Kingdom Hearts is in The Box



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Feb 7, 2017
Hey so this is my theory, you dont have to agree, and id honestly love to hear any faults found within it, or if youd like to speculate further.
So my first evidence is that nomura said the nature of Kingdom Hearts is not yet fully know, so thats both one of my greatest supports and possible downfalls. And id also like to note that he said there were MULTIPLE kingdom hearts. So by all account ill try to list those that i know in series chronology: 1st) is the light of all worlds Kingdom Hearts, spoken of by Ava when talking about the sun. Also spoken about by Kairis grandmother, and Aqua who had observed the light of stars as the light of hearts on different worlds. Then the 2nd) is the Kingdom hearts of darkness, most notable by its striking BLUE color. This Kingdom hearts is formed by great levels of collected darkness and heart release/death (though heart release is seen relating to another but in a different way). This kh was seen both at the end of the keyblade war possibly caused by the use of the bangles and their power, or the selfishness/hatred in the hearts of the players (or not as i believe if my theory holds weight). This kh was also seen when ventus and vanitas had fought along with the others. A kh of great darkness indeed. 3rd) we see the door to darkness, which nomura and mickey both have called a form of kingdom hearts which is observed in both kh1, 2 and 0.2 where in kh1 was created by the seven pure princesses of light, and the latter as mickey put it: a gift from the light of the worlds (his friends' hearts) to enter into the fifth kingdom hearts that ill list. This kh is also capable of restoring by light to the worlds that were taken by The 4th) which is the entryway into the End of the World/darkrealm that was manufactured in hollow bastion by "the dark desruction of the heartless" (which its neat how this dark kh destroys with dark, and the third rebuilds with light). So now the 5th) the kingdom hearts which makes saix go werewolf, the kh formed by releasing hearts stolen or absorbed by darkness, thereby creating a Kingdom Hearts of Light; much like the first one/ the Light of All worlds KH. Whereby, Sora was granted access according to the light he had found in all the worlds he had been.

OKAY! so now that that hefty differentiation is out of the way, Nomura has almost made it plain that there are two forms of kh. Light and Dark, much in the way all things of this series take place. Now onto why Kingdom Hearts was in the box and not the X-Blade like many might speculate. Now of course i might be wrong: total possibility. BUT as leopardus had said, Kingdom Hearts... could be summoned via light. Now considering they already HAD a kingdom hearts of light: KH No.1, they could not do that. And as it was spoken of in KHX, "Kh is light, and the X-blade its protector... but light begets shadows.. and darkness into hearts." Therefore vindicating both a realm of darkness and a realm of light, along with a kingdom hearts of light, and one of darkness. (I also believe this is why the x-blade forged by vanitas' darkness was corrupted just as darkness corrupts the worlds and destroys, along with the kh dark door[No.4]) So as to why this summonable Kingdom hearts is the dark type shown at the end of the war, they had spoken of the bangles that allowed players to accumulate dark power as well as light. I believe that as Luxu observed from far away darkness was collected from the bangles into the box. (Also explaining why he wears the coat that protects from the corruption of darkness:exposure) Much as weve seen how chests in KH can contain summons through a crystal/pendant, and like in kh1 where the crystals were scattered, this crystal was fully formed and absorbant of that power (it could be some other way but both are powerful "jewelry" like weve seen sora wield.) Its also notable that dark summons are very possible as seen in DDD with Chernabog, the Dark Gaurdian, and Dark Sides along with heartless via any dark wielder. So, as for the X-blade. This was formed as spoken by both xehanort and as shown in the battle of venvan AND the keyblade war. The X-blade is formed STRICTLY by conflict. The master had crafted similar tools resembling the X-blade, but he had no conflict of light and dark worthy of forming it-- yet. You see once light and dark had fought in a perfect way, and with two equal Kingdom Hearts, finally the X-blade could be formed. However, i do not know what happened after that, none of do but its very evident that the X-blade was split in two: one residing in the realm of light having chosen Sora as its wielder, and the other left in the realm of dark for mickey to find. Especially evident is it by its very design being that of two Kingdom Keys. So now that both keys are in possession period, both doors had been formed, and both Kingdom Hearts having been formed(by him and then xemnas/sora) hes ready to form the X-blade a second time to fully obtain the power of Kingdom Hearts. So thats my theory. Two doors, two Kingdom Hearts, two Kingdom Keys, two sides. Also notable is that MoM has a chernabog on his chair, an unversed symbol zipper, caused the sowing of seeds of darkness, i believe in his own pursuit to fully obtain Kingdom Hearts and failing like Xehanort had but before him. Itd be crazy though if this super wise old guy was Yensid who tried to again sow seeds of darkness but also light and then take on the mantle of light as the victor of the second battle. Lol but that might be pushing it.