

“Then we stock up on supplies, you know potions and stuff.” They were walking into a shady building in the slums of Treno.

Kairi sensed sudden movement to her left and jumped back in time to avoid an attack. She heard the sound of metal on metal and faintly saw Yuyami holding a boy at bay with his keyblades. The boy withdrew his attack and put what looked like daggers to Kairi back on his hips.

“Long time no see Twilight," the boy grinned, running a hand through his blond hair. "Thought you were gone forever this time."

Yuyami shrugged as he dismissed the keyblades. "What can I say, Zidane? I don't like to stay in one place for too long."

Zidane looked at Kairi, his grin growing even bigger. "And who's this?" Before she or Yuyami could react, Zidane grabbed her gloved hand and kissed it. "It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Zidane."

Kairi smiled. “My name is Kairi. How did you know I wasn’t a man?”

Zidane laughed and bowed. “A girl like you couldn’t hide her beauty, even under that hood and blindfold.

Yuyami sighed, rolling his eyes. Kairi guessed that this wasn't the first time that Zidane had hit on the first girl he saw.

Kairi asked, “Why did you call Yuyami, Twilight?”

Zidane gestured toward Yuyami with his dagger which was, once again, unsheathed. “That's just what we call him down here in Treno," he explained. "Yuyami Tsubasa, Twilight, the one that always disappears into the dark."

“Have you heard any news about the other Keyblade Masters?” Yuyami asked, folding his arms.

“That’s Twilight for you,” Zidane laughed. “Always kill first, business second, act friendly never.” He shook his head, grinning. “Anyway, I heard something about one of the Keyblade Masters being imprisoned in Midgar.”

Yuyami’s head snapped up. “Midgar?”

Kairi looked from Zidane to Yuyami. “Is that good or bad?”

Zidane scratched his head and tried to think of a good answer. “It depends on who you know. If you go there alone, you’ll definitely get smacked up by the different gangs and thieves. It's even worse there than it is here."

Kairi was worried, but not much. She knew that if Sora or Riku had to fight, they could take care of themselves. She only wanted to know where Midgar was and how to get there. Kairi was about to ask him when she heard something explode outside. She also heard shouts and screams, some containing fear, while others were pain.

"What was that?" Kairi asked as Zidane unsheathed his daggers and looked toward the door.

Yuyami grinned to himself. "The Heartless are here..."

Chapter Four: An Army of Millions

Kairi summoned her keyblade and looked toward the door. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness and she could see through the blindfold.

Suddenly, a Heartless burst through the door running toward them. Kairi ran toward it ready to crush it into oblivion when she heard it talk.

“What are you doing, I’m not a Heartless!”

Zidane jumped toward her yelling, “He’s right, he’s no Heartless! Don't attack!"

Kairi stopped. She looked at the figure in front of her. It had on a big wizard's hat, and his eyes glowed yellow from a face of darkness. He looked like one of those little magic Heartless she had seen in Traverse town. “He sure looks like a Heartless…”

The figure lowered his head and toed the ground sheepishly. “M-My name’s Vivi, I’m a black mage.”

"Oh, sorry about that," Kairi apologized, embarrassed.

Yuyami smirked and folded his arms. “You’ve really changed, Kairi. I bet before all of this, you wouldn’t have hurt a fly.”

Kairi, lacking a comeback, began walking toward the door. "Shutup. We have Heartless to kill."

Zidane brandished his daggers and smiled. “This is my kind of girl.” Yuyami began to walk toward the door also.

“You know that if Dagger caught you talking to anymore girls, she'll turn you into an oglop again,” Yuyami whispered. Zidand sighed heavily, shaking his head.

"Can you fight?" Kairi was asking of the little black mage.

Even though Kairi couldn’t see his expression, it sounded like he was smiling. “I think I’ll be okay…” he said, gripping a rod.

Yuyami threw open the door and Kairi's eyes widend. The Heartless were everywhere, destroying everything they possibly could. Kairi cursed softly and gripped her keyblade tighter. How many were out there? Thousands? Millions? She shivered.

Yuyami summoned his keyblades and looked back. “Everyone ready?” Vivi nodded. Kairi did the same.

Zidane grinned and raised his daggers. “Of course!”

Yuyami turned back toward the door and tensed. “Well, then. Let's mosey.” They walked out to face the darkness.


He walked in darkness calling out one name over and over again.

It was raining and his silver hair was soaked.

The darkness was all around him and the night was freezing.

He didn’t care.

He would search all day, all night, forever.

He would only stop to eat and sleep.

He didn’t have time for anything else.

Time had no meaning.

Every minute he wasn’t searching, a fate worse than death was one step closer to him.

Every now and then Heartless would appear to hinder him, and he would dispatch them with ease.

He had no time to deal with small issues like that, his mission was too important.

He had to find him.

The one who could...would open the door to the light.

He would find him…his enemy, his rival, his friend…


Kairi ducked as a Heartless flew toward her. She swiped upward with her keyblade and destroyed it. She then jumped toward a flying Heartless and gave a swift swipe to its midsection. It disappeared in a flash of dark smoke.

She looked toward her friends and saw that they were fighting as furiously as she was. She turned just in time to dodge the attack of one Heartless, but not the attack of another. It hit her in the shoulder with stunning force and she was thrown into a pile of barrels.

She got up before the Heartless could overwhelm her and gingerly touched her shoulder. She couldn’t feel it but she her fingers felt something warm. Blood? It was too dark to see. She held her keyblade in her right hand and ran toward the others. A Heartless jumped in her way and she slashed at it without stopping.

“Retreat! Retreat!” Yuyami was signaling for everyone to follow him. Kairi looked around and saw Zidane acrobatically flipping over Heartless and running toward them. Vivi was letting loose a volley of powerful fire spells and was also running in their direction.

“Follow me!” Zidane was running toward a huge mansion. They ran inside and Zidane shut the door.

“How is this gonna help us, they can teleport in here!” Kairi was still holding her arm trying to stop the bleeding.

Zidane answered, “This mansion is a holy place. It was blessed by someone I know, and its a haven from the Heartless.”

They sat down and began to look at their wounds. Vivi’s wrist appeared to be broken, Zidane had a nasty cut below his eye and scratches everywhere, and Kairi still had a deep wound in her arm. Yuyami reached into his ever-present backpack and began handing out potions. Kairi took hers and rubbed some into her wound. It began to get warm and instantly heal. It was amazing every time she saw a potion in action, the tissue reconnecting and blood returning.

“So what do we do now?” Vivi asked, wrapping a cloth tightly around his wrist and casting a petrify spell on it so it wouldn’t move.

Zidane, who was rubbing a potion into the his cuts, answered, “We wait here until we're ready to go back out.”

Yuyami wasn’t saying anything. He was just standing outside of the window watching the Heartless destroy everything.

“The heartless are hungry…”

A voice came from the balcony and they all looked up, ready for another battle. “The Heartless need sustenance, and even the hundreds of hearts they devour in this town won’t fill their appetites. Only one will suffice.”

Yuyami summoned his keyblades once more and climbed the stairs to the balcony but Zidane beat him to it. “Dammit Kuja, you shouldn’t sneak up on people!”

Kairi ran up and saw a man with snow-white hair standing with his arms folded and a smirk on his face. “Zidane, I can't believe you were defeated by a couple of weak Heartless. Especially when the power of the Trance is at your disposal."

Yuyami looked away and Zidane lowered his head. Kairi looked at them and asked, “What’s a trance?”

Vivi looked up at her. “Kuja and Zidane came from a different world called Terra and have a power called the trance.”

“What happens?”, she asked.

Zidane closed his eyes and sighed. “I become way more powerful, but I also lose control of myself a little every time I use it. I’m afraid that one day, I’ll completely lose control and…”

He didn’t have to finish.

Kuja chuckled. “Only the weak of heart would be consumed by the power of the Trance.”

Yuyami walked back down the stairs and continued his watch by the window. They all began to walk down the stairs with Kuja in the lead.

“So what’s it gonna be?” Kuja looked at Zidane. “Are you going to wait in here with the women and children?” He glanced amusedly at Kairi and Vivi. "Or are you going to accompany me for a walk outside?"

Kuja’s eyes suddenly began to glow along with the rest of his body. Kairi shielded her eyes and when she lowered her arm, she saw that Kuja had transformed to some kind of red, furry figure with a tail. She felt intense power radiating from him and felt an involuntary shiver.

“This...this is the power of the Trance.” Kuja smiled and turned to Zidane. “I don't understand why you're so afraid of the power inside of you, Zidane. This is a gift, a blessing that only a select few possess.”

Zidane folded his arms and said, “And why do you wanna help me so badly, Kuja? If I recall, you're a selfish bastard."

Kuja laughed. “True, so very true. But if the Heartless destroy this world, then where would that leave me. Lost in limbo?"Kuja laughed again, shaking his head. "I'm sorry Zidane, but when it comes to my life and survival, you'll find that I'm a big fan. Now what are you going to do?"

Zidane shook his head and looked at Yuyami. Yuyami returned his gaze and shrugged. Zidane also shrugged.

“Let’s do it.” Zidane closed his eyes and focused his energy and he began to shine. Kairi once again shielded her eyes and when she lowered her arm, she saw Zidane except he was covered in pink fur. He was also giving off a fearsome power. Zidane turned to her.

He smiled warmly. “Hey, don't be afraid beautiful. The only things that should be are those.”He pointed outside, toward the Heartless.

"I grow bored," Kuja said, folding his arms. "Shall we?" Zidane nodded and, as one, they flew outside, bursting through the door and window.

Yuyami turned to Kairi and said, “Let’s go, while they are distracting the Heartless.” He turned to Vivi. “Do you want to come?” Vivi shook his head. “I, I think I’ll stay here and wait for them to return.”

"And I think we should stay too," Kairi said, frowning. "We can't just abandon them."

"Trust me, they'll be fine."

Kairi went over to Vivi and hugged him. “Be careful.”

“You too.”, he answered.

“Later.” Yuyami nodded toward Vivi and motioned for Kairi to follow him. He led her to an underground passage by what looked like an auction room. They went in and they were once again on the run.

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Mc. Deegans
Wow. I remember this fic.

I think it's awesome that you reposted it; it gave me something /good/ to read. And to tell you the truth, I really didn't notice any errors the first time i read it. =D!


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Hey, sup everybody. Thanks for the comments from Last Exile and Lara. Here are the next two chapters in the story. Enjoy.

Chapter Five: Memories of A Forgotten Past

“We’re going to Midgar, right?” Kairi asked, as they walked down the dark narrow road once again.

“Yes,” he answered. “We have to find the other keyblade masters...quickly.”

"You sound worried," Kairi observed.

Yuyami folded his arms. "Those Heartless...they attacked Treno because of us."

"What...?" Kairi's eyes widened.

"The Heartless...they're looking for us..." Yuyami said. "Hunting us... I think that whoever's controlling them is on to us."

"So...its our fault..." Kairi wiped a tear from her cheek, but otherwise said nothing. All of those people back there, taken by the darkness...because of us... We the Keyblade masters, she thought bitterly.

"Don't get too down though," Yuyami said. "There was no way we could have known."

Kairi glanced at him. "You don't sound too remorseful..."

Yuyami laughed humorlessly. "I've seen worse, and done worse. I'll tell you that..."They walked in silence for a while, before Kairi couldn't stand the quiet any longer.

“So…Yuyami...” Kairi looked at him.

“Yes?” he asked.

“You haven’t told me about yourself. Where are you from? What was your childhood like? How did you get the keyblade?”

Yuyami sighed and chuckled without mirth. “Well…I was a happy kid, I guess. My mother and father, they loved me a lot.” Yuyami smiled as his eyes took on a distant look. “They used to take me everywhere with them. To operas, parades, even their personal attack classes. Those were the days when Heartless were just appearing in our world and everyone was warned to be prepared for the worst. I don’t think all of the personal attack classes in the world could have saved them form the Heartless.”

Kairi closed her eyes. “You mean…?”

“Yes," he answered. “One night when I was ten, the Heartless attacked our city. Everyone ran to the gummi ships to leave but there was limited room. We were unprepared for the attack.”

Yuyami looked at Kairi with such a deep expression of pure agony, that she turned her head. She had also saw something else in his eyes too. Shame, guilt.

“The last gummi ship was leaving and they only had room for one more. My parents put me on the ship even though I tried to stay. Other people held me while I struggled to get to them.”

He sighed. “The last memory I have is them waving at me smiling. Smiling, while the heartless destroyed my home.”

Kairi shook her head sadly. "That's so terrible, Yuyami. I'm sorry I brought it up..."

Yuyami shook his head and said, “Don’t worry about it. It’s ancient history, now. Ever since that day, however, I’ve devoted my life to destroying the darkness that plagues us.”

Kairi shook her head and sighed. No one man can destroy the Heartless or the darkness in people’s hearts, she thought. Yuyami was on a fools mission to atone for what he couldn’t do in the past, and he could pay the ultimate price.

“Yuyami, just remember, light and darkness go hand in hand. Without light, there is no darkness, and vice versa. Your quest will never end. You’ll die of old age before you even begin to scratch the surface of darkness. It can’t be done. The darkness can’t be defeated…”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Kairi,” he said vehemently, surprising her. “I have to destroy the darkness, even if it means my life. If I don’t, then my parents’ sacrifice means nothing!”

Yuyami’s voice softened. “I know that my mission is forever, and I will walk that path path until either it crumbles, or I.”

Kairi stopped walking and clenched her fist.


Yuyami stopped as well and turned to her. “No? No what?”

"Don't you see, Yuyami? What you're doing is suicide. The darkness will swallow you whole."

Yuyami gave an empty smile. "A fitting end, I suppose..."

Kairi said nothing, only stared at him, trying to think of some way to deter him. Didn't he realize that he was only going toward an inevitable death?

“Kairi, everyone who has their heart taken away is turned into a Heartless. That means that my parents became heartless.” Yuyami smiled, and it was as cold and as empty as the road they were walking on. “As many Heartless as I’ve killed, I’m willing to bet that two of them were once my parents.”

Kairi winced. “That doesn’t mean you killed them.”

He shrugged and continued, “But there’s a possibility. I couldn’t save my parents when I was young and they were turned into Heartless. Now that I have all of this power, I could very well have destroyed my parents. Ironic isn’t it?”

"Look,” he ordered, holding out both of his hands. One was engulfed in fire while the other was crackling with electricity. In the middle was a combination of ice and dark magic. “I have all of this power. I have magic that I don’t even need to use because I am so strong. I can even use Ultima. Ultima for Heaven’s sake! Do you know what that means?!”

Kairi nodded. She faintly remembered reading ancient books about magic in Hollow Bastion. One said how the magic Ultima was sealed off by a council of Archmages because it was too powerful. Only a select few knew the spell, but she didn’t know that Yuyami was one of them.

Yuyami sighed and lowered his head. “This power means nothing. I didn’t have it when I really needed it, so what’s the point now.”

Kairi grabbed his arm and shook it. “You can use this power to help people, to make their lives easier! You don’t have to give in to the darkness, you’re stronger than that!” Yuyami gently took his arm away and began walking again.

“I’m afraid the I gave into the darkness a long time ago. Come on, our mission is at hand.”

Kairi turned away. “No, me being with you is just like helping you kill yourself and I won’t do it, I won’t!”

Yuyami reached out his hand. “Kairi…” he began.

Kairi began running in another direction. “Just leave me alone! Go find another Keyblade Master to help you!”

Yuyami began running toward her and stopped. “Kairi, I need you…”

Chapter Six: New Roads to Follow

Kairi ran blindly down the darkened road, not caring where she was going. Only wanting only to get away from Yuyami.

He isn’t as strong as he believes, she thought as she ran. He may be powerful, but his heart is weak.

Finally, after cramps began to race up and down her side, she slowed to a walk and looked back. She saw only the darkness staring back at her and it was then that she realized how utterly alone she was. She was on her own.


She’s on her own, Yuyami thought miserably, looking at the road Kairi had run down. He debated with himself whether he should go get her or continue his path.

She’s all alone. She could be overwhelmed by the Heartless at any moment.

I should continue my mission. My mission is the only thing I have left.

What about Kairi?


You’re just going to let the first friend you’ve ever had to leave and possibly get hurt?

Friends don’t leave you when you need them.

Looks like you’re about to do the same.


You can’t just leave her all alone. She could get hurt, or worse.

So what? It was her choice to leave in the first place. I don’t need anyone…

Shrugging off all doubts and concerns, Yuyami began to walk down the road toward Midgar. He had a mission to accomplish, and he couldn’t worry about a girl with too many emotions to deal with. …even if she is his first friend…


I have to find Sora, Kairi thought to herself as she walked down the lonely road. Things are getting too complicated. I don't want to fight evil and darkness, I just wans to find Sora. She came to a stop and sat down to rest. As she sat, she closed her eyes and tried to feel for Sora’s heart with her own, but to no avail.

“Sora, where are you...?" she asked silently. "What could keep our hearts apart...?”


“Sora!?” She stood up, looking all around her. There was only the dark night, the pale white moon, and the endless grass and road.

...Kairi, help m...

“Sora!! Where are you!?” She looked around frantically, trying to pinpoint the voice.



No one answered...but she had heard it. Sora was still there, somewhere. She summoned the Promise Keeper and looked at it. The moonlight caressed it, making the silver blade gleam.

“This will help me to find Sora. With this I’ll be able to save him and bring him back with me. Where he belongs.” She began walking down the road.


Yuyami had seen a truck driving down the road, a rare occurrence because of the heartless, and hitched a ride. He was now sitting in the passenger seat, trying to drown out the elderly driver’s babble with his own thoughts.

“Yea, back in mah day, we din have no airships and cars. We had ta ride chocobos to wherever we had ta go. Can’t do dat no mo. Only a few chocobos is left after dem poachers and skinnahs got ahold a’ dem. They almost eggstink now.”

“Extinct,” Yuyami murmured instinctively.

“Eggstink, extinct, extant, they all da same boy. Don’t smart-mouth me. I remembah back when ah was yo age, I din give no lip ta nobody. But if anybody gave me lip, I’d whup they ass from here ta Atlantis!!”

Yuyami sighed and looked at him. “How long before we get to Midgar, old man?”

“In about a hour,” was the reply. “So anyway, like ah was sayin, I was fightin dis big ol’ dragon about da size a’ dis here mass a’ rocks ova here and…”

Yuyami looked back out of the window, ignoring his driver. When I get there, he thought, I’m going to have to explain myself to Vincent and Barret or beat them down hard. I have to rescue that keyblade master. It’s the only way to continue my mission.


Kairi slowly walking down the empty road with her head down. She still had her keyblade out and she was dragging it on the ground behind her.

She lifted her head and saw what looked like a small town a few miles up. She ran the last couple of miles excited to find companionship and maybe a soft bed for the night. She read the sign at the town’s entrance, ‘Salom’. Must be the name of this place, Kairi thought. She dismissed her keyblade before walking in.

A hooded figure in a dark blue cloak walked past her mumbling. She looked at the figure for a few seconds before continuing her exploration of the town. Not a minute had passed before she saw more hooded figures huddled up talking. Every few seconds, one would glance at her. Weird, she thought.

Kairi’s blindfolded eyes finally found what she was looking for. A sign saying Seraph Inn marked the place where she would spend the night. She entered the building and stepped to the counter where another robed figure turned to attend her.

“Um, how much to stay for the night?" she asked of the hooded figure.

The figure said nothing, just looked at her. Maybe she didn't hear me, Kairi thought.

“Excuse me, do you know how much it costs to sleep here?” she asked again, a little louder.

The figure spoke with a voice as clear and as cold as ice, “You wield one of the keyblades.”

Kairi stepped back. “How do you...?”

“We are the ones that forged the keyblades. Only ones who wield the keyblades can enter this enchanted town.”

“And why should I trust you. How do I know you’re not lying?” Kairi was slowly backing away, ready to summon the Promise Keeper at the first side of danger. “Give me some kind of proof.”

“Very well.” The figure raised its hand and in a flash of light the keyblade appeared on the counter. “Only the ones who forged the keyblade can summon it, but we can’t control it. Only its master can.”

Kairi summoned the Promise Keeper to her hand. “Okay so you all forged the keyblades, so what?”

“For now you need to get some rest, free of charge of course. The room is upstairs, third door to your left. Sleep well.”

Kairi went up to the room, cautious, but still grateful for a moment to rest her weary body. Without even taking off her clothes, she fell exhaustedly into bed. But soon she found she couldn’t fall asleep. Tossing and turning, she finally began to think about Sora and the memories they had on Destiny Islands. Content, she fell into a peaceful sleep.


“But I did the right thing right?” Yuyami looked at the old man, waiting for an answer. “I mean, she didn’t have to leave and it wouldn’t have been right to force her to stay. No matter how important my mission is, I wouldn’t force anyone to stay with me.”

The old man watched the road for a minute, softly rubbing his gums together. His eyes were distant and he stayed silent.

This must be his thinking face, Yuyami thought. “Well, what do you think?”

“How old are ya, son?” The old man continued to look at the road.

“Uh.” Yuyami thought for a moment. He hadn’t really given thought to his age in a while. He mentally calculated it, “I’m nineteen, but what does that have to do with…anything?”

The old man chuckled. “The way you act, people prob’ly think you thirty-somethin’.”

Yuyami began to get annoyed. “Okay, good observation, but what do you think I should have done?”

“You should a’ asked her ta stay.”

Yuyami stared at him for a few seconds. Now that someone else had said it, especially this senile old coot, he realized how simple it was. He should have just asked her to stay.

“Damn...” Yuyami looked at the floor. "I guess I blew it..."

“Ha, ha, ha!!! Don’t worry, son. If ya really like dis heifer, she’ll come back ta ya in due time and ya’ll gon’ be together again.”

“Hey, she’s not a heifer!!! And I don’t like her!" Yuyami looked at him furiously. "At least not in the way you're saying!"

“Right, right don’t get ya panties in a bunch.”

Yuyami growled softly. His patience was starting to wear thin. Luckily, he had saw the Midgar city limits a few seconds ago. They were finally coming upon the city, one of the most technologically advanced places around.

The old man stopped. “OK, I stop right here, sonny. I don’t live in dat sterile, hellhole. I’d rather live here in da country-fresh air.”

“Alright, thanks for the ride.” Yuyami climbed out of the truck.

“Remember these words sonny, an remember em’ good.” The old man had a serious look on his weather-beaten face.

Yuyami stayed where he was and listened. I at least owe him this, Yuyami thought. To listen to his crazy rantings.

“Weapons, magic, and all these other powahs is all well an good. I bet you can prob’ly destroy about a million of dem Heartless critters and not break a sweat. But it takes a strong-ass heart to not let dat darkness take ovah you. If you got a puny heart, den you can kill as many as dem critters as you want, but nothin can stop da evil from destroyin ya heart. But if ya heart is strong, then nothin can stop you from destroyin the darkness." The old man tipped an imaginary hat. “You take care now.” He drove away, his tailights disappearing into the darkness.

Yuyami waved and began walking toward the Midgar gate. I guess he wasn’t as senile as I thought, Yuyami mused. I do need to strengthen my heart if I’m to face the ultimate dark force.


Kairi awoke and looked at the sky. It was morning but all she could see was darkness and the moon. It made her a little sad to know that the sun wouldn’t rise. She cleaned herself up and walked downstairs. Her hostess, the hooded figure, was already waiting for her.

“You should see our leader, another keyblade master. I’ll take you.” The figure stepped from behind the counter and walked out the door. “Please, follow me.”

Kairi stood there for a second, not really sure what to do. I guess I have no choice, she thought.

“Okay, let’s go,” she said, shrugging to herself.

Kairi followed the hooded figure through the town, all the while being stared at by the other hooded figures. What's the deal with them staring at me, she wondered. Is it the keyblade...?

“So what do you call yourselves?” Kairi didn’t really know how to address any of these people (if they were people) and didn’t want to embarrass anyone, especially herself.

“We’ve been called many things. The Nobody, Archmages, Angels, Demons, the list goes on.” The figure walked briskly and Kairi almost had to jog to keep up.

“Well what should I call you guys,” Kairi asked.

“You do not have to address us.” The figure stopped at what appeared to be a small palace. “It is us who serve you, not the other way around. Please enter here.”

Kairi nodded and walked through the mahogany doors of the palace. The doors closed behind her and the room was engulfed in darkness.

What do I do now, she thought as she walked through the room. Her footsteps echoed loudly throughout the empty darkness. She could barely make out where she was going, but it looked like a big empty hall.

What was that? To her right? Kairi thought she had saw something move with a smooth speed. She looked around her and summoned her keyblade. She got into a stance and waited.

Suddenly, she was attacked from the left. An black keyblade slashed out of the darkness with frightening speed. Kairi brought the Promise Keeper up to block the attack and the two keyblades clashed together.

Whoever was wielding the keyblade was strong, but it was so dark that she couldn’t see her attacker.

This must be another test, Kairi thought as the attacker swung the keyblade low. Kairi jumped into the air and swiped her keyblade at the person’s face. The attacker pulled back just in time and thrusted the keyblade right at Kairi’s stomach, but she was already in motion swinging her keyblade back toward her body to deflect the attack.

The sheer force of Kairi’s parry sent her attacker spinning, but instead of losing control, the mystery keyblade master turned it into a spinning roundhouse kick. Kairi saw it coming, even though the change was split second, and dropped to the floor to deliver a sweeping kick. She connected and her attacker fell to the floor, but then hopped back up like it never happened.

By now, both of them were breathing hard and waiting for each other’s move. The person raised the keyblade and swung it high with one hand. While Kairi brought the Promise Keeper up to deflect the attack, the keyblade master’s other hand crackled with electricity.

Oh no, Kairi thought with despair, magic. It was too late to do anything about the incoming thunder spell and she took it full-force to the stomach. Her hair raised and her tongue stood out as volts of electricity raced through her body. She was thrown back and slid on the floor until she crashed into a wall. She tried to get up when she saw her attacker walking toward her, but her vision swam before her before fading to black.


Yuyami walked to the gate where he saw two armed men standing guard. Shin-Ra was emblazoned on their chests and they held their guns ready. He walked up to them.

“I’m coming in.”

They looked at each other and laughed.

"He wants to get in...?" the first one asked of the second, an eyebrow raised.

“Does he even know where he is, Wedge?” the second one asked, amused.

“I guess not, to be demanding dumb things without showing his city pass, Biggs.”

Yuyami sighed. He never did like the idea of a city pass. It was supposed to protect the people of Midgar, but all it did was confine them. It was given only to Midgar citizens and their relatives who would want to visit. Yuyami used to have one, but that was a long time ago.

“I don’t need a city pass.”

Biggs looked at Wedge and smirked.

“And why don’t you need one, mister hood man?”

Yuyami's fist shot out with astonishing speed, catching Biggs off guard. It connected with his jaw and sent him flying to the side where he lay still. Wedge cried out, and immediately raised his gun up, but Yuyami was already in motion. He hurled an electric bolt toward Wedge that knocked him back into the gate.

"Thanks for your cooperation," Yuyami smirked as he walked into the gates. He stopped however, when he heard a laugh. He looked back to see Wedge pushing the button an a small remote in his hand. Suddenly, the gate closed and sirens began to shriek. Yuyami watched as the whole city went into lockdown. People evacuated the streets and closed their doors.

Suddenly, soldiers came pouring from every nook and cranny. Soon, Yuyami found himself surrounded by the soldiers of Shin-Ra. Each of them wielded a machine gun in their hands and grenades at their waists. Yuyami smiled.

“This isn’t fair, you know!! Hundreds against one?!!”

One of the soldiers replied, “We know you’re a keyblade master, and we're not taking any chances after the last one..." he quieted, realizing he was maybe giving their enemy too much information.

Well, Yuyami thought as he brought his keyblades into position, at least I know that one of the keyblade masters is here.


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Uh...wow, this is from a while back. I wanted to start off fresh with my edited stuff but ah well. Just, if it's possible, no one post in here please? This thread should be dead. Oh, and no this isn't the whole story. It's a LOT longer.
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