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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts III Re:Imagined - A Webcomic Series



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Mar 23, 2024
Check out this Google Doc for all the information you need to know about this ongoing passion project! (The description below is a summarized version of that document)

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Imagined is an ongoing passion-project webcomic created by some fans who grew up with the series. With this webcomic, we aim to overhaul the entire story of Kingdom Hearts III, in order to let other long-time fans experience what we consider to be a more satisfying end to the Dark Seeker Saga.

The Disney worlds will be completely rewritten to be pertinent to the plot, glaring plotholes/ unanswered questions will be stamped-out, and the story will feel less convoluted. But making our comic feel like it could actually be a part of the series was our primary goal, as well as ensuring that our story and script are as respectful/accurate to the series as possible.

As said, this is purely a non-profit passion-project from old fans of the series. We are not professional writers, and to us this is just a fun project that we work on in our down-time. Updates do not have a schedule or estimate time of release, this will certainly take a long time for us to finish (as of writing, this has been in the works for 4 years and we're nowhere near done) But we've had a great time creating it so far, and we're very excited to share our ideas.

At the time of this writing, the first 6 and a half chapters are now available. Admittedly, the first three are a little exposition-heavy, as they're acting as the game's intro. But we feel that our Toy Story chapter (chapter 4) is a perfect representation of our goals with this webcomic, so we hope you check that out.


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