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Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts FINAL GLITCH

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Apr 3, 2009
This is about "switching main characters". What would happen if Kairi was the chosen one? I just thought it was funny if Kairi would be the main character. How would she deal with situations Sora had to go through...

Chapter 1.

Kairi wakes up one morning at the sound of her own screaming. She was having that dreadful, hair-raising nightmare yet again about the same “things or beings, whatever you prefer” which she happened to invent her own name for them—“the black thingies”.

Sora: Wake up Kairi, you are slacking off again. Have you done what Riku asked you to?
Kairi: Oh but Sora! I’ve had this dream, for like, the 2nd time!! And there were these black thingies and they, they......they attacked me!! [Close to tears]
Sora: Uhh...
Kairi: And then there was this sword and---OW!!
Sora: Are you still.....dreaming?
[High-pitched scream. Duration: 20 seconds]

Sora: *Runs away in fear*

Then, Riku appeared in the distance and he was also coming towards Kairi, looking very surprised at the running Sora, who had a serious scared look on his face. At the sight of Riku, Kairi started acting like she was looking for something…

Riku: Hmm..? Wonder why Sora was such in a hurry…? Anyway, Kairi did you get the mushrooms yet?
Kairi: He…yeah I’m all over it don’t worry! Uh…where did you tell me they were again?
Riku: Man, I’m the only one who seems to be doing most of the work…*sighs* It’s in that secret hideout.
Kairi: Hey, wait a second! I thought I already told u NOT to go in the scary weird strange spooky worrying bizarre mysterious odd unusual creepy CAVE, DIDN’ I?
Riku: uh…Yeah I think I might’ve missed that part, could you just go and get them, we’re leaving tomorrow remember?
Kairi: FINE!

In the scary weird strange spooky worrying bizarre mysterious odd unusual creepy cave:

Kairi: Awww….Every time I look at this drawing….oh we were SOOO cute! But I still feel like it’s missing something, something very important…
Hmm....yep Sora should be handing me a poupu fruit or something…

*While adding in the poupu part*

Mysterious voice: “This world has been connected…”
Kairi: Riku, is that you? How many times do I have to tell you NOT to—?
Mysterious voice: “Tied to the darkness”

Kairi is forced to turn around when she realizes that that voice is not actually familiar to her. When she turned, she could see a hooded man, who, she thought, looks really poor, possibly unhealthy and very old.


*Takes a deep breath*


The poor guy is obligated to step one step back. He appears to freeze for about two seconds after Kairi is too tired to scream any more.

Mysterious guy: “Soon to be completely eclipsed, a meaningless effort, one who knows nothing can understand nothing”

He said that a bit too fast, but Kairi could clearly keep up.

Kairi: Well, I’m gonna SHOW YOU…..I’m gonna get out and learn what’s out there! I’m also…..gonna go shopping, buy some new clothes, new SHOES, makeup and…..uhh…I’m gonna become FAMOUS and then Sora will love me and ask to marry me….and then we could have a few kids…and then on our first honey moon….
Kairi: Huh? Where did…he…go…?

That same day:
Selphie: “Hey Kairi, why don’t we run to happy rainbow land? Where everything is colorful and colorfully colorful!!!”
Kairi: “Okay! Sure. I mean…I always wanted to be a fairy!!
Selphie [A serious look on her face]:“Then let’s go.”

Selphie stretches her hand for Kairi to grab.

Kairi: WAIT!! I want to take SORA WITH ME and then we could---
Selphi: SORA’S coming with us! [Selphie is sounding more serious and even inpatient now]
Kairi: Selphi...?

Darkness starts surrounding Selphi and swallowing her slowly, Kairi is trying to grab Selphie’s hand but she is not able to because darkness is also forming around her.

Selphie: The dark stuff should not be feared kairi

Next, Kairi is left alone with a mysterious pink flowery sword in her hand, it’s too heavy though and so she is dragged down with it to the ground. She is lying there for about two seconds when she stands up quickly remembering where she is and what’s happening. After that she runs quickly to the scary weird strange spooky worrying bizarre mysterious odd unusual creepy cave (leaving the sword behind her) only to find Sora standing before the strange looking door.

Sora: Kairi....
Kairi: SORA!!!!!!

Kairi runs towards Sora to hug him but he disappears instantly and she, yet again, falls on the ground.
Now, Kairi is left alone to fight a “huge black thingy”. Since she has not seen anything like it before, she is forced to scream.
Kairi: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! [EXTREMELY high-pitched scream. Duration: 40 seconds]
The huge black thingy vibrates violently and starts disappearing slowly at the sound of her scream, forming a huge black cloud which in turn, swallows Kairi.

To be continued...


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Feb 4, 2009
Hm, that seems close to what Kairi would do.
Lol :DDD
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