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Kingdom Hearts III (My Original Version)

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Jul 20, 2010
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Kingdom Hearts III
Act 1

Kairi: Sora! Riku!

Kairi’s voice came from the distance, running up to the pier with a bottle in her hand.
She hands him the bottle and it has the king’s seal on the letter inside.

Sora: The king!?

Sora opens and shakes the bottle until the letter falls out, he begins to read it with Riku and Kairi on either side. The note said:

“I wanted to tell you immediately, there were memories still asleep inside you.
And it’s those memories that connect the future.
Sora, Riku, Kairi…
The truth sorrounding the keyblade passes through numerous connections.
And were inside your hearts.
Sora, everyone connected to you is waiting.
The only one who can heal their sadness is you.
It’s possible that your travels until now have been easy in comparison to what lies ahead.
Everything thought to be accidental has possibly been connected.
It seems the door to a new departure is already opening.”

Sora looked at Riku and Riku at Kairi, the three of them smiled and ran back to Sora’s house to write back. Sora sat down at his desk and Riku and Kairi sat on Sora’s bed. He grabbed a pen and began writing. This is what he wrote:

“Your majesty,
We received your letter and we’re ready. Anything you need…we’re on it. But there is a problem, we have no way to travel. The worlds are disconnected, aren’t they? And even if they were connected, we don’t have a gummi ship. If you have a solution, please…write back soon.


Riku: Sora…do you think it’ll ever end?

Sora: It looks like the worlds will never be at peace from the darkness. And even so, we gotta fight…or all of our friends will get hurt.

Riku: I guess your right…but I’m still afraid.

Sora: Riku, the darkness may STILL be inside you…but you don’t have to ally with it. There is light inside of you too.

Suddenly, the letter that Sora wrote became engulfed in light and disappeared.

Riku: What just happened?

Sora: I dunno.

The light came back once more and there was a new letter…a reply from the king.

I didn’t think about how you’ll travel…but it’s okay, your friends Leon and Cid have generously agreed to lend you a ship. You may pick it up at the world gate, it’s on auto pilot!”

Sora picked the pen up once more and began to write:

“King Mickey,
Destiny Islands doesn’t have a world gate, does it? If it does, why haven’t Donald, Goofy, and I been able to travel to it?”

As if by routine, the letter disappeared and a new one in its place.

“Of course the islands have a a gateway. The secret area you showed me…beyond the door is the world’s gateway…outside is the gummi ship, ready to warp you to the worlds. But be forewarned, you won’t see some of your friends. Some of the worlds are not connected. They were lucky and the darkness is not able to get to them. As far as not being able to get to the islands…it wasn’t connected. You nor the darkness could travel to it.

Now, I will also warn you that Donald and Goofy will not be accompaning you this time. I have asked them to stay with Minnie incase the heartless come…at least the nobodies are gone. Gee…there is so much we need to talk about before your journey. Get to the ship and I will open the gateway to the castle. You can see Donald and Goofy and we can talk before we all part ways.

Take care, Sora
I’ll see you and Riku very soon.”

Sora: Me and Riku? That means…this time , Riku, your with me.

Riku: Donald and Goofy? What about them?

Sora: The king said he asked them to stay with queen Minnie in case the heartless attack.

Riku: And the nobodies?

Sora: Gone! We defeated Xemnas and the rest of Organization XIII.

Riku: That’s right…

Sora: C’mon Riku, your remember. It’s only been a couple months.

Riku: Yeah, and you’ve already outgrown your clothes. You need some new clothes…and so do
I. Kairi…do you have anything?

Kairi: I’m sure I’ve got something…I’ll draw it up and you can take it with you when you go to the
castle. The king can zap it up for you.

They all laughed and she grabbed a notebook a began sketching. They agreed on a design and they went back to the islands. They all three went into the secret area which was getting small for all of them. They saw the drawings on the wall and the big door on the other side of the cave. Sora walked up to it and out of nowhere a golden doorknob appeared on the door.

Sora: Kairi…I’m sorry.

Kairi: For what?

Sora: We keep leaving you…it’s just, what if we don’t make it back?

Kairi smiled.

Kairi: Sora…you’ll come back. Because you made a promise after we got back to the islands. Remember?

Sora: Yeah…I promised to always come back even if we left again.

Kairi: And you said it in front of the King, so he’ll make sure you follow through.

Sora nodded and looked at Riku.

Sora: Ready Riku?

Riku: Yeah.

They opened the door and there was a swirling black hole. Suddenly, it illuminated and turned bright blue and out of the distance came the gummi ship. It pulled up in front of the door and Sora saw that it only seated one. Riku jumped in and laughed. The ship turn around on it’s own and revealed a panel in which to stand on. The ship was modeled after the ship that Sora and Riku rode inside Kingdom Hearts when fighting Xemnas.
Sora jumped on the panel, smiled at Kairi, and the ship took off…still on auto pilot.
They were flying through the world vortex and the ship began to tug towards the castle.

Riku: The king? Is he pulling the ship?

Sora: Yeah…I think so.

The ship changed directions and faced the castle, it then picked up speed and they entered the world’s atmosphere.
The ship landed in the gummi hangar, and they were greeted by Chip and Dale.

Chip: Hey Sora! We’ve been waiting for you!

Dale: Yeah! The king really wants to see ya!

Chip and Dale climbed up on Sora’s shoulders. Sora started out of the hangar and Riku followed.
As they were crossing the courtyard, Riku looked around.

Riku: Well, the castle seems pretty quiet. The heartless haven’t attacked I guess?

Chip: A couple of heartless have shown up. That’s why the king made Donald and Goofy stay.

Sora: Oh! Where are they?

Dale: They’re inside with the king!

Sora looked at Riku, smiled and began running to the door leading into the castle from the courtyard. Chip and Dale were hanging on for dear life. Riku laughed and started running after him.
Sora ran all the way down the hall up to the king’s room. He knocked on the door and one of the brooms opened it.
Sora stepped inside and his smile grew even wider and goofier than before.
Inside the door was Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Goofy, and Leon.
Sora ran inside and hugged Donald and Goofy.

Sora: You guys! How’ve you been?

Donald: Great!

Goofy: Heheh yeah! Donald got married.

Sora: Really? Haha Donald, you big softy.

Donald blushed

Donald: Goofy! You big palooka, now he’s gonna tease me forever.

Sora hugged Donald again.

Sora: No I won’t! I’m happy for you.

Riku walked up to the king and bowed.

Riku: You’re majesty…it’s been a while. How’re you.

King Mickey: I’m fantastic, and you?

Riku: I’m good…I’m getting back into fighting shape, this is gonna a pretty difficult journey, huh?

King Mickey: You bet, but I know you can handle it!

Sora turned around and looked at Leon.

Leon: Glad you made it…the ship runs well?

Sora: Yeah, works great.

Leon: I’m glad. The king told me that the heartless were starting to resurface, so Cid decided to help me build you a new gummi ship.

Sora: Thanks for that, Leon.

King Mickey cleared his throat

King Mickey: Now fellas, this journey isn’t gonna be easy. There are new enemies, new worlds, and new obstacles to overcome. I hope you boys are ready.

Sora and Riku nodded.

King Mickey: First of all, a new form on enemy has began to surface. We know nothing about them, we just know that they need to be stopped. And now you don’t have to worry about Organization XIII taking hearts. They are called Unversed, all we know is that they used to be in existence around the time of the first keyblade master and it was thought that he had wiped them all out. Jimminy will fill out your journal as you learn more about them.

Second…as I explained in my letter, some worlds have been completely disconnected. To name a few, Wonderland, Halloween Town, and Land of the Dragons. But they ARE in fact the lucky ones…no matter what, the darkness cannot seep into the worlds, as they are not linked and have no gateways.

And lastly, as you venture on…you’ll make new discoveries. For starters, you’ll realize that you don’t know yourselves quite as well as you thought you did. And as for your friendship, it will be put to the test. The people you both know and will meet along your journey will go through many changes as you see them. Today they will be your comrades, your allies…tomorrow, they will try to destroy you. And then there is your enemies…the unversed are a force to be reckoned with. They expand quickly and strike deadly, be careful. And then…the darkness. As I said, your previous endeavors have been easy compared to the trials ahead. The darkness is back and stronger than ever…and it WILL inevitably have the upper hand. It will try to not only corrupt the worlds, but you as well.

Are you prepared for this?

Sora looked and Riku and they both took a knee.

Sora & Riku: Yes your majesty.

King Mickey: Leon…will you give these brave soldiers the gifts.

Leon walked over to them and held his hands out, light radiates, and both the Kingdom Key and The Way to Dawn appear.

Leon: The unversed are vicious creatures, you’ll need these. They attacked Hollow Ba- I mean…Radiant Garden, and we all had to go back to Traverse Town. We set up shop, and to our surprise…the town has greatly expanded.

Sora and Riku took the weapons

Sora: Expanded?

Leon: That reminds me, Cid and I need to ask you a favor. After you leave this world, I’ll open the pathway to Traverse Town. Go to the accessory shop first thing. Got it?

Riku: Right.

Leon walked out of the room.

Jimmy Cricket jumped off of King Mickey’s desk and onto Sora’s shoulder.

Jimminy: Howdy Sora, Jimminy Cricket at your service! Just like the king said, I’ll be keeping track of those nasty creatures, and making note of everything that happens. ‘Course, you know that…this isn’t our first journey.

Sora: Hey Jimminy, it’s great to see you again!

Queen Minnie walked out of the corner of the room and stepped up to Sora.

Queen Minnie: Please Sora! Protect the worlds…if you don’t, there is no telling what might happen.

Goofy: Hehehe no pressure, right Sora!?

Sora laughed uneasily

Sora: Not a problem, ma’am.

Donald stepped forward

Donald: Sora, you haven’t forgotten your magic have you?

Sora: Uhhh…I may need to brush up.

Goofy: Well, uh, you might see if Merlin is in Traverse Town!

Sora: Right.

King Mickey sat down at his desk and picked up a paper and began reading.

Riku: Your majesty, what if the darkness starts getting to me?

King Mickey: Gosh…well Riku, that kind of comes down to you. It’s a matter of if you CHOOSE to let the darkness. It only has as much power over you as you give it. And that’s why I asked Sora to bring you along. So that if you start feeling overwhelmed by the darkness, he can bring you back. Alright?

Riku smiled.

Riku: Thank you, your majesty.

King Mickey stood up and smiled.

King Mickey: Now boys, you should probably get going. Leon is waiting for you. And just think of this as your safe haven. If you need anything…you may always come back here. Even if it’s just coming for advice on where to go next.

Sora: See ya later, your majesty. Bye Donald, bye Goofy!

Donald & Goofy: Bye Sora!

Sora and Riku left the king’s room and headed across the courtyard to the gummi hangar.

Chip: Sora! Wait!

Dale: While you were talking to the king, we ran back to the hangar and installed a communication device so that you can report a problem with the ship. And if the king needs something, he’ll tell us, and we’ll tell YOU via the communicator.

Riku: Thanks guys.

Riku and Sora boarded the ship and set back out into the world vortex.

Sora: Where is Traverse Town?

Riku: The navigator on the ship is point North…so straight ahead I guess.

They traveled North about twenty minutes and saw the distant outlining of a world.

Sora: Traverse Town, dead ahead!

Riku: Yeah!

They landed in Traverse Town and got out to look around. Everything look pretty much the same. The districts where in the same place, the steps up to the accessory shop were still in place, Hewey, Dewey, and Lewy’s items shop was still there. But there were a few things different, the streets were paved in gold and glowed in the sunlight. Sora and Riku walked up the steps and into the accessory shop, which was much bigger than when Sora was first in Traverse Town. And crowded…but amidst the crowd they heard Leon’s voice.

Leon: Sora! Riku! Over here.

Sora and Riku made their way over to Leon, Cid, Aerith, Tifa, and Yuffie.

Sora: Hey everyone…what’s up?

Tifa and Aerith stepped forward.

Tifa & Aerith: Seen Cloud!?

They both looked at eachother and frowned.

Sora started backing away

Sora: Nope! Not at all.

Cid: Ladies, calm down…we’ve got business to take care of.

Leon: Yeah. Take these.

Riku: What are they?

Leon: Maps. Like I said, Traverse Town has expanded…and there is now and unground tunnel system. We think there are people from worlds that were destroyed in the tunnels. We’re gonna scope it out and we need your help. You’re gonna help us search and bring the people back home.

Sora: And what makes you think we WILL do that?

Yuffie stepped up, puffed her chest, crossed her arms, and in a prentend man’s voice mocked Sora by saying:

Yuffie: Like we’re gonna say no!

Sora: Hey! No fair…that was when you asked us to defeat the heartle-

Riku interupted

Riku: We’ll do it.

Sora: Riku?

Riku: I remember what it was like to be far away from home and scared. Sora and I would be glad to lend a hand. Right Sora?

He turned to Sora and scowled

Sora: Yeah. I was gonna say yes anyway!

All of them laughed and they walked out of the accessory shop.
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